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VN of the Month September 1998 - With You ~Mitsumete Itai~



With You ~Mitsumete Itai~ is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Mystic Mind ~Yureru Omoi~ Mystic Mind~揺れる想い~ [980903] Family Soft 1
Depending on gender choice the game will differ in who you meet - males or females.
The game begins when the player's character is transferred to a private high school where he will meet the other main character of the game, and the game will start there.
The game features different endings depending on the player's choices and character development during the gameplay. So now it is up to the player to succeed in finding love or not.
Oh my, half-otome game. Those that try to please everyone usually get a generic game as a result and this is no exception. A raising sim that I can't see any outstanding features in.


2. Revolver [980903] FlyingShine 1
Game consists of various scenarios, and the number increases with each special event. Here's a short introduction to "Tomokazu Yuki edition," which you'll find in the beginning!
Rape incidents are occurring left and right in this town, and Tomokazu Yuki, a teacher at the private "Takayama School," gets fed up and begins to investigate these incidents by himself. However, in spite of his efforts, incidents begin to increase even more...
Nearly at wit's end, he one day finds conclusive evidence at the scene of a crime. It's a mysterious membership card from the "Rape Club"!!!
Game looks very much like Sadistic Medicine. Same blurry real photos or just some visual effects as backgrounds, same absence of people except for HCG, same NVL narration. Quite an ugly work.


3. Kaze no Oka Kouen nite 風の丘公園にて [980903] Tecno Soft 1
Love comes with the Autumn. School idol suddenly confesses to the main character. During the next 17 days he will need to decide which of four girls to give preference and spend unforgettable season with.
A minor and pretty boring school galge.


4. Dennou Meikyuu Gensou Bouken Yuugi Yurika 電脳迷宮幻想冒険遊戯ユリカ [980904] MILI ALDI
Setting is future virtual sex device. Story progresses mostly through listening. 3D sound invites you to an unknown world. This adult suspense adventure may have different endings depending on decisions.
There are five endings. Game was shipped with special headphones that are supposed to give 3D sound. Dialogue is displayed on the screen, but it's done in the form of screensaver that's bad for eyes, so audio is the only good way to go.


5. Innai Kansen ~Mayonaka no Nurse Call~ 淫内感染 ~真夜中のナースコール~ [980904] ZyX
Game goes in parallel with original Innai Kansen and includes two new characters. Clearing stages in action game reveals naughty images and small pieces of drama depicting sex scene.
There's at least a quiz and a xonix game. Reward is HCG.


6. Omoidezaka 想ひ出坂 [980904] Ume Soft
A landscape with a nostalgic atmosphere. A woman is always standing on a slope behind the scenery.
... This is the mysterious dream that comes every night. The hero returns to his home town as a practice student and recognized the girl of his dreams in Tamiya Maika. While still wondering about this connection, he gets to know that the teacher was killed in the arts classroom. He sets on the investigation to find out the truth behind the incident.
Multi-route multi-ending command selection ADV. There are 10 girls and 10 happy endings. First half of the game is usual school slice of life while only second one is murder investigation. Even though solving the case is easy, the flags are vague and getting all the endings is very tough.


7. Yami no Mitsuryousha 闇の密猟者 [980904] Jade
Protagonist with three girls go in the mountains to draw a sketch, but they get lost and it starts raining. They see a villa and come inside to get dry. Younger sister gets hungry and they start seeking for provision but find an arm cut from the elbow in the basket instead.
Systems is clumsy as in every work based on macromedia. No skip function, pseudo 3D and slow screen motion. Text is really bad and scarce. Story is of dark origin with much rape and it's a single road. Opponent is multiple personality killer demon.


8. Rakuen no Natsu 楽園の夏 [980905] Ange
Hero is a 3rd grade high school student in a small rural town. He is surrounded by childhood friends and lives happily. By summer vacations he starts to think about future and long-life relations.
There are many heroines and depending on places you chose to go, branching happens. August 15th is the summer festival day and it's the day of erotic ending.


