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Gangamamer; guardian dragon of Visnovella.


"Ahh, summer in Visnovella." Were the thoughts of Gangamamer, as he soared through the pale blue skies of the warm summer morning. Wispy clouds rippled and parted like the waves of a calm ocean with his passing. His massive 20 meter form was bathed in sunlight, giving the effect of sparkling as it glinted off his dark crimson scales.
All was well. The lands below were calm, the people were happy, nothing for a guardian dragon to do on a day like this, save for enjoying the weather.
Gangamamer continued his pleasing ride through the clouds, passing over the port city of Frontwingus, gliding across the vast plains of Tsukihime and it's neighboring city Trumple. The floating city of Type-Moon loomed far to the east, Gangamamer had fond memories there.
Eventually Gangamamer stopped over the holy empire of Key, the capital of Visnovella and the finest example of human craftsmanship the world over.
In Gangamamer's time as a guardian dragon he had seen the rise and fall of several hundred cities, some of them mighty, some of them small, but all of them were precious to him.
He oversaw the lands and kept the people safe for over 3'000 years, in that time he had razed invaders and their countries, fought off his eternal enemy Censoria, protected the cities he could not save while they were building. Once Gangamamer even was summoned to another realm, in a different form, to help five youths defeat strange entities.
But now all was well, the peace was welcome. Gangamamer knew it would not last though.
Censoria was stirring again.
Gangamamer knew another battle was coming. It was inevitable as the rising of the sun.
Despair grew in Gangamamer's heart, soon he would be forced to see this land he loved and protected, so very much, engulfed in flames. Everytime a tragedy fell upon the land, he had no choice but to let some cities burn. Visnovella was a continent with hundreds of cities, he was but one dragon, guardian or not there was only so much he could do. It was the ruling deities' way of keeping balance he supposed. Let two cities burn so one may prosper, to them it was like pruning a garden.
The humans below, with the exception of Type-Moon which floated, the deities were to be worshiped and never questioned. They knew of Gangamamer, while he was also enshrined and worshiped with the deities, he was also feared as their "bringer of judgement" to those who opposed them. This way the humans were kept in line without any direct interference from the deities and Gangamamer was free to do as he pleased, as long as he kept the will of said deities in mind and did as they commanded. The people saw Gangamamer, they knew the deities were still in power, they continued to work and worship, happily oblivious to the imminent culling that would befall them or others.
While Gangamamer did not agree with this, he had no choice but to obey. Gangamamer could not disobey the will of the deities, they would either destroy him or recreate him with more restrictions. So he obeyed, destroyed what he was told to destroy, and saved who he was told to save.
So Gangamamer savored these time, for they were the times he truly felt free.
"Gangamamer" the voice of the deities rasped through his mind, forcing him out of his contemplations.
"Yes, my masters."
"There is a rebellion forming in the west, the people of Wendybell must learn their place..."
"I understand, I live to serve."
Gangamamer tilted westward and began flapping his massive leathery wings towards Wendybell.
Wendybell was less a city, and more a small village. It was not well known across Visnovella, and nothing particularly enjoyable came from it. The people were very flippant in their devotion to the deities, which of course displeased said deities. Gangamamer had predicted the destruction of this village after the shrine, located in the center of every city or village, had been vandalized and none had come forward to accept punishment. It was a sad thing, but Gangamamer knew he had no choice but to do it.
By the time Gangamamer arrived over Wendybell it was just after sunset. The earth trembled with his landing, sending tremors throughout the small village, but Gangamamer did not see a single soul. His arrival should have brought the villagers running from their homes, attempting to flee from their fates, but not a thing stirred.
"My masters, this village appears to be vacant."
"It matters not, Gangamamer, burn it all. They will have nothing but fire to return to."
"As you wish."
Gangamamer inhaled, his throat swelled, and he unleashed devine fire upon the poor village.
Blue-white flames began to consume the surrounding houses, Gangamamer walked through the village burning everything. Gangamamer thought he heard a fizzing coming from a small house he just set ablaze, but he ignored it, Gangamamer wished to end this as fast as possible. The only relief was that there were no people screaming.
The house Gangamamer just passed exploded.
Gangamamer felt several shards of steel bounce off of his scales.
*BOOM* Another house he lit afire exploded, causing more shrapnel to rocket towards him.
*BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* Even more followe suite, it was a chain reaction.
Gangamamer knew the explosions could not do him harm, for he was born in divine fire, his scales forged by the deities themselves. No human steel could harm him.
Grief gripped Gangamamer's heart, he knew the humans had set this trap to kill him, the servant of the deities, but it would only serve to further ignite the wrath of the deities. Now Gangamamer would have to hunt them down, lest the deities seem to grow soft thus opening the door for more ambushes like this.
Suddenly Gangamamer heard the screams of men. Screams not of pain, nor dying, but of hate.
Rushing through the flames came waves of men clad in silver suits covering their bodies and faces, in their hands they brandished weapons of steel. Their charge would not last, Gangamamer had seen vermiculite suits once before and they could not last against devine fire. The ancient mining city of Chunsoft had created them to withstand the intense flames that came with harvesting certain materials deep underground, but the knowledge of the suits should have died with the collapse of the city.
The men should have known this, but still they charged. Gangamamer whipped his tail, and the first wave flew back with such force some were cut in half. But still more came, to nothing but death.
These men were mad. Pure insanity must have taken hold of them, there was no other explanation...Unless the dark dragon Censoria had awoken without Gangamamer's knowledge and spread this madness.
With a heavy heart Gangamamer slaughtered the men. Wave, after wave, after wave of them. Truly a tragic scene for Gangamamer to behold, nay, to be the center and cause of.
Finally it ended. The fires still blazed, as they would for several days, charred bodies lay at Gangamamer's feet and around the vicinity of what was once Wendybell.
"Masters, I see only men."
"The women are in the forest... Find them and kill them, no one shall be left alive to tell of this. But do not burn the forest."
"It shall be done."
Gangamamer flapped his wings, after taking off he began surveying the forest.
After a short time of looking, Gangamamer found a clearing lit up by small campfires.
Making his descent, Gangamamer landed in the center of the clearing. The smell of death sprang into his narrow nostrils.
The missing women were here. Their bodies were arrayed around the small clearing, women, children, infants, Gangamamer almost could not believe his eyes. Slit wrists and slit throats, the children had no external wounds suggesting they were poisoned.
They chose death by their own hands rather then suffer the death he would have given him.
"Ensure the deed is done.." The voices rasped.
Growling with rage and disgust, Gangamamer began trampling the corpses. With each one crushed, his fury only grew.
Gangamamer finished by midnight, the moonlight softly illuminated the deep crimson stains seeping into the ground. The moon was the only light now for the fires had burned out long ago, Gangamamer stared down at his bloody claws in despair. He did not know who he hated more, the deities for forcing him to do this, or himself for following their will.
"Well done, Gangamamer, your task here is at an end. We will now leave you...." The rasping voice of the deities brought him no relief nor calm.
A burst of fury overtook him and Gangamamer used all of his strength to bound from the earth into to air, wings flapping furiously.
Higher and higher he climbed, until he was far above the clouds, almost touching the unreachable stars.
Gangamamer roared. He roared with pain and sorrow, hatred and fury. Throat swelling, devine fire burst forth into nothingness, tears streamed down Gangamamer's face and descended to the earth.
Gangamamer knew the deities may be watching him, but he did not care right now. All he wanted to do was release the hatred and despair he felt.
Gangamamer stopped flapping his wings, he allowed gravity to overtake him, pulling him back toward the cruel earth. Silently he fell, tears now streaming upwards.
Gangamamer struck the earth with a thunderous crash, creating a massive crater.
Fortunately no one was in the vicinity of the impact, had there been but one person Gangamamer's despair would have only worsened.
Gangamamer stayed in the crater for the remainder of the night, silently weeping for those whose lives he had taken, finally finding sleep.....

