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VN of the Month December 1999 - Elemental Arts



There are surprisingly many masterpieces this month. There are three: Elemental Arts, Green and SPARK! My personal favourtite would of course be Vist, but even I understand that it lacks the masterpiece level. The game of the Month December 1999 is Elemental Arts since I would not like to compliment eroge'ish Green and bakage'ish SPARK!

1. Vist [991202] C's Ware 1
In a rainy night, the cops are investigating a bizarre murder scene.
"What he saw?" - wonders the detective.
Takuto, the protagonist, is a sickly highschool student with a heart disease. His father is a scientist and researcher who is traveling overseas. Even thought he is alone in home, his neighbor and university student Rin come visit him every day, and every night his father call him and they talk by phone.
But one day, his father stops calling and they lost contact. Takuto wonders if something happened to him and contacts the laboratory where his father works. But the staff members dont' know anything.
Takuto is worried, until one day a strange girl called Eryu appears in his house with a letter from his father.
"I'm sorry ------" - Says the last words of his father.
And something who don't look to be human starts to approach the hero, who little by little get caught in the case of the bizarre murders.
And seeing the disturbing signs --- a heartbeat began to drift.
I've already provided full review in the previous post. But now I'm interested what other reviewers think of the game.
№1:Have not understood the end... chapter 5 too fast development... the impressive reunion scene missing... there is no excitement in the ending at all... have to load game if there is a single counterattack.
№2:Replay is very painful due to complex system... bloodshed scenes glorious... HCG quite large number... this work is not balanced... unexplained and esoteric development leaves bad aftertaste.
№3:Hard to understand story... story is good, but story development is not good... first two chapter sluggish, but next two chapters thrilling. 
№4:Totally suspense... repeated playthrough is troublesome... very bad that losing in battle can get bad ending fixed... if only 5th chapter scenario was deeper it would be a masterpiece... it's one of the best masterpieces of suspense genre... why no male voicing (cries)... atmosphere is good... scenario is of high quality... not a work that leaves something after it is over.
Wow, I can totally subscribe to every word here. Very strange, but very fascinating and mysterious work.


2. Alive [991203] Witch 1
A winter story. Kihara Yuuji , Sawaki Yuriko and Sakagami Yuzuki. A trio of best friends, two of them recently being a couple and the last blessing and watching over them. A short happiness that suddenly escapes everyone's hands as tragedy strikes and kills one of them. This is a story where the protagonist tries to overcome such a sorrow. The unforgiveable sin that is love. An eternal damnation. An unavoidable and cruel destiny. Unrequited feelings. And, caught in the middle, good and kind people who are in the end but innocent sacrifices.
Game actually feels very different from the synopsis. The trio happy school life introduction is very long so it's possible to get bored even at this stage. But the main part after sudden Yuzuki death is quite short and underdeveloped. There are four girls with their routes. But actually only main heroine route and true endings have some impact - the others are totally bland - there just is not enough discussions and expressions. A but shift in quality. That might be actually improved in the "Renewal" release in 2001. Overall it's a game based on atmosphere only.


3. La vie de Chateau ラヴィドシャトゥ La vie dechateau [991203] Artifact
Medieval-style heroic fantasy.
A young knight apprentice dreams of marrying princess Felicia and to achieve this goal he needs to form connections with a wide range of important or useful women.
It's a self-raising SIM. Period is 6 months. We train each day and there are also events to trigger. If you train diligently you see how your rank rises. There are also duels in the game (with husbands, naturally) and it's satisfying to see that your stats actually determine your attack/defense/constitution. But text in the game is very slow and need to press shift for each screen separately. There are also quite many bugs around.


4. Nanairo Daydream ~Nanami Wonderland 2~ なないろ☆デイドリーム ~NA・NA・MIワンダーランド2~ [991203] Archive
This time there are private situations from the lives of three sisters : Mikuri, Mizuki, Milk.
Same as prequel, just H. Choose a situation and enjoy.


5. POW ~Horyo~ POW ~捕虜~ [991203] FlyingShine
Mankind extends its living area to Mars. However, the generation that is born on Mars starts to appeal to autonomy of Mars, and eventually civil war breaks out. Government decides to thread carefully and the situation is frozen for five years.
Mars history year 79. Main character receives command from Mars government to capture and interrogate female elite soldiers of the three enemy reconnaissance units ...
An SF simulation game. First there's a strategic battle, next there's interrogation SIM. Just when I hoped for a normal SF story...


6. Ren'Ai Kumikyoku 恋愛組曲 [991203] Libido
Hero gets into an all-girl school band as a result of the injury of sempai. He is responsible for the keyboard and there is a rhythm minigame introduced to measure his success.
Another Libido game... somehow they all look the same to me and keyword here is tasteless. Now you also need to play the keyboard as if it was a piano. Apart of that it's not much different from a galge. There are 8 heroines to capture. Well, it's not that the story changes for each character. Scenario is painful to read without skipping.


