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Foreword: Game had hardy any characteristics but "degraded Kizuato" and I did not plan to make a review of it. However, it managed to keep my attention till the end for over three hours. So maybe it's not really bad?

Title: Touchuukasou

Developer: Petit

Date: 1998-07-17

VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v15352

Youtube walkthrough:https://youtu.be/adRAHxJVaBo


Synopsis: In a rural town there has been a series of murders recently. Part of the bodies was lost as if it had been eaten by someone. Toshio Hiyama moved to this town 10 years ago and he was constantly bullied due to his introverted nature to the extent that there might be even another will lurking inside his consciousness...

Structure: There are three heroines each with a route. The whole story takes three days.

Length: 3 hours

Game type: Action mystic beast transformation type.

Difficulty: Very easy, there's basically just one big decision for each heroine to flag.

Character Design rating: 7/10

Protagonist rating: 6/10

Story rating: 8/10

Game quality: 5/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Rating comments: In my classification that's a masterpiece. Game is integral. It has simple but clean story-line, nice memorable characters, cool battles and most amusing BGM support. Protagonist is too ordinary though and game quality is lacking due to a really old engine with NO keyboard support and with 5 second freezes on BGM change.

Protagonist: Hiyama Toshio is pretty much an average high school student Joe who sees strange drams. We don't see his face, so that's it for him.


Characters: There are four main heroines. Short brown hair Yuka is your cute and caring imouto. Short black hair Makoto is your shy childhood friend who you meet after 10 years time. And long red hair Akane is... your fun-buddy, without any obligations. Fourth one is short gray hair girl, but she makes a very short appearance in core game time, so can't tell much about her without playing her route. I only played Makoto route since I'm not a fan of imouto and free love. Furthermore, Makoto seemed to have some early memories important for the plot. It turned out that those memories weren't exactly about Makoto, so any heroine of preference can be enjoyed without loosing much on the story. As for Makoto, her route is very sweet and there's a very nice satisfying ending after the battle. At some point she even abandons her shyness and confesses her circumstances which are rather curious. So I'm very impressed with her route, but I don't like other heroines roles and not ready to manually mouse click through their routes.


Story: Events develop very fast here. Toshio and Yuka arrive to the school and barely have time to get acquainted with a newcomer Makoto when they get assaulted by a hooligan Shinichi. That's followed by promise to share bento with Makoto daily, some quality time with Akane and yet another same hooligan assault. The next day starts with a hooligan team trap that leads to a massacre. And lastly heroine specific part with a date ensues followed up by old enemy big fight finale. And something to put under a spoiler as well.


Both Toshio and Shinichi turn out to be werebeasts. After their clash on the school grounds the two human guys from the Shinichi gang get massacred - it's not clear by whom from the two beasts though. And after the heroine specific part and the date, she gets kidnapped by Shinichi. The grand werebeast finale battle happens at the shrine site. In Makoto route after that the shrine monk says there's the way to fix that werebeast disease - by making love at shrine site with a girl from this dog clan lineage. Makoto and Akane are definitely from this clan, but I guess Yuka must be as well since she's Toshio imouto. In the epilogue a child is born out of that night heroes are bringing him up happily. Other heroines routes tackle the problem differently.

CG: Very few from the start, but quite numerous closer to the ending.

Sound: Somehow I really enjoyed the tunes and the voicing. Everyone but protagonist voiced.



1) Game is a bit simplistic and fast paced to suggest multiple themes, but the main theme of the game is werebeasts. It goes back to the story about 200 years before about how the wild dogs got massacred and how a shrine and a clan grew from that event in order to commemorate those beasts. There's a huge stone in the shrine connected to the event and it's the touch of the stone that actually raised the wild urges in males of the blood. It's actually very nicely pictured that the memories of clan ancestor are alive in Toshio Hiyama. Those memories and the mystery of the girl shown at the very first scene of the game were the main attraction point for me.

2) What's right - to suppress the beast origin or to seek more power? Unexpectedly, game definitely chooses the second in contrast to Kizuato. In Kizuato hero is being judged of ill-behavior just for his dreams and headaches. In Touchuukasou hero is just destroyed in a bad ending if he tries to suppress his emotions. On the other hand, hero is the only suspect in the massacre where two people died and... he gets away with it very easily. So it's a very simple answer - kill or be killed.


Overall comments: Game is not well known and is trashed for being Kizuato clone. And I strongly object to that. Games have absolutely different approach to the beast state. I actually give the preference to Touchuukasou for having an integral fast-paced story with adorable characters over the painfully crumbling structure of Kizuato where nothing big happens in ANY of the routes. Touchuukasou has lots of charming sides and I played the main heroine route to the end. However, I don't see how other heroines can contribute to the story and CG actually confirm that as there are mostly only additional fight CG and HCG of other heroines. [Petit] has grown a lot over the years and I call its last two games Sweepers and Touchuukasou masterpieces. It's really sad to see story-driven works of unique charm overpowered by charage/moege. 



Year 1989 masterpieces:
1. Burning Point
2. Dororo ~Jigoku Emaki no Shou~
3. Dual Targets - The 4th Unit Act.3
4. Paragon Sexa Doll
5. Tawhid
6. 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu
7. Dragon Knight
8. Twilight Zone 3 Nagakute Amai Yoru
9. Hare Nochi Oosawagi!
10. Imitation wa Aisenai
11. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken
12. Asoko no Koufuku
13. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou
14. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories

The two main candidates for VN of the year for me are Burning Point and Imitation wa Aisenai. The first is a very integral work with all the elements fitting flawlessly. The second is a hard-boiled SF adventure and I favor that the most! Imitation wa Aisenai is VN of the year 1989.

Let's try to distinguish what features year 1989 brought:
- number games with multiple endings greatly increased
- while still being interactive adventures, VNs started to have simplified command selection mechanics
- simplified game mechanics led to higher game volumes and thus higher satisfaction with the story
- most of year 1989 games are story-driven and it's the golden age for adventure theme in VNs
- proportion of rpg games and elements got higher
- school setting games got more numerous
- science fiction clearly lost to mystery


1. Dororo ~Jigoku Emaki no Shou~ どろろ ~地獄絵巻の章~ [890110] Quasar Soft
Hyakkimaru is a young man who lacks 48 body parts because they were taken from him by demons before birth, as payment by his father, Kagemitsu Daigo, to obtain his wish to take over the country. When the baby boy was born he was missing 48 parts of his body, and thus was abandoned—thrown into a river. Hyakkimaru has grown up and now has obtained fake body parts so he can eliminate the 48 demons that were made from his body, and to retrieve his missing parts. Along for the adventure is the boy thief, Dororo, with whom he becomes friends.
Well, game basically retells the anime story with a different ending. And that anime a black and white one, year 1969, hardcore stuff. Unlike anime game's is colorful and it saved the unique graphics of original. Game uses lots of animations and vivid colors which looks like a miracle for January 1989 - that all earned the game the fame of a cult game.
2. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken 西村京太郎ミステリー ブルートレイン殺人事件 [890120] Irem 1 2 3 4 5
Blue Train Murder Murder Case is based off of a book by Kyoutarou Nishimura with the same name, published in 1978, which was his first installment of railway mysteries. This adventure games starts with a murder incident on a blue train (in Japan, blue trains are long-distance sleeper trains named after their overall color), and you will switch controls between three different detectives in order to fully clarify the mystery. During your investigation there are no wrong choices which may result in your being killed or game over. You can take your time to go about the clues, investigate suspects and solve the mystery behind the murder.
Game has English reviews.
3. Gram Cats グラムキャッツ [8901] Dott Kikaku
High school girl Sayaka is kidnapped by the secret organization Eagle (Earth Defense Force) on the way back home. According to the organization's commander, Sayaka has a special ESP that can help fight against aliens. Sayaka acquires a supernatural ability to transform into a cat and her first mission is to infiltrate Momozakura student Academy which is a base of alien forces.
Despite the synopsis the game's main advantages lie in graphics, not in story. There are two mini-games on the way to the alien base and a special card game as well. I could not even pass through the maze corridors. And the main feature of the game is an ability to change clothes on will - that's a definite step to moe games.
4. Pocky ポッキー [8901] Ponytail Soft 1
The principal of the Pocky Private High School is a lecherous man who thinks only about having sex with female students. One day he announces a competition for the male students, promising a reward for the one who brings him most girls' underwear. The protagonist is one of these students who must succeed in this dubious enterprise.
Bra and panty images with count against them aren't here for decoration - that's the measure of success in this game. This is definitely an adult work, but all the heroines are cute and everything is done in a fun and bright way. The biggest drawback is the big number of commands and quite many locations - the tempo suffers greatly because of that and it's easy to get stuck in many places having to bruteforce every possible command.
5. Burning Point バーニングポイント [890223] Enix 1 2
The story begins with Private Detective Mike Steel, who has opened up a new detective agency in Santa Chris, California. One day he receives an unusual request from an elderly couple to help search for the body of their granddaughter. Needless to say it turns out to be a much more complicated matter than first thought.
Game has English reviews.
6. Hacchake Ayayo-san - Ayayo's After Five はっちゃけあやよさん AYAYO'S AFTER FIVE [890228] Hard 1
Hacchake Ayayo-san is a very short visual novel starring Ayayo, a seventeen-year-old girl who finds a part-time job as a clerk in Mr. Suzuki's shop. Further plot is dedicated to her sexual encounters with customers and the owner.
There's nothing much to talk about there since the game stops like couple minutes after where the video stops only providing some more HCG. So this work is very beautiful, very lewd and it uses lots of animation. A very limited one-sided work.
7. Kokuren Uchuugun Shikan Gakkou Saotome Gakuen Nyuugaku Annai 国連宇宙軍士官学校 早乙女学園 入学案内 [890228] STUDIO ANGEL
MILITARY ACADEMY OF U.N. SPACE FORCE is a special women-only academy where students are trained to control mecha. The reader can have a look at academy's facilities, participate in the everyday life of the students and have own simulation and perchance even real mecha battles.
Every second CG in this game is actually a HCG as students seem to be more interested in each other than in robots. Anyway, this work is more of a preparatory work for the second Satome game where the real story starts.
8. Lupin III ~Babylon no Ougon Densetsu~ ルパン三世 ~バビロンの黄金伝説~ [8902] Toho
Mysterious Babylonian Tablets unearthed in Manhattan provide tantilizing clues about the location of the Tower of Babel - not the biblical one, but the original one, built out of solid gold!
The Mob is out to get the gold, but so is Lupin III.
Game has the same stage as the anime version, but lots of subcharacters differ. Castle of Cagliostro was a silent action RPG, but this game is pure command selection with lots of BGM. The game starts with Lupin meeting mysterious woman Rosetta at the bar. She definitely seems to know something about Babylon's gold. He gets to find for clay sticks in her apartment, then prison chief promisses to give him a clay board if Lupin steals a famous diamond. So it's mostly a game of errands and there's a long path to the mystery of Babylon's gold.
9. Private School プライベートスクール [890313] Elf 1
Private School is about a man trying to sneak into an all-women school so that he can cause mischief and possibly make it in bed with one of the girls that go there. It's a pretty standard sex comedy that uses the look/talk/move/etc. form of advancing the plot.
Game has English review.
10. James Clavell's Shōgun James Clavell's Shōgun [890314] Infocom 1 2 3 4
The player assumes the role of John Blackthorne, Pilot-Major of the Dutch trading ship Erasmus. During a voyage in the Pacific Ocean in the year 1600, the Erasmus is shipwrecked in Japan. Blackthorne must survive in a land where every custom is as unfamiliar to him as the language. After learning some of the society's ways, he is drawn into a political struggle between warlords and falls in love with a Japanese woman.
As the title indicates, the game is based on the book Shōgun by James Clavell.
Game has English reviews.
11. Cobra: Kokuryuuou no Densetsu コブラ〜黒竜王の伝説 [890331] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5
Based on an original manga/animé series, this is a Japan-only release of the first part of space pirate Cobra's story, the second part being The Space Adventure.
Cobra is a brave renegade space pirate who fights the evil Pirate Guild and helps innocent people, cruising from planet to planet in his spaceship, aided by his trusty companion, the cyborg girl Lady. The adventure starts on a space station near the planet Eldo. The ancient civilization of this planet has long been destroyed, but the unusually beautiful light that surrounds the place attracts tourists from all over the galaxy. Cobra notices that a suspicious man watches his every step. Before long he realizes that his ship is under attack. Who is after Cobra? Will he be able to survive? That's what you have to find out!
Game has English reviews.
12. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 1: Invitation - Kage kara no Shoutaijou サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.1 インビテーション 影からの招待状 [8903] DataWest 1 2
Katsuya Furuyagi is more than just a private investigator with a troubled past. He is also a psychic detective - a person who possesses extraordinary powers which allow him to "dive" into minds of people. One day he is contacted by the wealthy Shiratori family; their youngest member, the sixteen-year-old Asami, has lost her consciousness under mysterious circumstances and cannot recover. Furuyagi has to use his special abilities and learn more about the family's secrets in order to bring the girl back.
The series is notable for two distinctive features - the protagonist has psychic powers and he he actually travels in the worlds of other persons' minds. That allows to present different worlds in each game. This is the first bullet in the series, so it presents quite a conventional world, but that also results in a high completeness of the game. The series uses the DAPS system - the most advanced sound and animation system of the time which results in outstanding performance. Unlike further games, here both mouse with point and click and command selection used. Furthermore, here time concept is used which add a layer of difficulty. Multiple gameplay elements were welcomed at that time.
13. Tawhid タウヒード [890426] Champion Soft
Year 2031. Main character is 28 year old ex-operative photographer who travels around the world while taking pictures of ruins destroyed by war. A 12-year old girl who joined you in Egypt is being chased by secret organization and even the farthest corners of ruins around the world won't stop them.
Champion Soft last game while on transition period to become Alice Soft. It was already brave to get Middle East into the setting. Each country had its own unique atmosphere. Egypt, Israel, Mongolia and Nepal are stages for each chapter and finally hero gets back to Japan. There's a vast attention to details and game can be enjoyed just by looking at the exotic views alone.
There is enough of both adventuring with exploration of ruins and escaping from the pursuit. Interactive command selection is simplified so pace is good. There are adult scenes since girl gets naked on the battlefield, but it's by no means an eroge. The most important feature about the game is the unique atmosphere that was not ever repeated by any other game. That makes game memorable years after play-through.
14. Dual Targets - The 4th Unit Act.3 デュアルターゲット -第4のユニット3- [8904] DataWest 1
Three months have passed since the destruction of the oceanic base of the criminal organization WWWF. One day, Blon-Win and Asshu spot an android assassin attempting to infiltrate the Unified Force base. It appears that the androids, controlled by the WWWF, intend to kidnap the scientist responsible for the revolutionary device known as PPB (Psycho Power Booster). In addition, they have developed a bionic soldier who is a clone of Blon-Win. As if this weren't enough, Blon-Win's old nemesis Dalzy appears on the stage as well...
From the third part the game gets a hard-boiled feel, but continues to use moe heroines. It's the first game in the series that can be called graphically impressive. Another new aspect is that now it's possible to say phrases with a chosen emotion and it diminishes the use of command selection. The battles become a commonplace, but the difficulty rises significantly. The volume is smaller this time, but it finally flows quite naturally and leaves a great impact.
15. Entführer - Yousei Yuukai Jiken エントフューラー 妖精誘拐事件 [8904] Grocer
Sakakibara Takashi is looking for his missing girlfriend Azusa Hiromi at school.
The difficulty of this work is high even though the number of commands is small. There are many game overs scattered around. There are a lot of H events that look very spontaneous to me. The target is to find the kidnapper and the game moves by picking up items and properly using them when suggested to.
16. Meitantei Holmes - M Kara no Chousenjou 名探偵ホームズ Mからの挑戦状 [890501] Another 1 2
As the fictional detective, the player must through places like Paris, Austria, and even Berlin to solve the mystery. There is a lot of talking and some investigating to do (just like in all the Sherlock Holmes books, television shows, and movies ever made).
Game has enough English information.
17. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo 3 - D.C. Connection J.B.ハロルドの事件簿3 - D.C.コネクション [890513] Riverhill Soft inc. 1
D.C. Connection, the third entry in the J.B. Harold Series, is - perhaps not very surprisingly - set in Washington, D.C., the capital of United States of America. Walter Edwards, the chief of Liberty Town police, was found murdered near the grave of President Kennedy. His son Frederick is the prime suspect. However, when it becomes known that a very important FBI document has disappeared, the private investigator J.B. Harold decides that he must investigate the case on his own, without trusting the authorities...
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.
18. Pure ピュア [890513] Queen Soft 1
In this game, the player takes control of Shin Tadokoro, a 17-year-old exchange student. He attends the new school for one year only, because of his father's job. Afterwards, he'll have to go back - so there is no time to lose! The boy must do something about all those pretty girls in his school. But in order to capture their hearts, he will have to know them better...
Game has great looks and this is where the advantages end. There's no real plot and you fail to perceive whether the story is going anywhere or not. The tempo is pretty bad due to a big list of commands and no real directions. The only aim is to get to each girl's HCG. It's really unclear how the game got a sequel.

19. Angel Hearts エンジェル・ハーツ [890516] Elf 1 2 3
In a certain girls' high school, students have begun to mysteriously disappear. Authorities suggest that a secret society is at work. A spy needs to be sent in order to solve the mystery, and this mission falls into the hands of this game's hero. His boss explains to him that the quest is dangerous, indeed: many students associated with the mysterious cult have gone rampant and will attack any trespasser on sight!..
The secret organization of the school is feeding on the students. Main character gets a request from a newspaper department manager to destroy that organization and rescue newspaper members that never returned from this task.
It's an rpg+stealth. All the enemies are girls and hero uses attacks like whispers, kisses and chest massage. Since what you need the most is full HP, you're going to run back to school infirmary after each fight. And the encounter rate is high, so overall it feels very monotonous. Elf experimented quite a lot with the genres from the start, but it's only in ADV and later in SIM where it succeeded.
20. Shoujo Tantei Rinn-chan no Jikenbo - Dennou Shoujo Densetsu 少女探偵RINNちゃんの事件簿 電脳少女伝説 [890520] Agumix 1
Medieval fantasy world. Sister Norico accidentally got a curse item and turned into an evil witch. Rinn-chan learned the secrets of sex from a mysterious Chinese person, got a special sword of the fox from an alchemist of Central Europe and set to challenge Noriko's demonic dungeon.
A very simplistic first-person RPG with the main focus into erotics. There is no party, no stats rise on lvl-up, only fixed enemies location - really simple systems and quite a short adventure for an RPG. The main purpose is to find "commanders", defeat them and get items and information from them via interrogation.
21. Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo ファミコン探偵倶楽部PART2 うしろに立つ少女 [890523] Nintendo R&D1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Famicom Detective Club II tells the story of a nameless fellow (you), who is taken under the wing of Shunsuke Utsugi, a private detective, after he is found on the street escaping from the police. Your character is assigned a case by Utsugi - to locate the person that murdered a schoolgirl near a waterway.
Game has English reviews.
22. Crystal Dream クリスタルドリーム [8905] Striker 1 2
Angelo is a young man who had to leave his homeland and is now wandering the world, looking for adventure. One day he arrives in a town populated only by women. Brutal assassins attack the town, but Angelo swiftly deals with them. The head priestess of the town thanks him and explains that peace can be restored only if the two goddesses who protect the land will return. It appears that the goddesses were captured, so our hero decides to find them and bring them back.
A standard one-man first person RPG. Combat system is quite basic. There's a tilt into erotics since there is a command to do H which seems to be possible with any female character under proper conditions.
23. Gaudi ~Barcelona no Kaze~ ガウディ ~バルセロナの風~ [890601] Wolf Team 1
Gaudi: Barcelona no Kaze was the first adventure developed by Wolf Team. It takes place in the Spanish city of Barcelona, which just the year before the release of the game was chosen for the celebration of the 25th Olympic Games. This is important to mention as the game takes place in the summer of 1992, the time at which the Olympic Games were being held in Barcelona.
While the whole world enjoying Olympics of 1992 in Barcelona a catalonian political unrest grows in the very heart of the city. You are consultant sent to settle matters with local separatists.
Setting was really far from most of gamers. Olympics in Barcelona terrorism and tackling with separatist movement lacked interest. Main hero as "information consultant" also rose lots of questions. You're neither detective nor fighter but rather a negotiator of some kind who must rely mostly on information manipulation. Depending on made choices, there were multiple endings. Graphics weren't good enough to be able to depict good scenery of the city. Very unusual game that could not find its audience.
24. Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur [890606] Infocom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The player assumes the role of a young Arthur, before the legendary days of Camelot. The "sword in the stone" that would signify Arthur's destiny to rule has been stolen by the evil King Lot. In the quest to regain the sword, Arthur must prove to Merlin that he has the qualities needed to be a great king: chivalry, experience, and wisdom. Merlin assists Arthur by giving him periodic advice as well as the power to transform into animals, but also tells him that unless Excalibur is recovered within three days, Lot will usurp his destiny as a king of legendary stature.
Game has English reviews.
25. Dragoon Armor for Adult Dragoon Armor for Adult [890608] Fairytale 1 2
The lovely princess was abducted by a mysterious giant black bird. The bird carried the prisoner to a tower on the lake shore. Who would be brave enough to venture into the tower and to rescue the princess? Only the courageous knight Landis, aided by the Goddess herself!
Game has English review (actually, Russian).
26. Soft de Hard na Monogatari 2 ソフトでハードな物語 II [890616] System Sacom 1 2
Hiroshi Saijo has done the impossible: when his father fell ill, he managed his software company with success. Now his father is the boss again, Hiroshi can relax and focus on his college studies and dating plans. However, he is still very much needed at the office, and matters become even more complicated when the new receptionist Rie Ishida arrives at the workplace.
In part 1 Hiroshi had to substitute ill father as a president of a small soft company and tear it from the claws of bankruptcy. This time Hiroshi returns to Mocha Systems after a while as scenario writer and new receptionist girl Ishida joins the company and claims to be Hiroshi's fan.
Soft de Hard na Monogatari 2 is novelware with some choices that determine branching. First versions were very difficult to capture and only in FM Towns version it's normal visual novel choices.
Game is great. Pictures are superb since they are scanned. Humor is top notch. The atmosphere of old soft developing company is unique and great. Lots of contemporary parodies make it even better. Plot matters little since it's mostly situation comedy
27. Tanteidan X 探偵団X [890622] Heart Soft
School detective group X investigates a case of a runaway school girl.
It's a gag comedy and it's always difficult to try to understand those absurd ones. There is not even a single impression on the game so I'll just assume everyone before was just as puzzled as I was.

28. Ayumi アユミ [890629] Game Technopolis 1
Ayumi had been an ordinary Japanese teenage girl - until one day, when summer vacation was just about to begin, a strange creature appeared and told her that a parallel world is in danger. Only Ayumi can stop the evil warlock Baram and his monster minions, since the inhabitants of the other world consider her a goddess incarnate.
Game is of cheerful comedy nature and it has great visuals with funny characters. But RPG top down style movement adds a lot of backtracking. The need to collect items and deploy them at the right place adds another layer of time wasting. The pace is getting killed completely and it's very easy to get stuck. Well, such a challenge was welcome at that time.
29. Evil Stone イーヴルストーン [8906] STUDIO ANGEL
Hero is the Incubus of the red ball who can not move himself, but can possess any human who holds the stone to get information from that person.
The flow is the same with stone being passed to some girl - dressed girl - naked girl - repeat. There are some choices to be done, but whichever I chose, the flow stood the same. It's too big of a failure to even try to understand what's the aim of the game.
30. Lonely Heart ロンリーハート [8906] Takeru
The story of a lonely boy in a big city.
There is no info on the game and pc88 is not hookable so I was not able to get much from the start of the game - the boy is a gentle one and in some poor life conditions. He seeks for a soulmate in the school and outside of it.
31. Misty Vol.1 Misty Vol.1 [8906] DataWest 1
Misty Vol.1 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations.
This volume contains the following cases: Strange Naked Body, Red Fountain, Murderer's Laboratory, Tail Lights Disappearing in the Old City, and Decaying Family Tree.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.
32. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III -Bangai Hen- 天使たちの午後III -番外編- [890706] JAST 1
The second Bangai-hen (a side story) in the Tenshitachi no Gogo series is set in the same environment and features recurrent characters from "Tenshi-tachi no Gogo 3 Ribbon". The protagonist is a high-school student, who also happens to be the brother of Haru Okamoto, the main love interest in "Ribbon". Like in most other games in this series, the story revolves around the main character's effort to have sex with every female character, including school mates and colleagues in part-time jobs.
Special edition II was an original story, but Special edition III gets back to the origins with the help of characters used in part III. This game feels like a nanpagame with spontaneous H scenes. So the bad part is that the story is very loose - we just bruteforce the choices and see some unexpected events happening around. But there aren't too many command options to deplete and the pictures along with the characters are very good.
33. Cybernetic Hi-School 電脳学園 [890715] Gainax 1 2 3
You have been selected as one of the few lucky male pupils to go to the famous Cybernetic Hi-School. But before you can enroll, you must undergo three tests executed by fellow female pupils. As you finish a round, your examinator takes off some clothes, until they are entirely naked.
Game has English reviews.
34. Intruder -Sakura Yashiki no Tansaku- Intruder -桜屋敷の探索- [890715] Alice Soft 1
Boy meets a girl and he falls in love with her. He loves her so much so he decided to get into her home... That's where real drama begins!
It's a mansion search game where it's easy to get caught. Game was shipped as a part of collection initially due to quite simple nature. There's a lot of exploration to do and I guess it's useless to describe that.
35. Rance - Hikari o Motomete - ランス -光をもとめて- [890715] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The story is pretty simple - Hikari ("Light"), the red haired girl that you see in an opening clip, has been kidnapped. And Rance get the mission from his boss (the bald guy) to investigate the case.
Rance is something like a detective in this story. This also turns the whole game more into a detective-like exploring than into rpg or more less rpg/strategy to which the gamers of the latter games of the series are used to. Rance isn’t alone in his job as he has a helper - 16 year old Sill. She's actually Rance's slave. She was from a rich family but later got kidnapped by some bandit and then auctioned as a slave. The one who bought her was of course Rance.
Now with her help you (Rance) have to solve this mystery, bring Hikari back and pay back to the ones at fault.
Game has English reviews.
36. Oishinbo Kyuukyoku no Menyuu Sanbonshoubu 美味しんぼ 究極のメニュー三本勝負 [890725] TOSE Software 1 2 3 4
Who knew a game about food could be interesting? Before you can even say kawahagi(filefish) or fugu (blowfish), you too can become an enthusiast of the culinary arts of Japan. You won’t have to watch Iron Chef to know the difference between foie gras and ankimo (monkfish liver). Follow the exploits of Shiro Yamaoka with the help of intern Yuko Kurita to find the best entrée for the Tozai Publishing 100th Anniversary banquet.
Game has English reviews.