9. Utsukushiki Emono-tachi no Gakuen 美しき獲物たちの学園 [980905] Mink
St. Raiseen prestigious school for upper class society children. Asuma Naka is a girl from a mediocre family who enters the same academy and gets attention of millionaire student. That encounter spawned a wave of black jealousy and desire around the school.
Game features zapping between the characters viewpoints with main hero being S and heroine M, so game tried to appeal to different tasted.


10. Nurse Call ナースコール [980909] Aquarium 1
A girl died during operation without telling her feelings. Fumiura Yuya starts to hear her faint voice from then on.
Will he be trapped with the ghosts of the past or see a sign of new life?
There are three heroines, but scenario is the same so there's no meaning in it. Game is also really short.


11. Kousoku Arcueil no Kyouen 拘束 アルクイユの狂宴 [980910] Persian Soft
Hero takes a part-time job at an island hotel. There are few customers here and only two staff members including manager and protagonist. The hotel and its customers have mysteries to uncover.
Game has pleasant bright visuals and full voicing (apart of protagonist). The flow is customer arrival - we fix her issues - she leaves - new customer arrives. The content is only partially of SM type here.


12. Fifteen ~School Girls Digital Tokuhon~ Fifteen ~すくうるがあるずデジタル読本~ [980911] Libido
Pseudo web-browsing game to find clue words and access secret shameful pictures of class girls.
Internet had about 10% penetration at that time so it was a very unusual work. Basically you read official profiles and gather important words from there. Those words are then possible to be entered in search engine. There is no story here.


13. Light My Fire -Hajimemashite- LIGHT MY FIRE -はじめまして- [980911] Take
Hero is a teacher during daytime and DJ at night time. Main heroine is the daughter of religious cult guru. Hero acts to prevent destruction activities of this religious cult.
DJ battle adventure simulation game as it describes itself... wth. This doujin game is a huge mess.Why teacher would fight religious fanatics... Why it suddenly turns into a sex game... Why the teacher reconciles guru and his daughter and joins the religious cult as a senior executive eventually?!  It all looks like a bad joke. And on top of that game is music-based and there's a nice DJ battle minigame. Doujin crapocalypse is coming...


14. Onegai! Renhou おねがい!蓮宝 [980911] Blue Bell 1
Yuta Nagamine adores his classmate Kitakaru Kyoko, but he's to shy to covey his feelings to her. Because of that he's being tagged as stalker. 
One day mahjong's fairy "Rinba" appears with a magical sphere where "mahjong dragon" who can can accept any wish is sealed. Yuta jumps at the occasion and decides to challenge five familiar girls in undressing mahjong game.
Normal mahjong game with weird synopsis. As you win you can buy items in various shops. There is story mode and pure mahjong mode. There's an English review.


15. With You ~Mitsumete Itai~ With You ~みつめていたい~ [980911] F&C 1
Long time ago, a man and a woman made a promise, stating that although they were destined to be lonely souls, they should always remain together. But by a cruel joke of fate, they were separated and sealed into two jewels that were hidden for generations. Manami, who left the country 6 years before, has found one of the jewels while traveling. He will return to Japan to meet with their friends from childhood. This will entail a meeting of the two jewels again, for the second jewel seems to be owned by his father.
There is an English review of this game.


16. Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan 御神楽少女探偵団 [980917] Human Club 1
Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan is an adventure game that tells a story of Mikagura Tokito was the director of a detective agency in the Taisho era but disappeared after an accident.
Three girls who adored him continue his work - they are Tomoe, Shigeno, and Chizuru.
Talk to every character in each screen until each scene is solved. That pretty much sums it up. There rest depends on whether you like cute girls unwinding cases in Taisho era.