7. Spark! SPARK! [991203] Cat's Pro.
Protagonist is a normal high school student, has at times he sees strange scenes and gets depressed. One day he meets transfer student Yanan Michiru who calls herself an agent of human world management institution. According to her tale, hero has an ability to see the world where the balance is being broken by a stray angel. They will go to school together and search for an angel.
It's a comedy work at school setting. The purpose to find the angel does not really matter in the end and there's just a series of events triggered. The process is more valuable than the result here and it's just exciting to see what happens in the new dream. It may be a bakage, but its strength is not in individual gags, but in the flow they create so that it feels like a melody. Even H-scenes are overflowing with playfulness and humor. That's a very unique atmosphere created and it's worthy to be called a masterpiece.


8. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Dokidoki Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 どきどき編 [991205] J-Wing 1
Player takes role of a young high school student who is trying to find love. And for that he will play different versions of mahjong against three different girls.
Card game


9. Moonlight Blue [991207] Studio Til
Main character enters the desired university. His education life is very fun, but the apartment he moves into appears to be inhabited by a ghost girl...


10. Nekomimi Musume Choukyou S 猫耳娘調教 S [991210] Neko no Kessha
Teacher entrusts main character to train a cat girl within two weeks. Will protagonist succeed? And what personality will cat girl embrace - nasty one or gentle one?


11. Baldr Fist BALDRFIST [991210] Team Baldrhead 1 2
Baldr Fist is a branching adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements.
I think everyone by now should be familiar with baldr games gameplay - long range weapons for the safety, close range for the excitement. There are 6 heroines total for capture. Scenario has gone downhill compared to Baldr Head and is almost nonexistant. This game should rather be treated as gameplay polish since it reached new heights of enjoyment and fun.


12. Blood Royal [991210] Cherry Soft 1
A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed with a torture chamber and his depraved imagination. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre excursion into a world of erotic peril. Two Princesses try to run away from their homelands only to end up in his hands. This is a story about how these two persevere and get through this torture.
There's an English review.


13. Elemental Arts エレメンタルアーツ [991210] BAROQUE 1
It's been ten years since the Devil was defeated by five heroes. Peace was maintained under the rule of the heroes. People kept summoning demons and forced them to work and live and terrible conditions.
Ren lived in a mountain locket with his parents. Occasionally girl named Lier came from the village to visit them. But one day Ren was attacked by a group of three bounty hunters who were searching for powerful demons and sealing them. Ren was surprised to know he was a demon even though he was brought up as a human. His powers were unsealed by the bounty hunters attack and he set on a journey. At first he was only seeking his family enemies, but observing the humiliating life conditions of demons he eventually begins to oppose the reign of brave heroes.
Game is pretty much a sequel of previous BAROQUE game Midgard. Now finally we play for the bad guys... or rather good guys oppressed by other good guys. It's one of the first work to implement 3D topographic elements and it looks awesome. There are 8 magic elements with different skills so it's necessary to pay attention to the elemental stats that equipment brings. You start alone, then gradually party size increases to 7 and after 8th member there's split of parties and all the characters meet together for the final battle in one huge 8-man party. Game story gets somewhat stale by the middle of the game, but overall it's a great rpg, definitely a masterpiece.


14. Film Noir フィルムノワール [991210] Sophia
Nowadays video cameras are more popular than 8 mm films and rival video school club gets all the attention. In these circumstances Mayu Natsu is struggling to gather performers and staff in order to shoot his own independent film before he graduates.
Game's divided into adventure part where hero finds the staff and simulation part where we shoot the film and this second part is not too serious. Period is 40 days but all the simultaneous flagging can be done in just one week and rest is just killing time. Game was postponed several times and thus feels old by the time of release. Text is also not good. There's not much meaning in the game apart of capturing all 9 girls, but atmosphere is good.


15. Giri Shimai 義理姉妹 [991210] Red Zone
Main character is in love from first sight with his sister-in-law who enters the same college. Now the university life full of expectation begins.
Game is full of disappointments. Photographic backgrounds, rough designs, several H events just from the start. Gameplay is choosing between like 7 places and watching event if the place is corretly chosen. And of course there's hardly any story at all. 


16. Inmetsu ~Yami ni Hisomu Manazashi~ 湮滅~闇に潜む眼差し~ [991210] Zero
Main character gets a part-time job to supervise a mountain house after his uncle recommendation. A swimming club gets stationed there. Main character blackmails and insults the girls.
Just an insulting nukige.


17. Itazura III 悪戯Ⅲ~いたずらスリー~ [991210] Interheart
The purpose is to molest 18 girls while travelling across 6 stations and 12 towns. Now with a new command "take off clothes".
All games of the series look alike to me.


18. Koiji 恋路 [991210] Cliff Edge
A strategic dating SIM game where player needs to outperform and outsmart the rivals to win the heart of a girl.
It's actually a common dating SIM with parameters and occasional events. We can see girls parameters as well so it's clear what each girls likes. There are 8 girls. The rivals is the most important part of the game. You can see their parameters and their next movements with many tricks to apply. It all seems only luck-dependent at times. Love is a tough competition.


