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Otaku collection (things other than VNs)

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Motivated by the recent revival of the VN collection post I figured it would be interesting to see what otaku things people have. Considering that there already is a place for VN collections I guess there is no point in posting that here. So this will be things like manga, anime, figures, etc. 


My japanese manga and some light novels



My english manga



My anime blu ray collection






My artbooks



My wallscrolls



My figures




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I've got a good handful of english manga but it's all at home in Florida and I'm up in Ohio during the school year. What do have on hand though is my Japanese music. Ask me about any of these and I'll tell you what the best songs on them are.

EDIT: I messed up the formatting. There are two more pictures inside the spoilers.



Asturias - Brilliant Streams

Blood Stain Child - Epsilon

Blood Stain Child - Last Stardust

Blood Stain Child - Nexus

The Countless Notes - Shadowgraphs

Crow'sclaw - Fair Judgement

Demetori - Il Mondo dove e finito il Tempo

Demetori - 曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika

Demetori - le Grimoire De reve

Demetori - Lebenstrieb & Todestrieb

DOLL$BOXX - Doll's Apartment

DOLL$BOXX - high $pec

Erebos - The Engraving

Flaming June - Love Song of the Closed Planet

fripside - Only My Railgun

fripside - Black Bullet

Fuki Commune - Welcome!

Galneryus - Angel of Salvation

Galneryus - Vetelgyus

Galneryus - Ultimate Sacrifice

Hello Lady! OST

Hizaki - Rosaro

Imaginary Flying Machines - Princess Ghibli

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - 狂おしく咲いた凄惨な骸は奏で、愛おしく裂いた少女は聖餐の詞を謳う

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence -黄泉より聴こゆ、皇国の燈と焔の少女

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - 腐蝕ルサンチマン、不死欲の猿楽座。

Jupiter - Tears of the Sun

Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets - Highschool of the Dead

Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets - hack / slash

Larval Stage Planning - LSP

Light Bringer - Scenes of Infinity

Linked Horizon - 進撃の軌跡

Lia - My Soul Your Beats

LiSA - Empty Mermaid

Lovebites - The Lovebites EP

Lovebites - Awakening from Abyss

Loudness - Thunder in the East

Mell - Red Fraction



Mary's Blood - Scarlet

Mary's Blood - Azure

Mary's Blood - Countdown to Evolution

Mary's Blood - Bloody Palace

Mary's Blood - Fate

Mary's Blood - Revenant

Mary's Blood - Live at Blaze

Neo Structure - In Distance

Ningen Isu - 怪談 そして死とエロス

Primary - From Garden

Primary - Shutter Girl

Eiko Shimamiya - naraku no hana

Sigh - Heir to Despair

Honeyworks - ima suki ni naru - yes I know this one isn't alphabetized right

Skywings - The Advent Melody

Stereopony - