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Anime Expo (AX) 2023 Announcements


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So once again the time has come for AX, which mean that we may get several interesting announcements. Still no idea on what Mangagamer will announce, but at least we know we'll have 4 announcements from them.

Anyway, the schedule below and for the info the time is UTC -7. I'll list the announcements in this post later.



PS - I'll list the announcements in here.



Announcement 1 - Hana Awase



A maiden's prayer shall make the flower bloom.

There is a card game called "Kasen", which is played with cards known as "Hanafuda". Only a handful of people, known as "Kaei", can call on and draw the power of the "flower". With most Kaei are men, the five students who possess the most power within the academy are referred to as the "Gokou" and are revered.

This is a story about a maiden who has dedicated herself to five male students aiming to become one of the Gokou, set in Kasen National Academy, which is a school that produces many individuals with rare talents.

Announcement 2 - Choukou Shinki Ixseal



Protagonist Tsuguhiko Oudou is the reincarnation of the demon king. He lived his life as a normal student among human society while waiting for his chance to reinstate his position as demon king and rule over the world.

On the appointed day however, he is attacked by Ixseal, a knight from the God’s side. He manages to escape, but is then immediately betrayed by his subordinate Bezel. Meaning that in the end he is left with just one power, the power of “lust”.

Bezel also manages to trap Ixseal on earth, away from her allies. Tsuguhiko and Ixseal then decide to team up and form a joint front against Bezel and his army of demons. But the only way to defeat these strong demons is to provide Ixseal with more power. And since the power of lust is the only one left for Tsuguhiko, you can guess where this is going.

Announcement 3 - Sex Open World e Youkoso!




Thanks to an accident, our protagonist 'Sejima Seiya' awakes to find himself in the parallel world of "Laurentide". In the land of Laurentide, there is an ancient legend which has been long held by the people...

-From a hero who arrives from a parallel world shall come the seed which will end the Era of War-

There is no doubt that the seed spoken thereof is that of our protagonist. "What am I, a stud horse!?" the hero thinks to himself, yet even be that as it may, our protagonist can't help but want to do it. And besides, to become the father of heroes is to become king of the world. And so it goes...

Led by the legend, beautiful women from all over the world begin to converge in order to claim our protagonists' seed.

...Maybe these heroines secretly desire to unite the world under their country's banner.
...Or maybe they just want to have sex with the hero.

Our main character's days of being exploited by beautiful women begin now...

Announcement 4 - Dead Days


Live, die, live.

A few people awoke in an unknown place.
All of them, strangers to each other, are supposed to be dead.

While they are perplexed, an unknown entity unilaterally offers them a "life extension" in return for eradicating the various spirits that inhabit this world.
Only those like them, the reanimated individuals, could locate, touch, and kill spirits usually undetectable to ordinary senses.

The revival, however, has its side effects; an abnormally strong libido, anxiety over the subsequent encounter and combat, and a sense of impending doom.

Their cruel daily life with death is about to begin...



Announcement 1 - Shingun Goblin Gundan ~Jinrui-sou Naedoko-ka Sakusen~




Announcement 2 - Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess!



In Yomegami the world is at peace, but mankind is unaware of the miracles in this world, as well as the struggle going on in the world of Gods.

We pick up the story in spring in a provincial town called “New Masado City”, when a transfer student named Hayato transfers in at an unusual time. Hayato is the reincarnation of a devil that went on a rampage in the past. His mother, Iris, is also a reincarnation of a former power. But in her case it’s a goddess rather than a devil. She told him that if he performs enough good deeds in the human world, he would be able to return to the world of Gods. And so Hayato attempts to live his life as a youth in accordance with her words.

Unfortunately, the devil’s power still hold power over him and it happens that he snatches a kiss from his new classmate Mikoto. If this misunderstanding continues, all of his previousl accomplished good deeds will be nullified! He takes on the help of his best friend and class president Mari to find the right way and time to apologize. But then a mysterious and mischievous dog-eared girl appears and events take a turn for the worst.

Why did this have to happen to him!? It seems his life is too deeply connected with his previous existence…

Announcement 3 - Yamizome Liberator -Yamiochi Yuusha to Ochiru Senki-



Haruomi was a hero sent to another world to kill the demon lord and when he did, he wished to going back to Earth along with the Goddess Ninia, however she denied to go with him and decided to just sent him back to Earth alone. He was, once again, in earth attending a very prestigious school he is a part of the student council which he wish to turn into his harem.

After trying to save a friend of his, Haruoumi find he has the demon lord's soul he killed within him, not only that but the goddess knew that the demon lord's soul went to Earth so she selected a few girls that have been previously sent to another worlds to fight demons lord and gave them once again power in order to kill him and destroying the demon lord's soul. Now he has no choice but cooperate with the demon, so he'll try corrupt the heroes and get their magical power in order to save himself, get his long wished harem and be free of the demon lord soul.

