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VN of the Month April 1999 - Lipstick Adv.EX



Love Forever and Lipstick Adv.EX are the masterpieces of the month, but I prefer Lipstick Adv.EX

1. Élan エラン [990401] Visco
A plan to migrate humanity to the planet "Elan" is created, the Elan Project.
In order to select suitable people to join the project many boys and girls with great mental ability are gathered in the research city Alpha.
The protagonist is one of the best candidates, and while acquiring training they interact with the other candidates.
While conversing with the other candidates there aren't just the usual conversation options. It is also possible to choose Happy/Normal/Sad/Mad emotional type responses.
Well, it's half an otome game since you can choose either gender, but I'll only tackle galge part ofc. Dating SIM with intensive SIM part. Game part is tedious, events are commonplace. Characters are too many and too underdeveloped.


2. Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 3: Tabidachi no Uta ときめきメモリアルドラマシリーズ Vol.3 旅立ちの詩 [990401] Konami 1 2
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.3 Tabidachi no Uta ("Poem of Journeys") features both Shiori Fujisaki and Miharu Tatebayashi sharing a similar story about the player running a marathon just before graduation that branches off into different directions depending on which girl you choose to pursue.
Game takes 10 days before graduation. Unlike first two volumes this game has hero parameters that a raised by winning main marathon and other mini-games, including even guitar mini-games from second volume. Game feels inferior to first two volumes due to short period and lack of side characters. It was supposed to be the final game in series, thus the graduation poetic atmosphere, but as we know now the claim to be the final game in the series was GREATLY exaggerated.


3. Power Pro Kun Pocket パワプロクンポケット [990401] Konami
Spin-off of Konami's baseball game series Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu. Unlike the main series, it focuses on story and dating sim components.


4. Another World 穴座悪奴~Another World~ [990402] G-Crazy
The smallest independent country in the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Samaria. It's a peaceful city, but fire breaks out, gunfire is heard and people are evacuated from the streets. Something dreadful approaches and you're a part of public safety forces to oppose it...
Just 3D dungeon exploration similar to Blood Seed 2, but we're the good guys here. Our enemies are some mutants. It's hardly a visual novel, but there's not a single review to even observe it as an RPG. Fights are not just turn based ones, but there's time gauge required to make actions which looks life FF series games.


5. Mahou Shoujo Meruru ~Kamigami no Shihou o Motomete~ 魔法少女メルル~神々の至宝を求めて~ [990402] Akatonbo
Meruru is sent on a journey to collect 3 jewels for master wizard. But she's so light-minded that she forgot to take map with her. Young sorcerer Nicola catches up with her bringing the map and joins her on this journey.
Story is single road with mingames that use some form of roulette. On minigame failure the situation deteriorates and we usually get so see some H scene, but it's still impossible to lose - after several failures Meruru recovers herself. But those mingames and choices determine the game outcome - whether protagonist Nicolas plays a proactive role or becomes an errand boy for Meruru. There's a lot of animation and game's nice to watch.


6. Nie 贄 NIE [990402] Hyperspace
Hero is a prosperous company owner. There are three families on the brink of collapse who desperately need assistance and offer girls for hero to marry. Hero does not mind accepting such sacrifice, but he needs to select the most enduring one of them to satisfy his personal needs. 
The start of disgusting Nie series. It's of SM type and features only traditional japanese women in yakata.


7. Night Face ~Haitoku no Kikoushi~ NIGHT FACE ~背徳の貴公子~ [990402] Infinity
Hero used to work in a host club, but left it after his girlfriend dumped him for a more successful host. Now hero starts his own host enterprise. At this time the lover of his former girlfriend shows up and offers a challenge between them since there can be only one king of the night in the city.
What good can come out of competition of two men to seduce as many women as possible? I found nothing special in the game.