17. Gakuensei Hakusho 2 学園性白書2 [980918] Vision
A guy found out that he has a brain tumor and has about one year to live. His best friend made a bet with him to see who can catch some girls first. Will he live out his last year happy?
Again it's mostly about animation and HCG. Text is not hookable due to engine limitations - it's the wall of text that scrolls down.


18. Sweet Tears [980918] Lyceen
It's spring and love is in the air. Who will hero choose among friends to share these wonderful moments? Or maybe it will be mysterious transfer student?
No text info on the game, but it's a pure love school story.


19. Waku Waku☆Wakusei Princess わくわく☆惑星プリンセス [980918] Pumpie
Hero was driving a car in the mountains. The car wrecked and he was self-pleasing while looking at the starts - one star rushed to the ground. When hero arrived to the crash site, the star turned out to be a spaceship. An alien girl princess Pam showed up from it saying that it was the energy generated by masturbation that had caused the ship to crash and that the hero was responsible for it and thus needed to help collect the energy.
The energy can only be generating by having sex with girls, so it needs to be repeated multiple times to collect enough amount.
There are only 7 days overall, so every action should lead to scoring or it's a bad ending. There are three heroines overall. The drawing is specific and the content is thin.


20. Doki Doki Pretty League: Nekketsu Otome Seishunki ドキドキプリティリーグ 熱血乙女青春記 [980923] Xing Entertainment
In this game you play a coach for an all-girl baseball team. The game plays like a managerial game where you have to keep track of the schedule, add practice time for the girls and play games to advance in the series. But to keep the team happy you must also make sure they have a good social life as well as a well thought out training regime.
There are a lot of games in this baseball manager franchise. They look pretty much the same to me and there's no will to look for differences.


21. Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Blank of 3 Years 機動戦艦ナデシコ The blank of 3years [980923] Sega 1 2
A follow up to the Kidou Senkan Nadesico anime, this game covers the events that occur in the storyline between the end of the series and the movie.
There is enough English information on the game.


22. Ren'ai Kouhosei Starlight Scramble 恋愛候補生 STARLIGHT SCRAMBLE [980923] KSS Inc. 1
Four years had passed since the NUN (Neo United Nations) unified the Earth's nation in 2120, and them the project of the pseudo-earth environment "One's Home" was started and led by Kirishima. Five years later, the first satellite town in the history of mankind, "Second One's Home" was completed. By this means, the human beings left a "cage" called the earth, and began to immigrate to the Second One's Home where they created a second home. The mother computer "Maxis", which controls the whole Second One's Home was completed in advance. Howerever, some control problems had been left which was solved two years later. Since then peaceful days have continued.
The incident happen as if the peaceful days were laughed at mockingly. The first incident was "anxiety". It was that "Kirishima", who as the leader of the "One's Home Project" dissappeared. The Second One's Home tried to hush up the incident, while the NUN side tried to intervene in it. However, the action ended in failure by some powerful people, and the incident of Kirishima's disappearence was concealed.
The second incident was "resistance". The affair of terrorism occurred at Universe Port "SUS". Since there is no statement for the offense, it was treated as in discriminate terrorism. However, the criminal's true character has not yet been captured...
The third incident was "fear". three planes for the second platoon of the NUN space force which belonged to the Second One's Home, encountered uncertificated Flying objects, and were shot down. This unknown object was called "Hughey". As a clue of this, the NUN Space Force intends to further build up it's forces. This incident might be a warning from space to human beings who left the "cage" called Earth.
Time passed, and in February, 2149, the past incident does not mean what it used to. The story starts at this Second One's Home, and it is an ordinary love story as if it can be seen from the Earth.
A dating SIM with five girls and some SF entourage.


23. Baku 縛 [980925] Zero
A certain monastery deep inside the forest serves as an orphanage nurturing picked up children. But that's only the facade - it actually trains SM slaves for influential people.
A young man took monastery's shelter only to be drugged during the meal, bounded and obscenely trained.
Ero-focused work with 20 kinds of endings achievable on satisfying conditions. There is a "hint mode" that helps not to miss even a single ending. Total play time is around 5 hours to clear everything.


