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Since you didn't write in detail on what are you confused about, I can't exactly see what are you need to know more about Romeo Tanaka's writing. So perhaps you can try to write in detail on what are you're confused about, or what are you need to know more about. Yeah Rewrite did have three writers for the reminder, and the other two writers (Ryukishi and Tonokawa) only wrote characters routes (Ryukishi did write Lucia's route, while Tonokawa did write Chihaya's and Shizuru's routes).

PS - By the way it should also be noted that the planner for Rewrite here is not one of the writer, but rather the illustrator herself Hinoue Itaru. While I see an example when the illustrator can have more good grasp on the setting compared to the main writer, I think it's more common to see the planner role also doubled as one of the writer. While I didn't say that the planner should also write the scenario as well, I think that the KEY's decision on leaving the planner position to someone who specialized in drawing illustrator might be a bit questionable, which explain on why people think that Rewrite's story is so fractured in that it might be caused by the coordination lacking in organizing the story (ie Hinoue might not be experienced in handling the story back then).

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