19. My Sister ~Sweet Gemini~ 妹☆妹~Sweet Gemini~ [991210] Ripe 1
The game's objective is quite simple. You are a 'brother' and you need to 'take care' of your 'sisters' and 'friends'. There are 5 heroines in total.
There is an English review.


20. Seijo Vampire 聖女ヴァンパイア [991210] Pinky Soft
Hero is a hunter who captures girl monsters and makes living. The story beings from receiving a request to investigate a village cemetery. 
The setting and the drawing are the same as in Dragon no Tiara and Genjuuya. It's a dungeon crawler RPG with lots of H events for different types of girl monsters. 


21. Tenohira no Yuki てのひらの雪 [991210] Ange
At ancient times Wano consisted of three large islands where lots of countries and warlords waged war. The story begins when Sudoku is invaded by Mino, and all the key Sudoku people are been killed and deprived. One of survivors is princess who is taken to Mino country. Main character is princess younger brother who switches places with her to avenge his country by attacking women of the castle.
It's probably one of the earliest cases of transvestism. Anyway, as hero meets the four women, he's suddenly not so inclined for revenge already. He can choose the way of love and growing up as a man. 


22. Time Surf タイムサーフ [991210] Telluru
Hero who is an apprentice of time and space masters with the aim to get a license and learn flying. His master requests to travel to different time spaces and exterminate four wanted female time criminals.
Telluru has made 8 games in just 9 months... and that really makes me question the quality. The bulk of the game is some weird gameplay, as always. I chose some German uniform girl to look for and appeared in the year 1943 in Germany... which is the screenshot above. Good job...


23. Sharanra シャランラ ~写乱裸~ [991215] Nekotama
Main character Sasayama has recently lost his job due to recession. He gets to see a request for a male AV actor in a job magazine. He's accepted for the job and allowed to choose from five amateur actresses.
Basically the actresses are on the screen. The rest is small talk and if nothing too offending is said it's H event.


24. 1-2 Finish! [991215] NenGollo Software
Main character attends school, but he is very active during lunch break and after school. Eight female students become his victims.


25. Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~ ぽけかの〜愛田由美〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1
The star of this raising sim game is Yumi Aida, a little girl that you meet when she's 11 years old in a park. Later, the player will discover that she's his neighbour and keeps visiting her.
For raising her stats, you must pass some minigames that allow you to buy her presents and take her to new places.
The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.


26. Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~ ぽけかの〜宝条院静香〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1
Pocke-Kano - Shizuka Houjouin is a sort of an adventure game with mini games in which the player start the game meeting Shizuka Houjouin, a little girl that he finds in the park and after that she takes him to meet her mother. After that he will continue visiting her and during the game he will more or less appreciated by her depending of the results of the different mini games that the player can play in his PocketStation that will make him earn money to buy Shizuka better presents.
One different thing about the game is that you will see her raise from a little girl to a woman (the game last 7 years of the girl's lifetime).
Bring up young Shizuka Houjouin in this girl raising sim.
The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.


27. Pocke-Kano ~Ueno Fumio~ ぽけかの〜植野史緒〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1
This is a communication game to raise heroine Fumio Ueno into an ideal woman during seven years period.
The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone.


28. Angel Snow [991217] C's Ware
Yutaka Tendo is a boy who forgot that he is an angel. Yutaka falls in love with a human girl  Sakuya. Yutaka decides to confess her by the time of Christmas, but Sakuya seems to like another boy. Should Yutaka preserve his love or let passion break through? Little by little he starts to remember that he is an angel. It gets more and more difficult to come up with answers...
This is not a full game, rather an addition to a fandisk. Story is very short. Basically it's either confessing and seeing H event or preserving feelings and getting a different ending.


29. Anxious ~Yuukyuu no Memory~ Anxious ~悠久のメモリー~ [991217] Crime
Near future. Technology advances have allowed to create a perfect artificial lover indistinguishable from real women. Main character gets a job to test four such robots every day. He understands those are robots, but can't help having feelings for them.


30. Bakusa ~Chained Heart~ 縛鎖 ~Chained heart~ [991217] Zenos
Main character suddenly lost his family in an accident and lost the energy to live. At such time a certain lady appears before him requesting to train a girl as slave. It was very surprising to know that the object of training is his classmate he liked for a long time...
There are parameters... blah... blah... blah... nukige.


31. Bishoujo Tsuiseki Shoukougun 美少女追跡症候群 [991217] Digital Media Network
Main character has a one million yen debt. He's approached by a thug demanding to return the debt before the appointed date. Main character has 10,000 yen oh his hands and the whole town to devise a scheme how to return the debt.
It's definitely an adult stalker work, but the horrible polygon interface and gameplay did not let me go far to get how he's going to make money from girls.


