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solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest


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GIANT Contest ver. 3.2

Do you have what it takes?


Greetings boys and girls and Ren. I am solidbatman, and for the next 8 weeks, I will be your worst nightmare. Think you're strong? Think you're smart? You are wrong. You are worthless, and I will be proving it to you through various cruel, torturous activities. In the past, I forced people to sing for me, draw, write fanfiction, search for hidden text. Many gave up. They were weak and evolution shall take care of them. Some, however, stayed strong, and rose to the top. I was defeated, and I was forced to pay them in Visual Novels. 


Here is how this competition will work. Every week, for the next 8 weeks, I will issue a challenge. Complete the challenge in a certain amount of time to receive points. The person with the most points at the end of the 8 weeks will win a big big prize. REMEMBER: You will have a chance to win as long as you participate in every week and put in effort. Drop out and miss multiple weeks, and you wont stand a chance. No one can clinch the competition before week 8. 

Now, on to the prizes. Just what might you all be winning? 










-ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two
-Cho Dengeki Stryker
-Infinity Plus full series
-Pancake Mix

And there will be more prizes added!
OriginalRen has agreed to assist me in supplying prizes, direct from Japan. More info to come




Now then, with that out of the way, let us move on to doing our first challenge. As a reminder, all off topic talk, or posts that are not an entry must be placed in spoiler tags. This is for my own sanity when I am reading through posts, adding up points. 

Points Tally

Without any more delay, your week one challenge.



To start things off, just reply in this thread saying you wish to take part in this contest. All contestants will receive 5 points. Responding within 24 hours will start you off at 6 points. End Date: March 13



Hi there! I'm not dead, as close as it felt. I am using what strength I have right now to give all of you a Week 2 message. Your challenge this week will separate the contenders from the pretenders for this week is a drawing challenge! 

Your challenge: Draw Batman into the Visual Novel of your choice

The drawing does not have to be incredible, or even good. Just submit some sort of drawing of Batman in a visual novel to receive points. 5 points to everyone who posts a drawing by March 18th. 3 points for everyone who posts between March 18th and  March 22nd. An extra 3 points to the person who posts my favorite work! 



This past week we have learned, not all of you are the next great artist. In fact, almost none of you are going to be a Rembrandt. That said, good job to all of you for taking part. I ended up not being able to decide who to give the bonus points to, so I'll give them to both Beato, and Stray Cat. Good work you two!
Now, on to this weeks challenge. I know not all of you are good artists, so this week, we'll get creative in a different way; writing. 
This week, your challenge, is to write a story about the dragon Gangamamer and its adventures in the land of Visnovella.

There are no other guidelines, no other requirements. So for the love of god, don't ask. Just write. You will lose points for asking a question this round. 





Ahhhh, I love how much effort you guys put into this. And no one fell for my trap of asking questions despite me not spelling out how much this past week was worth. Now to make you all super mad. There are no bonus points for week 3. Just  5 points for anyone who took part. I'll get around to points sheet ASAP (I have some papers for school to write first but I do have someone working on it for me). 

Now this week, there are bonus points, so don't worry. This weeks challenge will weed out the last of the casuals. We've had many drop already, but I expect this week to really destroy the willpower of those wanting an easy contest. What is the challenge this week you ask?

Write a song based off the story you wrote for week 3. 

​That's right. This week, you are to write a song based off the story you wrote just last week. This is a basic 5 point week. Respond within 24 hours with a song and receive 6 points instead. As for the bonus, anyone who sings their song (no music required) and posts it for everyone to listen will receive and unspecified amount of points. The less people who do it, the more the bonus will be. 




Hello hello, and welcome to the daily challenges. Each day, you will be issued a challenge. Completing the challenge will net you 5 points towards this glorious competition. Now, I know many people have dropped out, which is a shame. Though... if everyone drops out, I won't have to give this stuff away. Right, so we have a goal this week now. Isn't that nice?


Your first daily challenge is as follows: Mario is easily the face of Nintendo, and arguably the most recognizable figure in video games. Who would you say is the most recognizable character in Visual Novels, and why?





Time for another question. What do you feel are the 5 most important letters of the English alphabet?


Just a heads up, anyone in this competition who does not take part in the day 3 challenge tomorrow, will lose 10 points. 





Those who do not take part in Day 3, will lose 10 points


I also... am not really sorry for this at all. Up to this point, I have been very nice to all of you with your challenges. That ends today.

Your challenge today, is to write a 150+ word story, without using the 5 letters you picked in Day 2. If you use any of the 5 letters you picked in Day 2, you will lose 8 points, and face an even worse challenge for day 4. Fear not though, I do rubber band things towards to end. So be sure to remain strong through adversity. For I will not allow you to face impossible odds. 





Have fun with Day Three? No? Good. Day Four will continue my mean streak. Take your Day Three story, pick two more letters to remove that are featured in your story more than 3 times a piece, and rewrite the whole story without those newly removed letters, with real, English words. As a final stipulation, there can be no words that end in -ing. 

Again, find two letters in your day 3 story that repeats more than 3 times a piece, and remove them while rewriting the story to match as close as possible to what you wrote. And remember, no words that end in -ing as well.


15 point challenge. 




There is no day 7. I screwed up the timing and was a day behind. A fact I did not realize until today. Oh well, that gave me more time to plan an even more evil challenge than the Day 6 challenge that was so popular. Congrats to suikashoujo or whatever your name is for winning the 10 bonus points. Day 5 was worth 5, and Day 6 5. 
Now then, on to week 6. Week 6 is another scavenger hunt! Except this time, you will searching my posts on Fuwanovel for 22 red letters. Once you gather all 22 red letters, organize them into a specific phrase that I have picked. Once one person gets the correct answer, the week will end. This week is a winner take all week for the points, 20 of them. Except with a catch.
​You all may work together and provide hints and directions as you wish. Be mindful though, only the first person to get the correct solution will receive the 20 points for the week. On top of that, if the person who gets the correct answer first sits outside of the top point totals on my score sheet, then the top contest scorers will lose 20 points. If the person who wins is in the top scorers, then they will simply get 20 points and have a large lead going into Week 7. 



The top scorers currently are:








Godspeed ladies and gentlemen


PS: Seriously, stop complaining and asking questions. Zodai, you will receive your verdict tomorrow. Also awaiting a possible judgement; Noah_Crises for simply replacing banned letters with x's and other letters while leaving a key. 


Note: If this is solved within 48 hours, I will add another one this week. 

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Time to begin. Please see the original post for updated contest rules, prizes, and information!!!



To start things off, just reply in this thread saying you wish to take part in this contest. All contestants will receive 5 points. Responding within 24 hours will start you off at 6 points. End Date: March 13

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