Announcement 4 - Minikui Mojika no Ko



The title is a reference to "The Ugly Duckling" (みにくいアヒルの子)

Described as "Physical and Mental Violation ADV", you take the role of Tanezaki Suteru who's being bullied for looking ugly. As a result of this he is an introvert and as much as looking into people's faces is a horrifying task to him. However, he has the power to read the true intentions of someone's heart if he does manage to do so, which automatically happens upon seeing their faces within the range of 120cm. The ability to read these information manifest themselves in so called "Moji" which show him time after time how cruel and full of lies the world may be.

After a prank confession by his personal crush Miyu he decides to enact revenge onto those who look down upon him...

Announcement 5 - Makai Tenshi Djibril



When summer break began, Jinno Naoto and Manabe Rika confessed their thoughts that they had since their childhood and began to go out. Suddenly a boy named Asmo appeared. He said he was a devil, and he tried to take Rika away. Naoto did his best to save Rika from Asmo, but he couldn't anything to do with devil's power. At that very moment, a girl named Loveriel, who called herself an angel, appeared and saved them.

Loveriel injured in the battle against the devil and they took her home with them. There, Loveriel told them surprising things; angels from heaven and devils from hell have been fighting for a long time, and that devils would attack them again.

Because Loveriel had lost her powers during the fight, she asked Rika to fight for her. On the other hand, the devil had also lost his powers in the fight. Meanwhile, Otonashi Meimi, who was a classmate of Naoto, witnessed Naoto confess his love to Rika, and she became jealous. Taking advantage of her jealousy, the devil haunted her and made Meimi into an evil heroine, Misty Mei, and made her attack Rika again. Just before that, Loveriel turned Rika into "St. Djibril" and let her fight against them.

Announcement 6 - sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~



Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies a small rural town in a mountainous region. A young man meets a pair of beautiful sisters there along with their mother and lives together with them. Their days together are full of happiness, but he doesn’t know there is a hidden secret.

Type Moon


Announcement - Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-


The first half of the remake of Type-Moon's classic doujin game Tsukihime, featuring a rewritten scenario with major differences in its setting and plot, as well as several new characters.

This release includes the Near Side routes (45 hours with voicelines, double their original length).



Announcement 1 - Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~




Hiroshi is insulted sexually by Yoritake every day. Hiroshi doesn't want it anymore but he can't deny his call. One day, Hiroshi is ordered to sneak into a school building at night and he meets a man in police uniform there. He fires a gun and keeps a teacher, Yoritake and Hiroshi as hostage. The man orders them to....

Announcement 2 - Paradise


Collaboration project between Pil/Slash and LOVE&DESTROY.

Azuma’s days are unchanging -- his monotonous life is shaken up when he wins a trip to a southern island resort in a lottery drawing.

“Who knows…maybe I’ll even meet some cute girls there or something.”

In high spirits over this uncommonly good luck, he eagerly looks forward to the day of departure… only to find nothing but men present at the tour group’s meeting point. Despite the huge disappointment, he becomes friendly the other members of the tour (except one) and is able to enjoy his time on the uninhabited island for what it is.

However, the life of freedom is short-lived; clouds of suspiscion gradually draw closer, finally transforming their supreme paradise into a closed off circle of evil and oppression.

Sekai Project


Announcement - Neko-nin eXHeart SPIN!


FjfjiggikggkOur hero, Makibishi Kikumaru, has spent his mostly plain days in the company of his tanuki-faced family members (younger sister and grandfather), but his grandfather’s sudden death causes a major shift in his daily life. A cat-earred woman in battle dress storms in on the funeral vigil and lets loose with a machine gun. His younger sister turns into a tanuki-earred ninja.

What the heck is going on? The one that comes to our hero’s rescue is a mysterious and beautiful cat-earred woman.

“My name is Touka. I am here to protect you, Lord Makibishi, no… Lord Saiga Kikumaru.”
These are the words that Touka speaks to a bewildered Kikumaru.

1) There are people that exist in this country known as “demi-humans”, as well as people of other origins, unbeknownst to the rest of the population
2) These beings served as ninja during the Sengoku period, and still exist here and there across Japan today
3) You were born into the Saiga family, who act as intermediaries between this “underworld” and mainstream society.
4) And so you are already involved in the struggle. If you don’t get serious about it, you’ll end up dead. (This part is vital.)

…So it seems.

Things seem to be a little on the serious (?) side this time, as the curtains rise again on a new NEKO-NIN chapter.
With our brand new outfits, we’re going meow meow our way into your heart.

That's all for the announcements.

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Some of those panels sound rather interesting. Especially the ones about how the VN business has developed from MangaGamer, Sekai and Denpasoft. I don't follow the VN scene as closely as I used to, but I am curious if the business in the west has overall evolved or stagnated.

Btw, why is it so important if the rooms are cleared?! :baobao:

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JAST and Mangagamer recently had their announcements, and let's just say that it's quite stacked in number. I'll try to comment when all of the announcements gathered, so for now I'll just update the OP post.