8. Kyozou Teien ~Shoujo no Chiru Basho~ 虚像庭園 ~少女の散る場所~ [990408] Black Package Try
A guy got lost and ran out of gas. He ended up at a mansion where a girl and her maid lives. He is invited to stay until their guardian's monthly visit. When she arrived, he found out that this girl is the one that his brother died to save from a car accident. Thinking that she likes him only as his brother, he decided to make them into pets. Will he live happy or master?
Since it's Black package, it's inevitably a nukige. The good things about the game is that you can always see the chart and thus the branching and the endings. There is also voicing.
9. Angel Court [990409] R.A.N Software
Richard Baguel is a young businessman and a competent architecture designer. By a twist of fate he gets to the heavens and with a divide intervention he gets to change his destiny.
Story is quite loose. There is full voicing. It's basically a pure love story and the degree of H-events is not very high. There are very few choices. Protagonist is quite good - kind of charming playboy businessman, and he's voiced as well.


10. Binetsu Jounetsu 微熱・情熱 [990409] Cat's Pro.
Yoshio Kusunoki was drinking with an old man at the bar. He was told that a mansion not far from the town has only girls as workers and now is recruiting. The next morning that old man died of heart attack in an alley and Yoshio looked at his last words about the mansion as a testament and set off for the mansion.
Cat's Pro is a notable game brand from PC-98 era and it returns after 5 years of slumber. Game period is five months including three months of a trial period. Each day consists of morning and evening with a rest time between them. If you do not work, you get mansion destruction point and with three points it's game over. But losing characters sympathy is even worse. There are six heroines to win attention of. So it's quite a boring game that's saved only by its small volume of about 4 hours altogether.


11. Datenshi Bokujou ~Fallen Angel~ 堕天使牧場 ~Fallen Angel~ [990409] M'
There is a world where only women are born. Occasionally a man is sent from the sky to maintain population. Here is such man who has no memory of previous life. Unlike earlier sent men he's not a crude person. He wants to get memories back.
There are six heroines to capture. There are BAD ENDs as well. Some heroines routs open up only after clearing other heroines routes. Volume is around 2 hours.


12. Deep Purple ディープパープル [990409] Studio Neko Punch
In a small village on the North Pole witches live. They are forever young and beautiful magic wielders. But first of all they are girls. They feel the need for love, friendship, thrill, suspense, violence, laugh just like everyone else. One of witches starts an investigation to learn the truth about her best friend's death during magical experiment.
This is a debut work of Studio Nekopunch. First of all, this is a Yuri work. Volume is small, around 2 hours. There are only several choices. Prologue is serious, but it's a comedy work for the rest of the game. Operation is mouse only, no skip function.


13. Ryakudatsu Kinbaku no Yakata Kanketsu Hen 略奪 緊縛の館 完結編 [990409] Xyz
The owner of a mansion invites his cousin as a guest. But that cousin deprives the mansion owner full authority over the building. Cousin proposes a game of girls training during two months. It's for the girls to decide who stays as the owner of the mansion after two months.
Yet another training SIM. Player can choose either the role of mansion owner of the vengeful cousin. Six days for training and one holiday for conversation. Nothing special.


14. Shuumatsu no Sugoshikata ~The World is Drawing to an W/end.~ 終末の過ごし方 ~The world is drawing to an W/end.~ [990409] Abogado Powers 1
In a week the human race will perish. In this situation the hero keeps going to school while everyone gives up. What is there ahead?
Abogado Powers are back from PC-98 stumber and I'm excited about it! The game has awesome styled graphics, sound and text. But it lacks greatly in the story department and is short, just 2 hours long. Everyone accepted the defeat and there is decadent atmosphere everywhere. Story is told from the 3rd person view instead of that of the hero. Too little volume, too underdeveloped characters, too few days to matter. One of the most mysterious features of the game is that everyone wears glasses save for one character who wears contacts.


15. Surface Zone サーフェイスゾーン [990409] Motion
Hero and heroine get to a different dimension - "surface zone". They need to explore the surroundings and find the way out of here. 
A bad 3D polygon game. Operation is possible with mouse only and it's a torture to bypass all the obstacles. It's possible to choose among three protagonists from the start, each of them having different characters and sexual preferences. By advancing the game H events are triggered with 2D normal CG. There are also animated sequences.