32. D ~Sono Keshiki no Mukougawa~ D ~その景色の向こう側~ [991217] Age
Main character is riding a "Magic arrow" train. He does not remember why he's here. As he tries to leave the wagon, he discovers a dead man nearby. Every time the wagon moves, the time continuum shifts to either future or past. Hero jumps to the past to stop the murderer and save the train. But in order to get back the future he seeks help of the witch girl. What is this "Magic arrow" train? What's the identity of hero? What's with his memory loss?
Oh my, an obscure suspense game of Age? Itadakimasu! Game has only one true ending, but there are about 8 bad endings scattered on the way and the overall number of choices is around the same, so it it's basically a one way story. The flow of the game is confusing since we move through the time like mad and see events from different epochs that are seemingly unrelated to each other. So in the long run it all depends on whether you prefer logical works or esoteric/poetic/atmospheric works. And I definitely prefer logical ones.


33. Ikenie 牲 [991217] Hyperspace
The seal in the limestone cave in China got destroyed and devil's light went around the Earth and descended on a mysterious building. Main character is a caretaker of this building. Inside multiple women are locked up awaiting for torture. 
I see Hyperspace is not going to stop making those shitty nukige.


34. Innai Kansen 2 ~Nariyamanu Nurse Call~ 淫内感染2 ~鳴り止まぬナースコール~ [991217] ZyX 1
A xonix puzzle game is interwoven with omnibus drama about characters of Innai Kansen series. There are 20 scenes that open up with stage clearance.
There is an English review.   


35. Kurenai no Namida 紅涙 [991217] Studio e.go!
800 years ago, the benevolent guardian of the continent, Empress of Flame had gone mad. Four girls came and used 4 'Red Arcane Stones' to seal her in the 'Jewel of Flame'.
Centuries later, Horse Clan, the decadent ruling clan of the time, lost their power to rebellion. Before they were expelled to the wild and became a clan of dreadful highwayman, they took the 'Jewel of Flame'. Now they are looking for the 'Red Arcane Stones'.
Fei, a martial art master, just finished 3 months of training that would normally take 10 years, meets a heroine when she is under attack by the Horse Clan. After the Horse Clan are dealt with, she invites protagonist to come and patch the damaged cloths. Fei goes along and is revealed that the heroines are guarding the 'Red Arcane Stones', thus the Horse Clan are coming for them. Being a martial art master, Fei is asked to help the 3 heroines.
Chinese-style worldview and story with its appropriate attributes. Story is deliberately depicted in an epic scale manner. There are five traditional chinese magic elements. There are 6 people in party divided into two rows. But actually it's more of a gag comedy with very funny talks. Each of three sisters has unique personality and they bring lots of laughs. Ending is also not serious at all it ends with a gag. Overall the game is really simple, akin to Men at Work series. AVG part takes place in the city and when you get a request you automatically moved on the needed map. Battles are too easy with enemies underpowered. Game length is just 8 hours. Studio e.go still has a long way to go till it creates proper RPG games.


36. Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~ LOVE LOVE ロボッ娘 ~その子、鋼鉄!!~ [991217] Apple Pie 1
You play as an ordinary salaryman whose father just passed away. He was obsessed with robots, and he has left three of them to play with them as you wish. However, you only have a week of fun until something happens... Will you pursue a mechanical love, or choose one of the three human girls that are interested in you?
There is an English review.


37. Machine Maiden Gaiden ~Cynthia~ Machine Maiden外伝 ~シンシア~ [991217] Evolution
This game stars the other guy from Machine Maiden. He is a psychologist scouted by a high tech company to train a robot doll. He can make her into his lost sister, a fighting machine or a maid. This game is different from the previous one since this is a choose your story game instead of simulation.
Game has a light feeling about it and can be emotional at times. Scenario a bit short. Carnelian was in charge for character designs, so characters are cute beyond redemption.


38. Mugen Ichiya ~Julia~ 夢幻一夜 ~Julia~ [991217] Otemoto
Julia is the princess of Makai demon world. She is sent to the human world for two weeks to trample men and absorb their life energy - only this way she can return to her home world. There she encounters a musician Kagaku who she gradually gets attracted to...
There are many short scenarios, each time with different men. Basically, this is an otome work, and developers admit that as well. We play as a woman and encounter lots of beautiful and well drawn men. Some are cruel, but other are gentle. Well, at least men aren't depicted here as normal otome bishounen (well... mostly).


39. My Diary ~Kimi ga Boku no Imouto dattara...~ My Diary ~君が僕の妹だったら…~ [991217] Pocket
Momo, Rika and Nozomi are friends with each other and they have common affection for Tsuyoshi. However, Tsuyoshi gets in a traffic accident and with time girls' attention shift to main character. Protagonist is actually the older brother of Momo. Even though she understands her feelings can't be fulfilled, she can not tolerate that her brother loved another girl.
Last game of Pocket which is relieving. Game has a famous artist, so graphics is probably the only aspect that does not invoke questions. Text is too bad. Even the ending is literally 10 lines long. Imouto is nothing but annoying. There is a map to choose location where someone may or may not show up, but it's impossible to save on this map so it gets pretty stupid. Some choices are poorly implemented and actually get you into a loop. There's zero explanation of why three persons got in love with some Tsuyushi and why they suddenly got in love with protagonist. This work seems to be aimed at imouto fans, but it fails even at that since the other two heroines are much more convincing.