Morning brought a smell measure of relief.
Gangamamer awoke to a gentle morning fog covering the crater, he could hear the voices of men.
"Did you hear what happened to Wendybell last night?"
"Aye, Gangamamer razed the 'hole bloody place an' then devoured all the women and children."
"It was nothing less than what they deserved, neglecting their duties to the deities like they were, and after all the deities have done for us and protected us from."
"I'm jus' saying, it was a bit much..."
"Never question the will of the deities, nor the actions of Gangamamer. Come now, the fields need to be tended to. I heard a most awful crash last night. What do you-.."
The voices trailed off as the men, farmers most like, walked off. Luckily the mist was dense enough so they did not seen Gangamamer in his crater. It seemed the deities had already informed their speakers of the "justice" Gangamamer performed and had them spread it thoughout the land.
Gangamamer stood and shook off the dirt that had settled on his scales during his sleep.
Slowly flapping his wings, Gangamamer began to rise from the ground towards the clouds...A new day had begun, and Gangamamer need only wait for his Masters to instruct him.
Around midday the rasping voices entered Gangamamer's head once again.
"Gangamamer, Censoria is stirring. Soon he will awaken and bring death upon the good people of the land. You must prepare yourself to do battle with him upon our command."
"I understand masters. But, if I may ask something of you.."
"If your inquiry is of the villagers of last night, they were not under Censoria's influence. They failed in their worship of us, seeing this as an affront we stopped providing them with our blessings. This angered them and they sought a futile revenge and a pointless death at our hands. When men have nothing to lose they can overcome the fear of death. You know of this."
"I am grateful masters."
"Very well. Go now, Gangamamer, Censoria will be coming soon."
"I hear and obey, masters."
The next few days passed slowly for Gangamamer. He did not know of what to do. Thoughts of the village invaded his mind and dredged up memories of similar events in the past, but in the end all remained the same. No matter the atrocities he was to commit while in service to the deities, he could not defy them. He could only try to remember those whose lives he had taken and feel compassion for them after.
Thunder resounded throughout the land, Censoria had awoken and begun his assault on the minor city of Miel. Gangamamer felt pangs of pain in his heart, he wished to go forth and save them but should he try the deities would put a stop to his actions, maybe even delay them further causing more lives to be lost. To Gangamamer what Censoria was doing now was no different then what he had done in the past.
The deities had informed Gangamamer that Censoria had moved from Miel to SealSoftHouse, and was now moving towards Norn.
After the destruction of Norn, Censoria would most likely head to Waffle. Waffle was a fairly prosperous city, rumors were that a young man with a pet succubus ruled there and had a harem of well endowed women. Waffle was no to be detroyed, fully, so Gangamamer was instructed to put an end to Censoria's destruction after the three minor cities were decimated.
Several days later the time had arrived.
Gangamamer waited for Censoria outside the walls of Waffle, thunder and black clouds heralding the coming of the dark dragon.
Censoria was a sight to behold, 25 meters in length, his scales were pure darkness sucking in the light, one red eye glared across the plain towards Gangamamer. In a previous battle Gangamamer had gouged the other eye out, leaving a massive scar on the left side of Censoria's face.
Censoria howled at Gangamamer and began beating his wings faster, signaling the start of his charge and the battle.
Gangamamer roared back in return, behind him the people of the city cheered for his victory..If only they knew.
The battle was vicious, Censoria was larger than Gangamamer, but by no mean was superior in strength.
The two dragons locked claws, and climbed towards the heavens, breathing devine fire and dark lightning onto each other at point blank range, both to no avail.
Claws clashed, teeth tried to bite through armored scales into flesh....It was the same as all the other times before, the only difference being the city Gangamamer was to protect.
Recalling the death he had caused by the order of the deities, and the fury he felt at his own helplessness to defy them, Gangamamer roared in anger and began to intensify his assault on Censoria. Beating his wings faster, Gangamamer breathed devine fire into the face of Censoria, causing him to go momentarily blind. Utilizing this opening Gangamamer lunged his open jaws towards Censoria's wings, clamping down he squeezed until the bone broke.
Censoria let out a howl of pain at his broken wing and started to fall, Gangamamer stopped beating his wings and dove after him.
An intense free-fall battle began as the wounded Censoria tried to fend off Gangamamer's assault. But it was no use, light shone through the dark clouds that Censoria brought with him, bathing the two dragons in their descent. Gangamamer glimmered a fierce red as he relentlessly tore into Censoria, whose dark scales could not gather the aggressive light.
Gangamamer released Censoria, who plummeted down to the earth, striking the surface with a massive crash creating a crater, larger than the one Gangamamer had made days ago.
Censoria began to lift his head, only to have Gangamamer come crashing down on his neck, snapping it with a sickening crack.
Censoria, yet again, was dead. Gangamamer, his rage waning, let out a roar of victory...The city-folk cheered, they and their city were both safe.
Gangamamer, watched as Censoria's body began to deform and disperse into nothing, going back to the darkness until the next time he was to be awoken.
Weary, and empty of rage, Gangamamer took off yet again. While the people of the  city cheered and chanted his name, thanking and praising the deities for protecting them from harm, Gangamamer thought of the cities of Miel, SealSoftHouse, and Norn....Whose people died while screaming for the same deities and guardian dragon to save them.
Flying through the now pale blue sky, Gangamamer took a deep breath of the warm summer air. "Ahh, summer in Visnovella." Gangamamer thought bitterly, smiling to himself and awaiting his next task...