37. Muteki Keiji Daidageki ~Shijou Saidai no Hanzai~ 無敵刑事 大打撃 ~史上最大の犯罪~ [890727] Family Soft 1
The hero of the game, Daidageki, is a police agent known for his hot temper and fighting skills. He is working together with his lovely partner, Risa, fighting crime in Bunkyou-ku, a district in the heart of Tokyo. An encounter with a yakuza gang leads to the discovery of plutonium being smuggles into the country. very soon Daidageki and Lisa find themselves fighting for their lives, with no one to protect them but themselves...
So two detectives dig up that plutonium is being smuggled in the country and end up having all the mafia on the tail.
It's actually a sequel of kidnapping detective story of 1987. Game starts seriously but constantly drops into stupid situations and kidding then returns back to seriousness. It's both tackling contemporary politics and some monster may also appear all of a sudden. Game has fighting scenes, mainly punches and kicks. So genre is action parody or something like that. Game has almost all the lines voiced (!), so with listening all the dialogues length would supersede 7 hours.
38. Girls Paradise Rakuen no Tenshi-tachi ガールズパラダイス 楽園の天使たち [890728] Great 1
The protagonist of the game is an eighteen-year-old boy whose destiny is to defeat a legendary demon, thus ending the Age of Darkness. As the hero embarks on his journey, he realizes that he must have chosen a wrong destination, for he becomes stranded on a tropical island that seems to be populated entirely by women. No, the hero does not abandon his world-saving mission because of that; but in order to leave the island, he needs to perform various quests for its young and pretty female inhabitants, which more often than not involve demonstrating... err... somewhat intimate aspects of his heroic nature.
Command selection, but often target is chosen with a mouse. Game is clearly of adult nature, so most of the time is spent on fulfilling requests while jumping around map locations and triggering scenes.
39. Can Can Bunny きゃんきゃんバニー [8907] Cocktail Soft 1 2
The story of this game is simple. The protagonist is a lonely guy who constantly dreams about having a girlfriend but doesn't do anything to actually get one. One night, a fairy with bunny ears named Ariko appears in front of him and says she will fulfill one wish for him. Afterwards she simply guesses what the guy needs most badly: a girlfriend. So she gives him a magic book, which will give him information about five beautiful girls living somewhere in the city. With this book the hero's chances are increased. The quest for love begins!
Game has English reviews.
40. Dessert デザート [8907] Queen Soft
One day an unusual request arrives at the detective office where the main character works. The client's fiancée refuses to gain intimacy to him and he seeks for ways to change that.
Compared to the previous "Pure" game of QueenSoft, the systems got more forgiving resulting in less stress. The story is same as absent here too though. Character designs are uneven. The feature of this work is that all the girls are in their twenties and possibly even in the thirties.
41. Kami no Machi 神の聖都 [8907] Studio Panther
Kannai town in Yokohama became a ground for a major incident and turned into a limited zone. The lawless city of "Agarta" rose on its place. Two years after the incident a young man Yuuki sets for Agartha in search of his lover missed after the incident.
You gather ammo for your weapons and break through monsters to get into the mazed complex with couple comrades. It's a solid animated story with loss of comrades, joy of reunion and mystery of the major incident. It's said that game was in development for 3 years and did not gain much attention.
42. Crescent Moon Girl CRESCENT MOON がぁる [890815] Alice Soft 1 2
You play as a cat that walks into a tent and is transformed into a human by a breaking a crystal ball. You don't want to be a human, though! You liked being a cat! The owner of the broken crystal ball says that she'll reverse the curse if you can go through town and bring her the Crescent Moon Girl. That is how your quest begins.
Game has English reviews.
43. Pinky Ponky 1 - Beautiful Dream ぴんきぃぽんきぃ1 びゅうてぃふるどりぃむ [8908] Elf 1 2
The title screen is funny:
"Remember, this is a game about picking up girls. No matter how well you do in the game, you shouldn't get all confident and actually try to pick up girls. It will only end badly. Elf assumes no liability in such cases."
The game itself is a series of rapid fire scenarios that have to do with picking up women. If you do good, your score goes up and you're more likely to get a sex scene. If you screw up too much, your score goes down, the scenario ends, and the game mocks you.
Game has English reviews.
44. Pinky Ponky 2 - Twilight Games ぴんきぃぽんきぃ2 とわいらいとげぇむず [8908] Elf 1 2
The title screen is funny:
"Remember, this is a game about picking up girls. No matter how well you do in the game, you shouldn't get all confident and actually try to pick up girls. It will only end badly. Elf assumes no liability in such cases."
This is largely the same game as the first Pinky Ponky. You get rapid-fire scenarios thrown at you. The object of the game is to pick up girls, sometimes in bizarre situations. There's almost no character development, plot, or actual storytelling. The whole thing is just framework for a bare-bones choice system and a few situational jokes.
Game has English reviews.
45. Pinky Ponky 3 - Battle Lover ぴんきぃぽんきぃ3 ばとるらばぁ [8908] Elf 1
The third chapter in the Pinky Ponky series is identical to its predecessors visually and gameplay-wise. Like in the previous two games, the protagonist, a young man named Akira, must successfully seduce five young women in five different scenarios. The goal is to select dialogue choices and actions that would raise the girl's satisfaction meter and trigger the next scene. Failure to do so will break off the current scenario and end the game after the fifth one. The situations are fairly traditional compared to the second game, involving encounters on a train, in an amusement park, in an apartment complex, etc.
Ok, this game does not have an English review, but nothing really changes since the three games have exactly the same mechanics, just different 5 nanpa stories each.
46. Sematte Mitai せまってみたい [8908] Hard
An adventure game where you invite young high school girls to go on a date.
The date is held in a way that any your mistake abruptly ends it. Also there is a limit on money that can be spent. Game has good character designs and cleverly uses animation.
47. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo III Ribbon 天使たちの午後III リボン [8908] JAST 1
The third game in the Tenshitachi no Gogo series is not connected to its predecessors story-wise. In this installment, the player assumes the role of a male teacher in a high school. Many pretty female students (and pretty female teachers) surround the hero, but he only has one girl in mind: Haru Okamoto, whom he calls "his angel". In order to win her love, the hero will have to know her better - which also means knowing the secrets of students and teachers alike...
Game graphics have changed and not in a good way - male characters and support cast sometimes have just hideous faces. Girls are usually cute, but the overall impression gets largely spoiled. A novelty is that there are 6 endings overall. It feels very ordinary in terms of content.
48. Twilight Zone 3 Nagakute Amai Yoru トワイライトゾーン3 長くて甘い夜 [8908] Great 1
Several months have passed since the protagonist of this game experienced the sexual pleasures and horrors of the mysterious mansion. One day he goes on a date with a girl named Reiko, and his girlfriend Yōko gets jealous. Returning home, the young man begins to think of his behavior and how to improve it, and gradually sinks into a dream that takes him back to the mansion and back to sex.
A direct continuation of part II which is explained in the initial scenes. Now there are 4 floors and one underground with some floors representing the past and some the future. Youko is found fairly fast but you're told by Reiko that you can't marry her till you become an ideal person for her which means getting popular, fun, kind, powerful, prosperous and clever. That means getting from past to future is needed to gain her empathy and actually watch her grow with time. There is only one ending and it's with Yoko which spawned discussion of what was going with Reiko then. Thus it's possible to say that the game influenced increase in multiple heroines endings. But even though the story gets a strong push, the gameplay stays the same - same H encounters, same absence of mapping. A masterpiece game buried under the rubble mechanics.
49. Yami no Iyo Densetsu ~Joouzuka Satsujin Jiken~ 闇の壱与伝説 ~女王塚殺人事件~ [8908] Hot-B
You're a spiritual detective Shura and being requested to help Metropolitan Police Department to investigate murder of a man who was sucked all the blood off and death of a girl in a different prefecture.
It's a horror adventure, but atmosphere is not as dense as in Wing Studio works. At battle scene game almost turns into RPG since you have HP, MP that increase as you win battles. Commands to choose from are few and no need for a guide to complete it and the pace is good. All the characters are unique and likable. Quite a few ero scenes are present.
Overall a good story-driven VN with good length, interesting narration and high level of satisfaction.
50. Koroshi no Dress 2 殺しのドレス2 [890912] Fairytale
Hero is a detective who receives a strange request to fake marry a beautiful client woman. But during the wedding she gets killed by someone. Hero starts to investigate her circle of friends and acquaintances.
The first part was an adult work with gore and violence but was hardly erotic at all. This work pushes H events everywhere - it even starts with one that has no significance for the story at all. Scenario part is short and there is also lesser mystery element since we investigate a circle of people and get involved in crime syndicate dealings. Many game elements have evolved, but the the impression and the impact grew thin.
51. ALFAIM アルフェイム [890914] Zainsoft
One day a high school academy student runs out of the class and commits suicide - as it was reported - because of sexual misconduct. His best friend Ikeuchi Ryo did not believe the story - because his friend had number 21 on his palm - and went to his friend's house for investigation. There he found a letter saying the boy would die the next day. The next day when the new transfer student arrived to the class Ikeuchi Ryo fell unconscious upon meeting him. After awakening in the infirmary he realized he gained superpowers and using them showed that the new transfer student and the home teacher and related to his friend's death ...
Wow, what a story. Unfortunately PC-98 version is nowhere to be found, so no hooking. Alfaim deals with straightforward high-school paranoia and suicide. Transfer student is willing to provoke
question was the epicenter of the case, In order to provoke Ikeuchi Ryo's ambition to dominate the world, the transfer student is killing one by one the people surrounding Ryo triggering the battle among the students. Game has great visuals and quite a comfortable gameplay with not too many commands to select from.
52. Idol Hakkenden アイドル八犬伝 [890914] Towachiki 1 2 3 4
Sick and bedridden, the zaibatsu tycoon Tomiko senses that her death is near and must nominate an heir among her three granddaughters. To decide who will receive her whole fortune, she launches a challenge: whoever will give her best in the next three months will be the winner. Shizuka, the oldest granddaughter and owner of several business companies, and Reika, the second oldest and a genius scientist, are sure that it's going to be a battle between the two of them. However, Erika, the youngest, has a plan of her own: using her only talent, singing, she aims to break through as a super idol and to do so, she must first seek the help of seven other companions.
Meanwhile, a mysterious man called Dark Lord Iromono is on Erika's track, plotting to have her join his army and become an iromono talent instead.
Game has English reviews.
53. Mephist メフィスト [890915] Striker
In 1990 lightnings from the sky started to cause multiple aircraft and sea transport crashes. Strange creatures crawled out from the water. Hero is a special agent who is summoned to put an end to these events.
PC-98 version fails to start demanding some memory switches to be turned up, so the description is based on information acquired in the game itself. There is not a single impression on the net. The game is quite beautiful, with nice characters.
54. Run Run Kyousoukyoku RUN・RUN 狂走曲 [890915] Elf 1 2
The female inhabitants of a poor village in Japan want to improve the technological level of their homeland. A lazy but patriotic young man who grew up in the same village agrees to organize a world-wide running competition that will hopefully bring glory to the village.
Game has English reviews. And this is NOT a visual novel.
55. Marusa no Onna マルサの女 [890919] Capcom 1 2
A female tax auditor, Ryōko Itakura, inspects the accounts of various Japanese companies, uncovering hidden incomes and recovering unpaid taxes.
One day she persuades her boss to let her investigate the owner of a string of love hotels who seems to be avoiding tax, but after an investigation no evidence is found. During the investigation the inspector and the inspected owner, Hideki Gondō, develop an unspoken respect for each other.
Wow, when I first saw gameplay videos, I thought it's a simulator of a usual working woman. It turned out to be game remake of a film Taxing woman - woman who excels at finding tax avoidance schemes. There are some minor differences with the film in details but you can't talk about the game without seeing the movie which I'm not really inclined to do.
56. Hare Nochi Oosawagi! 晴れのちおおさわぎ! [8909] Cocktail Soft
A formal request was passed from school principal to you as the student council president to investigate ghost matter in school. As you question victim high school girls, a connection with a mysterious incident that happened 300 years ago comes to light...
Although the system was command select formula, there were very few flags to get so the pace was very good. You question cute witness girls, get close to the mystery, get an ero scene late into the game and then game literally says "to be continued".
Girls were totally different so this work can be described as an early charage. Although the investigation struggled to be conducted in a serious the atmosphere was rather a light comedy.
Anyway, this game made Cocktail Soft a serious player on eroge market and encouraged to work on similar games.
57. Kindan no Paradise 禁断のパラダイス [8909] STUDIO ANGEL
Saori drifts to the island where the two female tribes confront compete for the selection of a next queen. Saori will search for "the dew of love of the goddess" which is a condition for becoming a queen .
Game clearly does not care about the story and just throws H events at random. The game should at least be acknowledged for having full yuri love setting deployed. As in every Studio Angel works, you just pick one command from the list and as usual graphics is outdated.
58. Yaritai Houdai 2 - Tourist o Nerae!! やりたい放題2 ツーリストを狙え!! [8909] Lucifer Soft
The second part of the series follows the same nanpa flow, but this time outside the city.
Again the difficulty level is too high. Otherwise just a nanpa game with HCG as target.
59. Abunai Tengu Densetsu - Yomigaetta Tengu ga Yozora o Mau あぶない天狗伝説 -よみがえった天狗が夜空を舞う- [891015] Alice Soft 1
Kazumi Kinoshita and Sanae Kanazawa are two high school girls who go on a school trip together with their classmates. Shortly after their arrival at the camp dormitory, various girls become targeted by unknown assailants. In order to solve the mystery the two heroines must talk to their classmates, collect clues, and eventually find the culprits.
Collecting the clues reminds fooling around and picking up on other girls mostly. It's reported that you get a hint of what to do next, but I tried to bruteforce and stumbled upon three floors full of rooms with girls to interact - that's a bit too much. The sudden yuri attacks also left me puzzled. The characters are cute, but I don't see a reason to play this game other than HCG which are abundant when the way to enter the underground floor is found.
60. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 2: Memories サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.2 メモリーズ [891020] DataWest 1
The psychic detective Katsuya Furuyagi cannot forget his past. Looking at the photo in his office, he recalls Rieka, the woman who won't leave him in his dreams. At that moment, a young girl enters the office; seemingly distressed, she utters a strange request: "erase the memory of my father". Intrigued, Furuyagi uses his psychic abilities to travel to the past and relive memories and people's fates once again.
This part has a distinct individuality and thus leaves a high impact. The hero travels to the dark world of his client memories. Everything there is distorted and differs greatly from reality. Guro elements begin to get incorporated heavily starting with this work. Memories is also the first one to run the sound alongside with animation, even though it's not fully synchronized. The gameplay gets easier, just command selection.
61. 38 Man Kilo no Kokuu 38万キロの虚空 [891021] System Sacom 1
Following a devastating atomic war between USA and Soviet Union, the Earth has plunged into chaos and destruction in the 1990s. It was not until the middle of the 21th century that humanity started to recover from its losses. Earth was nearly abandoned, and representative of the most powerful countries concentrated on space colonization projects. The Americans founded an organization called NSCA (National Space Colonized Association). Their project, SC (Space Colony), was a huge tower, comparable to the mythical Tower of Babel. This is also the home of the game's protagonist, who returns after prolonged space travels, and soon becomes involved in a complex struggle between countries and political organizations.
This time the story is given a definite emphasis on the scenario and this is the most complex and most serious story System Sacom ever produced. And the company seems to be so confident in the story, that one monochrome picture can easily stay on the screen for 5 minutes or more with only text to change. But there's another secret behind this work - it uses midi a lot and melodies change frequently. If you look at the games before 1990, they are mostly soundless or only with sound effects. As you can see from the video hook only acquires rubbish and no custom hooks help so we'll have only to trust that the story is worth it.
62. Dragon Knight ドラゴンナイト [891101] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6
In the kingdom of Strawberry Fields, a place inhabited only by women, the Goddess' Tower has protected the land and its people for generations. Then one day, the Demon descended upon the tower, and the people of Strawberry Fields suddenly find themselves threatened. Answering Queen Luna's (Noriko Hidaka) plea for help, the young warrior and traveler Yamato Takeru (Akira Kamiya) takes them on.
Game has English reviews.
63. Destruction Joukan デストラクション上巻 [891106] Soft Studio Wing
TV broadcast was interrupted by unusual voice saying "Look at the sky at midnight". At midnight a sky object resembling an angered human face appeared on horizon and people seeing it dropped down with their mouths full of blood, but got up with superpowers. Darkness is coming and espers should become the warriors of light to stop it.
Soft Studio Wing here. Epic story based on studio's very first black and white series. So epic that it could not fit into one game, so it's the first part of the dilogy.
You play as a reporter tasked to investigate the appearance of the sky object that turned out to be absent on cameras and photos made at midnight.
Such atmosphere can only be attained by Studio Wing. Part one is introductory one. Tension rises and little by little seeds of darkness embrace the city. Let's wait for culmination in part 2.
64. Idaten Ikase Otoko 2 ~Jinsei no Imi~ 韋駄天いかせ男2 ~人生の意味~ [891110] Family Soft
The hero is a Korean wrestler who has been working in a Brazilian farm and now comes to Japan without the proper knowledge of the language. He has an ability to excite girls with random phrases alone.
The theme of the second work is "life". The game starts with the first newly wed pair night and follows through other married couple and their future children situations - using random phrases resolves all those situations one by one.
The meaning of the work is to read funny phrases from words that are set to numbers. The phrases are refined even further. It's a bakage so some situations are superficial here. Useless for people who could not understand the charm of the prequel.
65. Kibun wa Pastel Touch 気分はぱすてるたっち [891111] Great
Main character is count Dracula and he proposes to a Japanese girl Umi. Response is put on hold till Dracula picks her up in the daytime. Three months later he visits her school as a male student to charm girls with magic and get Umi whereabouts from them.
There are a lot of bad endings, so frequent saving is a must. Otherwise it's quite a pleasant sligthly erotic bakage.
66. Paragon Sexa Doll パラゴンセクサドール DOLL [891121] Heart Soft
Two stars had military agreements to avoid conflict, but a war broke out from conflict on unmanned planet Alpha. Many sex doll robots were upgraded to execute military functions. Sex Doll Tina volunteered to avenge for her friend Barbara who got caught with spying charges.
This work is a black sheep no matter how you look at it. The content is all age - that's something extraordinary for pc-88 game. Development is heavy and very serious. A lot of commands are used and the same screen can last for a very long time. The girls here aren't cute, but graphics are strangely impressive. The sound support is on par to it - it really fits the situation. But what impresses the newer generation is the amount of animation used in this work. That's a definite masterpiece.
67. Saotome Gakuen Blue Wind 早乙女学園 ブルーウインド [891121] STUDIO ANGEL
2051 AD. Freshmen from MILITARY ACADEMY OF U.N. SPACE FORCE go to an excursion on a sightseeing ship. However, it gets hijacked by pirates and its passengers become hostages.
The heroine and two other second year students are given orders to pass the ransom while the second group infiltrates the vehicle and rescue the hostages.
There is a choice whether to be the person who passes the ransom or be one of the two-man team who rescues the hostages. So this is a scenario work, but with multiple HCG hopping here and there. Since all the heroes are females, those are mostly yuri scenes. Those spontaneous HCG and immature graphical level really spoil the impression.
68. Fruit Cocktail フルーツ・カクテル [891124] Cocktail Soft
A stripping card game with three opponents.
This is NOT a visual novel, so there's nothing to discuss.
69. Misty Vol.2 Misty Vol.2 [891124] DataWest 1
This volume contains the following cases: In the Middle of a Fateful Prank, Corpse from the Sky, Judging Sky, Do You Believe in God? and Ambition's Edge.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.
70. Teito Taisen 帝都大戦 [8911] Chou Onsoku
Adaptation of the eponymous movie.
There is no information on the game apart of that it's an adaptation of some movie that noone seen and that it does not have own graphics - all the CG are still images taken from films.
71. Alice-tachi no Gogo Vol. 1 アリスたちの午後 Vol.1 [891201] System House Oh! 1
The plot of this game is very simple: there is a big Expo in Japan, and the protagonist - working as a journalist for a company called "Oh!" (suspiciously similar to the company that designed this game) - must enter each pavilion and take pictures of the female models there. The trick is that the company is interested in erotic pictures of semi- or completely nude models, so the hero must use all his charm in order to convince the models to do so...
It's an RPG if consider that the hero has money, level and experience values. There are 100 pavilions in both of the game parts and there's no other goal than to visit them all and undress even the toughest ladies.
72. Alice-tachi no Gogo Vol. 2 アリスたちの午後 Vol.2 [891201] System House Oh! 1
The second volume has exactly the same story as the first: as a journalist working for a company named "Oh!", the player has to explore a huge Expo area and take pictures of as many pretty girls as possible, preferably undressed.
Second part has the same gameplay, but this time there's no introduction and hero is thrown right into pits of eroticism.
73. Koube Ren'ai Monogatari 神戸恋愛物語 [891207] Zainsoft
A love story unfolds while sightseeing in Kobe.
The main feature of the game is multiple digitized real photos of Kobe town. The atmosphere is unique and evaluation depends on the level of immersion. What actually ruins the immersion is a great number of misspellings.
74. Seirei Gari 星霊狩り [891208] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5
Mike (or otherwise known as Michimune in Japanese) with the help of Professor Kiyojo must rescue his girlfriend Miu from the nefarious clutches of the phantom of Christian Rosencreutz. Travel to a haunted manor, mystic ruins of Asuka, and to the mythical land of Shambala in order to uncover the mysterious trail.
Game has English reviews.
75. Cybernetic Hi-School Part 2 ~Highway Buster!!~ 電脳学園2 ~ハイウェイバスター!!~ [891210] Gainax 1
Something strange is afoot in town. A midnight rider is assaulting drivers on the highway, bombarding them with tricky quiz questions. If the driver can't answer the questions, he and his car is blown up. Out of fear of the so-called Highway Buster, people dare no longer use the highways.
As a student at the Cybernetic Hi-School, the player is given the task by the headmaster of finding out who the Highway Buster is, and ultimately defeat him.
The first three parts have relatively the same quiz nature mechanics. The difference in this work is addition of help section and panic mode. Most of the questions relate to road safety etc.
76. D.P.S. D.P.S. [891215] Alice Soft 1 2 3
D.P.S. is a collection of three short scenarios, which are unrelated to each other story-wise and can be played separately. Those scenarios are presented as cartridges played on a fictional console named Dream Program System. Each scenario allows the player to choose between two different protagonists, or two different personalities for the protagonist. All of the scenarios feature nudity and/or sexual situations.
Game has English reviews.
77. Otome Party おとめぱーてぃ [891215] Game Technopolis
There is a short story prepared for each game character, but story is chosen according to gender and one of the five age categories selected. The contents varies from a child story about the kitten if woman is chosen to the nursing story about the hospital if an old man is chosen.
The stories are short and vary in quality. But the heroines are cute and even H scenes are well done. What's especially good is that difficulty level is not high and there are only 3-4 commands available at a time.
78. Arcshu ~Kagerou no Jidai o Koete~ あーくしゅ ~陽炎の時代を越えて~ [891216] Wolf Team 1
Arcshu: Kagerou no Jidai o Koete is loosely related to the greater Arcus series. It is a visual novel created in the parody style, and in the process hits many common pop culture items of the day (movies, novels, comics, animation, etc.). The story follows the main character, Jeda, through a series of still images and standard adventure-game puzzles and menu-based navigation as the player works through an overlying mystery. As the story progresses, Jeda finds that there is a hole in his dimension, and the only way to repair this hole is to travel through other dimensions (and time) to seek out a mystical holy sword and a group of CDs that will restore things to their proper nature. Throughout this journey, there are numerous cameos and other appearances by other Wolf Team and Nippon Telenet characters from various other media (The Valis Series, Midgarts, Final Zone, etc.). Musically, there are also numerous tracks that have been pulled from these same properties (and in some cases comically rearranged) and are used to good effect here.
There are 8 dimensions overall with each corresponding to some theme or game. Since it's a parody it heavily relies on Arcus games and other contemporary media. The difficulty level is not high since there are few commands to select from.
79. Imitation wa Aisenai イミテーションは愛せない [891216] Great
In near future women fertility deceased and "imitation women" were created for this purpose. 20 years later the fertility values normalized and "imitation women" lost their existence value. Android women were all stunning beauties, so women organizations conspired to eliminate this threat.
Hero is a first class android hunter D who is now given a new task to find three runaway imitation women.
Remake of Imitation City of 1987 and probably the most impressive SF story of the 80s. It's difficult to sympathize with D at first as he ruthlessly kills the unarmed and begging for mercy imitation women, but little by little we get to know that he does not have memories of the past and eventually he finds out that his own lover is also an imitation woman and is queued for elimination. The sound in this work fits brilliantly. On the shortcomings side the character design is somewhat shabby. That actually may be for the best since we have to kill so many androids - it's as if saying that it's a scenario oriented hard-boiled work and if you're looking for H look elsewhere.
80. Zerø - The 4th Unit Act.4 Zerø - ZERO 第4のユニット4 [891220] DataWest 1
Only a few days have passed since the andoird assaults and the shocking encounter with Blon-Win's clone. The Unified Force gathers all its resources, preparing to engage the shady trade organization WWWF. However, a strange accident leads Blon-Win to assume that one of the Unified Force's members might be a traitor.
The game retains combat system and emotionally charged responses, but it goes back to first two parts for everything involved with graphics. Since we're tasked to find the traitor we can attack any ally, but if it's a different person than a traitor there's going to be game over. It's very easy to get stuck here since the story progresses with conversation progress of each character, so continuous hitting talk button is needed with every character using all the possible emotions. So this work differs from the predecessors because it's mostly about talking (and escaping some deathbound situations).
81. Princess wa Street Girl? プリンセスはストリートガール? [891221] Lucifer Soft 1
You play as The Prince. Your father expects to to marry someone by a certain date and there is no one you are in love with. Then you meet a prostitute and it's love at first sight! The problem is that your father doesn't approve of this "street girl". It's up to you to teach her how to walk like a lady, dance like a lady, read like a lady, and learn lady-like manners.
Can you earn your stern father's approval, show him that there's more to your girlfriend than just a prostitute, and live happily ever after?
Surprisingly there's an English review of this game.