16. Boy x Boy ~Shiritsu Kouryou Gakuin Seishinryou~ サーフェイスゾーン [990409] King Records
The player becomes the main character, Akira Hayasaka, in the second grade of Koryo Gakuin Senior High School. 
Boys Love


17. Crank Up ga Matenakute クランクアップが待てなくて [990414] Seal Staff
Fujimi is a third grade school student who attends school cinema club and dreams of shooting a film. Finally he gets such opportunity. Now he needs to appoint the roles and find the main heroine for the film out of many worthy beautiful girl candidates.
Setting is late 80s so it's a nice retro feeling. There are very few choices. There are three heroines. The volume is quite small, around 2 hours.


18. Love Forever LOVE FOREVER [990415] Bunny Pro. 1
The year is 1999, and in Tokyo, there is a scientist. To fulfill his ambitions, he performs magical rituals in his lab basement.
Meanwhile, you play the role of Masato, a regular high school student but very good at martial arts and kendo. After winning the national kendo tournament and defeating your best friend Ukyo (who is the son of this scientist as well as your finals opponent), you go to a cute girl called Sayaka, who you fell in love with, and state your confession. Surprisingly, Sayaka also have feelings for you so the 2 of you come along together very well. This all happens on June 1st, 1999. It all goes well and peaceful for 2 weeks until the absurd comes when serious of weird things and suspicious people start to evolve around you both. To make things short, the two of you run away to your room to "escape" all of these happenings, but unexpectedly a familiar shadow pops up in the darkness....this is just the prologue of a tragedy and a nightmare.
There is an English review. The length was astonishing for the time. Very modern work in that sense - it also has voicing and different routes for each heroine. Fighting minigame is reasonably easy.


19. Nurse Story ナース物語 (ストーリー) [990415] MYCOM 1
The protagonist of the story is hospitalized and needs to stay for three months in a hospital. What to do during all that time, worry about getting better? Nope, walk all over the hospital and try to woo the nurses and hospital staff. First part of the game centers on your trying to win the heart of the woman of your choice in a typical love simulation style. Second part then turns into a romantic visual novel story.
Game period is 3 months. You spend hearts to move around the hospital up to four times a day and replenish them as you visit the doctor. Talking to characters increases or decreases their mood depending on answers. If you don't meet anyone, that's a day wasted, so harsh use of save and load is needed. The second parameter is money... well, it's self-descriptory. Each month he gets 10,000 yen and can also participate in lotteries. It's random, but save/load can make you a millionaire or close to that. There are eight heroines and they include everyone who has a skirt - nurses, doctors, patients... Despite tedious gameplay, characters and dramatic parts are alright.


20. Space Ofera Agga Ruter ~Kyoufu no Uchuu Majo~ Space Ofera アッガ・ルター ~恐怖の宇宙魔女~ [990415] Menu
Continuation of the anime story.
Tayo is 15 years old and he's the owner of the ship that along with the six female crew is flying to explore ancient ruins. Fifteen years ago Tayo's family got attacked by pirate ship and he was the only one to survive in escape pod. The pod drifted to the Agga Ruter spaceship and Tayo was raised by its central system K3.
But at the same time at the other side of the universe the ruler of female alien civilization got tired playing with her subordinates and she set off into space as soon as her radar spotted a man she can play with - and that turned out to be Tayo.
Setting is nice since it's based on the anime. Characters are quite funny as well. Genre can be best described as gag comedy. But game's not long enough and card battle sequences are a pain to go through. Another good feature is that everyone including protagonist is voiced and by the same seiyu as in anime version. So quite a good work, but largely overlooked one since that anime is not well known.


21. Genei Sentai Misty Knights 幻影戦隊 MISTY-KNIGHTS [990416] Fuuro
Hero is the general of an army who has finally succeeded in capturing all four misty knights girls. Now it's the time to get every single secret from them, with force if needed.
Disgusting torture game. There are four girl prisoners and there's nothing to do each day except for wandering around the station and visiting poor prisoners.


