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VN of the Month December 1998 - Kuon no Kizuna



Kuon no Kizuna is the only masterpiece of December 1998

1. Kuon no Kizuna 久遠の絆 [981203] FOG 1 2 3 4 5 6
This story starts out from the perspective of a high school student. One day a transfer student comes to his school, and tells him she’ll kill him. At the same time, he starts seeing weird dreams and people mysteriously gets killed in his city.
Soon he realizes that them two are incarnated personalities of a man and a goddess that fell in love 1000 years ago. Since then, they have been trapped in a cycle of reincarnation and a battle against an evil god.
Game has English reviews.


2. Boku no Tame ni Kane wa Naru 僕の為に鐘は鳴る [981204] Image Craft
Main hero is a salary-man who is tired of work. He feels depressed and even his lover can't make him relax. As a coincidence, he witnesses a love scene of his boss and office lady which invigorates him with excitement. He starts to push his acquaintance girls to hook with other men.
NTR peeping fetish related work, but there are also ways to advance the story without other men participating. There is even a happy ending.


3. Dragon no Tiara ドラゴンの姫冠 [981204] Pinky Soft
The world where the civilized society collapsed with the appearance of the phantom beasts. You go on a journey on king's request to discover "Dragon's Tiara" item.
An RPG game with map movement, battles, level rising etc. Hero mostly fights lizards and dragons who are actually beautiful girls with different kind of horns. HCG are of specific drawing and with abuse of breast expansion.


4. Injuu no Ikenie 淫獣のいけにえ [981204] Motion
3D dungeon exploration in search for monsters' king while rescuing girls from monsters and tentacles on the way.
Battles are done with cards mechanic. Movement is exhausting since can't control with keyboard. Game's about HCG and animated H scenes, ofc.


5. Kanpai 乾杯 [981204] h.m.p 1
As the title of the game tells it all, it is a game mainly about drinking beer..Typically, you just hang around with a couple of friends either in a bar, karaoke, or a club. During the time you also got introduced to some girls that either was your friends' friend or her friend that was dragged along for having fun.
There is an English review.


6. Kokoro... コ・コ・ロ… [981204] Aaru 1 2
Kuonji Souji seems to have it all going for him. He is handsome, popular and excels at his club activities. His past is another thing altogether -- as a boy, he was raped repeatedly by his foster parents. The years have passed, and he has tried to forget by repressing those memories. They are still there, though, and come to him as hallucinations. Who is the raven-haired beauty he keeps seeing in those visions? Does she hold the key to unlock his past?
There is an English review.


7. Love Seed [981204] Voice
Distant future, another galaxy. There are five star systems each forming a nation. You are a freelance captain of a spaceship and can take missions varying from good transportation to pirates elimination and sometimes even revealing nation scale conspiracies. The whole universe is before you!
This work is very special, because it was the first work to try and imitate the unique Kichikuou Rance system. In Love Seed there are dozens of characters to capture and simultaneous capture is also allowed. There are at least 40 heroines present. There has not been another such global game till Daiakuji in 2001. This game is not as polished as above mentioned Alice Soft games, but it's a huge enterprise.


8. 5th Luna フィフスルナ [981205] Platinum Soft
Hero finally graduated from the university, but his girlfriend decided not to wait for him and was dating another man already.
While walking the streets in frustration he was dragged into a suspicious shop and appeared in another solar system. He was recruited as a pilot to save that Arlheim planet.
"Fifth Luna" consists of movement, adventure part, selection phase and the actual shooting action part. So it's an action game where you move alongside an ally - one from air, another from the earth. There are 5 stages and different difficulty levels so that even newbies could reach the end.


9. Gin'iro no Ki ~Konayuki no Photograph~ 銀色の樹 ~粉雪のフォトグラフ~ [981210] Blue Bell
Hero is afraid of women after drinking party where he was assaulted by one of them. Now he's set to overcome his phobia and get a girlfriend by the Christmas.
Why must hero be raped by women even before game starts... The game has four heroines filled into two scenarios with one being main one and another side one demanding certain conditions. It has SIM elements since there are parameters to reach.