82. Trilogy Kuki Youka Shinden トリロジー 九鬼妖華真伝 [891221] Hard
The fight of the Kuki and Yasha clans continues from the Meiji Restoration. Yasha clan member is weaving threads around the heroine Kuki Kyoha.
The work was supposed to be a prologue a series of three works, but they never came out. This work has very small volume for that reason and just can't be evaluated as a full work. The CG are great and there are some yuri scenes in the game.
83. Hero Syndrome ヒーローシンドローム [891222] Takeru
I failed to find either some game version or anything on the game at all.
84. Lime ライム [891226] Software House Parsley
Toshihiko Kondo is a high school student who wants to make a name for himself. One day he finds a map in a library book - the map shows the location of treasure in Ishikawa prefecture. He sets on a journey for the treasure not forgetting to visit sightseeing spots of the place.
The feature of this work is that it uses 400-lines graphics and thus does not bother to prepare a degraded version for pc-88. The graphics actually don't impress at all, but character designs are ok. I was largely disappointed by multiple spontaneous H scenes.
85. Endan Rekishi Emaki ~Nukata no Ookimi~ 艶談・歴史絵巻 ~ぬかたのおおきみ~ [8912] STUDIO ANGEL
Main character occasionally activates time machine and gets to 7th century Asuka period, the time of Taika reform establishment and Soga clan dominance.
The final part of the trilogy, but the least interesting historical period is chosen this time and thus there is even no walkthrough of this game available. Hardy anything is known about those ancient historical figures apart of the names and the women of the period are quite generic noble women. Another important difference from the prequels is that we used to boldly change history, but this time we need to repeat Taika reforms accurately and never try to quarrel with the Soga clan or we get game over.
86. Lipstick. ADV 2 Lipstick. ADV2 [8912] Fairytale 1
This is the second entry in Lipstick Adventure series. Once again, the protagonist is the young private detective Gorou. One day his girlfriend Otomi introduces to him a customer, a man who calls himself Sakamoto. When Gorou meets him at the train station, Sakamoto hands him a suitcase, saying he should deliver it to his company in Osaka. However, the suitcase contains a bomb, and the poor Gorou is brought to police headquarters as a terrorist suspect...
Gorou gets a request to deliver a suitcase to Osaka. However, a bomb is found inside and Gorou charged with being a terrorist.
So scenario writer changed. But surprisingly enough the charm of characters and the plot remained on high level. Whether Hiruda made a carcass for it or remaining staff was intact, but game is same funny. Same heroine accompanies Gorou with the sole change that she is now a college student. It suits her less so in part 3 she's going to be high school girl again. Still, since it's part 2 with relatively the same cast, the degree of freshness is poor and this time it's no revolutionary matter, but a very good one still.
87. Asoko no Koufuku アソコの幸福 [8912] Zeit
The theme of the game is metamorphosis.
There are several short fetish stories with different protagonists and progression of interacting with surrounding items at a specific order to answer a fetishist question in each scene.
What a crazy game. It was supposed to be based on manga, but it soon flew in a different direction. The scenes on the screen are totally surreal and mindblowing. The minigame is quite entertaining and it's always possible to summon the cardinal who says what to do next. Fetish erotics mixed with gags supported by great music create a truly unique atmosphere that pushes to keep on playing even despite the somewhat slow minigame progression. That's truly a masterpiece.
88. Idaten Ikase Otoko 3 ~Sengo Hen~ 韋駄天いかせ男3 ~戦後編~ [8912] Family Soft
Japan is occupied after the end of the World War II. Hero is a soldier who does not speak Japanese, but has an ability to excite girls with random phrases alone.
This time the phrases are refined even further and the game is made less painful to progress with gauge filling much faster. At the same time the pictures of afterwar chaos mixed with a lot of satire give the game a more playful feel. Despite all the improvements I just can't appreciate a game that's based on inputting digits to make random phrases of them.
89. ZorkQuest: The Crystal of Doom ZorkQuest: The Crystal of Doom [8912] Infocom 1 2 3 4 5
The caravan of the brave adventurers heads towards Accardi-By-The-Sea, each of them motivated in his (or her) own way. The magician Frobwit is on his way to the Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerers; the lovely Acia is travelling to visit her sickly grandmother; the merchant Gurthark simply wants to sell goods; and the scout Ryker ponders the new feeling that has entered his life: love...
Game has English reviews.

In 1988 there are even more games, but I have only selected 9 as masterpieces:
1. Soft de Hard na Monogatari
2. Chatty
3. Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha
4. Lipstick. ADV
5. Onryou Senki
6. Psy-O-Blade
7. Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~
8. Snatcher
9. Akira

Year 1988 is the year when PC-98 won. In 1987 there were only couple games with pc-98 versions. Occasional games start to have animation and sometimes even certain phrases voiced. In 1988 there's a very big share of visual novels made deliberately for famicom.
Lipstick ADV was very revolutionary for that time and marked the birth of "Elf" games. It is a worthy champion of 1988.


1. Ripple Island リップルアイランド [880123] Tokai Engineering 1 2 3 4
The game takes place on a small island called Ripple Island, where humans and animals lived together in peace. However, one day, the evil emperor Gerogēru suddenly appears on the island and kidnaps the king's daughter. The king promises that he will allow whoever can rescue his daughter to marry her, and a young boy named Kyle sets off on a long journey to rescue the princess.
Game has English reviews.


2. Dome ドーム [8801] System Sacom 1
DOME is based on Shizuko Natsuki's novel of the same name. The original work as well as the game's plot focus on the construction of a nuclear shelter called "The Dome", capable of protecting humans from an impending atomic war. The player takes the role of an employee in an advertisement company, whose job is to raise people's awareness of the shelter's importance, and donate money to the project.
Novelware was a concept to oppose tiresome gameplay and at the same time present serious text-intensive stories. Game scenario reached over 700 pages which was unseen before. It got some backers, but was generally neglected due to bland reading gameplay, poor quality digitized photos and lack of innovation. On the other hand I'd really welcome one-direction story, but there is a lot of interactivity here. It's basically about a usual japanese office workplace and communicating with co-workers even though for such extravagant goal as the dome. Game is hookable with nkpt (agth compatible) + ITHVNR just fine, but there is little control over the pace and text just poors till the selection with lots of text extracts getting smashed together which does not add comfort. But I recorded the footage from x68000 version to show the quality of digitized pictures.


3. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Yokohama-kou Renzoku Satsujin Jiken 探偵 神宮寺三郎 横浜港連続殺人事件 [880226] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
In the second mystery, the search for a missing girlfriend results in the discovery of her hiding guns, and the police begin to suspect a link with an underground trafficking organization.
There is some English information on the game.


4. Endan Genpei Souranki ~Irohanihoheto~ 艶談・源平争乱記 ~いろはにほへと~ [8802] STUDIO ANGEL
Main character is a normal school student. He sleeps during the history class and gives the wrong answer on the question. In the night he slips into the school to correct the mistake, but the annswer is already input in the computer. When he messes with the computer he arrives to 1169 year, the events before the Genpei War. If he can't fix the answer, he will change history instead to fit the answer!
First bullet in the trilogy. The main feature of the game is that it's neither command input, nor kinetic or command selection. Instead each scene has some 4 choices and you just make a choice and the story goes on till a new choice - that's akin to modern visual novels, but in this work there is quite little text between the choices. Unfortunately pc-98 version came after Sharp and pc-88 versions and thus pc-98 one is close to impossible to find and without it there's no way to hook it unlike the sequels. Game features real historical figures as well as gore and adult content.


5. Yume Shoujo Sayaka 夢少女さやか [8803] Bond Soft
Main character is tired of spending days alone in the apartment watching beautiful dreams. He goes out to meet beautiful girls in person.
Adult nanpa game with the only real aim to see all the 38 HCG. It ends with getting with the girl to the hotel. There's very tiresome progression with a huge list of commands to choose.


6. Hoshi o Sagashite... 星をさがして・・・ [880402] Sega 1 2
Hoshi o Sagashite is a sci-fi text-adventure game for the Sega Mark III. It begins when the main character takes a vacation to visit his girlfriend and buys her an egg as a present. The egg hatches into a creature called a "Mio". You must discover what a Mio is, how to care for it.
There are English reviews on the game.


7. Sacchan no Daibouken サッちゃんの大冒険 [880404] Agumix
Main hero hears a rumor that Kojima Sachi (Sacchan) loves 500 yen coins. To get close to her he needs to get a rare coin. Then he discovers that Ayako and her lesbian partner have one and the hunt for the coin begins.
Agumix decided to capitalize on the success of the manga and the first game Shiritsu Tantei Max and started releasing a whole series of adult work with the same theme. This BIG adventure is actually just going around the school and triggering lots of H events. Command selection is more or less convenient and digitized pictures are very cool.


8. Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha ファミコン探偵倶楽部 消えた後継者 [880427] Nintendo R&D1 1 2 3 4 5 6
The story begins with a man named "Amachi" discovering the fallen protagonist on the ground near a cliff. The protagonist discovers that he has lost his memory, and after recuperating, he revisits the cliff and meets a young girl named Ayumi Tachibana. He learns from Ayumi that he is an assistant detective investigating the death of Kiku Ayashiro.
There are English reviews on the game.


9. Bishoujo wa Check ga Osuki 美少女はチェックがお好き [8804] Sepias
You participate in personality quizzes with several girls giving Yes or No answers. If you appear to be the personality the girl likes - she will be undressing with each new round.
The mechanics are simple, but fun and engaging enough. Questions are of all kind of weirdness so it was awkward to answer on the video. I'm not really sure this game qualifies for visual novel though since there is absolutely no story or characters to get to know - just reward HCG.


10. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo II -Bangai Hen- 天使たちの午後II -番外編- [8804] JAST 1
Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Bangai-hen is a side-story of Tenshitachi no Gogo 2: Minako. The game's protagonist is the brother of Kozue Yanagisawa, one of the female characters that appeared in Minako. Their parents want to send him abroad to study, but he can't bear to be separated from his sister. Do his feelings to his sister cross the line, becoming forbidden love?..
Command selection with a moderately big selection and lots of bruteforcing needed. The story is very shallow and should thread on brother love to Kozue alone. Might it be the first siscon visual novel? The story takes just one day before the departure to the foreign land. I guess there is nothing to loose anymore since protagonist's advances on the nearby females are rather strong. I did not succeed in hooking pc-98 version.


11. Little Vampire Little Vampire [880505] Champion Soft
Miki is kidnapped by Dracula and Kentarou is on the quest to save her.
Alice Soft is ashamed of its past as Champion Soft, but not of this work. Somewhere in 2003 Alice Soft announced a big list of its works as freeware. The first work in this list was Little Princess and the Second - Little Vampire (here's the link to the full list of freeware links). Game shares much with its prequel Little Princess and the characters of these games can be seen in future Alice Soft games like Rance. The game has one of the longest list of commands to select that I've seen - it's just a torment to bruteforce it. In my pretty long video I failed even to find something to eat for the heroes let alone figure what's the big aim behind it all.


12. Maison Ikkoku Kanketsu Hen ~Sayonara, Soshite...~ めぞん一刻 完結編 ~さよなら、そして…~ [880528] Micro Cabin 1 2
Set in Tokyo of the 80-ies, the story can be described as a romantic tale with a touch of comedy. It centers on a boarding house which is managed by the young and lovely widow Kyoko Otonashi. The protagonist is a college student named Yusaki Godai, and his relationship with Kyoko is the main plot line. The game's story approximately corresponds to the middle volumes of the manga until the conclusion.
There is enough of English (actually, French!) information on the game. 6 days overall and basically need to repeat main events of the original and for the rest of time usual Ikkoku stuff - setting up parties, improving mood of inhabitants with bribes, struggling with money.


13. Gakuen Senki 学園戦記 [8805] Champion Soft
Hero is student council president and everyday he solves requests from students. With each new request he approaches the secret behind this school.
That's the third game of the Alicesoft freeware list (link to the full list of freeware links) which means they're not ashamed of this game. Game is exclusive for MSX which explains why it's so obscure. It also is shipped at five disks, so I stopped video recording at the first time I was prompted to insert a new disc. There's a lot of disk shuffling and a lot of bruteforcing with a long list of commands. The atmosphere is lighthearted and the drawing is quite cute, so poor mechanics should not really stop people from trying it.


14. Harajuku After Dark 原宿AfterDARK [8806] Kogado Studio
A corpse of a fashionably dressed man was discovered in the part and Harajuku police department started investigation. A a simple murder case developed into a major incident involving Harajuku's clothing industry.
A very boring, very thorough investigation of several cases. But at the very least it's realistic and integral. I don't think such pace can be tolerable today, but this kind of gameplay was totally ok for a realistic mystery story.


15. Kohaku-iro no Yuigon 琥珀色の遺言 [8806] Riverhill Soft inc. 1
Kohakuiro no Yuigon ("Amber Testament") is the first in the row of detective games starring the fictional Japanese private investigator Ryūnosuke Tōdō. The events of the game take places in Japan in the year 1921, and Tōdō must investigate a mysterious murder of a rich man in his own mansion. The deceased had many relatives, and its the detective's job to find out which one of them (if any) has committed the murder.
And another example of through realistic detective game. It is very time consuming. Lots of questionings and gathering evidence needs to be done. But game is based on a famous detective novel and also 1920s Taisho era atmosphere helps a lot. There are as many as 27 characters in this work, but there aren't too many locations so the complex social relations are portrayed very well. But the game is still alive today since it has been released for mobile platforms - an ideal solution to kill time in some traffic jam.


16. Waga Seishun no Youkai Yashiki わが青春の妖怪屋敷 [8806] Dott Kikaku
A group of four people gets locked into a mansion full of youkai ghosts. They move around together to find a way out.
A surprisingly well done game for pc-88. I awakened 43 minutes later to find out that I've finished the first playthrough of the game and there are so many other options to try out on the way. I'll definitely take a keen look at further Dott Kikaku visual novels. Game uses the same system as Endan trilogy. You're not bothered with different commands, but at scenes you get to choose one of several variants and the game branches off according to the selection made. That also promotes consequent playthroughs since lots of paths get skipped. Game has no adult content at all. One of the amazing features is the clear drawing of the text - the best I've seen for pc-88. The text scrolls down automatically and not disappears and reappears - that helps readability a lot. But the biggest feature of the game is its dialogues. The characters explore the house together and comment nearly every your action. It really makes the game feel alive. I have a weak spot for party-based adventures like the Gao-Gao series.


17. The 4th Unit 2 第4のユニット2 [880714] DataWest 1
The 4th Unit 2 is a direct sequel to The 4th Unit. The young and pretty bionic soldier Blon-Win has exposed the dark schemes of the trade organization WWWF. However, a new conspiracy is rising. WWWF has employed another bionic soldier, a young woman named Dalzy, who manages to seal Blon-Win's psychic powers. Blon-Win is arrested by WWWF and must find a way to contact her friends, escape, and defeat the treacherous organization.
A worthy sequel with a bit of more comfortable gameplay. The systems are the same, just a bit fewer commands used. This time the story is bigger, deeper and more action-packed since the majority of the game Blon-Win spends on the enemy territory. The game features a battle scene, but it's not action-based like in Wingman, but rather command selection based one like in rpg. All the damage done in the battle is determined by pure luck. The big changes for the series only start with part 3.


18. Jarinko Chie: Bakudan Musume no Shiawase Sagashi じゃりン子チエ ばくだん娘の幸せさがし [880715] Konami 1 2
First you help those who in trouble as Chie, then as a lost cat searching for way back and finally as Chie's father Tetsu with money being the main theme.
Based on manga.
There is some information in English on the game, but I feel that discussing the game is useless, since the game does not really have its own meaning - it just follows the plotline of several episodes of the anime and gameplay mostly consists of different minigames with some small goal.


19. Lovely Horror - Ochame na Yuurei ラブリーホラー おちゃめなゆうれい [880721] STUDIO ANGEL
Hero Tatsuya is a school student who decides to rent an apartment. The manager of the apartment is a beautiful girl who tells that her father gone missing and that the apartment is being haunted by ghosts. She asks Tatsuya to get rid of the ghosts and find her father and Tatsuya just can not say "no" to her.
The residents of the house are easily possessed by the ghosts and are lewd in that state, so there is a H scene for everyone. But everyone needs his own approach and the wrong turn brings a bad ending. Thus the difficulty degree is high and guide is welcome here. Otherwise the system is same as Endan trilogy - we're give a set of choices and upon selection the game moves on till the next choice. That alone sets such games at very high comfort level. Well, the game has too many spontaneous H events to evaluate it as masterpiece.


20. Soft de Hard na Monogatari ソフトでハードな物語 [880730] System Sacom 1 2
The protagonist is the son of a software company manager and has to fill in as a temporary leader when his father falls sick and is hospitalized. Himself an avid gamer, the young boss has to use his employee's strengths and his own imagination to produce a successful game such as the "Nobara Series" DAME (an obvious parody of DOME).
Second bullet in the novelware games. It inherits all the merits and disadvantages of the genre same as the Dome. The game actually starts with Dome intro pictures and music, then stops midway, strikes out the title and goes another direction - that was nice. Game is mostly a comedy with drawings as if from real manga, but the choices you have to do all the time are very real and serious, so it has high interactivity. Gaming industry was an awkward setting choice back in 1988. And it does not matter whether gaming industry was really like that - what matters is the feeling of freshness and joy during the play. Such games stay in memory with the passage of time. I wish text was not moving automatically messing with the text parts, though.


21. Genji 源氏 [8807] Hot-B
Main character is legendary Genji who searches for a killer.
The first three games of Hot-B were original and left a really good impression. This material is much more difficult. This work is almost entirely stripped of eroticism which makes it even more difficult. Still, they really tried to spice things up. We find out the the criminal actually came from future to change history and we ride the time machine ourselves to get him. That's the twist worthy of Hot-B! Still the flow of the game is not even remotely good enough to fit for a masterpiece.


22. Joshikousei Idol Osanazuma Funsenki 女子高生アイドル おさな妻奮戦記 [8807] STUDIO ANGEL
A school girl is newly married and works as an idol after school. She describes one day of her life.
The work dripping wet with fanservice. The game is a kinetic novel and lasts only a couple of minutes. It's just fanservice CG with provoking commentary. I did not believe that was the whole game and one box even had "DEMO" written on it. So I tried to find the full version and ll the versions were the same. It's really the full work. There used to be such works as well - cute character + nukige.


23. Chotto Meitantei ~Misa-chan Monogatari Series~ ちょっと名探偵 ~美砂ちゃん物語シリーズ~ [8808] Champion Soft
Misa-chan is a cute high school student detective. Her father is changed with an accusation in a hit-and-run incident and she is asked to find the real criminal. Her best friend Kanako will assist in this task.
This work is not included in the Alice Soft freeware list which can only mean one thing - this work is trash that the company wants to forget about. The system is ancient text parser with only some common verbs attached to function keys - that's why I could not move even past the first scene. Story is one-way road with interrogating witnesses, investigating evidences. A characteristic feature is that the screen is divided in two sections - one is usually occupied by Misa-chan picture, but in important moments it's actually used to depict something dramatic. There are no H scenes. The mystery is very plain. Nothing really stands out in this game.


24. Dokkin Minako-sensei ドッキン美奈子先生 [8808] Tect House
A game version of an adult manga with the same name. Student Kenta loves his teacher Minako-sensei very much. Everyone has come to the sea for a holiday, but Minako-sensei disappeared. Kenta starts to search for her.
The manga was a pioneer in portraying only full-weight bodies while still putting child faces. Multiple ending work with branch depending on chosen actions. It's a lighthearted work to enjoy pictures and funny characters, nothing more.


25. Azusa 108 Jimusho あずさ108事務所 [880920] Agumix
Main character Azusa is a female private detective. While on a major case of finding the missing relative she also takes a request to investigate consecutive rape cases that occurred at her girls' school dorm.
The second bullet after Sacchan in Agumix fanservice works. Again original manga drawings are digitized. Again story is only nominally there. This time there are only women characters so it's yuri love only.


26. Kujaku Ou 孔雀王 [880921] Pony Canyon, Inc. 1 2 3
Kujaku Ou the Peacock King, who is a young monk from Mt Koya with the direction of his
Master, is sent to investigate strange paranormal incidents taking over Japan.
There are English reviews on the game.


27. Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken えりかとさとるの夢冒険 [880927] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc 1 2 3
Two children, the girl Erika and the boy Satoru, live together in a small house somewhere in modern Japan. One day, before going to sleep, they notice a strange creature outside: it looks like a pink-white cat (Final Fantasy fans would immediately say: a moogle!), but talks like a human being. Before the mysterious creature disappears, it says only a short sentence: "Children! Find the Time Crown!". Without understanding what he meant by this, but realizing it must be something important, the two young heroes embark the next day on a dangerous journey - the quest for the power of the crown!
There is enough English information on the game.


28. Kimagure Orange Road ~Natsu no Mirage~ きまぐれオレンジロード ~夏のミラージュ~ [8809] Micro Cabin 1 2 3
The game is based on the manga and anime series Kimagure Orange Road. The protagonist is a young boy named Kyosuke Kasuga. He and his siblings (twin sisters) possess supernatural abilities: telekinesis, teleportation, time shift, etc. The tradition of their family forbids them to use these powers publicly. Whenever they fail to hide their unique nature, the whole family has to move. But now Kyosuke has met a beautiful girl, who is being courted by another guy - a big temptation for him to use the powers...
There is enough English (actually, French) information on the game.