22. Nanami Wonderland NA・NA・MIワンダーランド [990416] Archive
A collection of 15 short erotic sketches about Nanami eventful life or fantasies.
There's no story and there's very little text, just HCG gallery with some voicing and some text lines coming along. H only.


23. Seven セブン [990416] Types
As resurrection of an evil god draws near, a goddess sends a team of seven young people - two men and five women - to fight the apostles and prevent evil god's resurrection.
Card battles are so exhausting in this game that it drives out any motivation to go on.


24. Bibou Vintage Real ~Kaikan 3~ 美貌ヴィンテージ・REAL ~kaikan3~ [990420] Hyperspace
A remastered version of Bibou Vintage Kaikan 2
The differences include:
- opening
- multiple endings
- new side-story
- animated scenes
It's the same game, so I won't waste my breath - it will be probably soon get merged with the previous title on vndb anyway.


25. 30 Days [990422] Kurage Club
Hero is an ordinary high school student who used to be a national level kendo sportsman till his father abandoned him in junior school. He has hated his father ever since. He was adopted by another family but he does not feel at home there. One day a news of his father's death arrives and it's going to change everything in his life...
Multi-end ADV with four endings, one for each girl. They are mother-in-law, two sisters-in-law and a classmate. Game is linear with the only significant choice determining girl of interest. There is much animation used and Kurage Club takes roots from the same Umitsuki Production company that the famous full-animated works brand Jellyfish. A series of incidents breaks out with his hero father's death, but romance is developing at the same time and those two lines look alien to each other. But generally speaking it's the story of pessimistic boy who gets over his hatred towards father with the warmth of family members or a classmate. And that grows into knowing the will of his father and accomplishing it. That kind of story.


26. Ryouko no Oshaberi Room 涼子のおしゃべりルーム [990422] Datam Polystar
Fandisc to the Inoue Ryouko series. Includes four modes:
Chat mode: Talk about different subjects with Ryouko. Her responses change depending on the time.
Memory album: View CGs and illustrations from the various games.
Quiz mode: Ryouko quizzes you about things.
What day is it today?: Ryouko tells you what holiday it is today.
I can't stand fandisks.


27. Girl Friends Girl Friends [990423] Libido
Eight girls went on a beach trip. Our guy, as one girl's classmate, tag along to take some pictures. To get their topless picture, he has to do something interesting. To get their nude picture, they have to love him a bit at least. Will he be able to find a girlfriend after their 3 day trip?
Yet another tasteless Libido game. I guess we should praise they finally go away from yuri or smth? Who cares, trash remains trash.


28. Ingoku no Gakuen Biseito Choukyou 淫獄の学園 美聖徒調教 [990423] Guilty
A prestigious girls high school where strict teachers maintain high disciplinary standards. But it's hard to imagine what dark secrets dwell under the surface...
Very simple story with choices, almost all the time is devoted to H.


29. Lipstick Adv.EX [990423] Fairytale 1 2
The story starts as a usual day of Detective Ichijou Megumi and his assistant, Hidaka Koume. Like many detective games, this detective has not gotten any case for a long time. As a result, he just wonders aimlessly around the town flirting with a female in public library and helps Koume's Detective Club out to find the culprit of stealing her classmate's clothes. While these two events seemed irrelevant, it is a slow pavement behind a big evil (?!) scheme hidden in the city.
In this game, you will be switching between perspectives of the detective and his assistant.
Game has an English review. It's your only chance to pick up a part of Lipstick ADV legacy on Windows.


30. Natsu no Owari ni... 夏の終わりに… [990423] Dark Knight
Hero is taking tutorship in order to enter a special prestigious school. His childhood friend was supposed to tutor him during summer, but hero's mother forced the decision to hire several women tutors on various science subjects. How far will he progress by the end of the studies with studies and relations?
Each day of the week save for days off there is its own tutor with his science attending. Hero is middle school student and thus does not invoke much sympathy. Heroines character design is not good and those huge melons might even rival those from minori. This is a SIM game with parameters so the tempo is not good either.