10. Hotaru ほたる [981210] Bell-Da
It's bad luck that our guy got hit by his student's car. This put him in her father's hospital, without memory of his past. Will she or her two sisters be able to help him regain his memory? Or will he regain some memory that has been long buried?
Bell-da works are mostly ero-oriented, so I tend to block most of them. At least this time scenario is ok. Hero thinks of himself as a hero of justice and the hospital as a secret organization hideout.


11. Maid Ikuseikan メイド育成館 [981210] Melty Lip
Hero is invited to educate maids of the house.
Training SIM about nurturing skills like cleaning, laundry, manners etc, but also about giving private lessons at night. System-wise looks very similar to Maid Monogatari by C's Ware.


12. Desert Time Mugen no Meikyuu デザートタイム 夢幻の迷宮 [981211] Software House Parsley 1
One day a huge mystery dungeon appeared in the middle of the desert. A number of hidden treasures were discovered there and the rumor spread all over the world.
As you step inside, you are challenged by girl wizard. A huge explosion occurs and everyone got sucked under the sand. Now you need to get back to ground floor and maybe even further.
Balance is bad. Message speed is too slow and non-adjustable. Story does not develop far beyond synopsis. Girls lack unique approach, capturing is totally the same. So systems are lacking and there's pretty much nothing but gameplay.


13. Flowers ~Kokoro no Hana~ Flowers ~ココロノハナ~ [981211] Craftwork
Ryusei Ryousen is a 2nd year high school student. His school has just recently been co-educated from all girls school. There are only three boys in school and a lot of wonderful girls around the hero. Which one will be chosen by the April?
We attend school and make decisions where to go during lunch break and after school. There's hardly any story besides that, but a great emphasis is put to getting to know characters during conversations. They look like real persons, not just moe abbreviations. Game was advertised with a lengthy description of flowers and that they need the proper soil to grow. Game text is full of comical references. So gameplay is not good, but it's easy to get interested in these nice girls.


14. Lost Memories ロストメモリーズ [981211] Nouvelle
One evening on a rainy day in April Naoto meets a girl who is shivering and looks like a thrown cat. He takes her home. She lost her memory but reacts to the name Alice. As she starts to gradually recover the memory she is confused by memory contents and conflicts. What's the truth behind her past?
It's an multi-end adventure so capturing of side-characters is also possible. There is time urgency and it's game over if you don't click in time. It's actually easy to get stuck and get to a state when there are no more encounters possible due to missed encounters. It's a rare example of the game that's very torturing to move on even with a walkthrough.


15. Medical Fellows めでぃかるFellows [981211] Kingdom
Shimamura Kazito just got a doctor's license. He has never had any interest in girls and his monther and aunt conspired that his medical team would include only beautiful women. Can hero become a fin doctor? Which way will love fly?
There are four heroines and after first few days story falls in the route of the girl with the most favorability. Girls routes follow the same pattern and feel cheap. Heroes try to be funny and fail at it hugely.


16. Nyuuin 入院 [981211] 13cm
A day before entrance to the university hero is hit by a car and hospitalized.
But these three weeks of his life will be an unforgettable experience. Maybe he can even find love there?
There are more than 10 girls to chase. It's possible to focus on pure love story with comedy touch as well as only on different fetish H events. Heroines have lots of emotions that are fun to watch.


17. Omatase! Pai Pai Pie! Christmas Special おまたせっ! パイ牌PIE! クリスマススペシャル [981211] Bags
Mahjong undressing game with three beautiful sisters.
Game's normal mahjong, but without save/load feature, so it's really difficult to clear. It's also buggy.