PS - I'll compile the announcement in this post below.


  • Hana Awase
  • Choukou Shinki Ixseal
  • Sex Open World e Youkoso!
  • Dead Days


  • Shingun Goblin Gundan ~Jinrui-sou Naedoko-ka Sakusen~
  • Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess!
  • Yamizome Liberator -Yamiochi Yuusha to Ochiru Senki-
  • Minikui Mojika no Ko
  • Mankai Tenshi Djibril
  • sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~

Type Moon

  • Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-


  • Masquerade ~Jigoku Gakuen SO/DO/MU~
  • Paradise

Sekai Project

  • Neko-nin eXHeart SPIN!
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I'm glad Mangagamer will release the PC Version of Hana Awase!

PC only otome gamers may have all the indie otome, but bigger releases are rare for them. Switch is still the strong hold for non-indie otome.

I wonder how the price will be of the series. The Switch Versions together are pretty expensive. Which is why I only preordered the first two of four Hana Awase Games.

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On 6/30/2023 at 2:38 AM, ChaosRaven said:

Some of those panels sound rather interesting. Especially the ones about how the VN business has developed from MangaGamer, Sekai and Denpasoft. I don't follow the VN scene as closely as I used to, but I am curious if the business in the west has overall evolved or stagnated.

Btw, why is it so important if the rooms are cleared?! :baobao:

Isn't that because some people are not allowed to attend 18+ panels if they're underage? Or maybe some people get offended/don't want to see 18+ panels. Even if they don't show any sexually explicit content, the content they talk about in this panels may be NSFW,

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  • littleshogun changed the title to Anime Expo (AX) 2023 Announcements
20 hours ago, Shiawase_Rina said:

PC only otome gamers may have all the indie otome, but bigger releases are rare for them. Switch is still the strong hold for non-indie otome.

As much as I keep saying on how I pay attention less to otome VN, I say that it would be nice to see more big otome VN on PC. At least we have Taisho Alice and Bustafellow if we talk about big otome VN on PC, but obviously console (Read: Switch) still has more otome VN library, as if Idea Factory didn't want to expand it to the Windows like their usual RPG title (Neptunia franchise).

Speaking of Idea Factory, they also announced two title, namely Bakarina Pirate (The first season of the anime, which adapted the first two volume of light novel is already conclusive enough, but at least it's gaining some success so good for the original author) and Sympathy Kiss. Both are for Switch, so no PC version from Idea Factory. Also in case someone want GL route for Bakarina game, unfortunately there's none of it.

PS - I know there's Tsukihime Remake 1 announcement, but considering they didn't announce PC version (Only the initial Switch and additional PS4 version) let's just say that the announcement is very redundant, especially with the patch that translate it just released very recently.

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1 hour ago, Dreamysyu said:

Huh. I see that the trend of Type-Moon refusing to translate their games into non-Japanese languages is finally broken.

Yeah, it's nice to see that the Mahoyo localization from last year wasn't just a one-off. Would be great if we, just like with Tsukihime, eventually get a remake of Fate and see it find its way west for the first time.

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  • 5 months later...

I'm very late to make the tier for more than half a year, so let me try to make it even though there's no much interesting title compared to 2022.


Yeah I know two of those are more like nukige, but it is what it is, especially with Liberator in which I'd look forward to eventual English translation ever since I saw the announcement of it way back when Dohna Dohna is still not localized by Shiravune so there's no reason for JAST to rushed Revenger release. I also look forward to Ixseal eventual announcement, although I didn't really believe that it could be possible when I wrote the suggestion. For Yomegami, honestly the only Alcot VN that I think interesting beside Clover Day's (Which already released by Nekonyan) is Shogun-sama, but regardless good for JAST to get Yomegami and hopefully we'll see them get Shogun-sama license.


Hana Awase may be interesting with card game and lengthy story even though it's otome VN. Both Sex Open Worlds and Nekonin Spin has good looking graphic, although the latter is definitely far below what Sekai used to announced in AX. Dead Days may have interesting writing beneath the disturbing contents, although it would be hard to recommend to anyone else. Mojika actually is like Kimikoi with the seemingly unrelated premise, but again it could be hard to recommend considering the layer of disturbing contents. Djibril is magical girl serial VN that Frontwing published, although like serial VN I prefer to wait until JAST (Or maybe Frontwing if they decided to change their mind) announce all of its parts. Tsukihime Remake is obviously interesting despite the blatant attempt of milking, although it only available for Switch and obviously redundant seeing there's fan patch (Then again, we may see eventual PC version just like Mahoyo).

Take Your Time

Shingun Goblin may have interesting premise, although I'm not particularly interested with it for now. For BL VNs that JAST worked hard to license, well I guess good to anyone who hope to see those two available in English. I only know sisters is the nukige with very good looking graphic, and at least it has 2D anime graphic. Long story short, I'll just pass all those title.

That's all for my belated tier list, and hopefully we may see interesting announcements in next year AX.

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