31. Nature Trip ねいちゃあトリップ [990423] Xuse
Hero was staying under the tree hesitating whether to approach the girl he liked for a long time or not when the tree was struck by the lightning. As his vision cleared he saw a cave with an altar and a beautiful woman looking at him anxiously. And she looked almost like the girl of his interest! Where is he? Is this a fantasy world? What will happen to him?
The different world is populated only by women and that fact kills the whole synopsis intrigue - just another convenient environment. There is a happy ending for each heroine around, but only three of them have routes and side-characters have a H-event and game over. It's a light solid work, but far from masterpiece.


32. Oni Coach!! ~Shouri e no Ryoujoku~ 鬼コーチ!! ~勝利への凌辱~ [990423] Apple Pie
Onimaya Gomon has gathered 10 girls for his sport team. He demands absolute obedience on his training sessions. He is absolutely sure that virginity is a hindrance during the training and must be cast away as soon as possible.
Purely H game, there's hardly even any talk in-between.


33. Oniichan to Issho おにいちゃんといっしょ [990423] Fish Cafe
Toyoda Shinji lives with his father, a teacher at school. Shinji was enjoying his school life till one of his classmates became his sister-in-law. She started to live under the same roof and from that day peaceful life went awry...
There are four heroines and there is a rival heroine in each branch so can switch to rival heroine. It's definitely not an onii-chan game, but rather school romance one - it's just very weird that classmates call the hero onii-chan. Girl routes are pretty much the same, so there's little point in aiming to clear all.


34. Senbatsu Keibitai 選抜警備隊 [990423] Outlaw
You are a guard and your current duty is to guard a lone princess with other guards disguised as princess friends and relatives in accordance with the last order of the king.
It's an RPG mix game. Game progresses by minutes and sleep takes only three hours. The leftover time is spent moving around, getting information and protecting the princess, of course. You need to protect her for 30 days and constantly defend against attackers at night and in the forest. Story is not very good and its developments only make feel uncomfortable. Battles are no fun at all. Damage is random. Overall it's a painful game without even any clear aim.


35. Tokyo Kowloon 東京九龍 [990423] Janis
Near future. After a huge catastrophe befallen upon Tokyo, a large part of it has turned into slums. At such area hero is doing slave business raising girls and selling them to rich people outside the city. Usually there is a specific request, but the means of training are up to hero to decide.
Yet another training SIM. There are 5 girls, 30 days, 6 parameters and freedom to choose the means of training. Number of events is very small, so gameplay is boring. Let's go on already.


36. Viper-F50 ~Mirai Tokusou Bureiban~ VIPER-F50 ~未来特捜ブレイバン~ [990423] Sogna 1
The sequel to the "Future Investigator Bravan" story told in VIPER-V12, VIPER-F50 continues the tale of Bravan and his partner Anri as they fight against the forces of Donarghe and its army of mutants. Colonel Gel returns with a plot to defeat Bravan by capturing Anri and fellow investigator Shine. However, Gel's plot for world domination unknowingly hinges on the faith and abilities of her young protégé, Mari.
There is an English review, but I'll try to make mine as well when the time allows to.


37. Yume Tenshi ~Takujou Dennou Inmu Yuugi~ 夢・天・使 ~卓上電脳淫夢遊戯~ [990423] Triangle
Two girls greet you in an entertainment place. They explain the place to you and ask you to pick one of 12 girls to play a virtual situation. To finish each situation, you need to win four majong games or rich-man card games with the girl. If you manage to get all 12 girls, those two will challenge you.
I can't say anything good about an ordinary stripping card game, so I'd better say nothing.


38. Nekopara ~Nekosogi Paradise~ ねこぱら ~ねこそぎ・ぱらダイス~ [990424] Mink
Boys school suddenly gets merged with girls school. Hero is secretly in love with one girl from there and he has only one year till graduation to confess his feelings.
This is a board game with the use of dice etc. You trigger events and accumulate service points through replays opening more heroines and more CG. There are five heroines each with its own rival.