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Since there were no requirements or whatsoever, I went full lazy-utsuge mode and did this, hope you enjoy it.


Once upon a time, on a far far away land called Visnovella, lived a dragon called Gangamamer. Everyday was a blast for him because he was a dragon, all flaky and creepy, burning villages all over the place. Watching people melt through his mere breathing was one of his favorite sights, together with feeling the despair plaguing the very souls of the humans who screamed from the depths of their lungs whenever he appeared. However, there was one absolute bliss for him, the screams of despair, which were the very definition of pleasure for him. Whenever he used his shape shifting powers to turn into a humanoid after destroying a house or a village, he would proceed to rape any survivors. Just the thought of the sweet tears and screams of pain and pleasure were enough to drive him crazy with pleasure, increasing his aggressiveness. In this entire world, there was no pleasure out of his reach, and thus, he in a few years devastated the land completely, leaving the few survivors to live in holes dug into the ground. Eventually, after seeing every possible tragedy, sadness and negative feelings, his boredom led him to sit down and think if there was anything left in this world for him to taste. He then, looking at himself on a river, noticed that there was a single being that hadn't showed him despair yet, and it was none other than himself. Thus, the mighty dragon, Gangamamer left this world after hearing every single kind of despair, leaving his own for the gran-finale of his adventures in the land of Visnovella.



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It's my first time that I write something so long in english (isn't so long, but whatever), so, I proudly present this to all you! Batman will have to read a lot.


Gangamamer was a Dragon that dreamed with be a writer, but nobody in the place where he lived supported him. He tried to participate in contest of writing, took several mail’s courses, but nothing worked. The dragon, tired of this, decided travel for the work.


He flied for many countries (with a lot of flying miles), and visited several places, like a Buddhist monastery, the Eiffel’s Tower, and all the chain of Burger King in United States. But he couldn’t found what he was seeking.


One day, when he was in internet in an airport (The Dragon had wings, but hadn’t a license) found his last resort, a magical place with the name of “Visnovella”. He took the first fly to that little (and at the same time, so big) country.


Since the first attack to the airplane by a monster, and the spectacular rescue, with a lot of lights, of the local heroes, Gangamamer knew that he was in the right place. The first thing that he made was go to sightseeing. In his travels he found e big concert with great music near of the coast; He made a picnic in a forest with many creatures like dinosaurs (new friends!); and meet with a green haired girl that wanted to make him a proposition, but Gangamamer preferred run away immediately, because a very strong sense of doom that emanated from her.


His visit to Visnovella was very fun, and now, he knew what he had to make. The dragon took a pen, a blank page, and he started to write a contract, and another and another, when he finished, he used the connections with his family to make a trait with the authorities of Visnovella (a bunch of shadowy persons behind some curtains) and export the wonderful of Visnovella to the world.


 The dragon transformed himself in a shark of the business (figuratively), and start to make a lot of money, but the people of Visnovella suffer under his mandate. The dragon suffer many attacks from the people of Visnovella, but hey, he was a Dragon, and all the dragon slayers where out of the country, so he doesn’t had many problems.


But one day, a little girl enter to his manor, and wanted to talk to him. Gangamamer wanted to reject her, but since a lot time that nobody wanted to talk to him, he accepted that the girl enter. This girl, was a girl with a pristine white hair, and a bat in his hat. She presented herself like (copyright restrictions), and talked about the bad situation that they were having.


Gangamamer, commoved, decided made a change, so he created syndicates, and take in consideration the opinion of all the people of Visnovella (except for that girl with the green hair). The dragon finally wrote something that could enrich the land of Visnovella, and, well, not all were entirely happy, but they had a lot of money.

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So here I tried to get creative once again

...hopefully not too much this time around

since it´s really a lot of text I am putting it into the spoiler


-Prologue to an Starless Night-

Sparks gently floated through the clear and cold night air.

They came from an small cracking fire, spending warmth to those who made it.

Not that they would be freezing, however winter was steadily drawing near at the end of fall.

In return they were rewarded with an cloudless sky, revealing an boundless ocean of stars.

If one was lucky he could catch a glimpse of an shooting star dashing over the horizon.


One man looked up. Something like an shooting star was an phenomenon one could only

see at this time of the year. Like the spirits of life which colored the summertime went

to say goodbye.

The man´s face looked weathered from past adventures, but he was by no means old.

He had golden, shining eyes no normal human could possibly possess.

For just a moment they were filled with longing, however no one noticed that.


The light of the fire threw sharp shadows over his equally sharp facial features.

Though he may have looked lonely, he was by no means alone.

The man was accompanied by a group of youths, who looked like they had just embarked

on an adventure. They were sitting near the center of an great clearance in the middle of an forest,

where dark towering trees surrounded them far away.


One young boy stood up and cautiously looked into the direction of approaching footsteps.

“Hey, hey calm down boy – it´s just me.” With an grinning face a man, which looked like

he was in his mid-twenties approached the fire.

He had shoulder-length hair and an eyepatch under which ran out a scar.

The boy dropped his drawn dagger into the grass and fell back down again like the others.

“Ah~, don´t be like that. You´re supposed to give me a warm welcome here.”

The boy just sighed in reply. “Welcome back.” He looked back up to him again.

“I hope you got something worth the wait.”

The eyepatched man just laughed. “Haha, did you really think I would let you starve until

you go nuts?” He seriously didn´t seem offended at all.

“Stop toying with him and hand over what you´ve got us. I´m hungryyy~”

A girl hung over the shoulder of the boy who had sat down again.


“Get off of me. You´re heavy.” The boy sighed again.

“Hmph, you should know to appreciate the intimacy of an pretty girl like me!” she pouted.

“Heh~, you shouldn´t call yourself pretty, y´know.” Another boy teased her back.

“S-Shut up, you jerk!” and she threw a small stone in at his direction.

“Oi, you´re giving gramps here a headache. Instead of quarreling, how about preparing

the grill and other ingredients instead. Meanwhile I´ll prepare the meat.”

The oldest looking boy of the group approached the eyepatched man and

helped him to get off a heavy net with his hunt from his back as he said it.

“So what did you get?” another boy asked as the heavy net was simply dropped

into the dry grass. “…Only a boar? Well, it´s enough for everyone at least.”

“Hey, what do you mean by `only´? More appreciation I say!”

“That´s what you get from being so careless as you are.”

Suddenly another boy appeared from the darkness, another net over his shoulders.

The man looking up to the starry sky so far dropped his gaze again.

“What did you do this time, eh?” the girl from before asked provocatively.

“He let an already grounded drake get away. ´Accidentally´ that is.”

One obviously could hear at the boys voice, that he didn´t believe that himself.