40. Ningyou Aika 人形哀歌 [991217] Give Me Soft
Near future. Advances in science allowed to use androids for sex treatment. Hero is owner of black android enterprise that tweaks androids to suit client specific needs, including personality tweaks. New such request arrived today, but noone could think then it was a trap that could claim man's life.
As usual, there are zero reviews for nukige such as this, so we won't know about the suspense element of this work.


41. Onna no Ko Doushi ~Girl Playing Game~ 女の子どうし~Girl Playing Game~ [991217] Jam
Main character dies in a traffic accident and now can possess bodies of other people, but only for a short time. He decides to infiltrate a girls school that his former girlfriend and sister attend.
Setting is crap, but game is even worse. There's a big gameplay part to avoid detectives and such. 


42. Paradise Paradox パラダイス パラドックス [991217] Specious
Hero is a not successful rocker who suddenly got the ability to turn back time. Now he can insult women and then turn back time so that nothing actually happens in reality. Without knowing, he's got involved into a dimensional crime...
Again no reviews and no intention to check if it's just a nukige or a nukige with a quirk.


43. Rensa ~Uragiri no Kusari~ 連鎖 ~裏切りの鎖~ [991217] Selen
Chairman of high school established a prostitution organization based on his high school. Both students and teachers that enter the school get in its net. One day chairman orders his son to train three new slaves to eliminate the lack of prostitutes. The son needs to train one and order her to train the next one forming a chain of training. Thus there twelve combinations of training patterns.


44. Say Yah! [991217] Authoring Heaven
Old man Klaus could not stand up after a night with prostitute Aria. Aria had nothing to do, but to work in his stead. Aria together with reindeer distributes presents to common people who have problems with sex. 


45. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Mune Kyun Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 むねきゅん編 [991217] J-Wing 1
Second series of mahjong simulation game presents a new set of three heroines to defeat and fall in love with. One story takes at an airport, another one is devoted to cooking, and the last one reminisces about the past days.
Card game


46. Ichou no Mau Koro 2 いちょうの舞う頃2 [991218] Types
Main character is easily motivated and he takes part in multiple school clubs activities, but his grades aren't really good.
The story starts at the point when swimming club competition ends with a strange result and hero is depressed. His friends cheer him up and motivate to prepare passionately for the arts contest in autumn. He admires arts club head Mizuno Yuki and decides to confess his feelings to her after the competition ends.
Events happen a year after the prequel, but... there aren't any connections, really. This sequel was trying to sell on the original short fame. This game is very much like the prequel plus the improved H scenes. But at the same time this sequel has some very poor scenario moves like selecting between two simple choices results in whether you gonna be fine or gonna crash and get to hospital. There are four girls, but one character feels totally inappropriate and offensive to the whole story.


47. Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai みちのく秘湯恋物語 kai [991222] FOG 1
Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari Kai is the "sequel" or better said is an updated version to Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari that was a mix between a first person adventure game and a hanafuda game that tells the story of a young photographer that travels around the northeast part of Japan playing hanafuda games and taking pictures of the places that he visit. In this "sequel" the game features hints to help the player win in the hanafuda games. 
During his journeys he will meet different girls and to take pictures of them he will have to defeat them in the hanafuda card games. 
First game hardly had any story or gaming value, just aesthetic one. Nothing is changed here.


48. Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki II ロマンスは剣の輝きII [991222] Fairytale 1
The story of Keith, a young adventurer who falls one night on Princess Elfarcia's balcony. She has lost her precious pendant - The Silver Rainbow - and, thinking him to be an angel, asks him to bring it back to her. So Keith quests for the pendant to gain the trust of the beautiful princess and encounters many dangers, adventures and women along the way.
RPG. Dungeons are huge and complex so majority of the time will be spent there and reported in the town. There are 4 people in the party and there are 8 girls to capture. . But with such frequent battles stats grow really fast and get maxed for each character long before final battle. The scenario is surprisingly solid. The main theme of the game is coexistence with different races and for that game reminds of Canaan. Since it's an RPG - RPG part should be good, but actually balance suffers a lot, dungeons are painful, operating multiple characters is slow. Resolution of the game is quite low and eyes tiredness sums up. Play time is around 20 hours.


49. Shiro no Monogatari 白の物語 [991222] Infinity
Yasha is very brutal character. One day he steals some relic and triggers space distortion resulting in the human world.
The heroine was dying of a heart disease at this time the the jewel that Yasha dropped healed her completely. He tries to take the jewel back, but the girl gets to die in that case. She manages to persuade him to wait for a week and live together for that time. However, it turns out that jewel is not just a precious item, but a "jewel of bliss" that can fulfill one wish.
Wow, what a boring synopsis. And it actually feels the same - like a boring anime for children... well some of the scenes are not for children though. Game is also very short.