39. Sweet Love Concerto スイートラブコンチェルト [990424] Ange
Gentle-minded angel apprentice Michael (black hair, black skin) and strong-willed devil apprentice Rose (blonde hair, white skin) are in love relationship. Together they need to come through a number of life situations. In the first episode a human male appears who can pose a threat to this love link. 
Ugh, I don't even know where to start. No voicing. Ugly drawing. Poor story. Lots of H. There are bad endings as well.


40. Keibiin 警備員 [990428] Interheart
Kousuke Ninomiya is a security guard at a all-around department store, who blackmails female shoppers who shoplift for sexual favors in return of not turning them in to the police.
Game is quite known, but I guess it's thanks to hentai anime. Just think of this game as Interheart's alternative to Elf's *saku series. 


41. Little Witch Parfait リトルウィッチ パルフェ [990428] Kuroneko-san Team
Parfait Sucreal is a young witch, who is yet in training and full of clumsiness in raising a potion shop called Black Cat Market run by her mother and Parfait's black cat, Sakemas, who can amazingly talk. A year ago from the time this game was set, her mother had died from an illness - her father was a famous wizard who died from saving the kingdom when Parfait was young.
At the beginning, Parfait introduces herself and tells the player that she is almost at the risk of losing her beloved shop (the only remains of her mother), for Parfait has to pay the debt of 1,000,000G (gold) by 12 months to keep the shop running. As a normal shop, there seems no hope for raising the Black Cat Market's fame.
Game has an English review.


42. My Friends [990428] Euphony Production
Toru just graduated from school and entered university when he received a letter from old friend Sanae that invited him to visit her boarding house. The same invitations were passed to many hero's girl acquaintances as well. It was the beginning of summer drama.
First half is ADV at university and second one is SIM at the boarding house that looks very similar to previous game Happening Journey. Two heroines are just taken from Graffiti of Petit - shameless as that. Hero is deliberately put into a harem situation and he does not need to put much effort at all. It's different from other games in that all the heroines are students and thus are grown-ups. Game has pleasant graphics and calming atmosphere. Play time is around 5 hours.


43. Kokoro no Kakera 心のかけら [990430] Foster
Our guy's father is leaving on a trip for two weeks and he has to take care of the house maids. That means he can chase after the 5 maids and 1 girlfriend. If he manages to catch a girl, his father won't be too happy but he will be extremely happy.
There are 5 maids for capture. One playthrough is between 1 and 2 hours. The work is for HCG only.


44. Marionette -Kugutsu- マリオネット-傀儡- [990430] Saga Planets
Hero exists as a ghost without a body. He succeeds in hijacking his alive older brother's body and gets access to all of the girls' dorm rooms since his brother was an administrator there. It's only needed to find weaknesses and it's easy to force oneself on each girl.
Girls temporarily loose memory after drinking hero's body fluids, so it's a very convenient setting to just go on with all of the girls. It's one road story just for H.


45. Mosquito ~Mosquito no Inbou~ MOSQUITO ~モスキートの陰謀~ [990430] Mesa
Hero works as a bartender, but recently a special mosquito has appeared in his life. He can control that mosquito and see from his eyes. Now he uses that ability to spy on the bar clients from very bold angles.
So many nukige this month that I decided to stop giving comments on nukige starting with year 2000. But for now... boo for peeping mosquito!


46. Trouble Travel [990430] Telluru
Five classmates - two boys and three girls go on a trip to a resort town. You play as one of boys and can go on multiple of dates with the girls you like.
Game's fully voiced (except for protagonist) and quite lively. It's not hookable and launches only on Win2K and lower. There are some gags. But overall it's just dates and H, nothing special. Found only one impression on the game and it's of below medium scores.


Recommended Comments

Out of all those VN, it's interesting that I managed to find Kuroneko-soft which as we knew was the team behind Symphonic Rain. I thought that the VN would be had usual rythm game, only to found out that it's apparently like Kamidori in which we would do some item crafting and sell the item that we made. It's not like I will play it anyway, but looking from PSP cast I think that's too bad that Kogado changing the cast considering that they got Nana Mizuki as one of the seiyuu at PC version, then again perhaps there's some policy that cause Kogado to change the seiyuu for PSP version there.

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