29. Onryou Senki 怨霊戦記 [8809] Soft Studio Wing 1
Hiroyuki Kitahara was leading a rather ordinary life in a quiet Japanese town, and decided one day to take a stroll at night, enjoying the picturesque landscape. All of a sudden, a horrifying monster appeared right in front of him. Kitahara wakes up in the hospital and tries to convince the doctors that he was not hallucinating. Teaming up with a young female journalist, Kitahara begins to explore the city, searching for clues to solve the mystery and seeking meeting with onryou - ghosts of people who were wronged in their lifetime and who are back for revenge.
Soft Studio Wing new release. Nothing else needed to be said. After Shiro to Kuro unorthodox start and shock of Makai Fukkatsu and Hadou no Hyouteki expectations are sky high. And in many ways it lives to expectations.
First of all, it's the longest game of this studio so far. Mechanics have been greately improved. Now there's only 4 actions with "look" action not needing to select an object, so the pace got higher. At special areas there are some special icons as well like computer at home and spell when u get demon banishing spell. The only remaining drawback that lots of backtracking needed to be done and sometimes up to 15 areas needed to be walked through to get to a needed area.
Oh, the plot! You happen to get into monster ambush on a street and since then are determined to prove existence of monsters. At first ghosts appear only for a few seconds but as game progresses they become permanent and agressive. You need to get to the bottom of ghost case and find the god responsible for outrage. Easy like that.
The shocking part of the game was how real it looked (not literally, but game still looked great even though it used some 8 colors only). People used to deny existence of spirits, then spirits get coverage in mass media and people just adapt to them and tend it like an everyday problem. They even start counsel practices and set tour guides to make money on it and all are enjoying all the media fuss about their little town.
Game lasts 12 days (and nights). Struggle with the ghost god is impressive, just like in previous two games. Solid and memorable game if you got a stomach for this type of VNs.


30. Lipstick. ADV Lipstick. ADV [881015] Fairytale 1
In Lipstick Adventure, the player takes the role of Gorou, a young Japanese private detective. One day, a wealthy and powerful old man contacts him and asks him to find a box which - according to him - contained a family treasure. The young detective thinks that fortune has finally smiled to him, but when his pretty girlfriend Otomi disappears, he realizes that the mystery is bigger than he thought...
It's a mix of great plot and humor setting standards for many years to come. That's actually a revolutionary game and because of that it had a great number of sequels.
So we play as detective Gorou and investigate disappearance of some box with heirloom. But there's also high school girl Mami who is a member of school girl detective club who lives next door and accompanies us. The heirloom was easy to find, but on return the office was in chaos.
Game's well remembered because the scenario was made by creator of elf studio in next 1989. Despite embracing interactive adventure genre, story has a great tempo, lots of humor and overall comparatively easy flags to trigger as well as main decisions being done only at the very end.
Why is this game revolutionary?
1. It's the first game that I know that used the contemporary opening with scene shots sequences and astonishing musical theme.
2. It's the first original game that actually empathized charm of characters rather than plot. Seeing a woman walking side by side with the main hero the whole game was a novely itself.
3. It was the first erotic game where erotic content did not play a big role but rather was an element in the plot. And not having an erotic scene with Mami was a nonsense in bishoujo game.
4. Game had gallery collection inside the game called "lipstick".
The game has only one huge shortcoming - pc-98 version is not hookable by any means which makes it off limits for English auditory.


31. Pension Story Hana no Kiyosato ペンションストーリー花の清里 [881025] Adult Inn
Main character Kanzaki Hayaichi is invited to Kiyosato to look after the pension house in his absence. However, the uncle gets killed in the bathroom of the pension house... All the boarders have a motive for the crime and all of them tell different stories. Where will the investigation bring him?
One-way scenario with the branch only for the very ending. The flow is talking with the inhabitants, H scene, showing items and collecting information and when everything is done - final scene where you make a decision of what to do with the evidence. The contents is very ordinary and the shabby plot exists only for the abundant H scenes.


32. Derringer デリンジャー [8810] Clest
You're a private detective and you get a letter saying that 13-year old model Miki is restrained.
The first work of Clest that sets an attempt to introduce idol Miki character that had to appear in the trilogy of the company. In this work Miki is 13, in the second work she's 19 and in the third work she should have been around 15, but third third work was never finished. So this work is not really long - we get to find Miki tied in the warehouse fairly fast. Still this work is notable since like in Lipstick ADV Miki is shown as a heroine with personality and not just an object of desire.


33. MISTY ミスティ [8810] Champion Soft
You are a high school student. One day classmate Miyuki suddenly lost memory. The investigation leads to his girlfriend who suspiciously disappeared a year ago.
Game is not listed in Alice Soft freeware list, so yeah - it's a trash game of Champion Soft. You search for items and use them little by little uncovering Miyuki's past. Game features money so you actually need to save it to buy essential items. Game's only released for very basic platforms of pc-88 and msx which determines its low quality. The interface is horrible, the drawing speed is slow and game just hangs the emulator. Well, if Alice Soft wants us to forget about this game so much, let's just comply.


34. Seikimatsu Tanemaki Densetsu Shoujo Yuugi Ai no tame ni Shine! 世紀末種蒔伝説 少女遊戯 愛のために死ね! [8810] Great
Since the 1970 the new technologies and introduction of computers resulted in deviation in the male reproductive ability. At the beginning of the 1990s more than 60% of men lost "male function", and women got frustrated with more and more incidents of men raped by women to occur. By 2000 the civilization was about to ruin due to women violence.
Kentaro's sister Yuriko got kidnapped mysterious "Lolita invaders" squadron. Kentaro tried to stop them but got defeated by their captain Yui. A strange old man instructs him how to get to their city base, but now the encounter will be on his terms.
One of the biggest works of Great - an erotic parody on many big hit works of the time including Fist of the North Star, Sukeban Deka, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It's a good thing people of the 1980s were ignorant about the copyright! The scenario is basically a single road, but during the command selection battles it's important not to use certain commands in the first half of the battle. The game is just too fun to play and it's hookable just fine. That's a masterpiece game despite its disturbing nature at times.


35. Skapon Tankentai Skapon 探検隊 [8810] PSK 1
The year is 2028. It is said that an eccentric genius scientist has constructed a laboratory on an island known as Ero-Manga. This island is populated by robots and beautiful girls. An exploration team consisting of an intrepid adventurer and his female assistant, who is looking for her missing father, lands on the island and is prepared to explore the wilderness in search of the laboratory.
PSK last work and - yes - about lolitas again. Skapon Taikentai is a humorous erotic adventure game. There are lots of girls around, but to get to the end of the game it's needed to participates only in absolutely obligatory H events. There is a limit of 9 items to carry with you which is pretty tight considered the number of locations and options. There are two branches and three endings here. At the end of of the game you are warped to Skapon 2, but the sequel never saw the light of the day.


36. Twilight Zone 2 トワイライトゾーン2 [8810] Great 1
Youko, the protagonist's girlfriend, has disappeared. In order to find her he must venture into the dreaded mansion inhabited by sex-hungry women.
The prequel with the command input was hardly playable so now it's pseudo-rpg from first person view. This is an eroge to and from - attack items are erotic journals, defensive items are condoms, fights are H events and venerological infections are status penalties. There is no automapping feature in this game and the territory is huge so manual drawing of a map is needed. This work is memorable for the enemies which had lots of types. It had fish girls, cat girls, dog girls etc


37. Yaritai Houdai やりたい放題 [8810] Lucifer Soft
A nanpa game to choose one of four women and seek their favor in a dialogue.
What differs this game from a usual nanpa game is the high difficulty level. You make choices, but get the result only much later so there is no way to determine what the wrong answers are. In the 1980s kinetic novels and and command selection adventures were considered inferior since anyone could bruteforce them with enough time. But text parser was obsolete as well, so new methods to bring freshness and uniqueness for the genre were thought of.


38. Touhou Kenbun Roku 東方見文録 [881110] Natsume 1 2 3 4
Touhou Kenbun Roku ("The Travels of Marco Polo") is an adventure game that uses the then-ubiquitous NES adventure game system of having a series of menu commands with which to interact with the world. As a text-heavy Japanese adventure game, some fluency with the language is required in order to play it.
The game depicts a troublemaker sent from the future back to 1275, when Marco Polo was in the midst of his explorations.
There is enough English information on the game.


39. Byakuya Monogatari ~Winchester-ke no Matsuei~ 白夜物語 ~ウィンチェスター家の末裔~ [881111] East Cube
College student Hiroyuki Sato came to a hot spring resort and was shocked by western type mansion known as witch's house and decided to sneak in.
This is a museum horror game inside a mansion, but also with comedy elements. It's command selection with verbs selected from vertical row with 2 and 8 keys and nouns selected from horizontal rows with 4 and 6 keys. I tried to bruteforce commands as usual, but I spent over 10 minutes on the 2nd scene and was not able to move on... this game is the hell for bruteforcing. The game is reported to feature battles inside the mansion and multiple endings, especially bad endings.


40. Cosmos Club コスモスクラブ [881111] JAST
Main character is a freshman student who gets to enter a student dormitory "Cosmos club" full of girls. He is secretly in love with one of the girls and seeks her attention.
This work could easily be a part of Tenshitachi no Gogo series, but for some reason it's not. Basically you search for your secret love everywhere and pick wrong doors at times. You get your hands on a certain key and can open only one door with it and the branching depends on which door you get to open. There are two good endings depending on whether you bring the girl some 5 yen coin or not. There are also bad endings. One of the good endings actually has the explanation on the "cosmos" part of the title - it's not just the name of the dormitory.


41. Samurai Sword サムライソード [881115] Capcom 1 2 3
"When the dark priest Soron threatened to engulf the world in shadow, heroes and wizards alike rose against him.
All were defeated.
But a lone warrior still stands..."
You play the role of a samurai that must destroy the forces of Soron. You find, however,
that you cannot defeat him alone, so you must find a light mage who will aid you on your
quest, and most importantly, the sacred weapon known as the Samurai Sword.
There are English reviews of this game.


42. Psy-O-Blade サイオブレード [881119] T&E SOFT Inc. 1 2 3 4 5 6
In 21th century, there are three main powers on the Earth. The free world and the communist block carried over from the 20th century; the third power is the New Communist Federation. Since a program of denuclearizing was supported by all those powers, the New Communist Federation developed a devastating non-nuclear weapon: the satellite "Raiden". The two other powers competed with the New Communist Federation, developing their own killer satellites, and the danger of total annihilation became once again an issue. Seeing no future for the Earth, humans started to colonize other planets. In 22th century, they sent an experimental ship "Septemius 1" to a star six light years far away from the Solar System. The ship's main computer, "Racoon", sent a strange message before stopping any communication. You are Keith McDonnell, a seventeen-year-old crew member of the ship "Septemius 2" that was sent to investigate the strange disappearance. Will you be able to uncover the mystery?
There are English reviews on the game.


43. Snatcher Snatcher [881126] KCET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
On June 6, 1996 , a chemical weapon known as Lucifer-Alpha under development in Chernoton, Russia, is released into the atmosphere, resulting in the death of 80% of the Eurasian and Eastern European population which in turn results in the death of half of the world's population. The contaminated area becomes uninhabitable for a decade, when Lucifer-Alpha mutates into a non-lethal form. This tragic event later becomes known as "the Catastrophe".
Fifty years later, a breed of artificial life-forms or bioroids known as "snatchers" began appearing in the artificial island of Neo Kobe City, killing their victims and taking their place in society. Nobody knows exactly what they are or where they come from. As Gillian Seed, an amnesiac working for an Anti-Snatcher task force called J.U.N.K.E.R., the player's goal is to track down the source of the snatchers and discover Gillian's mysterious connections with them.
There are English reviews on the game.


44. Chatty シャティ [8811] System Sacom 1
Chátty is the second entry in System Sacom's Novel Ware series. Its story is set in the future and involves a man who was framed for a crime he did not commit. In attempt to clear his name, the protagonist discovers a device that allows interdimensional travel, and ventures into a parallel dimension in search for answers.
Chatty is pc-88 exclusive which determines technical limitations. I would not call it a novelware at all since all you do is struggle through command selection most of the time. A professional novelist was working on the scenario and it's indeed a serious adult story with even some H scenes included. There are multiple endings in this work. System-wise it's unusual in the way that there is an inventory and items in it to manage. This work established novelware principles as a genre, not just one unique work and thus holds the historical credit for it.


45. JACK ジャック [8811] Thinking Rabbit
You are a detective in Los Angeles and need to investigate a murder case with a more veteran policeman. Man was murdered in hotel room and had baseball chip in his pocket.
Thinking rabbit was well known for good adventure stories. Casablanca had a very good plot. This one is not an exception. Black and white America was already stylish. Feature of the game is Joker command that could let you achieve unexpected results but could as well be wasted easily. There's less excitement than in Casablanca, but it's same fulfilling since it tackles with complicated human relationships rather than tricks.


46. No-Ri-Ko 小川範子 No・Ri・Ko [881204] Hudson Soft 1 2 3
It features the japanese singer pop singer Noriko Ogawa, who was just 15 years back in 1988. The games starts with an invitation to one of her live concert. The player, the Lucky Boy as called in the game, will take a day out and probably end up on a date with the young and cute singer.
Game has English reviews.


47. Doki Doki Shutter Chance!! ドキドキシャッターチャンス!! [881208] Elf
An action game to make photos of 10 girls while evading the teacher within a time limit.
The first Elf work, but I'm not really sure it can be called a visual novel. Well, there are couple pages of synopsis and rules description. It's a pure action game with the only reward in the end. Game is very difficult since there are barriers everywhere and it's not clear where to move. On top of that when you make a photo the girl should stay in the range for like three seconds. If the teacher gets you, you'll have to start anew. I'm not even sure where those 10 girls are since there seem to be few characters on the map. And it all has to be done within a strict time limit on top of that! There are three editions of the game - girls school one, nursery and bus editions.


48. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Kiken na Futari 探偵 神宮寺三郎 危険な二人 [881209] Data East Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Detective Hunter and his assistant Yulia have been invited to watch Yulia's friend Sabin participate in a motorcycle race. It doesn't all go too well when he crashes in the race, but when the racing team checks up on him it turns out to be Thomas, Sabin's apprentice, under the helmet. The mystery deepens as another friend of Yulia is found murdered in a hotel room.
There are English reviews of this game.


49. Telephone Club Story テレフォンクラブストーリー [881210] Wilduck
Enter a private room and make a call. If conversation is good who knows what it may lead to...
A nanpa game with short etchi scene in the end of each girl part. Three rooms out of five are available and the other two are empty. The heroines are 28 year old married woman and two high school girls of 18 and 16 years old. There's a conversation and it's needed to fill in blank spaces out of the list of pretty absurd variants. It's possible to make 7 mistakes overall.


50. Kaguya-hime Densetsu かぐや姫伝説 [881216] Victor Interactive Software 1 2 3 4
The legend of Kaguya-hime is one of the most popular stories in Japanese mythology. Once upon a time, an old man went to the forest to cut some bamboo, and found a little baby girl. He took her to his house and named her Kaguya-hime. She grew up there, and soon became the most beautiful girl of Japan. Many young men, including the son of the emperor himself, tried to conquer her heart, but for no avail. One day Kaguya-hime confessed she was a moon angel, and returned back to the moon. In this game, you control the son of the emperor, and you'll do your best to reach Kaguya-hime and to protect her. You must overcome various obstacles and meet characters from Japanese folklore.
There are English reviews of this game.


50. Kaguya-hime Densetsu かぐや姫伝説 [881216] Victor Interactive Software 1 2 3 4
The legend of Kaguya-hime is one of the most popular stories in Japanese mythology. Once upon a time, an old man went to the forest to cut some bamboo, and found a little baby girl. He took her to his house and named her Kaguya-hime. She grew up there, and soon became the most beautiful girl of Japan. Many young men, including the son of the emperor himself, tried to conquer her heart, but for no avail. One day Kaguya-hime confessed she was a moon angel, and returned back to the moon. In this game, you control the son of the emperor, and you'll do your best to reach Kaguya-hime and to protect her. You must overcome various obstacles and meet characters from Japanese folklore.
There are English reviews of this game.


51. The Old Village Story オールド・ヴィレッジ・ストーリー [881223] Enix 1 2
King Kaiser, the mighty ruler of the country Fa-Ral, had a daughter named Lisa, who became gravely ill. Anxious to know what will become of her and his kingdom, the king looks into a magic crystal. The crystal tells him that the one who can make things right is a boy named Shion, who lives in a quiet village far away from the capital city. The king tries to find Shion, but forces of darkness have plans of their own...
Game has English reviews.


52. Akira アキラ [881224] Taito Corporation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Akira is a graphic adventure game based on the 1988 animated movie of Katsuhiro Otomo's epic Manga. Released in 1988 by Taito for the Famicom console, the video game version has the player in the role of Kaneda. Events begin with Kaneda and his motorcycle gang in police custody after their friend Tetsuo has been abducted by the military.
Game has English reviews.


53. Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken! プロ野球?殺人事件! [881224] Capcom 1 2
Fictional baseball player is condemned as murderer. He has to hide from police and find the culprit to clear his name.
There is enough English information on the game.


54. Bishoujo Noriko 媚少女NORIKO [8812] System House Oh!
A part of "Sexy voice" series.
Noriko Noriko sees a strange dream where she is attacked by Sexdroid. When she consults a psychiatrist about it, he suggests an experimental therapy.
The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. Noriko part has the fewest choices in the series and is presented by three consecutive rape scenes that are scrolled in 5 minutes time.


55. Datenshi Kyouko Part 1 堕天使KYOUKO Part1 [8812] System House Oh!
A part of "Sexy voice" series.
Three esper fallen angels are sent to Kyoko to play with her.
The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. Wrong choice here results in rewinding back.


56. Endan Tokugawa Kouryuuki ~Gorakuin~ 艶談・徳川興隆記 ~ごらくいん~ [8812] STUDIO ANGEL
Main character occasionally activates time machine and gets to 1582, right after Oda Nobunaga is ambushed and killed. The purpose in this work is to take decisions so that the wars in the country are eliminated and stability establishes for 300 years to come.
I was so excited about this work that I made a full video playthrough till happy end with English machine translation. Game covers the most famous period of Japanese history and tackles it with a lot of care. Over 30 real historical figures are concerned here. There is only one right path to happy ending and the others lead to mysterious girl telling you what was done wrong and asking to try again. There are some more girls encounters if wrong paths are taken, but there are over 10 H scenes even in the main path which I'd even call abundant. This game is a huge masterpiece and it's great that the Western audiences can immerse into it thanks to hook-ability of the game.


57. Makenshi Kumiko 魔剣士KUMIKO [8812] System House Oh!
A part of "Sexy voice" series.
Kumiko was indulged in self-satisfaction when she was warped to the island 's ruins where she is attacked by a monster who is an incarnation of her ancient enemy.
The game has no other meaning than watch a collection of HCG accompanied by lewd voicing and some animation. The longest story in the series.


58. Project A-ko 2 プロジェクトA子2 [8812] Tatsumi Publishing
Two minigames of slot machine and cards are used to outscore opponents who have enormously more points at the start.
The first part of the series was interesting for its gameplay. This time it's just some cards game and slot machine. You start with 100 points while the second girl has 2,000 at the start and the third has 48,000 at the start. I did not have the patience to see what happens when you actually outscore the other girls.


59. Satsujin wa Tegami ni Notte 殺人は手紙にのって [8812] TwinSoft
Main character is high school student who hears of his friend being fatally hit by train. He has 7 days remaining till school studies start and he intends to find out the truth behind this accident.
The cover is funny, but it's not a light story. Serial murders, attempt suicide, main hero orphan. Most of the game passes in investigating the school and then the university where the murders occurred. The difficulty level is low, so it's possible to bruteforce. Solving this mystery does not really make an impact.


60. What's Michael ホワッツマイケル [8812] Micro Cabin
Cat Michael's beloved got lost and he searches around the town for her.
The adventures of the cat are quite trivial, but if you saw the anime there's a good energetic music, lots of face expressions and beautiful graphics to enjoy. Game's mostly a comedy, so there are many funny scenes in it.


61. Angelus ~Akuma no Fukuin~ アンジェラス 〜悪魔の福音〜 [8812] Enix 1 2 3 4
A business man in Peru and a girl visiting Japan both suddenly fall victim to a strange disease that turns the skin green and partially disfigures the face. The most unusual thing is that these two incidents occurred at the same time. Brian Pall, a journalist from the London Post, was on a flight to London when suddenly one of the passengers is struck with the same disease. These series of outbreaks have lead Brian and his partner, Eris Miler, to start their own investigation. Their discoveries eventually lead them going up against a mysterious religious group.
Game has English reviews.


62. Ankoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu 暗黒神話 ヤマトタケル伝説 [8812] Tokyo Shoseki 1 2 3 4
The game is based on old Japanese legends about Yamato Takeru, a legendary hero of ancient Japan. The game starts when Yamato Takeru is a thirteen-year-old boy. His father was killed under mysterious circumstances. Searching his things, the boy found a postcard that gave him his first clue for the investigation. From that moment, his adventure begins.
Game has English reviews.


63. Gamma Force in Pit Of A Thousand Screams Gamma Force in Pit Of A Thousand Screams [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3 4
In a dangerous world, individual superheroes are not enough. Even the best of them - a humanoid made of flame, an elf princess with a mean bow, and a musclebound waterbeast - can't do it all themselves. When they come together, they are the Gamma Force. Can anybody stop them?
Game has English reviews.


64. Josei Shain o Ikasu Hou 女性社員を活かす法 [8812] Champion Soft
Main character is a cosmetics sales division section manager in an Osaka big company. He has a wife and a child, but he does not know how to deal with this subordinates who are mostly beautiful women. He will have to determine an effective approach towards them so that the company flourishes.
There is not a single written world on the game on the web, so I'll have to pull the thoughts from my short experience of the game. First of all, I liked the game despite the fact that it's not in the Alice Soft freeware list. It's a really good game, but I guess an overly serious one, so it did not fit the target auditory of reborn Alice Soft company. Day by day you watch the women of your section and you make decisions like to praise them or to scold them or to call them for a talk. My approach was pretty random and I was actually waiting for a H event to pop up... but nothing happened. In about two weeks of random behavior on my behalf I got game over, so I'm not even sure if it's an eroge or not. It's hookable, so I'd hope to see attention to this game in future.


65. Lane Mastodon Vs. The Blubbermen Lane Mastodon Vs. The Blubbermen [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3 4 5
The year is 2029 and the evil Blubbermen have invaded earth. Only heroic Lane Mastodon can stop them, in a setting resembling science-fiction of the 1950's.
Game has English reviews.


66. Shadow Hunter シャドゥハンター [8812] Champion Soft
A famous writer announced his engagement and his bride started to get threats and blackmail. Main character is a detective set to identify the stalker and protect the girl. But as investigation proceeds a murder happens.
Another Champion Soft game that did not get in freeware Alice Soft list. And it uses the same game system as MYSTY which was very crappy. So we gather as much information as possible without taking breaks since those bring a band end. The majority of time is spent while searching inside the buildings. And eventually the mystery gets revealed.


67. Yoru no Tenshi-tachi ~Shitetsu Ensen Satsujiin Jiken~ 夜の天使たち ~私鉄沿線殺人事件~ [8812] Clest
Hero is a detective investigating suicide case. Sister of the deceased girl claims that railroad crossing was the place that girl used to visit a lot.
A sequel to Derringer. Derringer's purpose was to introduce Miki who was 13 years old. And it was rather short game, felt more like a promo material for next game to come. Also there should have been the 3rd Miki game to depict Miki gradually becoming an idol, but it was cancelled. In this game Mike is 19 and she has become an idol now. There are also several friends of Miki present, so it's a nice girl company to enjoy.
It's the second game after Lipstick ADV. (Lipstick ADV. was issued first) where girl is not a capture object, but a full-fledged character to follow main hero. It was also the first attempt to make a mascot character, grandfather of all idol games.


68. ZorkQuest: Assault on Egreth Castle ZorkQuest: Assault on Egreth Castle [8812] Tom Snyder Productions 1 2 3
The Egreth Castle, once the royal abode of the proud king Duncanthrax, has now become a terrifying, haunted place. Trolls, hobgoblins, and night gaunts have turned the castle into their permanent residence. On top of that, an evil, insane, and powerful wizard is controlling everything that happens in and around the castle. A caravan of brave adventurers, guided by a magical amulet, reaches the castle. Will the heroes be able to overcome all obstacles and find a way to defeat the evil?..
Game has English reviews.
  • Surprisingly poor for masterpieces December, so my grey horse Lilith is the winner this time.


1. Houkago wa Betsu no Kao 放課後は別の顔 [951201] Ucom
A collection of four short stories featuring sexual experiences of school girls.
A distinguishing feature of the work is the presence of narrator girl who also appears in the stories. But overall it's a very specialized content.



2. Momoko-chan for Me ももこちゃんfor Me [951201] Ume Soft 1 2
Momoko-chan for Me: Minarai Kangofu-hen is a visual novel focusing on a young male aspiring physician, the son of a famous doctor who has left on a vacation and entrusted the son with the management of certain hospital-related affairs. The game focuses exclusively on the relationship between the protagonist and a nurse-in-training named Momoko.
Remastered version heroines look much cuter. The difficulty of the game is high since there are over 10 endings - most of them depend on ecstasy level between the characters.


3. Moonlight Energy 2 ムーンライトエナジー2 [951201] Interheart 1
Moonlight Energy 2 is a sequel to Moon Light Enegy. The game's premise is nearly identical to that of the predecessor: the player controls a high school student named Maki, participating in her lesbian escapades with other students or personnel.
The infamous les chikan is back. So it's a normal Interheart work with many H events.


