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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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10 hours ago, imnoob92 said:

Eh not bad, and a scorer too. Meanwhile me without a single Aqours UR still😒

At this Rate, i'll have FULL smile UR team before i got another Kotori SR/SSR/UR :reeee:

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22 minutes ago, Ceris said:

Yeah i read that.

I know that it will eventually worked up but getting a Full Combo and get -700 or so point is kinda depressing 

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38 minutes ago, Ceris said:

I mean, it's nothing different than getting an FC in the old old days and getting 4th place :sachi: 

Lol i guess that's true :wahaha:

But yeah just kinda vexing seeing it, probably should just ignore MRM and do it like usual SM

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On 2017/5/6 at 7:19 PM, Ceris said:

Amazing? This new system is terrible, even worse than the old one. I have a feeling Klab can't even program a simple ELO-based loop, which rates no more than four players at the same time.

Yesterday I feel from ~1500 way past 25k in 3 (THREE) rounds. Best of all, neither my team, nor final score had anything to do with it. Makes sense?

More siliness:

















So, how does the new system work? It currently ignores single records in favor of a more streamlined general scoring system, ie. it awards players accordingly with their live show performance to their position in the general ranking. Sounds good? Sure it does. Sadly, that's where everything ends. In reality, as it is now, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't at all. The way current system works is it actually DOES NOT reward people for their effort, nor skill. A good example would be one of the matches I had yesterday. A person placed third with minimal difference (less than 100) in score match points rating earned far MORE points than the person who scored the highest. What does that mean? Normally, this should be a standard, as long as the number of score match points (+/- the difference) won't be higher than that of the best player; it can happen, if the difference between total number of score match points remains huge. Unfortuntely, this person, who had almost the same number of score match points and a subpar match score in the end basically jumped over the top ranking player and that applies to every other player competing with others within their score match point margin.

I'm slowly losing hopes KLab will ever manage to code in an appropriately working system, which won't end in endless frustration of players. It may sound good on paper, but remains a half-assed solution to a more complicated issue, that requires a better system, instead of one that gives out scores calculated from a very unstable variable. It's wonky, very innacurate and hurts skilled players who actually put effort into their games.

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If anything, JP system was way worse.C_OljFmUIAATPPC.jpg


I don't even care how this shit system works anymore but it hinders my event progress a lot, like really a LOT. I just want to get my 6 event SRs while getting a lot of 3rd and 4th place in the progress which is literally dogshit. :makina: 

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I see  so much hate over the new MMR, but I don't get it. Last SM I got an absurd number of 3rd and 4th places and lost  thousands and thousands of MMR. This event, I've only lost a handful of  times, getting 1st place a majority of my SM due to how unbalanced things are :sachi: Generally if you're relatively strong and can consistently FC, you'll end up on top a lot.


My highest placement was 19th, but I only have this screenshot



So far this SM has actually been fun unlike the last SM, which I immensely hated. I don't care how unrelative to actual team strength it is, it's just nice to be rewarded for FCing and not getting into constant whale lobbies like last SM.


Also, these type of things can happen, which is hilarious.


I tripled 4th place's score, despite him having 10k after the SM. It's so absurdly stupid it's funny.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So out of nowhere when i was listening to my moosic, Susume Tomorrow played and i got all nostalgic about LLSIF so ima try to see if i can get my account back (obviously my xfer expired like 3 years ago gg, i already started the emails and have begun the interrogation of deaths les'see what happens) and mess around for funzies


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I'm on like Round 2 of interrogations, round 1 Qs they ask are some pretty BS identification ones that anyone can find out, like Rank, User ID, registration date, last login date, first event joined, 

Round 2 has some genuine Google Play receipts, transfer codes issued, any gift codes used, what was your starter Rare (Maki? holy fk i dont remember!!!!)


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They take a full 24 hours to unload the next set of interrogation'o question'os but supposedly i managed to finally answer them all to the best of my abilities and now we're in the moment of truth phase god knows how long that will take where they'll either gimme the accs back or say fk u you're an imposter :pyaa:

KLab support (KLab)
5月23日 13:36 JST
Thank you very much for supporting School Idol Festival.
We wish to inform you that we are currently looking into the issue you have reported.
We will be in touch with you as soon as we have received the results of the investigation.
Thank you for your patience.
We hope that you will continue to enjoy School Idol Festival.

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Fk these guys, how does having google play receipts and knowing issued expired transfer codes and the free alpaca gift code Zehel gave out a while back not proof enough? Now they ask rank(again), does anyone remember where i left off >.> i guessed 127 the first time based on my last screenshot but there is a blankish few months between that screen and when i quit so idk

Regarding your concern about data transfer. we treat each and every information with great care, and 
we would like to kindly inform you that it is quite challenging for us to confirm your ownership of the account.
We would like to ask you to provide us with the following detail.


edit: o wait i can just create a mule account to check. rank 133, login 632 days ago wow how sad xD

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