“Urgh, fine. However it just wouldn´t be fair to just kill a dragon with broken wings!”

The golden eyes of the stargazing man glittered as he laughed.

“Well, let´s prepare the food. We all waited long enough.” Following his dignified voice,

they began preparing for the meal.


Shortly after the small group sat around the fire, everyone satisfied from the meal.

“Hey, old man how about a story after an solid meal?”

The man with the eyepatch grinned at him, like an small child wanting to either be spoiled

or to tease someone.

“Who are you calling old? Just look at yourself.” The golden eyed man replied, while

the youths all looked puzzled. “I don´t feel that old myself, ya´ know. That is what matters,

isn´t it?” he grinned again, while the golden eyed man laughed.

“Haha, you are right there, you know – so what kind of story would you like to hear?”

After that question, before anyone could answer, an very young boy jumped up from his seat and spoke

with an passionate gaze directed at the golden eyed man.

“Alright! Please tell us another one of these stories from that one dragon!”

The girl besides him replied, before the golden eyed man could.

“I guess he means the one named Gangamamer. There are a ton of legendary dragons after all.”

“´Right! That´s the one! Ah-” An slightly older boy pulled him back down again.

“Calm down a bit lil´ bro´.” The golden eyed man eyed the group amused.

“You want to hear another story from Gangamamer of Visnovellian, eh? So be it.

Well, …how about this time I shall tell you the beginning of how he met a human being

for the first time and made an contract for life.”


Sparks flew high up into the clear night sky again, as the flames licked away the cold.

The golden eyed man had refueled the fire with dry wood, which cracked as it began to burn.

The new heat quickly spread out and created an warm atmosphere.

“The young dragon Gangamamer was born into a time torn by war. Two mighty dragons had

begun to fight for supremacy in an foolish battle over the prowess of their powers.

Since they both were equally strong, their battle never seemed to find an end.

Thus they decided that they would decide their victory by building up power in a different way.

They created magical servants, going even as far as to use black magic, which was a taboo for every dragon.

When even this wasn´t enough, they began to manipulate the other inhabitants of this world into following their will.

At this point everyone left not battling with them

could see that if this continued it could only end in doom and destruction.

So they decided to send the son of an past great hero to search for a way out of this.

As he was young and had yet to gain experience, he was burdened quite a lot by all the selfish expectations placed upon him.

Still he tried to fulfill his duty. When his father was still alive, he had shown him the entrance to an hidden cave and told

him, that in time of dire need there was an ray of hope hidden somewhere at the end of it.

No one else except the hero’s family knew of this place. However he also never went beyond

the entrance. So he set forth his journey to discover the unknown in hopes of saving the future of his homeland.”


“Doesn´t this hero of yours has at least some kind of cool name or something?”

Sparks continued to rise up into the air as the eyepatched man added more fuel to the fire,

lighting it up in succession.

“How about giving him my name, if you so badly want one? I always wanted to be a hero

of a story from the past!”

“Oi, I din´t ask for your name! Besides there got to be something cooler than your name!”

The eyepatched man pulled a slightly hurt face. “Ouch – no personal feelings considered at all!”

He was just teasing him of course.

“Just go on with the story already!” The young boy from before replied impatiently.


“Fine, fine. Where was I … ah, yes. So now the hero set forth for the hidden cave.

At the deepest part of the cave Gangamamers newborn soul was resting in an wall of golden crystal illuminating the cave.

And waiting for someone worthy to come and wake him from his slumber.

Even though he was confined here, he knew about everything raging on at the outside world.

The reason for that is one of the dragons special abilities: All minds of the dragon race are connected –

an fact no one aside the dragons knew till then.

Finally the new hero arrived. As Gangamamer saw him for the very first time he was amused

about the fact, that such a tiny little being should possess enough power to awaken him.

A young boy with piercing grey eyes, shoulder-length hair and an attitude like there was no war at all outside.

Like he had actually fun. Thus he decided to test his heart, mind and soul -

and was overpowered by the power of his soul. Like that he spoke the first words of his life:

“You, who has proven yourself worthy to stand before me – do you really have the will it takes

to change the future of this land? You came here seeking for help. However, if you truly want

to change something in this world, do it yourself – receive the power of my Dragon´s Eye.

Should you survive, my power shall be at your disposal.”


This power Gangamamer was speaking of, was the power to communicate with and

awaken dragons. As the hero was struggling to receive said power, Gangamamer could

finally manifest his body through the boy´s soul power.

The awakening of an dragon by receiving his power of the Dragon´s Eye counts only as an temporary bonding.

That was why Gangamamer made a deal with the boy in order to sustain his increased power.

If the two of them bound their souls together and shared their life -

Gangamamer would help him. This didn´t just sound like a mighty deal, it was!

This literally meant to live a dragon´s life. However not anyway he wanted.

Every dragon is born with an inborn purpose in life he has to fulfill.

In Gangamamers case it was the future of Visnovellian.

This meant the hero had to shoulder the fate and future of this land for generations to come along with the dragon.

A heavy burden indeed. Nevertheless the boy accepted readily and with an grin -

to the astounding of Gangamamer. The reason was simple:

not only would the boy devote his future with this to his cause, but also would he loose the human daylight

on one of his eyes in place of the Dragon´s Eye. The Dragon´s Eye had to be covered and sealed,

because it would leak its mighty power otherwise into everything it sees and thus probably destroy it.

The boy´s readiness truly delighted Gangamamer.

There is nothing an dragon appreciates more than a pure soul as his companion for life.”


Meanwhile only a glimmer of ash remained of the fire. The cold night air began to creep

up their bodies again.

“…and how they set forth to end the war will have to wait for tomorrow. It´s late and we´ll

all catch a cold, if we don´t get back to our tents soon and get some sleep.”

“Heh~, is the old man getting tired already?” the eyepatched man spoke up.

“”Yeah, no fair!”” the youths replied.

“Haha, this is what I wish for: folk’s who´ll listen. However your little brother seems

to already be asleep. I am sure he would be very upset to miss the rest of the story.”

His golden eyes seemed to gleam in the dark, as he looked towards the older brother.

“You´re probably right, I guess.” He replied.

“Look everyone, it really is late and we have a long way before us tomorrow. So let´s end it

here for today. Let´s tackle tomorrow with all we´ve got again!”

The oldest boy of the group stood up and threw a glance over their group.

Everyone agreed and went back into the direction of their camp. Only two stayed behind.

“This boy truly knows how to guide them.” The eyepatched man remarked.

“He kind of reminds me of you. Only with a little bit more serious sense of responsibility.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that old man!”

“You shouldn´t call myself old, when technically you´re the one who is older than me.”

the golden eyed man began to laugh.

“Hahaha, you got me there old friend.”