50. Stray Sheep ~Samayou Kohitsuji-tachi no Yoru~ Stray Sheep ~彷徨う子羊たちの夜~ [991222] Altacia
Main character is a professional seducer who receives requests to corrupt women. This time the target is Roppongi number one hostess Aizawa Fumika who he approaches without checking her background. However a murder happens just in the middle of investigation...
It's a work by Altacia known for difficult real-life stories, but this time story is semi-fictional. There's still a good amount of drama and plot twists, but the erotic content is enhanced. It's enough to say that Aizawa turns out to be a torture maniac and main character one day finds himself in a peculiar situation...


51. Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ [991222] Sogna 1
The long awaited sequel to the VIPER-V16 story, VIPER-GTB's "Rise After" chapter takes place almost four years after "Rise". Her family abducted, Saki returns to Anne Mitter's to enlist Akira's help in a daring rescue. In the course of saving them from the domineering aquatic queen Irear, Akira herself is captured. Offering to rescue her are a small band of extra-terrestrials, led by the mysterious Tarma whose true intentions are not revealed until its too late. Trading Karin, Saki, and Seed to Irear in exchange for the strongest woman on Earth, Tarma claims Akira as his newest slave. Fellow champion martial artist Makoto, arriving at Anne Mitter's to avenge a recent defeat at the hands of Akira, becomes embroiled in the plot, soon following Tarma's companion Narsha to the spaceship, where she and the warriors of the underground race lay siege to the craft. The fate of other strong women across the galaxy now rests with Akira and Makoto.
There is an English review, but I think I still will make my own.


52. Yakin Byoutou 夜勤病棟 [991222] Mink
Hirasaka Ryuuji works as a gynecologist in a small hospital, and at first glance is a simple man. However, underneath his mask and concealed madness is a man who lusts after women to violate their bodies and use them as experiments.
One day, he received a request to work part-time as a doctor from St. Juliana Hospital, a prestigious and well-known private hospital. There he encountered his classmate from his days as a medical student, Jinguuji Narumi.
Eight years ago, Ryuuji attacked her in a laboratory, performing experiments on her body. Ryuuji, fearing this former incident being made public, receives a surprising request from Narumi.
Four nurses of the highest quality for you to experiment with to your heart's content...although suspicious and doubtful of Narumi initally, the animal desire that raged within him once before awakens, and Ryuuji makes his decision...
This is the most famous game of Mink, but for me it's just a nukige SIM.


42. Kuriko Ingyaku Hiwa 栗娘淫虐秘話 [991222] Kamikazetou
Game depicts animated scenes of insults of two heroines.
Doujin Nukige
53. Voice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~ Voice ~君の言葉に僕をのせて~ [991223] TinkerBell
Heterographers are people who can manipulate language and create powerful word forms with almost magical effect capable of summoning spirits.
This is a school where a lot of heterographers are gathered. There is fighting and a lot of mysterious events happening. Feng Hong transferred to such school in pursuit of his first love. What will these events conclude with?
This is the second work of Tinkerbell, the producer of some most hardcore nukige over these last 17 years. The first work was some weird psychology tilt game. The third work is already an eroge and is going to be blocked same as future Tinkerbell games. So this 2nd game is all we've got to try and see what the hell went wrong.
What's only clear is that protagonist has some sort of unique power that makes him move the plot. The series of visions that occur aren't spectacular and it feels more like museum exhibition - it's not particularly interesting, but need to bear with all those pieces. Interaction between the students in school is quite interesting, but we can't relate those conversations to the scenario events. Character placement is lazy - there's no clear meaning about any character in the story. Some chracters just happen to appear on the screen and say let's have fun. The skeleton of the scenario is very weak. It's presented in such form that it can not be enjoyed much. There aren't likable characters. So it's either already a nukige or a very cleverly concealed nukige behind all the esoterics. Well, we don't need such games anyway, so farewell, TinkerBell.


54. Eden II [991224] Forester
Following the previous work "EDEN" a rescue team was dispatched to the moon base.
The rescue team included the following people: Captain Greg Cicero, Flare Shaffer, Karin Shaffer, Hannah Wiese, and Nazi Ashtray.
Wandering around the underground labyrinth of the moon's ruins...
Will they become new prey?
Can you escape from the alien's hunt?
Who will survive?
There is some story and some charcters ... but game's actually just for 3D H events... and in case of male members for sudden comical death.


55. Tenshi no Oshigoto -Their Wishes Afterward- 天使のお仕事 -Their Wishes Afterward- [991224] APPLE Project
Misaka Shiori afterstory.
Yuichi and Shiori are cuddling while chewing sweets. Such peaceful everyday collapses again with the arrival of wings girl Tsukimiya Ayu. Where will desires of three people take them?
Discussing fandisks? No pls...


