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  1. Hey y'all. Been a while since the last update, huh? Sorry for the delay but our TLer has been super busy given his work, and now he's even caught COVID so I told him to take it easy. To make up for it, we're planning on releasing a beta patch which restores all H-scenes, but still untranslated. It should come out rather soon(ish), so stay tuned for it. We also found something horrendous while debugging. As it turns out, Harukaze cut other stuff outside the H-scenes also. We still don't know the extend of it, and the hacker said it's gonna take a while, but we will restore these too.
  2. Ah, sorry for not updating in a while. It's just that corona-chan did a number on us. In particular, the translator: He works at a hospital, so he's been busier than ever. Me too, as I've been trying to stockpile food and drugs. Since I don't want to force anyone to work under these circumstances, we've agreed to pause the project for the time being, at least until this pandemic is over.
  3. Sorry chief, but that ain't happening. Trying to accept any kind of money would see us receiving a C&D letter, shutting our whole operation. Moreover, this is a fan project. For fans by fans and all that, see? Bringing in money ruins the fun of doing it. If you still want to support us with money, buy yourself a beer or tea and enjoy that while reading our work once it's out. Paraphrasing Trip's discord because I have no shame.
  4. Hey, what's up? Here's some updates for the project: Patricia's second H-scene, and another script after it which was removed, are done. Total lines done: 1287 out of 8586. Rounded up, that's 15% done so far! Editing is currently sitting at roughly 9%. Like Zeph said, much of our team was busy for the holidays, myself included, but we should be picking our pace soon. Here's hope next update we can bring it to 30%.
  5. A shame Jack has to leave, but real life takes priority so it's understandable. Anyway, I'll be taking over as main editor and project leader of the restoration, and right away I'll be making some changes: We will do two patches: One with the original translation + H-scenes, and another doing a TLC pass for the whole game. After reading it for a bit, I realized right away that the base translation is atrocious and the inaccuracies are abundant, so we've decided to go the IMHHW route and do a TLC pass over the whole game. This game DESERVES a proper translation, and not the butchered version TokyoToon/Harukaze shat out. But we also decided to split said TLC effort from the H-scenes patch, so as to not make people wait for it (it would make me happy if you did, though). There will be some style changes too: We will use present tense for the narration. The great majority of visual novels are written in present tense because they're meant to be seen from the eyes of the protagonist, and while I do agree that past tense does look a bit better than present tense if done properly, in this case it was obviously NOT done properly, and I don't believe myself good enough to try. Regarding Noratoto 2: The hacker said he'll start working on it, but I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. This project's been going slow but steady, so let's not rush it. The translation's been stalled for a bit because our TL has been sick, but we should start picking up speed again soon. So yeah, the H-scene patch is still months away, but we WILL see this restoration done.
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