18. Shamanic Idol Milky Humming シャーマニック・アイドル みるきぃ・はみんぐ [981211] Medusa
It is the story of an idol who fights monsters with the power of singing.
An ero-centered bakage. Game's very short and ends in 30 minutes. It's full of animation, but poor quality one. It resembles old Sogna titles the most.


19. Sonnet ~Kokoro Kasanete~ sonnet~心かさねて~ [981211] Blue Gale
Winder vacations approach and hero gets uneasy. He looks around and finds several girls that he previously considered unfriendly. Will he be able to find a familiar soul from 1st to 24th December or shall he spend Christmas alone?
Looks like Christmas is locomotive of Japanese demography. There are a lot of heroines to choose from. And inside each heroine route there is an angel and a devil path resulting in good end and bad end. Since there is such a big number of routes/paths each story lacks uniqueness. Still, a good quality general product.


20. Tenshi Ningyou 天使人形 [981211] JAST Co., Ltd.
Edepus is a high school student. One day he gets to know that his lord father died and thus he needs to take care of the mansion and the servants himself.
Taking care of servants (who are called "slaves" for some reason) inevitably leads to a spree of H events and I did not care to investigate any further.


21. Tonari no Onee-san となりのお姉さん [981211] Nikukyuu
Haunted by the memory of his ideal woman, Masahiko is determined not to lose his virginity until he finds her again. Too bad his memory sucks and he can`t remember who she is. While Masahiko is dreaming of his mystery woman, he may not have a choice in waiting for her much longer! It seems that everyone wants a piece of him lately. At work, his sex-starved boss is looking for a little action while her husband is out of town. At home, a very buxom childhood friend moves in and leaves him drooling. At college, he`s become the target of both his professor and a sly sexy student stalker who manages to pop up in the most unusual places! To top it off, Asuka, one of his neighbors, is secretly harboring her own fantasies about him! With this amount of sexual frustration swirling around him, can he possibly manage to hold out for the girl of his dreams.
Game proceeds as a strong bakage. There are five heroines as candidates, but oneesan is only one of them. Game has SIM elements as you move around different spots trying to remember facts about oneesan. If a different subheroine is found at the spot, your energy depletes. If subheroine is met when energy is at 0, that heroine attacks and the game enters into femdom H event. So success is only possible by visiting the right places and escaping all the subheroines.


22. Vampire Tokyo e Iku ヴァンパイア東京へ行く [981211] Sweet Basil
Hero is half vampire half human who goes all the way from Transylvania to Japan in order to take revenge on the girls that bullied him when he was young.
Introduction is nice, but upon arriving to Japan it's the case of bullying and reverse bullying. Some women are so fierce that vampire can only obey. Girls backgrounds are weird like exorcist, a nympho, a warwolf etc. There just aren't proper girls to take revenge on. There are a lot of endings prepared, but those mostly have to do with some H fetish.


23. Young Shakti ヤングシャクティ [981211] Shakti
A collection of six short stories.
1.「Sweet Love」
2.「Bunny's Love」
Stories are done as manga strips and are inevitably ero-focused.                                                           


24. Magical Kanan まじかるカナン [981217] Terios 1 2 3
A magical creature went to the normal world to retrive some seeds. He lost his power and fainted. A girl found him and took him home. Well, this creature became a man after gaining back his power, which surprised the girl some. An incident happened and she became a magical fighter with his kiss. Things start to get complicated as they try to get the seeds and with most people not being what they seem.
Light comic work with great CG. It starts with few choices but as routes are cleared new choices become available. There's no parody in game text and watching Magical Canon animation would probably bring a comparable experience as playing the game, save for HCG. It hugely lacks in the story department though.


25. P.S. [981217] Uran 1
You play as a college student named Hiroyuki, and the story centers around an internet site called "P.S.". The site consists of five different women who live dual lives, as they each have a darker side to them that reveals their true sexual identities. There is Akane, an elevator girl who is into exhibitionism; there is Aoi, a secretary who likes to be raped; there is Haruka, a sports instructor and Kaoru, a flight attendant, who are both into heavy and public masturbation; and finally there is Sakura, a TV newscaster, who is into something called "scat"(you may find that very disturbing and offensive). There is also Jun, who is Hiroyuki's tomboyish girlfriend. Hiroyuki plays as "master" of the P.S. site and to the five women.
There is an English review.