4. Rance 4.1 ~Okusuri Koujou o Sukue!~ ランス4.1 ~お薬工場を救え!~ [951201] Alice Soft 1 2
This is a side-story in Rance series, released shortly after the fourth game, but dedicated to an entirely different quest. All kinds of troubles are happening to a factory where a new Happiness Medicine is being developed. The mercenary Rance is hired by the manager to investigate the source of these troubles. First task: clear the factory of the monsters...
4.1 looks more like introduction to more longer 4.2. Battle system is simplified and few known heroines take part here. The quality is very good for a bonus game given away for free.


5. Reverse リバース [951201] Gloria
Takumi died in a traffic accident when he was young, but his spirit continued to live in his fraternal twin and gained ability to read other peoples hearts. Using that ability he helps people around him to solve their problems.
It's really difficult to comprehend what's going on on the screen since Takumi and his twin change spots all the time. The contents is quite dull and sad.


6. Super Erect Taisen S・EX スーパーエレクト大戦S・EX [951201] Dynamic Production
Hero was watching a pop idol live performance when the skies tore apart and idols got sucked inside the demon-faced black whirlwind together with his favorite Ichigo-chan. After than an angel descended from the skies and offered cooperation to defeat demon king and return the girls.
Each enemy turn takes so much time that I did not have enough patience to wait.


7. Ace of Spades Ace of Spades [951207] Love Gun 1
Ace of Spades is a casino game with a gruesome twist. The player competes against female opponents in poker or blackjack; every victory leads to an explicit scene of sexual torture. The main mode includes a series of matches and subsequent sadistic scenes against various women.
A primitive stripping card game.


8. Custom Mate 3 カスタムメイト3 [951208] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3
It's Christmas. Hayashi Ryuusuke is walking through the crowded city, feeling sad that he is alone on such a day. Suddenly, he spots a neon sign: Custom Mate. He enters and sees a strange receptionist with elf-like ears and a magic symbol on the forehead. She creates the girl of his dreams and they get married! But this is just the beginning, and Ryuusuke realizes that marriage is not all about the honeymoon...
After the honeymoon, the couple returns to daily routine. The player can make daily or monthly schedule. The wife's behavior is determined by character creation, but also by the choices the player makes. The wife would often ask questions, make suggestions, etc.; the player's reaction determines future interactions and the overall development of the relationship. The couple has various parameters, from love level to monetary wealth.
First two parts were blocked as eroge, but this one is much more "fun". There's a good thorough mechanics English review.


9. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Zenpen 魔法少女プリティサミー 前編 [951208] AIC Spirits
Mahō Shōjo Pretty Sammy: Part 1 - In the Earth is based on Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (魔法少女プリティサミー) anime TV series which focus on magically transformed Sasami character from Tenchi Muyo! universe. This is a visual novel featuring Sasami as the protagonist. For reasons unknown, she has been chosen as a champion by Tsunami, the next queen of Juraihelm, to fight in her name. But there are people bent on seeing Sasami fail in her endeavors and her tasks will soon prove much more challenging as she fights her way with Misao, her best friend who was chosen as a magical girl by Tsunami's opponent, Ramia.
Anime was pretty popular since there are at least four different visual novels about Pretty Sammy. Game is issued with CG for PC-9821 consoles and thus is not well known.


10. Miwaku no Chousho 魅惑の調書 [951208] Black Package 1
The protagonist, a young man named Shinnosuke, discovers a beautiful mansion, in which apparently a large-scale party is taking place. Determined to meet and enchant some beautiful women, he ventures into the mansion.
The core of the game is nanpa, but atmosphere and girls are luxurious. The pictures using the full screen contribute to its charm. But don't expect much plot here as after targeting three women an ending happens. To get the rest a new game is needed.


11. Never Land Never Land ~ネバーランド~ [951208] Tips 1
You are Jimmy, a child of Never Land which is an island of magic and fantasy. You are always accompanied by May ,a small nymph, and you can fly in the air. Never Land is a world of children who can dream.
One day a boss of pirates gets a magic wand that has power to transform anything. You set out to restore status quo.
There's an English review that gives a rough outline of what to expect.


12. Rance 4.2 ~Angelgumi~ ランス4.2 ~エンジェル組~ [951208] Alice Soft 1 2 3
Rance 4.2: Angel-gumi is the second part of the story that began in Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Koujou o Sukue! rather than an all-new Rance adventure. The hero continues to investigate the weird occurrences connected to the Happiness Medicine Factory. Since the story picks up directly where it ended in the sequel, Rance begins his adventure already commanding an all-female squad called the Angel Team.
There is an English review.


13. Toushin Toshi 2 - Soshite, Sorekara... 闘神都市II そして、それから・・・ [951208] Alice Soft
Returning from the goddess tournament, Sid is reduced to level 1 by the Demon King. His dojo sent him to a training journey, but Hazuki was so worried about him that she followed Sid and got into trouble herself.
A kinetic novel with rare pictures - mostly it's just clicking through walls of text. Since hero is weak again there is little excitement. But the story is good and well worth reading for the fans of the original game or if there is sympathy to Hazuki.


14. 2 Shot Diary 2 ツーショットDiary2 [951209] Mink 1
This is the first of the four episodic games that constitute the sequel to first 2 Shot Diary game. Unlike the first game with its 12 different scenarios, it only contains 2, and both are very short; however (also unlike the first game), most of the scenes here are animated. Both scenarios consist entirely of depictions of explicit sex.
One of the scenarios is about a girl named Yukari; after her father died, she had to look for a job, and finally became a maid in a mansion of a rich oligarch, who molests her sexually.
The other scenario is dedicated to a very young girl named Emi, who goes with her friends to the beach. Once she finds herself in a secluded place, a young boy approaches, and the two have sex.
Ero-centered short work.


15. Hiiro no Shimai 緋色の姉妹 [951215] Apollon Create 1
The protagonist of the game is a college student named Shunsuke. His mother died when he was five years old. Now his father is marrying again. He and his new wife have departed on a honeymoon; while he is waiting for them to come home, Shunsuke discovers that he doesn't live alone any more: three young sisters of his stepmother have moved in. Shunsuke now tries to get to know them better (in every possible way..), at the same time gradually discovering dark secrets about his father's intimate life.
Command selection hurts the pace a lot. There are several branches, but all the sisters turn out to be M and their stories aren't that different. Characters are quite cute, though.


16. Kekkon Marriage 結婚Marriage [951215] Westone 1
Shizuka, Mika, Kiyomi, Reiko and Mami are all grown up and have one thing on their mind: finding the ultimate husband! From the workplace to automated dating services, there's wedding bells to be heard and love to be acted on, all for the ultimate goal: marriage! With biological clocks ticking and youth slipping away, these girls will do whatever it takes to snag a man, love or not!
A dating SIM with 5 girl candidates. There are some parameters used. The flow is talking - telephone talk - date - proposal - engagement - marriage.


17. Lilith リリス [951216] Four-Nine 1
An intense night battle between kunoichi clan leader and evil biblical spirit Lilith ends with kunoichi falling into coma state.
A cat gets into an ordinary student Koketsu room, transforms into a girl and claims that Koketsu got her master kunoichi spirit and must help her master and defeat Lilith. The problem is that nothing is known about Lilith but the name and together they set to uncover its secrets.
I have a full review prepared.


18. Clone Doll Kagai Jugyou クローンドール 課外授業 [951221] Space Project 1 2
In Clone Doll, the protagonist is a rather "geeky" teenager who is actually a genius: he invented a machine that can make clones of human beings! After he gets a hold on a few hairs that belong to Kimika, his schoolmate and object of his passionate desires, the young scientist creates a clone of her, a young girl who has no other knowledge and wishes but satisfy the hero sexually...
There is an English review of the game. And Space Project confirms his fame as kusoge creator.


19. Fermion ~Mirai kara no Houmonsha~ フェルミオン ~未来からの訪問者~ [951222] Silky's 1 2 3
In the year 2296, world-wide pollution has led to drastic changes in the natural order of things. Human organism, unable to withstand the pollution, was slowly mutating. In the huge city Megalopolis, a group of young female scientists designed a time machine. One of them, a blue-haired girl named Connie, who can mutate into a cat, is sent to the past, to year 1996, to find a way to change the future...
I have a full review prepared.


20. Getsumen no Anubis 月面のアヌビス [951222] Multimedia Intelligence Transfer 1
The protagonist (default name Keisuke) and heroine (default name Kaori) are astronauts living in a laboratory set on the moon. A group of American soldiers are also stationed there. Mysterious incidents begin to occur that threaten the lives of everyone there - there are multiple scenarios, but only one is explicitly horror-themed. Said scenario involves a race of mysterious space parasites that can take possession of anyone, leading the protagonist (and thus the player) to grow distrustful of the other characters.
Yet another NVL "sound novel". Short and horror one, of course.


21. Idol Project 2 アイドル・プロジェクト2 [951222] KSS Inc. 1
Unlike the first Idol Project, the story of the sequel is directly related to to the anime series Idol Project, starring the same characters, with the young and ambitious Mimu Emilton as the protagonist. Mimu finds herself on a tropical island, where she must rise to fame by winning contests and promoting her singing skills. Like in the previous game, the majority of gameplay is dedicated to exploring the top-down city, visiting various places, searching for necessary people and raising the protagonist's parameters. Mimu has a much more detailed set of parameters than the hero of the previous game, including physical attributes as well as popularity rankings. The RPG element has been further enhanced by introducing random character (crazed fans and alike) who would sometimes attack Mimu on the city map and other locations.
Now is an ADV with a lot of town exploration. Still the use of parameters alienated me.


22. Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy 2 雷の戦士ライディ2 [951222] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
"Ugh... desert travel is terrible on the skin, let me tell you!
Why did I ever choose to come this way... If I don't find water soon it's going to be troublesome.
Wait, what's that in the distance - an oasis?! And a town next to it! Civilization at last..." I am Raidy, wandering the continent of Else as a swordfighter. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". I'm traveling far and wide to improve my fighting skills and search for clues about my past, and my mysterious power over lightning.
After defeating the monsters in the Cubust tower in my last adventure, I left the village of Sadd behind and continued on my journey. My travels have taken me across the desert to the oasis town of Lake Blue. Looking forward to a break after the long and dusty journey, I settled in for the night at the local inn... only to have its peace shattered by the cries of the young, beautiful innkeeper!
I rescued her from her mysterious assailant, to learn that the town was living under constant fear of attack from a gang of marauding bandits led by a cruel woman called Jammy. It seems my vacation won't be so uneventful after all! I set out to find information on the gang's hideout, and a new adventure begins...
Game's localized and has several English reviews.


23. Meisou Toshi 迷走都市 [951222] Tiare 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Runaway City tells the story of Hiroaki, a boy with a mysterious power of Good Luck. It's almost as it some power makes women do whatever he wants. At first it's a great power to have, then as time goes by it scares him more and more. Unchecked, this power will be the destruction of all Japan. Can you find out the nature of your power and find a way to stop it before it goes too far?
Game's one of the first localized ones and has many English reviews.


24. Mesuneko Hishoshitsu 牝猫秘書室 [951222] Melody 1
Kurou works in a company that specializes in "headhunting", finding and recruiting capable employees for big companies. A new client representing a company that has recently concluded a trade with an American software firm needs a new secretary. Problem: the last headhunter who was given a similar request has gone missing. So Kurou's boss wants him to get to the bottom of things, teaming him up with the resourceful and pretty headhuntress Tomoko. Naturally, as the partners begin the investigation, dark erotic secrets of the employees become gradually revealed...
An ero-centered work where you need to chase the same character to get to her ending. Game's notable for all the target characters being mature women.


25. Metamor Panic Doki Doki Youma Busters メタモル・パニック DOKIDOKI妖魔バスターズ [951222] Family Soft 1
Hero is a high school student who secretly went camping in the mountains with his childhood friend Yuki and cousin Ai. They found a suspicious cave and occasionally lifted the curse laid on demon king. The curse shifted to the two girls with Yuki spontaneously occasionally turning into a kitten and Ai into a parrot. Youkai appear in the city and start rampaging. The three heroes stand up to the demon threat.
This playstation game feels more like an ADV novel with light RPG elements rather than a serious RPG. The start is very harsh and punishing for a player. The second part when you learn to control the transformation is easy, so the balance is not good. Graphics are excellent, but game's only partially voiced. The tempo is slow and bgm quite monotonous. Some affinity to RPG genre is required to enjoy, but game absolutely can be enjoyed.


26. Paradise Call パラダイスコール [951222]
At a place where girls phone in, a guy waits. When a girl calls in, he talks with her. If he respond right, he will meet the girl and have fun. This game is a simpler version of Virtuacall 1.
Very primitive ero-centered game.


27. Viper-V16 [951222] Sogna 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The final game in the V series and arguably the most recognizable. VIPER-V16 breaks with tradition and provides only two stories, instead of three, but both are longer, more complicated, and contain many more options than the prior V series stories, resembling games more than visual novels for the first time. The widely popular Rise story describes the kidnapping and escape attempt of three waitresses, while the lesser known Imagine tells the story of a young technical college student's attempts to attract the interests of three girls.
Game is localized and has multiple reviews.


28. Virtua Call 2 バーチャコール2 [951222] Fairytale 1
Emily has had a crush on Hasegawa for quite some time. A fellow resident of her building, Hasegawa has always been there for her as a friend, though she would like something more than friendship. When Hasegawa starts confiding his woman troubles to Emily, she introduces him to Virtuacall, a service that lets you interact with the girl of your dreams just as you wish you could. Unfortunately, Hasegawa becomes more interested in Virtuacall than her as a result. On the verge of leaving the country for her homeland, Emily is so overcome by emotion that she can neither tell Hasegawa about her feeling or tell him that she is leaving.
Nampage with outstanding difficulty. You really need to make memos during the talks all the time to get by without guide. Game got more user friendly since the prequel and even cuter girls. It's just too difficult to empathize with the nampage nowadays since the genre feels inferior to galge and there are thousands of galge today.


29. Zakuro no Aji ざくろの味 [951222] Imagineer Co., Ltd. 1
The story is set in a five-story office building on a cold winter evening. The protagonist (default name Domon) is working on a story for a monthly science fiction serial. As he goes to visit the editorial department, a series of earthquakes cause the building to collapse and trap everybody inside. Attempting to find an escape, Domon heads into the basement, and depending upon a decision made early in the game, he may run into anything from zombies to demons.
Yet another sound novel. It's released at the same day as Getsumen no Anubis and has references to it. Short horror story again.


30. Doki Doki Pretty League EX DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ EX [951223] Xing Entertainment
The only thing that's known is that it has lots of H content. Original creators of pretty league were absolutely against such game with erotic content. Considered that this game is totally forgotten today and the all-age franchise got continuation, original developers were right.


31. Kousoku Chojin 拘束超人 [951224] Foster 1
Haruki is a student at the prestigious private Morino High School, which he attends together with his beautiful sister, and where he leads the drama class. One day, Haruki discovers a strange toupee that transforms his body. Unbeknownst to him, he has gained special powers and comes into contact with a strange violent world that is hidden inside the school. Now he must understand what's truly going on there, at the same time trying to "score" with every girl he meets - be it student or teacher...
A crazy erotic baka-game. H events happen quite randomly. A cheerful Foster game.


32. Dangel - Special Disk Dangel スペシャルディスク [9512] Mink
Contains a parodying story set in the universe of Dangel, which happens at the same time as when Anduke starts his own adventure.
Game has the same intro as original Dangel, but this Plum hero is a mere parody worried about washing his pants more than saving the world. Text is quite good, but I guess playing through the original needed to appreciate the most of it.


33. Only You -Seikimatsu no Juliette-tachi- Only You -世紀末のジュリエット達- [9512] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
A Japanese teenager named Hiroki is interested in martial arts, and has to take care of his little sister. Their older brother Yoichi had gone abroad; just when he announced that he was coming back he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Hiroki and his friends eventually find out that an international supernatural criminal syndicate is in cohorts with an even darker power that is about to bring the apocalypse onto Earth.
Another RPG hybrid. First part is quite an ordinary ADV where you get humiliated over and over till the flame of vengeance embraces you, and the second part is a whirlpool of battles. Pure love is promoted in the game as each of seven girls has their own route with own boss and a happy ending while trying to get several girls brings a not so happy one. There are as many as 4 usual strikes and 4 special actions, but strikes deal random amount of dmg and should only be chosen with caution when fighting flying enemies. Special actions are only available on bosses and when at the same time the apocalypse timer is close to expiration. The game was initially made only for subscription fans and included lots of materials from previous works, but had great acclaim and had to be redone into an alternative version with all the legal issues fixed. So it is probably the first normal game of Alice Soft without dark fetishes. Good riddance!

My masterpieces list:
1. Can Can Bunny Superior 
2. De-Ja 
3. Illumina! 
4. Misty Blue 
5. Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki! 
6. Slope 
7. The 4th Unit - Merry Go Round 
8. Toushin Toshi 
9. Yami no Ketsuzoku 
10. Urotsukidouji 
11. Urusei Yatsura: Stay With You

1990 is the year of RPG. Their number and diversity put interactive adventures VNs to shame. 1990 is a revolutionary year in many aspects. First doujin works, first nsfw covers, first explicit sex scenes, first lgbt game, first strategy and SIM VN mixes.
The big three candidates for the VN of the year are De-Ja, Toushin Toshi and Misty Blue, but De-Ja exploration and humorous nature is much to my liking and thus De-Ja is the VN of the year 1990.

1. Body Inspection in Belloncho ~Girl's High-School Version~ ベロンチョ身体検査 ~女子高校編~ [900117] Hard 1 2
You are Nanako Hongou, a new transfer student to the all-girls school, St. Belloncho Academy. Hearing rumors of a sketchy body inspection taking place at the school infirmary, you decide to take it upon yourself to unearth the culprit, and expose the secrets of St. Belloncho Academy.
Fight an eclectic cast of delinquents while going about your school life and solving mysteries.
Simple turn-based RPG. There are also items to use in combat, including different types of panties. There is a limit on items held and that adds a serious difficulty layer. Graphics are fancy and characters are impressive. Graphics are done by Sapporo Momoko who is still in the industry and who is the author of the most erotic visual novel of the 1980s - Ayayo's After Five.


2. Slope スロープ [900119] Queen Soft
Mai transfers into all girl high school to break ordinary school life and experience everything that a girl school can give, including lesbian relationships.
It's totally eroticism oriented yuri work, but it's one of the most beautiful and well-done works of 1990 (being a January release makes it even more astonishing). The number of commands and locations is small, so it's not really painful. There are two types of endings. Even without music (not detected by emulator) this work has just too much charm to be neglected.


3. Ligarued リガルード [900125] Game Technopolis
Hero is a student who frequents the coffee shop to look at part-time sweet worker Kawano Mai. At one such day some girl sits next to him. She introduces herself as Laseska and claims that she came from the world Ligarued and that the protagonist is a very important person who she needed to protect.
A very short and not really interesting story. Basically soon another traveler from Ligarued arrives and the game ends after two battles and some celebration. I'll forever remember this game for the very unproportional big ugly head of Laseska. During the CG it's usually ok, but at gameplay scenes it sometimes looks horrifying.


4. Misty Vol.3 Misty Vol.3 [900125] DataWest 1
Misty Vol.3 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations.
This volume contains the following cases: Backdrop for Murderous Intent, Campus Disappearance, Memory of a Bloodstain, The Wine Glass Smells like Death and Legend of a Scratched Neck.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.


5. Sailor Fuku Senshi Felis セーラー服戦士フェリス [900128] Cocktail Soft
A UFO came and abducted three girls. Their classmate rode her grandfather fighter spaceship and hurried to rescue!
Ugh, a scroller shooter. Game has three areas each divided into four stages. And as you progress girl of the area strips. A very borderline material, indeed. You can visit shop and spend acquired money on lots of upgrades and options.


6. Foxy [900206] Elf 1
The story of Foxy is rather basic: a hostile army from a country known simply as "Red" attacks the capital city of the "Blue" nation. Not only the enemy tries to invade the most important strategic points of the city - enemy generals also try to capture and enslave the "Blue" girls! Naturally, they must be stopped! As the commander of the Blue army, it's the player's task to face enemy forces in battles, rescue the girls, and drive the Reds out of the city.
Strategy game with a basic country Red attacking country Blue. Between the battles there are cut-scenes involving girls rescue. The first elf strategy game with quite few units and simple rules, so not need to like strategy games to clear. With such a basic plot little can be done to make game worthwhile, but drawing is really good and at least it's not I-ADV but pure turn-based strategy + relaxation pure kinetic novel parts.


7. Alice no Yakata ALICEの館 [900215] Alice Soft 1
A collection of additional materials including a new adventure story "Sentimental season".
The heroine dates a boy, but the relationship in the pair of her school friend Mami develops much more intensively and the heroine does not want to lag behind.
A short kinetic ADV designed just to relax and watch HCG.


8. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Hokutosei no Onna 西村京太郎ミステリー 北斗星の女 [900223] TOSE Software 1 2
Hokutosei no Onna (the title refers to the express train connecting Tokyo and Hokkaido in Japan rather than the Ursa Major constellation) is based on the works of the Japanese detective story writer Kyōtarō Nishimura, starring Inspector Totsugawa and his assistant Kamei, who is the protagonist of the game. A man was found stabbed to death in his apartment in Tokyo; shortly after the investigation begins, another man is killed in a hotel room in Hokkaido. Kamei must question witnesses and suspects and examine evidence in order to solve the mystery.
Game is reviewed in English.


9. Fundation Shinjuku Story ファンデーション 新宿ストーリー [9002] Dott Kikaku
Hero has some money and a lot of time to enjoy night Shinjuku life.
Just trash about HCG which is surprising since Dott Kikaku has been one of the most interesting developers so far.


10. Rakuen no Shoutaijou 楽園の招待状 [9002] Striker
Hero is chosen by the gods as a humanity representative and thrown to another world with the only farewell words of "Have fun!".
Since there's no purpose given all we can do is meet girls, accept their requests, fulfill them and get CG reward. There's the need to move a lot through the maze-like locations. In the prologue it's mentioned that we also get a map, but actually there is none! Game is mostly about finding items and applying them at the right spots to progress.


11. Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Super Express Satsujin Jiken 西村京太郎ミステリー スーパーエクスプレス殺人事件 [900302] Irem 1
At 23:49 at Osaka station a woman was found strangled to death in a private room of the super express train. The victim Nogami Kimiko was a president of fashion Tokyo company "Silano". Detective Kamei happened to be in Osaka at that time and he volunteered to proceed with the investigation.
The testimonies of the passengers and staff showed that Nogami Kimiko was killed between Nagoya and Osaka, supposedly by her husband who went missing. But on the next morning the husband showed up at Osaka police station denying the crime and presenting an alibi.
Another Tokyo fashion company "Knight" wanted to absorb "Silano" and thus its president had a motive to kill Nogami Kimiko, but happened in reality?
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.


12. Kaettekita Tanteidan X 帰ってきた探偵団X [900309] Heart Soft
A parody game to Tanteidan X and many other games. There are three stories: "Legend of Bravery", "Ganbare Earth Self-Defense Forces" and "Otome tears at the bottom of deep ocean".
There's no real info on the game and my gameplay attempt was miserable - no matter what keys I pushed the submarine was getting swallowed by the shark. But there is a video with much longer playthrough on nico.


13. Crystal Dream II ~Maou no Genei~ クリスタルドリーム Ⅱ ~魔王の幻影~ [900324] Striker 1 2
Hero is a brave person who is worried that the town stays under tyrannical rule. He sets to talk to magistrate, but on the way there hears a story that demon was revived and town magistrate being manipulated. So he forwards to Crystal castle to defeat demon king.
Game is an RPG. But while it's relatively simple on the way to castle, inside the walls are mirrored so orientation is vastly confusing especially when you lose direction after battle. Just as the part 1 there is a command "make H" available to press on will and there seems to be HCG for every girl provided that the conditions for it are fulfilled.


14. Cybernetic Hi-School Part 3 ~Top o Nerae!~ 電脳学園3 ~トップをねらえ!~ [900324] Gainax 1
Just like the two previous Cybernetic Hi-School games, the third part is a strip quiz game. This time, it is centred upon Gainax's famous Gunbuster animation videos.
You, as an alpha-class Top, are supposed to win three keys to pilot the Great Gunbuster robot against the cosmic threat to humanity. The keys are held by Jung-Freud, Kazumi (oneesama) and Noriko, and you must retrieve the keys by defeating each character in a quiz game, which has the side-effect of stripping them of all their clothes.
Quite a gorgeous work with the best Gainax staff members participating. Compared to previous parts there are less HCG here and much higher level of craziness.


15. Destruction Gekan デストラクション下巻 [9003] Soft Studio Wing
The time of battle between darkness and superpower mankind representatives has come. Final part of Destruction dilogy.
Unfortunately second part of the story was unsatisfactory. The battle is transferred to another dimension so it looses all the realism of mystics atmosphere that Studio Wing works are famous for.


16. Ikase Otoko Nyuumon ~Ai o Arigatou~ イカセ男入門 ~愛をありがとう~ [9003] Family Soft 1
Choosing the right answer out of the list gradually gets the leaf red resulting in CG.
Choosing the wrong answer makes the player drink milk which eventually results in game over.
I was pretty sure it would be 4th part of Ikase Otoko, but this time it's just a word game, more like a special edition to the series. Compared to the previous games this one feels story-less and ordinary, without personality.