At long last they made for the camp as well.

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I just wanted to submit something.

Once upon a time their lived a dragon named Gangamamer who upon first look most would figure to be a massive type of dragon...these people were not wrong but this was no ordinary dragon. No Gangamamer was one of the Big Three. The Big 3 were the largest and most terrifying dragons in all of Visnovella. These dragons had special products that nowhere else in the world had a legal right to create. Satj and Kaise the other dragons were constantly being hounded by adventurers who were trying to steal their treasure and often got away with it but then Kaise had an idea why not let the adventurers choose and fund what is available to steal.


Kaise decided to disguise itself as a human and went down into the middle of town. Disguised as such Kaise then turned around and began selling blueprints of both cave and lists of what the treasure entailed. Changing over to electronic management of these newly acquired funds and keeping that safely hidden away Kaise had effectively turned its specific treasure horde into a way to make more treasure. The adventurers would pay exorbitant amounts of money for the blueprints and lists of treasure and Kaise knowing what the adventurers were coming to steal could plan ahead and make it so the only thing they could get was something they had already paid for or was slightly cheaper than what they had bought in blueprint, map, and list fees.


Satj the oldest of the 3 dragons saw was Kaise was doing and decided not to partake. Rather set in the old ways and the hope that adventurers would simply not steal any of the treasure. Satj was an old dragon and had a reputation to maintain; thus it was that Satj the oldest of the dragons did very little to stop the adventurers from coming and taking any of the treasure. It had tried to put up ridiculous amounts of defenses in the past and then realized there will always be adventurers now if someone wanted any treasure Satj would hope they would pay for it legitimately and often would bundle up the treasure in nice little boxes to those who bothered to pay.


The third and final dragon though was Gangamamer and Gangamamer more than any other dragon tended to be attacked by adventurers. Gangamamer's cave was close to a settlement and very easy to find which made it perfect pickings for evil adventurers trying to come steal treasure. Like the other two dragons Gangamamer sold the treasure but being a paranoid dragon would insert traps in each and every piece of treasure just in case it was not bought legitimately. These traps were known as Damage Reactive Mechs and they would target anyone trying to steal Gangamamer's treasure. There was one issue with the Damage Reactive Mechs however in that they were still sold to legitimate customers. The following is an example of how Gangamamer generally interacts with adventurers.


"Oy Gangamamer you big git. I've come fer yer treasure." The adventurer with a big shiny sword and little brain called out to the great dragon. This was likely to be another victim of Gangamamer's Damage Reactive Mechs but this one was being particularly stupid since it had come into the cave and started shouting that it was going to steal before actually doing so.


Gangamamer was annoyed. Satj was on the other line once again trying to tell all about how physical product is the way to go about selling treasure. Gangamamer was not opposed to boxing product but felt it was too much work for too little profit. That doesn't mean that boxing products was completely out of the question but Gangamamer liked to make sure it would earn a profit by selling it normally first...good way to tell if the boxed items might sell decently. Hey, it cost quite a bit to package and even though usually a partnership with Satj was required to do the boxing it still was quite a pain.


"I'll have to call you back seems an adventurer has arrived and wishes an audience." Gangamamer could hear Satj snort as that was said.


"Very well. I will let you go deal with the situation. You should really work on not antagonizing them." Satj said and Gangamamer could just imagine the older dragon shaking its head.


"Where's the fun in that?" - Gangamamer laughed and bid farewell to older dragon. It was time to go stomp on an adventurer.


Gangamamer realized something was wrong almost immediately. The adventurer was still in the cave but had stopped yelling. Instead it was talking to a creature very similar to a dragon; a drake. There were far more drakes than dragons and the drakes were hurting profits just as much as the adventurers were...or so Gangamamer thought. This drake in particular was creating fan-made treasure and giving it away for free. Gangamamer was disgusted by the very word and this cut into profits just as much as anything else.


"How dare you drake! You cut into my profits!" Gangamamer roared as it entered the cave. The drake looked up not too surprised but also keeping an eye on the adventurer.


"Dare? I am merely trying to give some fan-made treasure to the poor lad. I'm sure this adventurer does not aim to steal from you mighty Wyrm." - The drake said casually. "Does this treasure even look like anything you yourself sell?"


"You insolent lizard!" Gangamamer was getting upset. The idea behind fan made treasure while in theory would help spread the idea of treasure throughout Visnovella and probably increase overall sales it also made it difficult to obtain the rights to sell certain treasure as well as cut into profits of the future. If all the fan made treasure was given away who would buy the actual treasure if the fan made treasure looked exactly the same. "This adventurer shall roast! Destroy him DRM !"


The Damage Reactive Mechs did nothing. The main problem with them was that they could not be activated unless they were reacting to an adventurer or buyer. As such they sat uselessly. "Curses why do I even have these around if they don't do anything!?"


"Hoy, paranoid much?" The adventurer asked holding onto one of the drake's fan made treasures. This was not the brightest adventurer.


"PARANOID! Of course I'm bloody paranoid you came to steal from me!"


"I came to procure shiny things." The adventurer agreed smiling stupidly.


"That's the same thing!" Gangamamer growled...fire was beginning to look mighty tempting right now.


"Well, he's not stealing from you now is he?" - The Drake said smugly. Gangamamer glowered at him. "I mean I am merely giving him a means to obtain the treasure that you have no right to and that is not nearly as polished as yours...after all it's not like you ever have poorly polished treasure that you sell to the masses."


Gangamamer could hear the sarcasm in his voice...so yes one of the recent treasure releases did indeed have poor polishing a fan made one would probably have been just as bad. 


A. Choose not to admit the Drake is right.

B. Choose to admit the Drake is right.

C. Murder the adventurer and the Drake.

D. Ally with the Adventurer against the Drake.


A: "OUT! OUT! I will not have this going on in my own cave!" - Gangamamer realized the Drake was right but definitely did not like it so the most it could do was shove the two of them out of the cave. The Drake's fan made treasure was nothing but bad news it cut into valuable profits.


"A time will soon come when you will want to work with me. Here's my card" - The Drake threw a business card at Gangamamer. Gangamamer ignored the card and blew fire at the two as they left.


It wasn't until the Drake was gone that Gangamamer actually did take a look at the card...a brief thought flashed. The drake was not wrong they could do better working together...but there would need to be quality checks and from past experience fan-made treasure could be horribly unpolished and the mere threat that one of the Drakes would try to demand money they didn't have to give...it was a risk that Gangamamer was not currently willing to take.


In the far off land of Visnovella where dragons ruled, Gangamamer would think about the Drake's offer. It was just as much a fan of treasure as the buyers and wanted to see the industry succeed...but it was not going to happen this day. In the future though when Mekihira returns and Demia makes selling treasure nearly impossible perhaps then Gangamamer will go for a different route.


