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solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest


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Hope I'm not too late:




I can't believe I actually ended up drawing Batman by hand...on a computer program...but I did. Meant to just copy-paste first... That neck position looks painful though.


And then after that, I had to go all the way and edit the title too. Whee.

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This past week we have learned, not all of you are the next great artist. In fact, almost none of you are going to be a Rembrandt. That said, good job to all of you for taking part. I ended up not being able to decide who to give the bonus points to, so I'll give them to both Beato, and Stray Cat. Good work you two!

Now, on to this weeks challenge. I know not all of you are good artists, so this week, we'll get creative in a different way; writing. 

This week, your challenge, is to write a story about the dragon Gangamamer and its adventures in the land of Visnovella.

There are no other guidelines, no other requirements. So for the love of god, don't ask. Just write. You will lose points for asking a question this round. 

Points Sheet should be ready tomorrow. A lot of names to type up. 

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You have entered

my realm, mortal.  Put up your best, or I shall sentence you to the worst.  Batman may be the Game Master, but, for this brief weekI am a god.  I am the standard for which all your works shall be judged, and it is I who shall claim victory at the great eclipse.  Prepare yourself.

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