26. Bibou Vintage Kaikan 2 美貌ヴィンテージ 壊館2 [981218] Hyperspace
Hero is approached by a beautiful woman dressed in leather. She offers one million yen for training some pets. Hero agrees since in worst case the pet would be a lion and he has enough courage to do such job for a million yen. But it turns out that the pets are women...
Miltiple ending insult SIM. There are four women to train. There are parameters to raise on talking and on actions.


27. Bus Girl ~Geki - Dai Enkai Ryojou Hen~ バスガール~激・大宴会旅情編~ [981218] Interheart
One year ago main character abandoned his hometown and his lover to chase his dream in a Tokyo company. As the season of travel comes the company employees go on a bus trip.
Game lasts for 4 days and 3 nights with the flow of banquet - after banquet - sightseeing spot. H event takes place after banquet. Happy ending is only possible if the same woman is chosen for all three nights. Hero hardly talks at all and scenario is non-existent. It's just a H-focused game, after all.


28. Corsage コサージュ [981218] Studio Folio
Main heroine Yumiko has heart wounds due to tragic past love experiences and is afraid to open her heart. She holds a photo studio where she organizes nude shooting sessions for girls in need of money. Will Yumiko ever be able to get close to someone again?
It's basically a whirlpool of H events. There are four endings prepared depending on the choices taken. Quite an ordinary ero-focused game with the only distinguishing feature being woman viewpoint.


29. Hanketsu 判決 [981218] Speed
Hero is a prosecutor in a trial held for a consecutive rape case. To prove the case women testimonies are needed. You need to delicately take them out of their state of shock, heal their heart wounds when possible and reveal the truth, of course.
SIM mainstream gradually changes for ADV mainstream and this studio works are a good example of it. It's very different from normal court games in that main events happen out of the court and many H-events are shows as flashbacks. Drugs are also involved. Volume is quite small and girls stories get crumpled by that. It's a rough work, but with a fresh look.


30. Haru Aki Fuyu ni nai Jikan はるあきふゆにないじかん [981218] Trabulance
The long title means time that is not in Spring, Autum and Winter, which is Summer. Anyway, it's another year of no girlfriend for our guy. While thinking about why, which is that his first love met badly with a car when he was 8 years old, he got hit by a car and woke up near a weird mansion. Girls and people that he can't remember know him. It turns out that he is 10 years back in the past. Since this game messes with time, things are a bit confusing. He can chase after 4 girls(or so), some in the past and some in the present. If he can save his first love, things are even more confusing.
The synopsis is intriguing, but in practice the stage of the game is not described properly, situations change frequently and information is clustered to tiny bits everywhere. Text is not good and that all makes things very confusing. That resulted in poor reception by the gamers followed by oblivion.


31. Kekkou Suki Kamo けっこうスキかも [981218] Lip
Harassment of girls by invisible hero in interactive manner.
Not hookable and the title and CG row don't leave any doubts that it's an ero-focused title.


32. Maid in Heaven MAID iN HEAVEN [981218] PIL
The protagonist has a dream to have a maid someday. One day, his childhood friend, Nagisa, visits him. When they were children, he told Nagisa that he liked maids. Nagisa remembered his words and came to him as a maid. Finally his dream came true and he begins to enjoy his night life with her...
PIL ero-focused maid SIM with some comedy. It seems to be really popular, but I could not care less.


33. Satsuki no Kimochi さつきのキモチ [981218] Optimist
Satsuki who is one year younger than the hero starts taking moves towards him. Hero is busy with approaching exams and has a hard time noticing that increased attention.
There's hardly a synopsis to the game. The first play-through takes... just 18 minutes. But with each playthrough new branches appear adding development to the story. The time for total capture hardly surpasses an hour, so it feels more like a CG collection loosely connected by sentences. Satsuki is totally missing attraction points and developers never bothered about her character.