Common END


B: "You do have a point." Gangamamer grudgingly admits.


"I know, so how bout we join forces? I give you the fan made/fan polished treasure and you fix it up. I'm willing to do this at little or even no cost. I merely wish to see the treasure selling business succeed." The Drake offers.


Gangamamer thought long and hard about what the Drake had just said and decided the rewards greatly outweighed the risks. "I suppose we can try working with one another." 


Gangamamer went on to continue working with the Drake and pushing out treasure faster and for a cheaper cost that it's popularity soared and Gangamamer became the richest dragon in Visnovella not just rich in currency but in respect from the adventurers that ended up buying the treasure.



C: Gangamamer felt enraged at the thought that the Drake and the adventurer would show such blatant disrespect to his mighty being. It had enough and would use the Drake and the adventurer as a means of warning. Gangamamer smiled a menacingly smile and then asked,


"Tell me do you prefer legal or illegal?" 


The Drake barely had time to register that question when the adventurer burst into flames next to him. The Drake immediately felt jaws around its neck and Gangamamer whispered something while still right clinging to the neck.


"I prefer illegal". 




Gangamamer continued attacking adventurers and other drakes for the remainder of its existence. It sold treasure well enough but with new DRM capable of destroying any adventurers that might try to steal and send legal documentation against any fan-treasure. Gangamamer managed a relatively acceptable business...until the treasure that was being sold started becoming too obscure and people grew out of the types of treasure that was currently available. Gangamamer was disliked by many and over time it eventually caused the business to collapse and fail. Gangamamer committed suicide no too long after.




D: Gangamamer was getting annoyed with the Drake and wanted to hurt it while also completely destroying it. Gangamamer turned to the dimwitted adventurer (who was currently in the process of trying to remove an especially shiny treasure from its resting place),


"You know what go ahead free treasure for everyone. If you like what you get pay for it. If not feel free to ignore it." Gangamamer said finally going insane. The jaw of the Drake fell open whereas the adventurer's eyes widened and face fell in a stupid grin. 


"Y-You what? How are you going to possibly release more treasure if you are not making money to get the creative licenses to create new treasure?" The Drake asked mortified. 


"I have faith that the people who like the treasure will pay for it. It will all work out in the end I'm sure." Gangamamer said with an adventurer level of stupidity.


Gangamer went onto continue creating treasure for a time and gave it away for free. It had however completely lost anyone's intent to purchase the treasure as a result and despite Gangamamer's best effort to keep the business running it eventually fell into ruin. No new products were able to be released due to lack of funds to pay for the polishing and creation of the treasure. The complete lack of intent to responsibly maintain a business eventually got them in trouble with the Visnovellian laws and despite being favorable among the treasure fanatics was incapable of maintaining that level of commitment to treasure. In the end the dragon ceased to be able to properly run the business and Gangamamer became like Mekihira that came before. Faded into obscurity and lost to time.



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As I've been bogged down with uni work this week I was unable to make a long, epic story so this will have to do.


In the land of Visnovella lived a dragon called Gangamamer. He liked to bathe in gold while terrorizing the local villages. Why? because Gangamamer is a dick. One day a local hero decided to face Gangamamer in thrilling battle. Many had previously tried and failed to fight the dragon in the traditional sense so the Hero decided to try to reason with the beast. Unfortunately our hero was destined to learn the hard way that one should never try to reason with a dragon. Sure enough the hero was incinerated by Gangamamer's fire before he could even ask if the dragon could speak (he can't of course, he's  dragon). Gangamamer then proceeded to burn down the heroes village with unfathomable indifference before going to sleep on its bed made of crushed bones and broken dreams.


And so ends the tale of Gangamamer; The Worlds Biggest Wanker.


Moral of the story: reason does not work on the unreasonable (I'm looking at you Flutterz!)

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It got long and I was running out of time, so I'll just submit this now. Dang, I wanted to polish it more and had a few more gags I wanted to work in...


Visnovella. A world that stretched as far as thousands of universes, its majesty was the stuff with which epic tales were told. Residents hailed from locations as diverse as the settlements founded by Eternal Swords to the parallel galaxies derived from the sheer possibilities in a Kaleidoscope; to the crevices hiding fragments of an Emerald Tablet to the two habitats merged into Dir Lifyna; to the cities populated with Star Gods and Elfins to the simpler homes where people lived with only their passion for taking photos, flying in gliders, making money, taking women, or simply searching for love.


But even Visnovella, for all its diverse lands, supernatural beings, and legends in the making, had one place that very few dared to venture. This place, so shrouded in evil and vice that every man and woman from the most overpowered heroes to the most foolhardy adventurers to the most experienced tacticians balked at the prospect of entering at all, was not above affecting with other locations with its influence, and though it left alone the ones that offered it abundant tithes, it was not below...intervening with those that didn’t. And this lair had a name, a name that struck fear and terror into the heart and soul of all:


The Palace...of Licensing.


“Are you a masochist, GangaMamer?” said a young human-looking female, sprawled out on a four-poster bed in a room that took up the topmost floor of the extravagant palace. “I mean, that would make sooo much sense. The last time you were here, I sent you running, tail tucked between your legs, and I was pretty sure you won’t be back to have my jewelry collection thrown at you again for another week or two. And yet, here you are. Back in your stuffy grey suit, another idea to pitch, and zero concern about taking a gold hairbrush in the eye.”


The girl, who was rather uncreatively named Licensing, idly flicked a page of the manga she was reading. She was fitted in only cut-short jeans and a blue tube-top to complete that summer look, which might’ve looked sexy if she actually had the curves to pull it off. In fact, the tube-top had actually been set in place with a safety pin strategically pulling tight the cloth around her chest area, otherwise the thing might’ve slid off as soon as she stood up and wouldn’t that have been a wardrobe dysfunction of the year. She looked about the age of those highschool heroines of slice-of-life VNs. Or perhaps the age of the young adult females from those netorare VNs. Really, it was hard to tell sometimes with anime girls, and I wish I show you with CG artwork so you wouldn’t have to imagine her looks, but I think we all proved over the past week how horribly atrocious we are at the visual arts, so maybe it’s better for the mental health of everyone involved if I refrained from trying to draw such a thing.


GangaMamer, standing on his two hind legs at the other side of the room, shuffled uncomfortably, as he really ought considering he was distinctly aware of the possibility of the aforementioned wardrobe dysfunction. Licensing was prone to stretching lazily. It didn’t do good things to the cloth pinched together by the safety pin. Going back on topic, GangaMamer was a dragon, which meant it was his job to convince Licensing that him bringing in otherworlders to tour the vast areas of Visnovella was not only viable, it was profitable. It was a thankless job, and not very successful either, though out of all the dragons he was arguably the most successful...which was why he was back in this room...possibly vulnerable to another hail of diamond necklaces and solid gold cups. Damn, he hated this room.