17. Misty Blue ミスティブルー [900402] Enix 1 2
Kazuya Mizukami is a young musician who returns to Japan after having spent four years studying abroad. However, things don't go very smoothly, and Kazuya even quarrels with a music producer who doesn't appreciate his talent. Everything becomes much worse when the producer is found dead shortly after their quarrel, and Kazuya becomes a murder suspect. He must clear his name, but for that he will need the help of his friends.
Game is reviewed in English.


18. Narutomaki Hichou ~Tsuukai Gag Aventure~ 鳴門巻秘帖 ~痛快ぎゃぐあばんちゅーる~ [900410] Zenryuutsuu
Akatsunenosuke is a master swordsman girl in Edo period. She works for detective agency. Once she got a request to deliver a small box with documents to Futura clan castle. A trivial request turns into a big adventure.
All the main heroes are girls and while there are truly dangers on the road, there are much more lesbian H events. Since it's a gag (it's even in the title) comedy, there's plenty of fooling around. Command selection type would harm tempo greatly, so game uses plain adventure format with occasional choices. There are lots of bad ends but good ending is just one. Good light ecchi work, but certainly not a masterpiece.


19. Can Can Bunny Superior きゃんきゃんバニー スペリオール [900416] Cocktail Soft 1
The second game in the Can Can Bunny series follows the story of a young Japanese boy named Takeshi. One fine night he looks out of the window and notices a sexy girl undressing in the opposite building. "Oh, if only I could get her", sighs Takeshi. Immediately, the kind bunny-eared fairy Ariko from the Magic Land appears and... grants Takeshi's wish! He now possesses a Magic Book that will teach him ho to conquer the hearts of pretty girls... and not just the hearts!
Simulation element here is simplified greatly and some mode in it that got on the video is just pressing space key to continue thus kinetic novel. Overall there are three scenarios with specific themes.


20. The 4th Unit 5 D-Again 第4のユニット5 D-Again [900420] DataWest 1
The criminal trade organization WWWF was finally defeated. The bionic soldier Blon-Win is appointed a high-ranked inspector and sent on a mission to protect the secret service agent Remi Binderk on the way to the United Nations conference in Geneva. On board the TGV train in France Blon-Win encounters her old acquaintance Dalzy, who tells her that former WWWF members have united to form the Einheit group, and are working on a new dangerous weapon known as G-R.
From this work DAPS animation system is implemented for this series as well (pioneered in psychic detective series). Still the use of DAPS here is limited due to the need to publish the work on less efficient platforms like PC-98. The standing sprites of girls become somewhat not cute and the talking system is simplified here in that there's no need to choose the topic of conversation. But instead there's a need to constantly choose the same talk command over and over with different emotions to progress. This work has the climax of the series and it's the last multi-platform game of the series with the rest being FM Towns exclusives.


21. Urotsukidouji うろつき童子 [900421] Fairytale 1
The game is based on the famous adult manga/anime series with the same name. It generally follows the main plot: the demon Amano Jaaku is banished from Makai (the demon world) to the Earth by the Elder, doomed to be trapped in a human body; he is given the mission of finding Choujin, the most powerful god, who is hiding in the body of a high-school student.
Games goes pretty ordinarily as we check out three girls that may be the most powerful God. But at the second half the Makai demons show up for a big battle. The game inherits a great story from the original, has good gameplay with few commands and is hookable - that all makes it a masterpiece.


22. Hacchake Ayayo-san 2 - Ikenai Holiday - Ayayo's Love Affair はっちゃけあやよさん2 いけないホリデイ AYAYO'S LOVE AFFAIR [900426] Hard 1
Ikenai Holiday is a follow-up to Hacchake Ayayo-san. It is a short visual novel focusing on the erotic adventures of two young Japanese girls, Ayayo and Tomoko. The game begins with the girls deciding how to spend the holiday. From that point on, depending on the player's choices, the story splits into three vignettes: going to see an erotic movie, buying shoes, or reading erotic books. Each story invariably concludes with a sex scene.
A short and simple nukige, but with a bright atmosphere.


23. Waterfront Adventure ウォーターフロント・アドベンチャー [900426] Hard
The hero lost to a mysterious Mr.H. The winner's request is to bring him 10 used panties. Hero takes a sub to Yokohama Expo to try skillfully get panties from the local companies booths.
Money is used to get to different EXPO parts. In contrast to the synopsis there aren't that many HCG here since many girls give away their garments willingly.


24. Haja Taisei Dangaiou 破邪大星ダンガイオー [9004] Game Technopolis
The four psychic teenagers find girl Ranpa in cryogenic chamber. Ranpa is who Dr. Tarsan is after, so a new wave of confrontation with his robot army ensues.
The work has nice character designs and great sound for a pc-88 exclusive. There aren't HCG here - just some fan-service of after-bath towels and heroines being harassed by the drunkards.


25. Twilight Zone Vol. 4 Tokubetsu Hen トワイライトゾーン VOL. 4 特別編 [9004] Great 1 2
Aliens have invaded Earth. Seemingly impervious to damage, they took control of the planet. Only a few partisan organizations dared to oppose their rule. All the aliens look like young and attractive human women, and soon it was found out that they have a weakness to sperm. Thus, a young Japanese man and his few male allies embark on a quest to defeat the aliens by having sex with them.
This time it's top down view and we finally get outside the dungeons. "Great" needed a well-selling bright game so Chaos Angles was taken as a model and lots of parody elements were winded up on top of it. There are 108 enemy girls overall and difficulty is unbalances turning into very harsh at times.


26. Rance II - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi - ランスII -反逆の少女たち- [900515] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
Four magical rings were stolen from Custom Town. A bunch of sexy, but dangerous sorceresses terrorizes the land. The town mayor has no choice but to invite Rance, a freelance private investigator whose mind is mostly occupied with pretty girls and promises to pay him quite a large sum of money if he stops the evil. Naturally, Rance agrees. It's time for him and his trusty cute purple-haired sidekick Shiiru to fight evil once again!
Game is reviewed in English.


27. RAY-GUN [900515] Elf 1 2 3 4 5
Georgie is a young man who lives with his fiancee Miria in the quiet town of Lakeside, repairing large combat robots which are strangely called "steroids". One day he discovers several such steroids in the forest, and as he decides to inspect them, unknown flying steroids kidnap Miria. Now Georgie has to pilot a steroid himself and to rescue his beloved one.
Game is reviewed in English.


28. Kaerimichi wa Kiken ga Ippai 帰り道は危険がいっぱい [900516] D.O.
Hero fell in love with the daughter school president who is also a student council president. And her father will not tolerate that.
RPG where instead of monsters you fight with girls (33 overall) who stay on your way to Saori. School RPG setting was very new so it could be enjoyed at that time. And it was certainly better than Exterlien issued by D.O. the same year.


29. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3: Aya サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.3 アヤ [900526] DataWest 1 2 3
Only a few people possess the unique ability to read people's hearts; those people are called psychic analysts, and Katsuya Furuyagi is one of them. One day, a fellow analyst pays him an unexpected visit and directs him towards a mysterious old man named Kamiya. Reading the old man's mind, Furuyagi ventures into the realm of memories, where a woman's ghost is attempting to avenge her own murder.
This work is notable for full synchronization of audio and video, but the story is incoherent and lacks interest especially in comparison to the heights the Vol.2 reached.


30. Misty Vol.4 Misty Vol.4 [9005] DataWest 1
Misty Vol.4 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations.
This volume contains the following cases: Returning to the Sky, Time of Atonement, Moon Walk, Alibi in the Clock and Photo in the Nothingness.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.


31. Rouge ~Manatsu no Kuchibeni~ ルージュ ~真夏の口紅~ [900613] Birdy Soft
Protagonist's father dies and leaves the will for his son to take care of his secret daughter Eriko in Yokohama or get stripped from inheritance. The hero sets off to Yokohama while having only the picture of the girl.
This is one of the most beautiful games of Bridy Soft - and heroines here are very lovely. The bigger part of the game we just search for Eriko while getting information from neighbors and friends. And here comes a big "but" - but the hero actually lays down with each such friend or neighbor to know a piece of information. Add to that a very tragic story of Eriko revealed later and we get a really dark-themed game - which is not necessarily bad, but in my case spoilt the impression from the beginning of the work.


32. De-Ja DE・JA [900615] Elf 1 2 3 4
You are Ryuusuke, archaeologist in pursuit of adventures and legendary treasure. One day you dream of finding a secret compartment in a pyramid filled with piles of treasures. That's going to be the discovery of the century! A naked woman appears and tells you not to take out the treasures. When you try to touch breasts, she turns into a monster. You wake up by the telephone ringing. A client brings you an antique cane with engravings on it. Those who possess this cane see the same dream every night with a golden hair girl. You take the cane to try to translate the symbols carved on it and end up in a real adventure yourself.
Game is reviewed in English.


33. PAL ~Wonder Trip! Chizuru~ PAL ~ワンダートリップ!ちづる~ [900622] Birdy Soft
A parody to CAL game.
Once upon a time in one dark place there was hero Fuji... how will he escape?
There are 10 consequential encounters with different goddesses and Miki comes as 11th and main heroine. There is nothing but funny dialogues and answer options here. I even failed to trigger a single H event and reached happy ending too fast.


34. Urusei Yatsura: Stay With You うる星やつら STAY WITH YOU [900629] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6
Urusei Yatsura: Stay with You is based on the manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. The protagonist is Ataru Moroboshi, a high school student who accidentally evokes love in the heart of Lum, the princess of an alien demon-like race. The game does not recount the initial events of the manga and instead is built like an episode, assuming the player's familiarity with the general story and characters. Ataru's ex-girlfriend Shinobu disappears under mysterious circumstances. Ataru and Lum must explore the high school building and find out what happened to Shinobu.
Game is reviewed in English.


35. Lupin Sansei - Hong Kong no Mashu - Fukushuu wa Meikyuu no Hate ni ルパン三世 香港の魔手 復讐は迷宮の果てに [900630] CSK Research Institute 1
Hong Kong no Mashu is based on the manga Lupin the 3rd and is built like an episode in the series, assuming the player's familiarity with the characters. The central character is the grandson of the fictional "gentleman thief" Arsène Lupin, who follows the same profession, traveling in search of riches and adventure with his companion Daisuke Jigen, an expert marksman. Joining them in this episode is Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a descendant of the legendary Japanese swordsman. Finding themselves in Hong Kong for different reasons, the heroes encounter an evasive and mysterious character with a dark past who crosses their paths and forces them to take action.
It's an FM Towns exclusive and quite an obscure game, so there's nothing to add to Mobygames article.


36. Youjuu Club 妖獣クラブ [900702] D.O. 1 2
Assuming the role of a lecherous lesser demon you must uncover the background image with your marker until 80% of the image is revealed in a Xonix-like game.
Game is reviewed in English.


37. Wedding Rhapsody ウエディングラプソディー [900720] Queen Soft
Makoto Okawa has turned 17 years old and he is ordered by his father to find three ideal marriage partners selected by a supercomputer. All of the girls study at the same school, so Makoto starts attending the same school from now on. He's ordered not to reveal and fight for girls attention like a commoner. Okawa family legend says that marriage in 17 brings luck, so there's no time to waste!
One road scenario. There are several commands, but they usually go with many subcommands which makes it rather painful. In order to get along with the girls it's needed to solve their troubles. The H scenes in the game are animated.


38. Yami no Ketsuzoku 闇の血族 [900721] System Sacom 1
Miyu is a known designer. Since childhood she has had a red vision that showed up when in danger. Her friend model Marie gets brutally killed and Miyu decides to put her perception skills to good use.
System Sacom novelware. It has a lot of interactivity compared to early Sacom games. First part is rather short and leaves a mystery hanging. Flags are somewhat difficult to catch. Game was innovative that it had female as protagonist with her thoughts and fears. It was advanced systems oriented game so graphics and especially sound were excellent for 1990.


39. Exterlien エクスタリアン [900726] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5
The plot of Exterlien is very simple: a beauty contest is held in an amusement park. Suddenly, monsters invade the park in an attempt to kidnap the girls. The protagonist, a young man named Masato, decides to venture into the dangerous zone and rescue the beauties.
Game is reviewed in English.


40. Sora Kakeru Businessman 宇宙翔けるビジネスマン [900727] Zenryuutsuu
Hero is a businessman in space trading company. He was able to get mining rights for resources in Norma planet. But ruling family was overthrown by the Queen of Darkness and his rights are in danger now. He undergoes a quest to rescue princess. For corporate justice!
Command selection. Graphics are allright. Text field is huge. Why am I writing that? Because game's hardly noticeable. Setting is fantasy kingdom. Light and somewhat stupid adventure filled with lots of girls that you rescue. Not enough of comedy or plot to matter. And amount of naked scenes makes it borderline work.


41. Sekai de Ichiban Kimi ga Suki! 世界でいちばん君がすき! [900728] Cocktail Soft
You are a show-business reporter who helps idols. One day you're tasked to make photos of rival idol night date. Horny pictures were made without problem, but you start to question such immoral approach and get closer to truth...
Quite a typical Cocktail Soft work. Light bakage with cute heroines and occasional flashes of seriousness. Idols are always bright. CG are beautiful, text sets a good tempo despite command selection. Heroines show up one by one so flags are quite difficult in the first half of the game. Nowadays there are quite many cheerful charage, but at that time they were still rare and thus were valued a lot.


42. School Wars スクール☆ウォーズ [900801] CreamSoft 1
Main character is a student who is entrusted by the teacher a mission to pacify the violent school girls.
Unfortunately PC-98 version is unhookable and there aren't reviews of this game. There are turn based battles with the girls in the game. There are only 4 basic stats - HP, STR, DEF, EXP.


43. Mainichi ga H 毎日がえっち [900810] Mini House
Main character is only 14 girls away from his goal of having sex with 1000 different women.
The first usage of concept of time in visual novels. Actions waste time by increments of 15 minutes. Unlike future time concept games here it's needed to clear all the girls so only one girl shows on the map somewhere at one time. Apart of that a nanpage to the bones.


44. PIAS ピアス [900810] Birdy Soft 1
Hiroshi and Mayumi grew up together. They went to the same kindergarten, the same school, always spent time together, and naturally thought that they will never separate. Then the time has come when they both had to go to different colleges. They promised each other than they will still be together. But they both broke the promise...
If jealousy and the knowledge of one's own betrayal were not enough to endanger their relationship, something far worse happened... the man with whom Mayumi spent the night was found murdered, and Hiroshi must forget his personal pain in order to solve the mystery...
The man that Mayumi spent the night was found murdered and Hiroshi has to overcome betrayal and find the murderer.
Wow, this game might be the first Nakige VN. Temptations, hardships, dangers, murder involvement, distance love... Surprisingly, work has many dark themes and even ending slides lack happiness. The seed of betrayal planted its roots in hearts forever.


45. Silent Mobius サイレントメビウス [900810] Gainax 1 2
In 1999 portal was opened to Nemesis by mage guild in order to exchange Tokyo polluted air, but it was sabotaged by one mage and massive invasion followed through portal. Mage guild fought it relentlessly but most of it was destroyed over the next few years. In 2023 an AMP 5-female police unit was formed to protect civilians from attacks. Case: Titanic starts when real Titanic ship from 1912 is seen flying in the sky and AMP unit sets on its investigation.
Manga is well known and cool but isn't Gainax just feeding on its popularity? It did not even do a single anime work on this setting! Let's figure out. Game's beautiful, all right. Command selection is simplified as much as possible. There are battle sequences and each AMP member has unique battle style. But most of the time you just walk over luxurious ship and gather flags to move the story. There's no mystery around and no real plot. And such work cost 14800 yen - that's the price of 5 full price games! That's an engrossing price for such an average game under a famous franchise.


46. D.P.S. SG D.P.S. SG [900815] Alice Soft 1 2
D.P.S. SG is the second entry in the D.P.S./Dream Program System series. Like the other D.P.S. games, it is a collection of three short scenarios, which are unrelated to each other story-wise and can be played separately. Those scenarios are presented as cartridges played on a fictional console named Dream Program System. Each scenario allows the player to choose between two different protagonists, or two different personalities for the protagonist. All of the scenarios feature nudity and/or sexual situations.
The scenarios in this game include:
A traditional account of a private lesson given by an experienced male tutor to a cute teenage girl. It can be played as either the teacher or the student, the latter involving deliberately giving wrong answers to English questions in order to gain time to seduce the teacher.
An episode entitled Fahnen Fliegen (German for "flags flying"), depicting capture and torture of a female war prisoner by an SS officer. The player can choose to control the officer, effectively torturing the victim himself, or take the role of a soldier who tries to ease her pain, hoping to gain her sexual favors.
A scenario set in the Sengoku period of the Japanese history, in the house of the famous warlord Oda Nobunaga. It is possible to play this scenario as Nobunaga himself, or as his daughter, the spoiled princess. In either case, the goal is to seduce the cute maid who works in the house.
Game is reviewed in English.


47. Kujaku Ou II 孔雀王 II [900821] Pony Canyon, Inc. 1 2
The adventure continues as Peacock faces the incarnation of general Nobunaga Oda. Team up with Asura, a fiery spirit, Jukindo master Onimaru, and Zen master Kou Kaifou to fight Nobunaga's missionary minions with a vast array of Shingon spells! Travel to the mystic world of the Lotus mandala and defeat Hindu demons, dark boddhisattvas, and the shadowiest villain yet, the Phoenix! Exciting story line where Peacock King discovers his dark origins and his evil twin sister!
Game has enough information in English.


48. Misty Vol.5 Misty Vol.5 [900902] DataWest 1
Misty Vol.5 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations.
This volume contains the following cases: Pretty Devil, Witness (Ryū Kamishiro), Stolen Gem, The End of Love and Hate and Mystery of the Snow Manor.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.


49. Bishoujo Shashinkan Bangai Hen Outside Story 美少女写真館 番外編 OUTSIDE STORY [900907] Hard
This is a story of everyday life in female-dominant police department. Yuko conducts investigations, arrests and enjoys her work as police officer.
PhotoClub Outside story is a very misleading title. The truth is that first two parts of the series were just shooting of girls and stripping them, the third part was actually an adventure story that concluded taking pictures of girls and stripping them. And this is the forth installment of series which has nothing to do with taking pictures at all. Women just pick up on each other and solve cases by stripping. What was very weird for that time - that the game was adventure novel without usual command selections. It's quite a short work and its purpose is just to entertain.


50. Yesterday イエスタディ [900918] System House Oh! 1 2
In the far future, human beings learned to travel to faraway solar systems; as a result, human civilization has spread across the entire galaxy. However, as they tried to explore the outer space beyond it, they encountered a huge black hole. It was said that a strange light emanated from it. A brave scientist and pilot named Sonya traveled to the black hole, and discovered a medieval-like world, whose inhabitants consider her a divine savior...
I can't really add anything that's not in Mobygames article already.


51. Marchen Paradise メルヘン・パラダイス [900920] Great
Main character is a high school student who peeked inside a suspiciously looking pipe and got warped into a fairy-tale world.
This work can be considered of the same series as Girls Paradise Rakuen no Tenshi-tachi released a year earlier. The are a lot of fairy-tale heroines featured like Little Red Riding Hood or Snow white. They are all nymphomaniacs, so H scenes are rather bright. It's very easy to get a game over, but frequently saving helps to progress steadily.


52. Pure My Dool ピュアマイドール [900925] Agumix
The big box arrived from a friend as a birthday present and a girl who does not know anything about this world jumped out of it.
There are six endings depending on whether the girl develops into a long-life partner or stays just for fun. Game is short and is just for CG.


53. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 時の過ぎゆくままに [900928] Data East Corporation 1 2
The fourth game in the Jake Hunter/Tantei Jingūji Saburō series, the second on a regular Famicom cartridge, and the last for the Famicom. There is a burglary at a mansion, which Jake goes to investigate. He sends his assistant Yulia Marks to search for the home of a young boy. While both cases seem simple on their own, they get more complicated when they become one.
There is enough information in English.


54. X-na X・na [9009] Fairytale 1 2 3
Tetsu is a young warrior who has left his home country in order to serve human rulers in their battle against the dark elves. But one day the valiant knight was heavily wounded in battle. Unconscious, he was found by a female fighter named Mei, who brought him to her house and cured him. Grateful, Tetsu promises Mei to help her venture into the huge tower standing nearby, which was built by the princess of the country and is now overrun by monsters...
Game is reviewed in English.


55. Ougon no Rashinban 黄金の羅針盤 [901005] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 3
Ōgon no Rashinban ("Golden Compass") is the second case starring the private detective Ryūnosuke Tōdō, following Kohakuiro no Yuigon. Like the first case, the adventure takes place in the 1920's. This time the investigator finds himself on a ship sailing from San Francisco to Yokohama. A mysterious murder occurs, and it is up to Tōdō to gather evidence and find the culprit.
A serious detective game, but with a lot of point-and-click interactivity. The story is interesting, but there's a lot of effort needed to get through all the evidence gathering and interrogations. On the good part - mouse is used and clickable objects are actually highlighted. It's the detective game with the best system so far and it's an easy start for genre beginners.


56. Yami no Ketsuzoku: Kanketsu-hen 闇の血族 完結編 [901005] System Sacom 1
Yami no Ketsuzoku: Kanketsu-hen is a direct sequel to Yami no Ketsuzoku. After a series of murders has occurred in Tokyo, Miyu Izawa, the heroine of the game and amateur detective endowed with supernatural senses, travels to Mexico with her friend Risa. There she has to learn about the history of the country's indigenous peoples, and venture into mysterious temples in order to finally discover the whole truth about recent horrifying events.
2nd part of the game. It infodums on the Maya civilization, gets much more realistic and more and more complex as narration goes. So it kind of stops to be entertainment matter and gets difficult to read. 2nd part has almost no flags surprisingly. Still, the ending looks hasty and leaves a shallow impression.


57. Misty Vol.6 Misty Vol.6 [901122] DataWest 1
Misty Vol.6 is a detective mystery adventure game set in modern-day Japan and starring the young private investigator Ryū Kamishiro. The game consists of five unrelated cases that can be accessed in any order from the main menu. These cases range from seemingly mundane matters to thefts, mysterious disappearances and murder investigations.
This volume contains the following cases: Second Music Box, Requested Directions, Foggy Apparition, Devil's Stronghold and Shadow Testament.
A serious detective game which is a genre that I don't feel confidence to discuss.


58. Akazukin-chan あかずきんちゃん [9011] System Delta
A parody work to the Little Red Riding Hood.
You are given a task by mother to visit grandmother. There are multiple traps awaiting on this way...
Game uses items. So each time there is obstacle you need to check your backpack for a suitable item or keep searching. Game is not particularly interesting. But art is good and comedy-styled with two separate windows for sub-images. That's the feature of the game.


59. Review -Jashin Fukkatsu- REVIEW -邪神復活- [9011] Orange House
Ryoko Kawashima suddenly lost consciousness on the way home from school when she met a mysterious boy. When she regained consciousness she was in a different world and the priest passed her the sword with words that she was summoned to save the queen of that land.
Story is quite short and all the commands have to be depleted to progress. Ryoko gathers friends to rescue the queen together so it inevitably falls into yuri action. The world is actually going to be destroyed unless the queen is saved, but Ryoko is not given any money so she has to exterminate rats in the cellar of the armor shop. Girls CG are quite cute, but the unproportionally big heads make shiver at times.


60. Illumina! イルミナ! [901205] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3 4
A young man wakes up, only to find himself in a bed, in an unknown house, in an unknown place. A lovely girl enters. She says that her name is Ryuuna and that she is practicing the art of White Magic as a priest. However, the young man cannot remember anything. He cannot even remember his own name. Ryuuna says that he was found unconscious outside of the village, with a pendant lying nearby. There is just one name written there, his name: Seraphis. Also, there is a strange engraving on his hand. Who is he really?
Game is reviewed in English.


61. MIRRORS ミラーズ [901210] Soft Studio Wing 1 2 3
The plot puts the player in the role of a musician, the lead singer for the band "Elleno Vision", haunted by terrible nightmares and stalked by a mysterious murderer during the band's world tour.
Game is reviewed in English.


62. The 4th Unit - Merry Go Round 第4のユニット MERRY GO ROUND [901214] DataWest 1 2
Merrygoround is the sixth installment of The 4th Unit series and a sequel to D-Again, being the second chapter of the Einheit story arc introduced in the previous game. Koshinaka's research of the data bank on board the Diabolique, a stealth aircraft carrier of the United Nations, is aimed at increasing the life adjustment factor of bionic soldiers. However, members of the Einheit assault the laboratory, and the bionic soldier Blon-Win must decipher the clues left in order to proceed with the research and confront a mysterious person named Rua Rip Salisbury in the Original Matrix.
FM Towns exclusive with full DAPS support. From this game it's not longer a command selection adventure, but rather an adventure with the limited error choice allowance. There is life bar and "wrong" command selection eats up a huge chunk of it. There's also timer for each selection so no relaxing available. But watching it in record is as satisfying as never before.