24. Carbon Knight カーボナイト [980925] CD Bros. 1
A world devastated by the battle of gods. The surviving people created inanimate "carbon humans" by using the relics of Gods and sealing the soul within. For several hundred years the war lasted. Now carbon knight needs to deter the restoration of the once sealed demon king.
Story has H-events densely packed. Save function returns you to the start of the day and one day is a very long period. It goes like a normal ADV with periodical choices of where to go or what to answer. I prepared a full review.


25. For Season ~Meguriyuku Kisetsu no Naka de~ For Season ~めぐりゆく季節の中で~ [980925] Giga 1
You are hired as a family tutor, and you pick three girls of your choice (from five) as your students. In six months time (July to January), you are to assist these three girls in getting into University.
There is an English review of this game.


26. Lag ラグ [980925] Aaru
2022 AD. Hero is the strongest fighter in history. He was ordered by his father to find a girlfriend in three years time and train her into a fighter. He needs to attend the school of fiercest fighters from all over the country. But his power gets sealed and he needs to start from scratch.
Fighting ADV genre has given us quite a good number of games. System-wise it's nothing special, command selection. We choose type of training each month. Once you get enough experience with training, you can level up. Each week we can choose to see some girl or do smth else on free time. Battles lasts for 10 turns with selection limited to attack, defend and provoke. But games lasts for 3 years which is a LOT. RPG element tries to shake off repeatedness, but succeeds only partially. Quite an ordinary fighting adv, but with good character growth and battle mechanics.


27. My Girl [980925] Jam 1
You start the game already with a girlfriend, Miki. During the school year, you'll meet other two girls, and you must choose between chasing one of them or sticking with Miki.
There is an English review of this game.


28. Osananajimi 幼なじみ [980925] Candy Soft
Protagonist is enjoying his school life with his female childhood friend and school buddies. He has a "slave" sex friend who calls him "master", but there are also many other women around him. Who will he choose?
It's Interheart, so don't expect a solid story here. There is a good cast of characters, but there's not much difference among their routes. It feels like different characters are introduce just to increase variation of H events. Game feels empty.


29. Yume no Saka 夢の坂 [980925] acute
Dream slope is a hill near student dormitory. According to old legend monsters used to appear from there. They were exterminated by a travelling samurai, but as he was leaving he predicted that evil would rise again on the slope.
Heroines with heart and mind wounds get caught by the dream slope. Each heroine story is unique. Another feature of the game is that there are not really good endings. I'm intrigued to some extent. I'm giving it a full review.


30. Bloody Romance ブラッディロマンス [980930] Hyperspace
US Navy identifies nuclear explosion-like vibration with the epicenter in China's Tian Shan mountain range and Gobi desert. There is no possibility that China undertakes secret experiments in the current world situation.
Two women Amami Hitoyo and Akashi Michi are caught up in student demonstration in Shanghai while on business in China and hired by one of China's industry complexes to have an investigation of the nuclear tests.
The sequel comes just in three months after the original. The system and the characters are the same in both games. And since last time the field for investigation was whole Europe, this time it's... right, all of Asia. Just as in prequel those two girls aren't considered main heroines. But the hero is just some guy in the hotel who is only used for H scenes to regain energy in the mother town. Just as in prequel, there are multiple cases to pick up and proceed with in various cities of the Asia. Game also promised a sequel, but it never appeared.


31. Yuganda Akai Ito 歪んだ赤い糸 [980930] Penguin Works
Hero is a ronin student preparing for university entrance exams. One day he sees his sister-in-law Sanae taking shower and begins to think of her as a woman. Then adult woman entered his life as tutor. Where will desires bring the hero?
There are only two good scenario branches and all the others are bad endings. That provides an abundance of H-events. Sanae is main heroine with about 10 H events, so game has a strong siscon feeling. Two sub-heroines include tutor adult woman and Sanae's best friend.


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