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    Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Sorry chief, but that ain't happening. Trying to accept any kind of money would see us receiving a C&D letter, shutting our whole operation. Moreover, this is a fan project. For fans by fans and all that, see? Bringing in money ruins the fun of doing it. If you still want to support us with money, buy yourself a beer or tea and enjoy that while reading our work once it's out. Paraphrasing Trip's discord because I have no shame.
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    Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Personally, I have never managed a blog before, but I do think it's a good idea. Thank you for suggesting it to us ^^. Though I can't guarantee that there will be a blog/twitter account, we'll discuss and think on it.
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    Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to @Silvz!
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    Recommend me anime for after the drought

    24 episodes in season 1, with each episode combining three stories. There are also 24 episodes in the second season, a long episode for Kanketsu-hen, and a short after-series.
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    i agree with the twitter/blog idea as it would be easier to see updates from you, but regardless awesome job will play the partial once im done with Senren
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    Hi i just found about this patch and i really want to play this game too. First, do i need to install every patch to run the latest one? And second, why don't you make a twitter/blog account to catalogue the patches, links and bugfixes and put a small FAQ and organize updates better then on a forum. if i sound like an asshole mb, if you dont want the job you are doing is already great, im just asking for a place where you can show it better.
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    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and to tell the truth I don't know on how Kenobi voiced (I may search it later). Sorry for the belated greeing, and I hope that you'll have fun here. For the last eord, good luck on your VN project there.