63. Battle Skin Panic バトルスキンパニック [901215] Gainax 1 2 3 4
Arigawa walks Mimi from scool when they get attacked by female martial artist hooligans. Mimi admits that she studied fighting from the "Teacher" but many people use that to attack people. And Arigawa now gets involved into that face-off.
Game is reviewed in English.


64. Toushin Toshi 闘神都市 [901215] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
Custom, a swordsman from a small village, is on a journey when he comes across a carriage being attacked. He defeats the attackers, rescuing the lovely maiden Kumiko. Kumiko was on her way to Toushin Toshi (Combat God City) to search for her father. She suspects her father is in the Combat God Mansion, residence of the annual combat tournament's champion. In order to get in, she needs to partner up with someone who can win the tournament that year, and Custom agrees that she can be his partner. They head to Combat God City to enter the tournament.
Although victory in each round of the tournament earns one gold, special medicine, and other wonderful prizes, perhaps the most interesting prize is the opponent's partner. Each participant is required to have a beautiful female partner, and if the participant loses in combat, the victor gets his or her partner to do with as he/she pleases for one night. Female warriors in the tournament can choose to act as their own partner, as do the ninja Yayoi and swordswoman Morris.
This monster-filled underground maze is located on the outskirts of Combat God City. One of the requirements to participate in the tournament is the retrieval of a Hero Crest from here. While the Hero Crests are on the first level of the labyrinth, there are several more floors and surprises waiting deeper inside.
Game is reviewed in English.


65. Dragon Knight II ドラゴンナイトII [901220] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Strawberry Fields - a magic country populated almost exclusively by beautiful young girls (that is, if we don't count the Wise Old Man and a couple of other male exceptions). All went well in this peaceful place, until the evil witch Mesaana abducted some of the country's lovely inhabitants and placed a curse upon them, turning them into hideous monsters. Enter Takeru Yamato (whom you might know as Desmond, the hero of Knights of Xentar), a young adventurer who happens to be in Strawberry Fields at that time. Takeru is told that in order to remove the curse one has to find three sacred writings, buried deep within three dangerous dungeons. Looks like a job for our adventurer - especially because the rescued girls will probably be very grateful!
Game is reviewed in English.


66. Pure 2 ピュア2 [901220] Queen Soft 1
The situation at the high-school soccer club is not good, and the coach is even afraid of getting fired... that's where the hero of the game, a student named Kitayama, steps into the picture. The coach asks him to become a "beauty manager", to search out pretty girls and to convince them participate in club activities. Kitayama is aided by two other schoolmates, but the player has to do the job all by himself...
When title says Pure, it usually means the opposite. Pretty much the same happened with this game prequel "Pure". But game is very beautiful and girls drawing is cute so why not give it a try. Well, don't. Game has ridiculously difficult flags, morally old command selection formula and literally zero reward. But the main point of such games are characters, right? Supposed to be so, but here characters are so bland that no affection is possible. So game has great looks, but offers absolutely nothing, just torture, torture, more torture and then credits. It's a fraudware, not a real VN.


67. Beast ~Injuu no Yakata~ BEAST ~淫獣の館~ [9012] Birdy Soft 1
Muneto and his 4 friends seek shelter from the rain in a forest mansion. Servant does not allow to take them in but mistress Kiriko welcomes them inside. Next morning only Sandaihu is in his room. You must hurry and find your friends.
There is an English review of the game.


68. CAL キャル [9012] Birdy Soft 1
You are mostly interested in spending time with cute girls at school. One day a goddess of love Venus shows up and tells you that you'll soon be needed in the world of Cal which is populated only by cute girls. That was a dream, right? Time to figure out.
Game emphasis lies in graphics. As in every game of Birdie Soft. Depending on the branch you're sent to eight worlds each with different atmosphere, so satisfaction level is high. Game follows the usual command selection formula pattern and presents ok'ish stories in a marvelous atmosphere. The atmosphere is nourished by introducing a lot of fairy-tale characters like Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Mermaid princess, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. It's difficult, but possible to get a bad ending, so frequent saving is recommended.


69. Yaritai Houdai 3 - As You Like - Europe Tour やりたい放題3 アズユーライク ヨーロッパツアー [9012] Lucifer Soft
The third part of the series follows the same nanpa flow, but this time with international girls at exotic world locations.
Finally the last game in the series or the next one would be multi-universe one. At least there is some sightseeing involved and girls personalities are very different.


70. Yuuko Monogatari 優子物語 [9012] Heart Soft
Hero is a famous novelist. One day woman Yuuko bursts into his mansion with demands to make a child with her.
Heavy strategy mix about breeding. Strategy elements are different for each of four chapters. Breeding has never been so difficult! It's probably a grandfather of Princess Maker series.


71. Circuit's Edge [9012] Westwood Studios 1 2 3 4 5 6
The player assumes the role of Marîd Audran, a private detective. The game is set in "The Budayeen", an entertainment/criminal quarter in an unnamed city somewhere in the Mideast that is a seedy reflection of modern-day New Orleans. While running a series of errands/"business deals" for "Saied the Half-Hajj", a friend of Marîd's, Marîd is framed for the murder of a man named Kenji Carter. Although Marîd's influential patron Friedlander Bey clears him with the local police, Bey asks him to look into Carter's death. Doing so leads Marîd deep into the criminal underworld of the Budayeen.
Game is reviewed in English.


72. J-Thunder J・サンダー [9012] 1
In order to save his sister and his girlfriend's father the hero rides a huge robot called J Thunder and confronts the kidnappers robotic squad.
There is an English review of this game.


73. Lime Light Lime Light [9012] Hypa Soft
Lia's mother who was aiming for prima donna suddenly collapsed from illness and now Lia has to substitute for her. By a twist of fortune Lia's doll Tia arises to help Lia with this goal.
An adventure game for hypocrites with a heartwarming story - that is self-description of this doujin work. The content looks all-age to me, but I never got out of the maze of the forest to know for sure.


74. Madoushi Lulba 魔導師ラルバ [9012] Compile Co., Ltd.
World is getting drown in hatred. Resurrected Lulba has tremendous power and army of 240 million monsters. Only a warrior Cybercat who can handle the sword of light can oppose him.
Game is a predecessor of Madou Monogatari rpg series. Game has 4 chapters that were serialized separately. A simplified rpg with command selection and no real 2d gui, so it's like text rpg with small images. You travel and fight monsters and bosses most of the time, so it looks like a normal shounen adventure.


75. Phantasy Star II Text Adventure: Amia no Bouken ファンタシースターII テキスト アドベンチャー アーミアの冒険 [9012] Sega 1 2 3 4 5
This game is one of the eight text adventures that chronicles the lives of characters before their story continues in Phantasy Star II. This particular game covers Anna Zirski, a counter-hunter. A counter-hunter hunts down and arrests hunters who have become criminals. Anna is tasked with capturing criminals holed up in a Motavian town. These criminals are accused of illegally accessing Mother Brain in order to disrupt the food production of that region. Anna must put a stop to these hackers.
Game is reviewed in English.


76. Réserve [9012] MIN 1 2 3 4 5
You play the pink-haired heroine Mio, who just wants to go on a date with her boyfriend. However, she slips through a crack in timespace and finds herself in a realm of monsters that all want to do lewd things to her. Make it to the end and go on a nice date with your boyfriend!
Game is reviewed in English.


77. Sweet Girl [9012] Burning☆Apple
The purpose of the way is to get into intimate relations with the main featured heroine "Milady", but there are a lot of encounters on this way.
Another doujin game. Game's here for spontaneous H encounters. There are also items to use, like chloroform.


78. Sweet Girl 2 Sweet Girl 2 [9012] Burning☆Apple
The ghosts have haunted the girls and the aim of the main character is to exorcise them.
The game system is also very funny because elements like ACT ADV are incorporated.
The content got even nastier. The system is now action mostly as we run through locations looking for items or people in action mode - and the events are usual ADV.


79. Yuugekitai 遊撃隊 [9012] TKO Soft
The story of adventures of a school boys band.
Just saying that game is a parody is not really enough - it just can't run a single CG in a normal way. Distorted face features, funny emotions and extravagant behavior of those guys can't leave anyone indifferent unless there's strong aversion with those faces. The flow is several short stories driven in a kitetic novel form.


80. Yuugekitai Bangai Hen 遊撃隊・番外編 [9012] TKO Soft
A submarine suddenly appeared on the coast and the fighting squad is back to uncover its mysteries.
The main difference about the second part is inclusion of action scenes when we control a boy and whirling blades wrecking the enemies. As for the rest it's new short stories and new portion of absurdism.

Nike is the VN of July 1991. I also value Cybernetic Hi-School Part 4 ~Ape Hunter J~ high, but in the end it's just a bakage with quiz mixes.

1. Nike ナイキ [910705] Cocktail Soft
In 2526 pilot Nike (22) with co-pilot girl Miho (17) are participating in interstellar space race after winning the race the previous year. However the princess of the host planet Athena got kidnapped and Nike is going to search for Athena while participating in the race.
Cocktail Soft new title! And again a great one. Fully story oriented work in SF setting. And my recollection of "Redline" anime with similar setting is still fresh so I got hooked right off the bat. The set of selection commands is not predefined bat varies according to the situation. Choice needs to be done within time limit and many choices lead to game over. All kind of adventures await - both planetary and space ones. Kindapping, evil cult, space monsters, ship arrest, planet destruction. Game has all of it and much more. Events change each other with a high pace and in-between we get to communicate with our two cute heroines. Athena is regarded as a pure princess while Miho is an attractive pal-racer and Nike gets sandwitched between the two of them. And this time it's played out in a more fun way than in Artemis. Sadly, there is a single ending for this game and there is no place for Miho in it. This game is a top class story and it's a real shame it never got released on newer machines.


2. Dragon Knight III ドラゴンナイトIII [910706] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Takeru had just finished the events of DKII when robbers took all of his possessions and clothes. The epic quest this time is to get some money. And while on it the mayor has an assignment for which he's willing to pay in gold.
Game is localized and has enough information in English.


3. Pocky 2 ~Kaijin Aka Mantle no Chousen~ ポッキー2 ~怪人赤マントの挑戦~ [910710] Ponytail Soft 1
School newspaper club led by Miki investigates various cases of item disappearance and girls harassment and pranks that got frequent at school.
Longer, cuter, simpler version of prequel. But while graphics were considered advanced in 1989, in 1991 8 colors with 200 horizontal lines was already archaic, so the impact is gone. Kumiko-chan is the main heroine but from time to time viewpoint changes to Miki-chan and Tomoko-chan. The mysterious Red cape had many opportunities to set pranks to school girls and to three main heroines, of course. It's not a big work and only takes 6 days in game time.


4. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo IV -Yuuko- 天使たちの午後IV -ゆう子- [910710] JAST 1
Strange events have started to happen at all-girl Sophia High School - strange sounds, strange smells and strange pupils appearance. The principal requested the new teacher to investigate. Yuko-chan from literature club will assist him in that.
It's 4th part of the series. Now most of H scenes mean bad end. So plot line is relatively serious. We establish platonic relations by the end of the game with Yuuko which is totally new for the series. Yuuko admires the new teacher and their conversations is the major bright spot in the game. The atmosphere is actually different from previous three games. It's a valid mystery detective case and protagonist is a valid teacher (ok, using sex for interrogation was not really what teacher does). The resolution of the case was an aggressive and abrupt one, so satisfaction level remained low. But text rendering speed is a real torture and in 10 minutes I failed even to finish the first talk with the director...


5. Artemis アルテミス [910712] Birdy Soft 1
Notos and Ing were separated by an ambush of a giant woman-snake. Ing fled for his life and found shelter in a village. But soon all the village girls disappeared. Ing now has to find them and carry out plans for revenge on snake-woman.
Birdie Soft in its blossom. Beautiful CG, different color lines, mouth and eyes animation. Although drawing is uneven, some faces and bodies look non-proportional and ugly. Game is based on a conflict of two heroines and the hero sandwiched in between. And since there is just one ending the hero is being torn apart between commoner Luna girl and mysterious adventurer Elutia girl. Another prominent feature is that the hero has a face and often is seen from the side, so player does not have to sympathize with him. But since game focuses on human relationships a lot, the plot gets lacking behind. And since the setting is as if taken from a fantasy RPG game, the overall impression suffers a lot.


6. Branmarker ブランマーカー [910712] D.O. 1 2 3 4
Island got infested with monsters kidnapping inhabitants. All kinds of warriors set to end monster infestation but noone returned back. Now it's time for your group of warriors to try luck.
Quite an ordinary JRPG with turn-based fights, recovery at inn, armor gathering and of course grind. It's the third strategy game of D.O. already and they finally play it safe with just a fantasy setting, not entertainment park invasion or school fight for principal daughter. Shammy girl is main hero, she is both proficient in magic and light weapons. Vega boy joins later and he's full-scale warrior without any mp. The H-element is presented by finding princes and her multiple maids in peculiar situations. But the fact is that main hero is the girl cuts any H-scenes to the level of just nudity. But balance and graphics are good. And the atmosphere is somewhat relaxing compared to usual epic rpgs, so appearing of a sequel was not much of a surprise.


7. Legend of Killcool Legend of Killcool [910712] Soft Plan
During the ancient war of humans vs demons the goddess descended and erected mountains to protect the humans. But demons kept living beyond the mountains. The black demon built a black tower threaten the human kingdom.
Main hero is a warrior who receives a task to rescue human princess confined in the black tower. To open the seal he must find red, yellow, blue, green and black orbs.
A doujin exploration game. There are buttons for moving N, S, E, W, but no map or any means of direction, so a manual map is supposed to be drawn. There are occasional battles. The game resembles Eiyuu Densetsu Saga the most. There are tiny bits of animation at times.


8. Manami no Doko made Iku no? まなみのどこまでイクの? [910713] Wendy Magazine 1 2 3
In the beginning of summer school girl Manami received a letter saying that she was chosen to stop a criminal syndicate in her town. After that she meets a masked man Black Pack who guides her to the underground activities.
There is an English review.


9. Quintia Road クィンティアロード [910719] Communication Group Plum 1 2 3
In 1944 German pilot got into air vortex and appeared in parallel magical world of Quintia. He was greeted as god and was requested to use his aircraft to defeat monsters.
Plot is not the strongest side of this work. But Quintia Road does not get boring. There are all kind of monsters to take care of and there are also 5 princess in this kingdom to harass. So it's really fun and fresh work that does not stop to thrill. Commands are simple, there are almost no puzzles, graphics are great. Battles seem difficult since they afford an abundance of commands, but actually battles are scripted and so whatever you do they will proceed in its own way. The feature of this game is full-mouse control. And this control is so full, that no keyboard control allowed. Naturally, it's not too convenient.


10. Cybernetic Hi-School Part 4 ~Ape Hunter J~ 電脳学園4 ~エイプハンターJ~ [910720] Gainax
In 2006 the people had just one anxiety - "Monkey". Elimination of ozone layer by ultraviolet rays after 1980s caused ape mutation evolution. Mutants were intelligent and since they started to look like humans they secretly infiltrated human society. Thus appeared ape hunters - specialists in identification and "processing" of monkeys.
You are such ape hunter and you've just received a request from school director to reveal monkeys in the school. The only way to check it is undress the subject and find evidence of his red ass and tail.
Oh my, that's the whole point of Gainax. Take a laughingly crazy setting and make it even crazier, totally surreal. Oh and don't forget fanservice. Few Gainax works had none of it since creators were otaku themselves. First three parts were very short and simple quiz+adv+strip games. So is the 4th part as well, it's just longer and has more fancy setting. It's not Adv with quiz elements, not vice versa. Quizes were hard for that time and nowadays they seem even harder even though there are just three variants. Game was sold with a booklet describing the fake history since the end of 80s till 2006 and many questions based on that fake history, naturally. Game is full of stupid characters and yet it's crazy fun, or should I say funny craze. Such is this work in the zenith of Gainax power that it can be considered a masterpiece.


11. Sweet Emotion スウィートエモーション [910720] Discovery
There are five scenarios presented from different viewpoints and connected with each other. Together they let us approach the truth about Slan murder.
Debut work of Discovery which is actually a new division of Birdie Soft so graphics is the best of the best. Partial animation makes it shine even more. I tend to block short multi-story VNs, but in this case every episode is connected and they all lead to a logical end. We also have to change protagonists all the time - we get to be a victim, a witness and a detective. So in Part 1 we play as a victim to be killed. In Part 2 we are students who found Slan corpse in Part 1. Part 3 is when we step up as a detective. Part 4 is journey to the land of the dead to get to know circumstances of death from Slan himself. Part 5 is resolution of the case by the detective. The work loses its charm when we get to know murder circumstances by the middle of the story. So story is not particularly good and H scenes are kind of too frequent. So quite a typical Birdy Soft work.


12. Kounai Shasei Vol.1 - Yonimo H na Monogatari 校内写生 第1巻 世にもHな物語 [910726] Fairytale X-Shitei 1
"Kounai Shasei 1" opens with a text introduction that describes a miraculous Girls' High School that can be accessed by sailing through the Indian Ocean or walking along the Silk Road - a school that even the famous Marco Polo allegedly describes in his memoirs. This establishes the humorous tone of subsequent narrative, which has little to do with history and a lot to do with pretty high school girls. The game has no real story, being instead composed of five unrelated vignettes, short episodes that feature a sexy high school girl, a male protagonist (named "God" by default), and various comical and erotic situations under different circumstances: meeting in a school, haunted house, crowded train station, etc.
The series is the face of Fairytale X-Shitei. Dumb, but cute and occasionally fun.


13. Kounai Shasei 2 校内写生2 [910726] Fairytale X-Shitei
As hero returns the fee to the town chief he hears a story about a masked girl who attacks men at night. He is promissed 50,000 yen if he brings the chief the mask taken from the girl. And so the hunt starts.
Based on manga. Being a part of Kounai Shasei series there's no doubt it falls into another bakage H plotline. But at least it's an attempt to put up a coherent story and not just throw in a bunch of mini-stories.


14. Kounai Shasei 3 校内写生3 [910726] Fairytale X-Shitei
The confrontation between Sailor suit warrior Akko vs. Pretty masked girl on the school grounds where the hero studies as a student.
The part with the most original content ... to the point that hardly anything makes sense. Well, this series is not here for making sense, but rather for invoking reflexes.
The masterpieces of the year 1986:
Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Rinne Tensei Hen~
2. Wingman 2: Kitakura no Fukkatsu
3. Boukenshatachi Kenja no Yuigon
4. Alpha
5. Hokuto no Ken: Violence Gekiga Adventure
6. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #1 - Final Mystery - Murder Club
7. Casablanca ni Ai o Satsujinsha wa Jikuu o Koete
8. Gall Force - Eternal Story
9. Maison Ikkoku ~Omoide no Photograph~
10. Suishou no Dragon
11. Little Princess
12. Toki no Tabibito
13. 1000-nen Oukoku