Of course, he didn`t let his real thoughts show as he began speaking.


“I believe, Licensing-sama,” GangaMamer started, “that this is not a question of masochism. This is a question of opportunities! Being the distinguished businessdragon I am, I keep a close finger on the current trends of my customers’ world, and I can tell you that one such trend, one that you and I are in a unique position to take advantage of, is at an all-time high, and as a result, now is the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to expand to foreign consumers.”


“This is the fifteenth time you used those exact words,” Licensing said. “I will flip my nightstand on you if try to go over your self-indulgent ‘collected data’ drivel again.”


GangaMamer decided to cut to the chase.


“Anime-ism!” he declared, pointing to a PowerPoint slide conveniently stating those exact words on the wall behind him. “The universes of Animella and Mangalla are popular as never before in North America, and Visnovella is proving to have just as much potential! Worlds like Katawa Shoujo have not only been well-received, it also inspired other similar worlds to start opening up their tourism industry! If we don’t take advantage of that here, and now, how can we call ourselves proud residents of Visnovella?”


“I don’t,” Licensing said, waving at GangaMamer’s face the manga she had in her hand.


“...I don’t have an argument for that,” the dragon admitted, more than a little deflated over Licensing’s refusal to take him seriously. He told himself not to be frustrated by such a little thing. He was a fully-grown adult dragon, and took great pride in being one of the mature of his kind...oh hell why not.


“But it’s not my fault you’re so bitchy that we’re not attracting any customers,” he said brightly.


“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Licensing screeched, hurling her book at GangaMamer, who ducked.


“Oh come on, when was the last time you showed some charm?” GangaMamer said. “No one wants to deal with Licensing. They call me crazy for it. I even suggested you moe-anthropomorphize yourself to make you seem approachable, and people are still trying to get a restraint warrant against you. I didn’t even know that was possible.”


“Approachable, my butt!” Licensing screamed. “If it wasn’t for that stupid suggestion no one would have thought calling me Lice-tan was a good idea!”


GangaMamer blinked, thrown off his spiel. “Wait, someone actually called you that?”


“Them being the spectacular retards they are, yes!”


“At least they got the bloodsucking aspect of you right,” GangaMamer muttered.


“What was that?” Licensing said menacingly.


“I said, at least they got the small and cute aspect of you right,” GangaMamer lied smoothly. It didn’t seem to mollify Licensing any, though; if anything, her glower turned more intense. He quickly changed the subject. “Anyway, the point is that there’s a demand for this stuff, and it’s a great deal of demand that we just can’t seem to satisfy fully...whatever the reason. We can at least agree on that, yes?”


Licensing buried herself under her covers with a muffled shriek of rage. GangaMamer took that as a yes. Oh, he was on a roll.


“Believe me, Licensing-sama, this is not without ample rewards. Just imagine the happy faces that will greet us once we open up a new world for visiting!”


Licensing’s head popped out, suddenly interested. “Well, yes, I suppose you’re right,” she said thoughtfully. “I do so love them gorgeous, sexy Benjamin Franklin faces on my hundred-dollar bills...”


“I actually meant our loyal customers,” GangaMamer said.


“Yes, the money, of course,” Licensing agreed.


GangaMamer gave up on that particular train of thought and plunged onwards. “Therefore, I would like to suggest that we open the world of Muv—”


“No,” Licensing said brightly.


There was only silence for a moment. I mean come on, this girl just shot down in half a second a story that took me this entire week to construct. You gotta give that the sort of dumbstruck reaction it deserves.


“I’m sorry?” GangaMamer said, emphasizing my previous point.


“No,” she repeated, smiling angelically. “After all, I’m the bitch in this room, aren’t I?”


And then, there was nothing more to say.


Well, nothing except: “That and being the flat-chest—”


A glass filled with sundae exploded against the wall near his head, and GangaMamer scuttled out the door and slammed it shut behind him, muting the angry insults thrown after him. He took a deep, shuddering breath.


A moment later, GangaMamer realized that there was a dragon who was very familiar and sort of illegal standing right next to him.


With one hand, Mmterasu took out a pair of designer shades from his suit and snapped it on. “Told you so, bro. So much easier to use dem fire breath and burn the bitch to ash when you can.”


“Not. Helping,” GangaMamer snapped, and he stomped off down the hall.

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So writing isnt my strongest skillset. But here it goes


Once upon a time, there lived a great dragon who ruled the skies of Visnovella. Gangamamer was in his early-late years as dragons go and thus, he was wise.  He was respected, and thus he ruled the skies and gave counsel to dragons and men alike. For men and dragons were at a time of peace and aided each other whenever needed. Gangamamer was a Charter at a younger age, traveling Visnovella and helping humans map the land from sea to sea. Now, retired, he gives counsel whenever needed and is often left alone on his peninsula in a giant cave by the sea.

But peace never lasts. Troubles with humans have been increasing rapidly over the past few years and war is starting to brew. Dragon leaders flocked to Gangamamer’s peninsula for advice. And for many nights they stayed, arguing.

It was the 3rd night since the dragons came. Gangamamer was getting impatient with the other dragons and their cries of war. He paced around his cave, trying to find a resolution. Younger dragons thirsted for war and blood while the older dragons cautioned peace. But they all looked at Gangamamer to make an official decision, while roaring out their opinions. With a thunderous roar and a flap of his wings, he soared out of his cave and flew into the night. I am sick of this. Sick of all these troubles of life! Why can’t I attain peace?! He thought as he roared out hot burning flames towards the empty valley below. All night he flew, past the point of weary. He flew in no particular destination, he flew to clear his mind.

At last he descended upon the edge of a forest and slept. He slept until the sun was high in the sky. He laid his head over a rock, trying to think of a resolution. “I do not want to go back, too much trouble with their talk of war. I am not as young as I used to be and my power is diminishing,” he said aloud to no one in particular. After a time, he noticed a snail on his right leg. It was pink and the shell had a large hump at the back.

With telepathy he connected to the mind of the snail and talked to it. “Little one, war is brewing and all of nature will be trampled under its wake. What should I do?” Being a snail, it didn’t respond, but Gangamamer felt empathy from the snail as well as sadness and loneliness. “Why won’t you live with me in my cave? If war comes, take care of it till I return and if peace happens instead, you can share it with me.” With a resolution in mind, Gangamamer held the snail in his hands and with a beat of his wings took off into the sky. The snail was delighted to fly and Gangamamer was happy. And thus with a smile, he started his long trek home.

