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[Ongoing] Walkthroughs

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It might not be much, but if anybody doesn't want to use the VNDB descriptions for the story summary, or character descriptions, and wants fresh ones, I can write them for you.  


Just a little example of what I can do: 


Story Summary:


The story takes place in the small, Japanese town of Nissei. This peaceful seaside community’s supposedly unscathed history is interrupted when tragedy struck a duo of adolescents  whose childish antics are overcome by a particular romantic fancy for each other. When the story’s protagonist–the male of the duo–, Amamiya Makoto, finds himself knocking at death’s door, his friend gives her life to save his. The trauma Makoto was forced to face was enough to drive the common man to suicidal depression, yet somehow, he managed to cope with his grief, and lived on in the very same town where his greatest struggle still lingered in the shadows of his heart. 

The inexorable hold of time speeds days, weeks, months, then years past Makoto’s hazy eyes. As life moves its course, Makoto slowly, but rather painstakingly, begins to force himself to forget, and attempts a peaceful life with his younger sister, Amamiya Shizuku. 

But one can never truly forget. 

Makoto’s supposedly “peaceful” life is shattered when he meets Kohaku: a loli shinigami who’s self-professed purpose for being in his presence is the overseeing of his death. “Is there something you want to leave behind for your loved one?” 

Now it’s death who’s knocking on his door.


Character Profile: 


Name: Marou (Last Name Censored)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145lb
Orientation: Straight
Standing at five foot ten, and bearing little more than a naturally toned muscle frame, Marou isn’t a person one would find themselves intimidated by.  However, his smooth voice and piercing gaze would inspire a second thought as to whether or not they should venture to establish hostilities with him.  Upon first crossing paths with Marou, the most distinguishable features about him one would notice are his sharp blood red eyes, ostentatious jet-black hair, and inimitable fashion choices—all of which bear an interesting insight into the working of his mind, and how he chooses to face the world.  
His long, black hair seeps down into his barely tanned face, nearly covering his angled eyes and slender eyebrows.  From behind, only the very bottom of his neck still remains visible.  Two thin locks of hair break away from the rest, typically laying to rest over his shoulder and trickling down to his breast, or fluttering freely at the mercy of the wind.  Tying these locks together are two beads: one red and the other white.  The former represents the blood spilled by the masses because of hatred, while the latter displays his innocence in regards to this atrocity, and his desire for neutrality in the various wars fueled by meaningless hatred  
Marou’s well rounded shoulders, toned calves, sturdy thighs, and accentuated back muscles prove his masculinity.  In contrast, most of his body is devoid of any hair—which is due to an inability to grow it rather than a lack of preference for it. 
Typically, Marou chooses to adorn himself with what one would assume to be a uniform from his high school days aboard the Guardian Space Station.  A thin white overcoat and button-up shirt bordered with a black trim stands in stark contrast to his less-inviting eyes and overcast hair.  Matching black pleated dress pants and brown casual shoes, collaborate to create a look that one would associate with a teenager.  
However, when conflict arises, Marou will dress himself in a completely different outfit.  A long black trench coat, trimmed in red lace that perfectly matches his blood red eyes.  A chain runs across his chest and stomach, connected to his belt and left shoulder.  While it has no direct combat use, it was a personal addition by Marou that he uses to symbolize his own hatred of the chains of war, and his recognition that, no matter how much he dislikes it, he too is one of those held prisoner by its inexorable grasp.  In addition, the young Guardian wraps a long strand of white microfiber ribbon around his body, under his trench coat, which stands in contrast to the rest of his outfit, all combine to identify the man that is Marou.
"I have always walked alone."
In congruence with how he has reshaped himself to appear, Marou is an individual who typically keeps to himself.  His introversion causes his body to become physically exhausted from interacting with others whom he is not intimate with.  When in a public location, he tends to disintegrate into the background, and prefers to contain all social interaction with those he doesn’t know down to a curt nod, or a short exchange of pleasantries.  
While he tends to avoid people as often as he can, it is in no way correct to assume that he doesn’t like people in general, rather, he possesses an inherent lack of trust in others, which is rooted from the unreliable and traitorous few who he was forced to grow up with.  In addition, finds himself ruled by a lack of desire to build something he knows will remain unfruitful; he would rather spend his time doing something he knows he would enjoy doing.
"When I looked back, everyone was far away"
However, once trust has been established between Marou and another, and he is able to consider himself close to that person, the young Guardian will begin to reveal his heart’s contents to that person, without regard for secret-keeping, or the barriers he once held in place.  In truth, Marou is a very intimate person, preferring to surround himself with a few select individuals who he can truly feel accepted by, and share his heart’s yearnings with.  Manifested by his low self-esteem, Marou ensures that he does everything in his power to please that person, though he does not resort to clinging to them.  Where his loved ones are concerned, Marou will often show copious amounts of affection, not just through words or physical touch, but through personal gifts, and the giving of time to simply talk or be with that person.  
He constantly seeks acceptance from others, and finds his greatest meaning in the affirmation of those he fancies as being “close” to.  It is because this deep-seated wish that Marou separates himself from others; the reality of him receiving nothing but rebuke and disappointed stares from his own family—who he valued as those he was closest to—created a subconscious hesitance to interact and form bonds with anybody.
Marou is a somewhat selfish person believing that his needs are more important than those of somebody he doesn’t know.  This couples with his strong sense of individualism to create in him a weak sense of teamwork between him and others he’s not emotionally attached to.  He dislikes people who have a pretense that they know more than everybody else, and are always right, and will collaborate horribly with individualists like himself.  Marou is an escapist to the core; he will attempt to avoid any type of conflict, whether internal or external, before he will confront it.  He is complacent existing in a dull quagmire of unresolved internal problems, and imminent confrontations rather than step out of his complacency and deal with them, which he fears will act as a wrecking ball to his already unstable existence.    
"I told myself, 'everyone is alone.'"
As a result of his lack of success living happily in the real world, Marou chose to chase after fantasy as a way to fill the void in himself.  In particular, Marou most enjoys reading, and playing RPGs, or life simulators, where he is able to live a better life than what he was granted in reality.  When it comes to video games and books, he can be very whimsical, moving from one to the next without over-contemplation of what he had just experienced.  Marou even went so far as to learn programming specifically so he could create his own games, which eventually led to more sophisticated inventions such as Naomi.
Marou also esteems music as being a highly important element of life.  He finds softer tunes, particularly those containing the violin and piano, to be relaxing, and perfect to listen to while relaxing, watching the passing scenery when he finds the need to calm himself down.  It’s rather to find Marou with his ear buds in when traveling, as it gives him a furthered feeling of separation from the general population he’s surrounded by.
"But I’ve become used to it"
Marou possesses a plethora of beliefs, each of which he holds on to almost as much as he holds onto those he cares for. He believes that all people, including himself, are naturally evil, and that people, in the end, always seek to gratify their own selves.  While he acknowledges that sometimes war is unavoidable in and of itself because of a corrupted world, he is convinced that the only justifiable reason for involving himself in one is to either protect himself, or those he loves from harm.
More than anything he believes that nothing is more important than an intimate relationship with one single mate, and has the conviction that people were predestined to coexist with somebody.  However, through his own personal experience, he is of the opinion that the races in general have long forgotten this truth, choosing partners based off of convenience, and desires for money, power, or fame.  It is because he is unable to find the person he finds to be the perfect match for him that he indulges himself in fantasy the way he does.  It is because of this belief that his created Naomi: to fill a role that she should never have been created to do.  To Marou, nothing is more important than protecting that one single person, to which he will abandon anything and everything to protect it.  To Marou, even the entire world and all the people in it have no meaning when compared to that single person, and he would gladly destroy the entire planet if forced to make a decision between saving the world, or saving that single person.
"For I call this loneliness my friend"