There's actually a harsh competition here, but no obvious winner at the same time. I don't want to nominate NES titles, because this platform is not really suitable for the genre. Maison Ikkoku was nominated by me previously, but in the long run it's a NES game again and it's not particularly entertaining. Wingman 2 and Little Princess are way too short. J.B.Harold is a detective genre that I can't stand. Casablanca does not have a normal release. Boukenshatachi is mostly a parody with some jokes difficult to understand already and text parser ruins it all. But I was really shocked by production values of Gall Force - Eternal Story. It has pure command selection gameplay, really nice dialogues, lots of CG and plenty of action scenes as well as worthy sound support. That's what VNs should be like and that's why it's the VN f the Year 1986!
1. Final Lolita ファイナル ロリータ [8601] PSK 1
Final Lolita has little to do with PSK's previous similarly-named titles gameplay-wise; however, it shares with them the macabre premise of sex with underage girls, and is the most explicit and violent of the three. The game's genre is closest to RPG format, since it focuses on a character's attributes and allows the player to increase them. These attributes are Power, Arm Level, Defence, and Technique, each playing a role in upcoming battles. The player can choose to distribute a hundred points among these parameters in the beginning of the game.
We get to set four parameters from the beginning and start the search. Just walking alone spends your precious power, so first of all gasoline and bike need to be found. It's indeed the final loli work of PSK - next ones feature more mature characters.
2. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Rinne Tensei Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~輪廻転生編~ [8603] Soft Studio Wing 1
The second part of the "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu" tells the story of the victims of the Bermuda Triangle, which was pulled into the distant past. To get back to their world, the crew of the ship will visit the ruins of Atlantis, medieval Europe, ancient Japan, and fight demons.
Again, MSX exclusive and again pretty obscure. This time even more since this work does not seem to be remastered in the future. The game system is the same. One drawback of it is that in order to save there's a need to shift cassettes. The work is memorable for its music that occupied a full cassette. The story is very intriguing. An anomaly is found in the Bermuda triangle and UN mission is sent there. As a result the Atlantis land is discovered that drifts through the time with the power of demons. We get to execute a number of missions through the time to resolve this anomaly like the hundred year old war in France (meeting Jeanne d'Arc, of course) or the end of the Warring States period in Japan. This game is quite crazy and that's a pity it's forgotten.
3. Wingman 2: Kitakura no Fukkatsu ウイングマン2 - キータクラーの復活- [860410] TamTam Co., Ltd.
The aim of the game is to find the killers sent from Podrimus dimension and neutralize them. The clues are to be found in the eight locations of the school.
Original story. This time it's more fun since we're accompanied by Aoi or Miki who do all the feedback. It's a pretty cool system that it's enough to write the proper verb and just click on the object - that's almost point-and-click here! There are three chapters with first two moving between the same eight places and the third final one without any moving. In the prequel the fights were happening on a narrow black line with two small characters - this time there is a full battle screen and animation is much better. The scene of transformation to wingman was especially impressive since it has "Ching!" real voice cry coming out and there have not been voiced games yet. There seems to be only two battles in the game though compared to four in the original. So with only 8 locations and two battles the game is really short and a perfect run can be done in 10 minutes if know the exploration part already.
4. Arion アリオン [8604] ASCII Corporation
Game follows the story of anime with the same title.
In Thrace, Arion is taken from his mother Demeter by the god Hades. In the Underworld, Arion is trained to be a warrior. His training is driven by revenge: Arion was told that his mother's blindness was caused by Zeus and Zeus' death will remove the curse. Finally, Arion and Geedo (a huge ape-like creature who had become Arion's friend and companion) left the Underworld to find Zeus. Seneca, a small thief, makes off with Arion's sword and this leads Arion to his first encounter with the forces of Zeus, commanded by his daughter Athena. Arion is captured but is later set free by Lesfeena, Athena's mute serving girl. As Arion rejoins Geedo and Seneca (and worries about Lesfeena), the forces of Zeus and Poseidon face each other in battle. In the background sits the scheming Hades, and the calm Apollon who seems to have plans of his own.
Game has very beautiful graphics since the real scenes from the anime are digitized and used as CG. Command selection is used. There are battles with commands and hp bar, but the result depends on luck and it's not unusual to lose to average even though you're an ultimate assassin god with superior weapons. The story is about Greek mythology and is quite specific - it's actually easy to get stuck without knowing the contents of the OVA. Sometimes you need to not do anything at a certain map in order for a new opportunity open up elsewhere.
5. Galppo Club ギャルっぽクラブ [8604] Micro Cabin
You are a teenager in glasses and with 450,000 yen in the pocket at the center of entertainment part. There are a lot of girls around to get to know.
The systems of the game are quite peculiar. There are 9 squares you can move around. There are random and not random encounters with girls. There are also lots of stats that deteriorate with certain actions like fighting. The rules are actually quite difficult and need lots of dedication to get to know. Game seems to be influenced by Tokyo Nampa street.
6. Boukenshatachi Kenja no Yuigon 冒険者達 賢者の遺言 [860523] ASCII Corporation
Chinese style gag-comedy. You train in the mountains with your master. One day a mysterious stranger hands over a golden a key. And so the adventure starts...
Game symbolizes transition period between text parser and command selection. You start writing a verb, find the needed command in the list and then set it to function key and can use it from there later on. There are over 100 CG here and most of them are really funny, so the gags must be alright. There are some nude images and you can just undress yourself and walk like that - haha - but don't expect for anyone to talk to you while you're like that.
7. Alpha アルファ [8605] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Once the natural resources on the Earth were exhausted, mankind started to look up for the next world to go to. Now their destination is a planet in the system of Epsilon Eridani - a star 10.7 light years away. As no means for faster than light travel or frozen hibernation exists, many generations of people will live and die on the ship "Daedalus", before it reaches its target...
There's enough of English information on the game, including English reviews. Great characters and graphics are alone enough for it to be a masterpiece.
8. Hokuto no Ken: Violence Gekiga Adventure 北斗の拳 バイオレンス劇画アドベンチャー [8605] Enix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows a man named Kenshiro - successor to the deadly martial art known as Hokuto Shinken . Kenshiro travels the world fighting ravagers and rival martial artists, whilst also protecting the innocent and weak. The game covers the first arc of the story, where Kenshiro goes up against his old rival Shin.
I was really astonished by the quantity of information in English on this game. This seems to be the beginning of fighting franchise that really stirs people's minds even today.
9. Cosmo Angel コスモエンジェル [8606] PSK 1
In the year 2888 an interstellar organization named Gammos began to terrorize space. Using a powerful new weapon known as GRAY-Q, Gammos launched an unprecedented assault on the headquarters of the Galactic Federation. The special government squad Cosmo Angel was assigned to infiltrate the Gammos base and destroy GRAY-Q. The agents in charge are a young woman named Lina and her ex-boyfriend Akira.
A new PSK game and finally not about lolis... Or wait... is it? Lolis fighting in space? For realz, PSK? The story is quite absurdist and is made just to present cool SF nude pictures as I see it. Just as other PSK works, it's still the same text parser without any development.
10. Day Dream デイドリーム [8607] Cross Media Soft
The theme is visit of aliens. There are three scenarios to choose from: "driver", "policeman", "pilot".
Depending on the scenario chosen the story starts from different points, but the fabula is the same - you get restrained by the aliens in some room and need to get out of there. Otherwise there's no novelty - a very slow drawing speed combined with text parser.
11. Erika エリカ [8607] JAST
Near future. The unknown black shadow enemy is planning to conquer the Earth. Erika is a special agent on a mission to investigate enemy's new weapon Spectron. Protagonist is an information agent that gets into contact with Erika to receive information from her. Together they must infiltrate enemy base and destroy the secret weapon.
So JAST abandoned its Aftrernoon Angels series for the serious SF action? Not really. The game is mostly about Erika H scenes both with hero and enemies and there's not that much adventuring compared. The system is the same as in Afternoon Angels - command selection out of big list of commands.
12. Seijo Densetsu -Five Holy Girls- 聖女伝説 -Five Holy Girls- [8607] Studio Blue
The hero is a detective who chases the mysterious criminal girl Remy who is rumored to have stolen the treasure "GOLD LADY". In the game you get to interrogate girls one by one with the aim to get information about Remy.
That's a pretty lame synopsis, but anything really goes for a nukige. There are five chapters each for a new girl and the sixth chapter finalizes the deed. Game is pretty disgusting since pretty much all the time is spent on interrogating the girls and there's nothing "saint" or "holy" in it.
13. 1000-nen Oukoku 1000年王国 [8608] LOG 1 2
The prophet Nostradamus has foreseen that the world as we know it shall end in the year 1999, and the thousand-year kingdom of angels and children will commence. A young boy named Shou is at first unaware of these prophecies, enjoying a normal life with his sweetheart Alisa. However, a series of events changes his life forever, as he is entrusted with the task of saving humans by discovering the ancient continent of Atlantis.
There's a good big walkthrough in English and mobygames article on top of that.
14. Five Sweet Dream ファイブスイートドリーム [8608] Great
There are five rooms and you are to fulfill the wishes spoken aloud there.
This piece of software is quite close to the Five Holy Girls. Same number five, same doing H to five girls, same troublesome and long process. The company actually had to take all the extreme scenes out of it and publish them separately.
15. J.B. Harold no Jikenbo #1 - Final Mystery - Murder Club J.B.ハロルドの事件簿 - 殺人倶楽部 [8608] Riverhill Soft inc. 1 2 3 4 5 6
A horrible murder has taken place in the sleepy little town of Liberty. Bill Robbins, a wealthy man known for his wild womanizing ways is the victim and, list of possible suspects keeps growing. As J.B. Harold you must figure out the who, what, where and why of the case. To solve the mystery you will need to travel to various locations, interview people and search for clues.
Game was localized in English and sold over 20 millions copies in the West, so it has a great press coverage. I only list here five of the more conventional sources.
16. Casablanca ni Ai o Satsujinsha wa Jikuu o Koete カサブランカに愛を 殺人者は時空を越えて [8610] Thinking Rabbit 1
June 1945. Chicago newspaper female reporter Jerry Randolph gets a letter from missing school friend saying that friend's father Mr. Edgar was conducting a dangerous scientific research. Jerry hurries to that adress only to find out that Mr. Edgar is stabbed and the research is a time machine. Jerry undertakes a time travel to year 1916 to get to the root of mystery.
Quite an ok nostalgic SF mystery story, but it's stuffed with the same text parser so feels ancient while everyone else already shifted to command selection. The colored X68000 version actually uses command selection formula and colored screens, but misses much of the charm of the original version along with the cool original character designs. It still can be called a masterpiece.
17. Christine クリスチーヌ [8610] PSK 1 2 3
A young girl was enjoying a happy life with her boyfriend when suddenly, out of nowhere, a powerful spell was cast and the poor boy was turned into stone. A sorceress named Christine appears and says that another sorceress called Jane was the culprit. The young heroine must find a way to defeat Jane and revert her boyfriend to normal.
There are two English reviews of the game (from the same person, but for different versions and are somewhat different).
18. Kudokikata Oshiemasu 口説き方教えます [8610] Hard
Nampa game with CG reward for the right answers in dialogue for each girl.
The game does not really leave any doubts of its content with nude images showing up twice during first couple minutes of the game. So each girls needs her own approach and you can use hits to try to guess her likes. If you still fail, you just move on to the next girl. Thus is the title - Please teach me how to speak.
19. Nichiyoubi ni Uchuujin ga…? 日曜日に宇宙人が…? [8610] Soft Studio Wing
Absurd story based on a novel. A reporter and photographer are sent 20 years back in time with the help of mad scientist to write a special article. That brought attention of aliens who attacked from Andromeda.
Soft Studio Wing again which means that the game is MSX exclusive again and is difficult to find. The development is quite absurt, but the commands set are fairly usual. The text drawing speed has increased significantly since the Legend of White and Black. The difficulty level is reported to be moderate and the progress quite fun.
20. Dead Zone デッド ゾーン [861120] Sunsoft 1 2 3 4
In the space calendar 0385, the Earth suffers from overpopulation and humans started to build space colonies. Kirk, the protagonist of Dead Zone, works for the Earth federation's space development office. He is a brilliant engineer in space physics and he is working for Sirius third planet colony. He also got engaged with his beloved girlfriend Marry, but they had to postpone their wedding. Five months later, Kirk, accompanied with his robot Carry, decides to meet Marry at last, and prepare the ceremony. But when he arrives at the space station, everything is quiet. Then a beam of light hits him. He wakes up sometimes later, inside a sort of underground graveyard.
The game was released for NES and thus it's more familiar for the Western auditory than pc88 counterparts. There are some English reviews on the game.
21. Cinderella Perudue シンデレラ ペルデュー [8611] STUDIO ANGEL
The hero gets a strange message from communication club "BC" one day. In the encounter with five girls he needs to get the information to decipher the message.
Five holy girls, then five sweet dream and now five Cinderellas. This time there's at least normal gameplay. You have time limit, 45,000 yen and the girls in the town to talk to. This is an actual talk, not an interrogation with torture, but there are enough H events in the game anyway. There is no explanation of the title in the game - the best I can think of is that we're give time limit (24 hours) to settle the deal as well.
22. Golques ゴルコス [8611] DataWest
Hero is dragged into an alternative dimension in pursuit of woman named Daisy. This dimension is a battlefield between warrior girls and grotesque monsters who serve the Queen.
This is not really a game to reflect on. When I tried to make a longer video I encountered two H scenes right after that. It's more about cool and cute girls assaulted. Text parser is still used for game progression.
23. Lolita Hime no Densetsu ロリータ姫の伝説 [8611] Bond Soft
An adventure to rescue princess Lolita trapped in a certain castle in Europe.
A kusoge from the creators of Time Secret and Time Tunnel. The evergreen text parser is present. This game was shocking as it introduced scat scenes for the first time in game history.
24. Seijo Panic 聖女ぱにっく [8611] Studio Blue
The game picks up where the prequel ended. The "GOLD LADY" turned out to be a fake and the hero chases the girls to reveal the truth.
So five holy girls weren't already enough and thus here you with a sequel made just 4 months after that. Five more girls to assault. Game system pretty much the same. The ending is reported be kind of heartwarming, but I'm not going to check out with this kind of a game.
25. Gall Force - Eternal Story ガルフォース Eternal Story [861210] ScapTrust
The game is based on the anime series. Gall Force is a unit of seven girls that reach the satellite and get on a mission to protect if from the Paranoids.
The game implements command selection (short list!) and looks absolutely gorgeous for pc88 game. I totally loved this game and would probably get to an end of it... but I found video walkthrough and thus I recommend it instead.
26. Maison Ikkoku ~Omoide no Photograph~ めぞん一刻 ~想いでのフォトグラフ~ [861210] Arrow Soft 1 2
You are Godai Yuusaku. You begin the game in Godai's room no. 5. Now then, what should you do? First how about trying to get the beautiful Kanrinin-san of Maison Ikkoku? To do that you will want to enter her room right? And you can meet her face to face and drink tea... And after that you can take her hand and...
There are two reviews of this game with one being of yours truly.
27. Suishou no Dragon 水晶の龍 [861215] Square Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6
The game is set in a science fiction-like setting, where the teenage main character must investigate a series of kidnappings and the mysterious dragon that suddenly appeared in outer space.
The game is released for NES and has multiple English reviews.
28. Little Princess リトルプリンセス [861225] Champion Soft 1 2 3 4 5
The first game for Windows OS of Champion Soft (the later Alice Soft), contains pretty girl Miki and young warrior Kentarou trying to save her beloved one kidnapped by some evil guy.
The game has an English release for Windows and there are some English reviews of it.
29. Toki no Tabibito 時空の旅人 [861226] Kemco Corporation 1 2
Based on the events of anime work with the same title. Time Stranger is the story of several teenagers getting transported back in time through Japan's history, and getting mixed up with samurai shenanigans.
There is an English review and a guide for this NES game.
30. Cream Lemon - Star Trap くりぃむレモン スタートラップ [8612] JAST 1 2
The game faithfully follows the part 10 "Start Trap" of anime series Cream Lemon with some insignificant for the plot additional scenes.
The game does not really follow anime episode faithfully. The very start shows the battle with the robot. Then there are some everyday life scenes and then the H scene that I failed to get through even with walkthrough. The text parser is very painful even with a list of frequently used commands to the right.
31. Luna City Satsujin Jiken ルナシティ殺人事件 [8612] Bond Soft
You play as detective in charge of investigation of Luna city mayor murder in 2216 AD. You have both male and female body with a single personality and can switch them on will.
The zapping potential is not realized here at all since everything important for the plot can be done with either character, but it's still the first zapping game. The personality is single between the two bodies, so it can't even be called multiple perspective one or multiple sites one. Otherwise nothing special.
32. Pop Lemon ポップレモン [8612] Champion Soft
Game is a gag comedy. Main hero aims for a true pedometer. He sets on a journey to get "Eros", the source of power of lolicon.
I failed to get through the text parser, but there is actually a full video walkthrough at nicovideo. And there is too much loli dubious content to even try to investigate it.
33. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Asuka Hen~ 白と黒の伝説 ~アスカ編~ [8612] Soft Studio Wing 1
The final part of the trilogy "Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu" takes us into the 199X-th year. Humanity is on the verge of extinction because of mysterious climate catastrophe. The city lays in ruins, food supplies running out, day temperatures reaches +50, and at night drops to -40 degrees. Rumor has it that all of these events are associated with the advent of the demons in our world and are signs of impending apocalypse. A group of brave heroes decides to use the last hope and goes into the mountains in search of a mythical temple, which according to legend hid all the answers.
The third part brings some point-and-click elements. This is hands off the darkest work of the trilogy and the most depressive one. And the ending here is quite miserable, so I fail to see the appeal in this final work.
34. Youkiden 妖姫伝 [8612] Hot-B 1
Coming to rest on the nature, six friends accidentally stumble into the woods on a strange cave. For fun they decide to look into it and find there the remains of an ancient temple. That's a find! Inside the temple, the main character catches the eye of a beautiful comb - and she decides to take it with you as a souvenir. But as you know, steal things from the temple - a very bad idea. From this day girl nightmares every night, and her friends begin to die one by one.
"YoukiDen" became the first Japanese horror containing erotic scenes. Another notable feature of game is the abundance brutal shock-content - a scene, where a zombie samurai cut hands alive girl (and then raped her), made "YoukiDen" most brutal and bloodthirsty horror game of its time (however, this status from the game will last long, because a year later in the arcades will legendary "SplatterHouse").
The novelty of this work is that the screen is displayed as manga strip. There are 9 commands given for selection, but soon you realize that you need to manually enter other commands as well. It's not the first work to introduce eroticism together with gore (Christine had the same stuff), but the first one with such huge amount of it.
35. Soapland Story ソープランドストーリー [8612] Hard
City nampa adventure.
There's nothing special about this work apart of the fact that it paved the way to future SIM mixes such as Welcome to the Cinema House by Hard later on. There are stats so it may even be called an RPG. The view is top down and the graphics are rough.
  • There aren't masterpieces this month, but among others Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ is worth the honor of being VN of January 1995 the most.
    1. Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jisshaban あゆみちゃん物語 実写版 [950112] Alice Soft 1
    Ayumi-chan Monogatari: Jisshaban is almost exactly the same game as Ayumi-chan Monogatari, with one important difference: it has photos of a real actress replacing the original's anime-style graphics. There are no graphics at all in the game.
    Don't think there is the need to discuss this horrible game once more.
    2. School Festival ~Cosmos Sai Kitan~ スクールフェスティバル ~秋桜祭奇譚~ [950113] Ange
    Hero is a high school teacher and also consultant of ethics committee. The day before the cultural festival, it was cancelled by the principal due to diminished public morals. It's our job to investigate the truth behind the cancellation.
    Well, pretty much every girl is in love with the hero, so that's what diminished public morals, hehe, there's a distinctive harem sensation in the air. The most interesting part about the game is game system - all the characters on the screen are displayed at the right part of the screen and when you press on the face, that character speaks. So it's some mix between ADV and I-ADV. Another feature is when we go on a trip, we gather the team ourselves and dialogues change drastically according to the team members. So another work of Ange with strange systems and heartwarming feeling. Alas, it has little beyond fun dialogues.
    3. Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! ~Shikigami Denshou~ わくわく麻雀パニック! ~式神伝承~ [950113] Four-Nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    It is in the shadows between the world of the spirits and the world of the flesh that the Shikigami live -- ethereal fairy-beings given form and flesh in the shape of beautiful elfin girls. Shikigami may be caught by a Shikigami Master, someone who knows the ancient art of defeating them at battle mahjong and binding them with a contract. A man who catches a Shikigami could win everything...but risks his very soul. In the very near future, in the city of Demon Tokyo, a powerful Shikigami Master named Jango lives amidst the bustling insanity of the city. A request for help from a beautiful woman leads to a showdown with the vile Organization. Jingo's world is about to be turned upside down...
    Game is localized with lots of English reviews. English version was scrapped for actual mahjong gameplay and was redone with game resources on macromedia flash stealing lots of charm from the game. Still I'm mostly interested in plot and thus English version was perfect for me and took only an hour and a half to see through. So reviews are mostly negative, but keep in mind that pretty much everyone went to play sequel as well. As I see it, it's because story is fun enough and characters very joyful and likable.
    4. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 2 Wa - Mou Hitotsu no Rival DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第2話 もうひとつのライバル [950115] Great
    After decisive win over Blue Dolphins it is the final round of JPL-ONE against Universal Solids. But two days before the match the leading player of the team Nanase goes missing.
    Nanase starts to feature as the leading role and we approach to getting to know her family, her circumstances and her secret.
    5. Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ DOKIDOKIバケーション ~きらめく季節の中で~ [950127] Cocktail Soft 1
    Dokidoki Vacation tells the story of a Japanese teenager called Junichi. High school is over, the summer vacation has begun. But due to the young man's uneasy relationship with his family and other circumstances, he cannot afford the vacation he was hoping for. So Junichi decides to find a job. He starts working in a book store, and soon realizes that feelings develop between him and Megumi, a girl who works in the same place. But what about the classmate Junichi was in love with before?..
    One of the most epic galge of the pc-98 era. Graphics is just fabulous, characters are super cute. Gamers literally cried with joy at the time of the release. VN has a great balance between gags, seriousness and eroticism. But actually from our days perspective there's nothing much here. Story is one way road with the goal set from the introduction - confess to Mutsu-chan who is school's idol. And actually Mutsu-chan was the only heroine that was impossible to capture and did not have H-scene. That was actually the cry-factor. She's the cutest of heroines are player is suggested to look among the other heroines. Cruel, but that's what made the game famous. And a lot of people do not lose hope up to this day for F&C to issue some bonus CD of fandisc with Mutsu-chan ending in it.
    6. Marmalade Boy ママレード·ボーイ [950127] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1 2
    Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life as a high school sophomore is turned upside down when her parents suddenly announce that they are getting divorced in order to swap partners with a couple they met in Hawaii. They seek her approval of the shocking change, and at a dinner where Miki meets the other couple as well as their son Yuu Matsura, who is about her age, she reluctantly agrees to the arrangement. Yuu, while at first a jerk who takes every opportunity to make fun of Miki, turns out to be fun and attractive, and Miki finds herself falling for him. Little by little, she accepts her new family arrangement and opens up to Yuu as they become friends.
    The game follows a different path from the manga where the player can choose if Miki pursues Yuu, her best friend Ginta or her coworker Kei.
    There are English reviews.
    7. URM ~M15 Wakusei ni Umarete~ URM~M15惑星に生まれて~ [950127] Beluga Computer
    Nothing is known and nothing will probably ever be. One of the most obscure games.
    8. Doukyuusei 2 同級生 2 [950131] Elf 1 2 3 4 5
    Sequel to Doukyuusei.
    Two years have passed Since Doukyuusei, The setting is a new Town and a new Protagonist.
    The goal is the same, romance a girl or girls of your choice with their own stories and quirky personalities.
    If you're lucky during your pursuits you might run into a familiar face.
    The main change is that instead of summer this time the setting is winter. Game managed to introduce even more heroines and increase the volume to sky high level while increasing the difficulty and story emphasis at the same time. It also popularized the word "moe" that was widely used by one of the heroines who called the hero "oni-chan". The high degree of freedom was actually lost since flags were set very strictly and unless you follow the flags you're kicked out of the route. The individual stories now include a lot of drama, making this game a nakige. Game features Misa from prequel as the most popular character of prequel. So game was really popular, but did not have the impact of the first Classmate. Moreover, game would feel much better with general ADV system without those strict flags. Top down view became redundant and useless for a story emphasis game.

Kichikuou Rance and Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO are masterpieces of the month, but even Rance can't compete with YU-NO this month.

1. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Tokareta Ribbon 拘束 淫爛授業 解かれたリボン [961205] Persian Soft
Mayu is a female student who is in secret relationship with another girl Minako. One day Mayu opens her bento and finds there a photo of her tied up with a rope. It also has a note requesting to come to clerk room at noon or the photo would be made public.
There are several branches with different outcome. System is bad as each time screen changes it takes a lot of time to load and it breaks the story. It's really unclear why such story needed to be sold in two volumes since the content is thin.



2. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Maid-tachi no Shigoto 拘束 淫爛授業 メイドたちの仕事 [961205] Persian Soft
A relative of Mayu notices changes in her behavior and sends family maid Kana as a transfer student to the same class to watch after Mayu. The school kingpins aim to make Kana a slave, but since they lack any compromising materials, they plan to use obedient Mayu to break the will of Kana.
This time even the choices have only cosmetic meaning. Same dark content as the prequel.


3. For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ for elise ~エリーゼのために~ [961206] Craftwork
Hero is an ordinary salary man. In his dreams he starts to do something strange to familiar women. Gradually dreams intertwines with the reality...
Game is the origin of Sayonara o Oshiete released in 2001 and overlaps with it at times. It's an utsuge with strong motives of depression and insanity. Some moments are disgustingly unforgettable like fulfilling a desire to make a trash can out of woman. Game has its cool atmosphere, but need a stomach for a real utsuge.


4. Itazura いたずら~悪戯~ [961206] Interheart
Main hero is a pervert who harasses girls on a train.
Itazura is the main title for Interheart company with as many as 9 games released under franchise. There's no story so nothing to discuss.


5. Ranchou 乱蝶 [961206] Trush
Hero is the editor of a talented young girl writer. The year of his publishing company exclusive rights over this author is coming to an end without any book written, so hero isolates the girl in a small hotel populated by other girls to produce a creative atmosphere.
After all it's just chasing busty girls in a big mansion with many rooms.


6. Angelique Special 2 アンジェリークSpecial 2 [961209] Koei 1 2 3 4 5
Second installment in the series. Angelique Collet, a girl who lives in the cosmos that the heroine of the first game now rules, is chosen as a queen candidate for a new cosmos. The count of male characters increases to include the nine Guardians, as well as three Tutors and three Collaborators.
There is an English review.


7. Tokyo 0 Ku Sadistic Mary 東京0区 SADISTIC MARY [961210] J-Box
Nothing found


8. Cry Sweeper クライスイーパー [961213] D.O. 1 2
A series of mysterious events has occurred in a seemingly normal high school somewhere in Japan. Girls have been reported missing or assaulted under mysterious circumstances. The police is helpless. Two people are determined to solve the mystery: Kai Shuri, a man who can read minds and recall events from the past, and Ami Kanko, a girl who controls the powers of telekinesis. Will they ever be able to get to the bottom of the things, or will gruesome events continue to happen amidst innocent teenagers?..
It's one my first played visual novels. It's actually about rape after aliens/demons invasion into the school, but it has a lot of coolness about it. A trash game in a good sense of this word (if it has any good sense). Lots of gore, impressive demons and good old insanity everywhere. Voicing is really well done.


9. Dangerous Toys デンジャラス・トイズ [961213] Love Gun 1 2
This game has 10 stories about girls having fun with interesting toys and other girls.
There are two English reviews.


10. Hana no Kioku Dai 2 Shou 花の記憶 第二章 [961213] Foster
Collection of five short erotic stories.
Ero-centered work, nothing much changed since the prequel.


11. Houkago Ren'ai Club ~Koi no Etude~ 放課後恋愛倶楽部 ~恋のエチュード~ [961213] Libido 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are a teenage boy in high school. You join the Casual Romance Club in order to meet other people and perhaps find love. There are twelve girls you can approach, each one possessing her own unique beauty and personality. Use your time and efforts wisely and you may just get yourself more than a casual romance...
You are given a month to shop around and win somebody's love, after which you'll ask the girl of your choice to keep seeing you even after the club adjourns. Each game day starts at the Starry Sky restaurant, with the club notebook laid out for you. The club notebook has the lowdown on all the girls -- their basic statistics, pictures, horoscopes, likes, dislikes, etc. The girls also record their thoughts and reactions on daily events next to their horoscopes, so reading the club notebook can prove vital to your success.
Game has many English reviews.


12. Injuu no Datenshi ~Requiem for Fallen Angels~ 淫従の堕天使 〜Requiem for Fallen Angels〜 [961213] Discovery
Hero lives with a lovely younger sister and suppresses affection for her. However, his friend knows of such feelings and invites hero to attack surrounding women. But hero has a subtle feeling that his sister is going to be involved as well sooner or later...
Despite "injuu" in the title, there's not a single tentacle. The work is of insult nature, but among all that ruckus there is also one romance route.


13. Kyouiku Jisshuu ~Joshikousei Maniacs~ 教育実習 ~女子校生マニアックス~ [961213] Tetratech 1 2
The plot of Kyōiku Jisshū: Joshi Kōsei Maniacs is rather simple: the protagonist is an ordinary Japanese man named Shingo, who is about to become an intern in a prestigious school. There is only one thing that makes the young man slightly nervous: all his students will be girls. And if that weren't enough, some of his new co-workers are young attractive women. Will Shingo concentrate on his job or succumb to the pleasures of the flesh?
There is an English review.


14. Mel Mel Melty Marchen メル・メル メルティーメルヘン [961213] Queen Soft
Classic western fairy-tales return adapted for adult taste, but to get to adult part it's needed to to write what's shown with sign language.
The main feature of this work is that H content is only available after writing correctly what the girl shows with the sign language. With each story the phrases become longer.


15. Muku 無垢 [961213] Nikukyuu
A girl went to work for our guy to pay her family debt. Our guy already has a butler(male), secretary(female), and maid(young female). He can train the new girl to be a maid, secretary, slave or fun object. What she does when she pay off her debt depends on how he had treated her.


16. Pet Inga~ PETいんが~★ [961213] Pumpie
Hero is dumped by his girlfriend after poor sexual performance. He meets a man in the store reveals him the true secret of sexuality - to stay dressed. Hero is required to have petting with three girls in seven days to regain confidence and get a reward.
A bakage. System is not comfortable due to the need to press on-screen buttons and repeat the same moves over and over during long interactive H scenes.


17. True Love Story トゥルー・ラブストーリー [961213] ASCII Corporation 1 2
You are a male second year student at high school. Your parents got a sudden transfer, so you've just moved to a new city. You'll be transferred again in one month, so you only have that time to make one of the nine heroines fall in love with you.
A degraded version of Tokimeki Memorial. Dating sims boom has come to playstation. Main feature of the game is going home together with the girl and taking on the way. It had good animation and sound so found its niche.


18. Kichikuou Rance 鬼畜王ランス [961219] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
This game is not part of the official Rance universe timeline, forking off after the events of Rance 4.2, as a "What if" episode.