56. Kokoro no Tobira 心の扉 [991224] G-Work@mi
In Spring main characters moves away from his just married brother and starts living alone. He has to share flat with non-related by blood niece and her best friend. What will relations between three people evolve to? Can young people find the right key to each other's heart?


57. Hirosue Sougou Byouin 広末総合病院 [991224] Digital Media Network
Hospital voyeur simulation adventure. Numerous unusual medical examinations are held every night in a huge hospital. New nurse Ayumi intimate relations with doctor are exposed, so she is blackmailed into all kind of action.


58. else ~Fuurin no Shoujo~ else ~風鈴の少女~ [991224] T.O.E software
In 2029 two thirds of Japan territory are under rule of socialist governments. Independence wars break out everywhere, but love feelings do not change, and many people try to live quiet lives.
Main character is a college student who one day manages to save a girl from a chase by black glasses men. Girl's name is "Else", and there is something mechanical about her. From this day young people cohabitation begins.


59. Conve ~Houkago no Sugoshikata~ CONVE~放課後の過ごし方~ [991224] Ruru
Main character establishes a school club with trusted senpai and sincere junior girl to fulfill requests and protect peaceful life. There are several episodes each revealing a challenge that's overcome even despite strict moderation by student council.
Doujin comedy


60. PiaONE Toy Box [991224] Vanilla★House
The story with One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ characters put into Pia Carrot family restaurant setting.


60. Kichigai 既知街 [991226] Inu Daiku
Parody game of ToHeart. 
Japan is occupied by China. The dark atmosphere engulfs everything. Main character struggles every day to survive in chaotic world.


61. Osananajimi 2 幼なじみ 2 [991226] Nirvana Soft
Main character has two close female childhood friends. But as relations start to cross intimacy line with one of them, second one notices change in behavior...


62. Kanoso [991226] Itsumo no Tokoro
Slapstick parody of Key's Kanon.
You play as 17-year-old Yuuichi Aizawa (木目沢ネ右一). Having trained in this madder-red city and left on a ascetic travel, you return to your hometown to determine who is the strongest...


63. Green ~Akizora No Screen~ GREEN~秋空のスクリーン~ [991229] Jellyfish
Movie club is preparing a sophomore student film, you are the director and the players are the other members of the club, all girls, lucky for you. The art teacher is also helping with the movie but there is also an another film project going on, led by your rival who is a bit of an eccentric... There isn't much time until the festival...
Game's quite good, but since it's fully animated it has over an hour of full animation scenes which puts it into a definite eroge category in my point of view. Let's try to observe other parts of the game. Game basically is a single road with Makoto route as the only true one and other two heroines choices are inevitably bad endings. What actually made me list this game here is the amateur film that the heroes are shooting. Game is quite long and you see odd scenes here and there, but when all the scenes join in one full amateur film - that's really amazing and film contents are touching indeed. After true end is cleared there's a bonus scenario, but it's not just omake - it's an alternative view on the same game events from the point of view of a transfer student. This game is quite a masterpiece, but the other Jellyfish games are inevitably going to be blocked by me.


64. Kakuyuugou Shoujo Ripple-chan 核融合少女リップルちゃん [991231] Jellyfish
Ripple-chan lives in a forest together with her parents. Her mother sends her on an errand across the forest. Many fantastic creatures and traps await her on her way.
A bakage about little Red Riding Hood with lots of weird mix of fantasy and science. 


65. Ano, Subarashii o Mou Ichido あの、素晴らしい をもう一度 [991231] Mankai Seisakushou
"Even without my memories, I won't be scared. As long as you're there to remember for me." So said the girl with 『no future』. If a future is made by repetition, stacking up the days, then indeed a 『future』 she lacked. 『Anterograde amnesia』. Also known as 『repeating disease』, a curse that eats away at your memories and future as they form. "If someone makes a mistake, they correct it. Not just repeat it over and over... No one should be forced into doing that." So said the man with 『no past』. And thus the two set out to recover the 『past』 and 『future』 that they respectively lack. All the while not realizing they've already entered the 『repeating world』...
Game was released only for a very old system x68000 in 1999, but we'll look at 2001 pc version, of course. Setting is fantasy-like with magic. It's basically a sound novel, but renewal version has game system that remembers choices and you can easily go to any past choice and play from there. Game actually has loop structure and the same story repeats over and over and over and with each new choice it gets minor changes. So from the second loop you need to remember locations of keywords and juggle them to modify the story. Like in the first loop you run away from monster, in the second loop you get to know the weakness of the monster and in the third loop you can remember that keyword and defeat the monster. Gameplay was fresh and the game gained cult-like following, at part thanks to that free x68000 release. Total length is about 6-7 hours.


66. Choukyou Reijou 調教令嬢 [991231] Soft Circle Courreges
A girl is caught and insulted to an exhaustion so that at the end of the road she starts to feel pleasure.
The stupid doujin producer is back with new poop.