34. Shoujo 少女 [981218] Curott
Hero becomes a tutor for three sibling girls.
Game deliberately puts up a simplest ever title and synopsis. But it has its charm. Initially you're given a set of questions and those determine the number of CG. Characters managed to feel unique.


35. Triangle Heart とらいあんぐるハート [981218] Janis 1
Triangle Heart's story is basically a normal school life. You have time from December to your graduation to find a girl you can love. There are six girls, two of them are your childhood friends, but there isn't any "love triangle" between them. There is also a secret special character.
Game has an English review.


36. Wish Well ウィッシュウェル [981218] Agumix
Distant future. Interstellar navigation is common and humankind together with alien races populated most of the known galaxies. Galactic Integrated Space Army was created to protect confederation. A young man transferred to its academy in order to join this elite military unit.
Raising SIM + tactical SIM. We raise stats during the classes and have lunch and date after school. On holidays there are various events. There are five girls to date. Once per month there is a mech tactical combat with its own rules.


37. 6 Inch My Darling 6インチまいだーりん [981223] KID 1 2
The story follows a high-school student, named by the player, who lives with his parents and a younger sister. During his time off of school he is helping his mom by part-time working at the liquor store. One day, upon returning from school, he stumbled on a buried box while taking a path through the woods. Inside was a strangely shaped figuring with a message on the inside of the box lid. Not sure what it all was about, he left it on the desk and went to sleep. The next day, he heard a voice in his room, and while trying to determine the source of the voice he stumbled upon a small girl by the name of Etosera. And by small, it means 6 inches in size. But she wasn't the only one that appeared due to the mysterious box, two more girls, Minty and Pim, just as well, also became his secret roommates. Thus his next couple of weeks filled with surprises and getting to know each other commence, all the way while they are trying to build trust and assess the relationship with humans, namely, the player.
There is an English review.


38. Lord Monarch -Shin Gaia Oukokuki- ロードモナーク -新・ガイア王国記- [981223] Nihon Falcom 1 2 3 4
You are prince Alfred, the son of the great king of Monarch. Since you have been a rather fresh and lazy boy, the king decides to strengthen you by sending you to battle. You are now sixteen, and you must prove you are worthy of being the prince of Monarch! 
This is a strategy war game. You command an army and can perform various actions, such as sending troops, fortifying your position, allying with another ruler, etc. There are time limits to your strategic operations during which you'll have to defeat the enemy. 
I'm not really sure why it's here (since strategic part is much bigger than dialogue scenes), but there are some reviews.


39. Precious Love プレシャスLOVE [981224] Black Package
End of November. Ogata Kosuke is a third year high school student who has been studying hard to get employment. From a trivial quarrel with his sister he makes a bet that he finds a girlfriend before the holy Christmas night.
Raising favorability through repeated contacts, inviting on a date, through skillful conversation enter exchange diary stage or H-event. Exchange diary is not as cool as it sound since it's done via selection of choices. The good part of it is that it contains some H text. Conversation simulation part is the hardest one since there are lots of random subjects and it's difficult to keep guessing good answers. But overall quite good atmosphere is created and impression is good as well, but nothing special.
40. Hana no Kioku Dai 4 Shou 花の記憶 第4章 [981225] Foster
Collection of five short erotic stories.
1. Boss leaves office lady for overwork
2. Model girl gets seduced right during the promo gig
3. Quiet girl either goes home for some lesbian action or gets stopped by some guys
4. Girl either gets stalked in the toilet or gets into SM or lesbian activity
5. Policewoman day ends as erotic adventure
No scenario, just H scenes with a short prelude.                                                                                     
41. Oisha-san to Issho お医者さんといっしょ [981225] Guts!
A fake doctor is playing with mischievous loli girls.
Ugh, I'll skip for comments here.                                                                                                            
42. Sanatorium サナトリウム [981225] ZyX 1
The main character of this game is a detective named Ryouichi. He and his assistant, Mizuki, were on a way to a sanatorium, a place of remedy for mental illness patients, for investigation as he received a mystery slip asking to save her before next full moon. Upon the arrival of this sanatorium, he realized something strange about this place: everything is too calm. As he begins to investigate, a horrible scheme will survive little by little until the next full moon.
There is an English review.
43. Ruriruri るりるり [981229] Lime Green
A parody on Sega Saturn hit Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years. Its heroine Hoshino Ruri will know lots of love and insult over these blank three years. The secret of energy transfer between main characters is given original explanation.
Doujin crap parasiting on a great story.
44. Eien eien(永遠) [981230] Stage-nana
A doujin game based on Tactics' "One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~", with Kawana Misaki as main character.
No info