“You are the first snail to fly, and for that I will call you Chiisai Ryu.” Gangamamer said with a delight. The snail felt happiness while Gangamamer felt a sense of emotions about Chiisai Ryu. For a long time, he has someone he truly wants to protect, not out of duty. Even if it is a small snail, he held onto that idea and emotion so he has something to personally strive for in the troubles ahead.

As darkness fell, he noticed he was in an area he had never seen in Visnovella. “Strange, I don’t recall this area. Is my mind going bad?” Gangamamer told Chiisai Ryu. Gangamamer noted the sadness the snail was feeling, “Oh don’t worry Little Dragon, I’m just getting old. I only flew out a night away from my home.” All night Gangamamer flew, and still he was in a strange land. Cliffs, hills, mountains, valleys, and swamps he flew over, and still no sign of familiar territory. But all throughout the night he chatted with the snail about his life as he tried to navigate home.

The sun was high in the sky the next day when he decided to land. He placed the snail on a large rock. “I don’t get it!” said Gangamamer with a shout. “The sun and stars are how I remember them, yet I have lost my way! I don’t recall these sights in all my years!” Chiisai Ryu looked at him and felt sincere sorrow and started to slither away. Gangamamer was dismayed when he felt apology emitting from her. “Why are you leaving? I will just go back and find where we first met and retrace my steps.” But Chiisai Ryu never slowed down. Gangamamer raised his head and burst fire into the air in sadness of having to leave his friend. Five seconds the fire lasted. “Chiisai Ryu, don’t forget about…Ryu?” Gangamamer looked around and couldn’t find her. But she is a snail! She was right here! They don’t move fast at all!” He looked for her for 10 minutes before he gave up. She was gone, vanished from him.

Gangamamer took off into the air and within the hour noticed he was back into familiar territory. By nightfall he arrived at his cave. And with a loud voice, vowed peace for all of Visnovella. For the next few weeks, he worked tirelessly in achieving his goal. Finally, a peace was written and war was evaded. Gangamamer spent the rest of his life on his Peninsula, remembering Chiisai Ryu, the pink snail.

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Ahhhh, I love how much effort you guys put into this. And no one fell for my trap of asking questions despite me not spelling out how much this past week was worth. Now to make you all super mad. There are no bonus points for week 3. Just  5 points for anyone who took part. I'll get around to points sheet ASAP (I have some papers for school to write first but I do have someone working on it for me). 

Now this week, there are bonus points, so don't worry. This weeks challenge will weed out the last of the casuals. We've had many drop already, but I expect this week to really destroy the willpower of those wanting an easy contest. What is the challenge this week you ask?

Write a song based off the story you wrote for week 3. 

​That's right. This week, you are to write a song based off the story you wrote just last week. This is a basic 5 point week. Respond within 24 hours with a song and receive 6 points instead. As for the bonus, anyone who sings their song (no music required) and posts it for everyone to listen will receive and unspecified amount of points. The less people who do it, the more the bonus will be. 

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Just upload to youtube, soundcloud, puush, whatever. I don't care as long as everyone can hear it.

There are no other requirements. There never are. I give you every requirement in the main post. So please, stop asking questions all the time. I'm not going to make up random rules midweek to screw you guys over. I keep things open enough for everyone and reward those who put in the effort. 

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Apologies, clarification is something I tend to be a little picky about ><;;


Does anyone know of recording software?  Something that could be used to get the voice recorded and uploaded to a file of some description.  Not a sector I'm fully familiar with.

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Apologies, clarification is something I tend to be a little picky about ><;;


Does anyone know of recording software?  Something that could be used to get the voice recorded and uploaded to a file of some description.  Not a sector I'm fully familiar with.

Audacity is a free recording software. Windows also has a free sound recorder program typically installed automatically. Should be in accessories. 

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Here's what I came up with.  I'll see if I can get a voice recording up within the 24 hours.  :P


I have acquired recording software.

  THIS SONG IS THE BIGGEST SHIT I HAVE CREATED IN ALL OF MY LIFE Q_Q.  Just don't come complaining when it makes your ears bleed.


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Gangamamer: The Dragon, the Legend



Him and his dragon brothers~

Fly across Visnovella

All in the name of love


First came a princess named Hinata

There wasn’t much to her, but

Her features were seen by all as “cute”

So Gangamamer got his start



One day Gangamamer realized

He could be doing so much more

So he flew around the land

So his princesses would no longer be a bore




With a SHOCK Gangamamer found

The land was full of pirates

His duty was being stolen

He couldn’t stand for that




So, what became of old Gangamamer?

The story is still unclear

But the speech he made would one day be

The stuff of countless legends




How convenient that the next couple hours are literally the only chance I'll have all week to do this shit. Also, excuse the awful audio quality; things have to be sacrificed when you want something done in 24 hours.



EDIT: Reuploaded to Soundcloud instead of Tindeck.

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So, my net is terrible an won't be any better anytime soon, can't be arsed to make a upload that would take me weeks (not joking) to succeed, so I won't make the vocals for this.


Anyway I don't want to quit even though this is even harder than the week 3 so I just want to finish this ASAP and forget I made something so bad:


He's cool, he's handsome.
He's strong, he's smart.
Whatever you do, get out of home,
Because the fun is about to start!!

Or maybe not!

Homeless. Traveling the land.
Loveless. Hated by humans and dragons alike.
He's shy, so give him an hand.
He's friendly, so give him a like.

He may be all that, but he'll fight.
If he is ever needed he can be brave.
In case of stress he'll show his might.
He'll send the enemies back to their cave.

Friends, that's all he seek.
The possibilities are infinite.
He'll never back down, not even in a week.
But still the time is finite.

Visnovella, the land of crazy and awesomeness.
Everyone is friendly, without a care in the world,
A place so cool that it's painless.
No matter what, it's a happy place.


He's cool, he's handsome.
He's strong, he's smart.
Whatever you do, get out of home,
Because the fun is about to start!!

Or maybe not!


Terrible, I know. But it's the best I can do...

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My sexy singing is up! Might need to turn your volume up a bit, had to sing quietly or my family will wonder where they went wrong with raising me.





There was a snail

Who made life fail

At finding their home

Oh their sweet home

Far and far they go

In a place they don’t know

A mysterious sky

Oh how the snail will cry

Till it says goodbye


There was a snail

Who made you fail

With an empty flagon

Even if you are a dragon

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WELL SHIT! I haven't't posted my story for week three yet....am i out according to the rules?

No, you just won't get any week 3 points. You can still take part and I have something in store that might let you climb your way back into the running. Just keep chugging along. You will still need to write a story to write the song. You just wont get points for the story. 

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