67. Never Ending Love 네버 엔딩 러브 [991231] Yolim Communications
Main character is thrilled about a new transfer student girl Eugene who instantly becomes number one in popularity ratings made by boys. There are also four other girls that make her rivals. Protagonist needs to find true love with the help of modern technology - emails and mobile phones.
Probably the first Korean visual novel, it's strongly influenced by Tokimeki Memorial series.


68. Plus+ ~Nae Gieoksok eui Ireum~ PLUS+ ~내 기억속의 이름~ [991231] Wizard Soft                 
Hope that is born after 6 years... 
The karma which binds that child and I...
The name that lingers in my memories...
I won't bother with Korean exclusives.                                                            


69. Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas 제노에이지 [991231] Game Box 1
Civil wars continue throughout Fantasido continent. The United Kingdom of Refando is the only country where peace is said to exist. Lemuel Dettervolf is the son of the feudal lord reigning over the entire district of Shulenburg, within this kingdom. There remains a horrible secret from the past that only a few people in the entire country are aware of. Without ever divulging this secret, Lemuel has grown to become the foremost swordsman within and without his country. His goal is to restore peace to the continent. Never again will the tragedy that he experienced as a child occur ever again. However, full-scale war breaks out. Lemuel takes up his sword to defend the country he loves. 
The battle develops with turn-style tactics. You order your party (up to 5 characters) to advance into war. There are over 60 different types of magic and assault tactics to use in this animated game. The battle rages on... 
A worthy tactical RPG. Combat is a bit clunky since it's impossible to move through allies. There are balance issues since there are only 5 party members and it's easy for enemies to surround them. Mizuki is the only healer for all your five units. Closer to the end balance issues get steep. Story is full of infodumping, and events happen too fast, wars fly over one by one.
70. Sentimental Memorial センチメンタル・メモリアル [99] DK Software Kaihatsushitsu
A groundbreaking idea to play Tokimeki Memorial with Sentimental Graffiti characters.
Main character is a senior high school student. He will spend this year in the company of six beautiful girls.
71. Oniichan no おにいちゃんの [99] Echigoya Corporation
Main character enjoys a carefree life when his blond sister-in-law Emily shows up. She insists on washing protagonist's back in the bath. But is it possible to conceal desire after that?
72. To Heart CR [99] OKOJARA-C
Choose one of six familiar ToHeart characters and enjoy two game modes. Lovely stand presents a simulation game while Quest mode contains conversations with favorite heroines.
73. H na Kuni no Alice-chan Hな国のありすちゃん [99] Soft Circle Courreges
Alice appears in a strange world with her pants stolen by a suspicious rabbit. She will need to overcome numerous trials before she can get her pants back.
74. Sessou no Yoru 雪草の夜 [99] Cheap
Nothing found
75. Furukizu 古痕 [99] RGB
This is a side story based on Ametsukiyama Ogre, character of Leaf's Kizuato.  
76. Natsu o Shizuka ni 夏を静かに [990316] Iron Fitness Club
It is a long pale friendship story with a comedy touch and BL entourage that happens during this quiet summer.
77. Houkago no Yuuutsu 放課後の憂鬱 [99] Echigoya Corporation
Main character wants to get rid of bullying. And for that he wants to adhere to even more severe bullying. And to prove his serious intentions he chooses the most beautiful girl at school as his target.
78. Nightmare Premium [99] Escape Software
There is a prestigious private school with long history and in good standing. Students there receive top quality education and are considered to be hope of the nation. Main character is determined to seduce and enslave one of the purest girls there.
79. Hitomi dake wa Mitsumenai 瞳だけはみつめない [99] Apresto
Two female members of the choir fall in love with each other. On a cold rainy night the finally become united.
80. Heart no Clover [99] Sound Witch
This girl looks like me, surprisingly abandoned. Can I love such a girl? 
Theme of this love novel is "Eternal Promise".
81. Chikan wa Yamete  ちかんはやめて [99] μ R's
It is a game to play pranks on a girl who goes by the same train every day. Select the mischief to play, and game will proceed accordingly.
82. Via Bianco 2 [99] LTT/CANN
Multiple-ending situation adventure with additional characters. There are shame play scenes with Rin, as well as scenes with ants!
83. second anopheles 1 [99] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing
When I woke up this morning, I realized that events of the night before were real. There is a note and 300,000 yen on the table.
Everything was there as I remember.
I knew that there was a girl's request, so I left the office and headed to my hacker friend Goi's house.
Goi looked grumpy while sipping morning coffee.
I said that I got a new job to search for a person, and I've been paid commission in advance.
Free doujin.
84. Himitsu Sentai Burning Bunny 秘密戦隊バーニングバニー [99] Softhouse TODO
I am 17-year-old girl Hiromi Satomi and warrior of justice! The Imperial Technical University is plotting intrigues. But I can deal with any incident after changing into battle form.
85. Aurora Hime Higyaku no Makyou  オーロラ姫 被虐の魔峡 [99] Ohimesama Club
Princess is kidnapped by pirates. This is a hard and dark insult story about her misadventures.
86. Prime Sexual プライム・セクシャル [99] N.S.C.
Nothing found


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