45. Tenshi no Sumu Yakata 天使の住む館 [981230] Nirvana Soft
Main characters loses parents and in order to calm down goes to a trip abroad alongside two maids. The rest of the staff resign, but why do these two girls stay loyal until the end?
Surprisingly decent quality level for a doujin game made by three people.
46. Pureprime -pianissimo- [9812] Usagi Club
One day main character suddenly has to live with his three sisters. Every day is full of laughter now. And every night sisters visit his room and talk about lots of different things...
Ancient forgotten doujin
47. Densetsu no Ato de LoveLove no Shou 伝説の後で・ラブラブの章 [9812] G-Work@mi
This is a story about how Ryosuke and Makoto became lovers. They meet during spring, play at the sea during summer, participate in the sports festival during autumn and warm up at boy's room during winter. In the last chapter it's possible to request the girl to fulfill sex fetishes.
Another ancient H-tilt doujin.
48. Kaijin 怪人 [98] Guilty
Player can choose to become either a monster or Akechi. As a monster, humiliate Rina as much as possible. As Akechi, help Rina and enjoy your reward.
Doujin crap released in 1997-01-09, actually, but it's discontinued from dlsite RJ007426 for quite some time, so why should we care.
49. Mako-chan to Asobo マコちゃんと遊ぼっ [98] Nyannyan Club
Feel free to come in and play with Mako all you want. Of course, H things are allowed.
H-tilt doujin that's surprisingly still available ad dlsite
50. Black Album [98] Yoshy Teikoku
One year after the music festival, Yuki Morikawa is nominated for the music festival again. Main character is in good standing with her, so one week before the festival he starts to help preparing. How will festival fare and who will be alongside the protagonist by the end of it?
Never like parasitism on others stories
51. Via Bianco -Yumi no Baai- ビアビアンカ ~ゆみの場合~ [98] Angler Soft
Please play through all kinds of likely and unlikely laughable situations and reach one of the endings with Yumi.
52. Roots [98] OKOJARA-C 
Sion is a swordsman of the rank Blood Knight. He does not want to scare people with that title, so she hunts monsters rampaging near towns. Inside the down there are all kinds of facilities for adventurers. But there are also nine different cute girls, including lively girl Dahlia who has a habit of chasing Sion. Why does he stay alone then? Furthermore, he starts to suffer from terrible nightmares as of late...
Finally a doujin game that aims for smth bigger that just H events.
53. Slaughter Gate スローターゲート [98] Studio K2
Berserker stalks humans who slaughtered Berserker's home galaxy and escaped to the Magellan Nebula ... New battle is destined to take place at the Slaughter Gate. The whole fleet depends on your actions. What will be your command, captain?
Berserver is a series of space strategy games, but this side-game is pure ADV mostly for those who appreciate the series.

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As for Triangle Heart, the art was resemble Nanoha which make sense considering that this is the VN that started Nanoha franchise and Nanoha herself would be appear at the 3rd part of Triangle Heart - you may already knew about this though. Good review once again.

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