Wow I'm always impressed with your writing skills Naomi.


If it's not too much to ask, would you be willing to write a Summary for Corpse Party Blood Covered? 

I'm currently editing the walkthrough and the Summary from VNDB is kind of.. not appealing in my prespective.

I just think it'd look awesome written by you~

I'm only completing it tomorrow since I want to check some of the endings myself so you have plenty of time if you're up for it.

I'd really be grateful.

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Corpse Party walkthrough complete!


I'm simply waiting for Naomi to write a summary and then it may be up for review ^_^


In addition to the 5 main chapters i included all 10 extra chapters and how to unlock them and a list of the location of every single name tag in the game.

Following the walkthrough should give one 100% completition.

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Would a walkthrough for Hatoful Boyfriend even be aproved?

I mean it is listed as a VN.. 

I just had this crazy idea, don't know if you'll allow it though.


I don't see a reason why not, but maybe I'm missing something... (this is the otome game with the pigeons and stuff, right?)

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Yes it is the one with the pidgeons, I just wanted to ask either way

I'm working on it now because i have spare time, should be done soon since it's pretty simple.


Edit: Walkthrough complete  ^_^


I can't validate that walkthrough, I'm laughing uncontrollably every time I see the pictures. >_>

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I can't validate that walkthrough, I'm laughing uncontrollably every time I see the pictures. >_>

Those are the official sprites, there's some fanart with actual boys in them along sinde the corresponding pidgeon if you'd prefer, although that will astray from the harsh reality.

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Yes the Corpse Party walkthrough is ready to be moved now, took some time but it was worth it.

It looks fantastic.  Thank you again!


I posted a Walkthrough for Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! . If Mods could decide if the images are SFW enough to remove the spoilers, please feel free to do so.


Eventually I'll do the PW stuff.  I'm replaying the games again.

Like steve said, the pictures you chose are fine.  Thanks!

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I posted a Walkthrough for Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! . If Mods could decide if the images are SFW enough to remove the spoilers, please feel free to do so.


Eventually I'll do the PW stuff.  I'm replaying the games again.


Started to think you were done.  It looks really good, and it covers the necessary stuff.  Looking forward to the finished work; let us know when you're through so we can move it~




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I posted a Walkthrough for Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! . If Mods could decide if the images are SFW enough to remove the spoilers, please feel free to do so.



Okay I finally looked at it extensively.  It looks really good, well done Ryechu.  Approved.




Sarcasm? On my Fuwanovel? It's more likely than you think.


You caught me red-handed  :ph34r: 

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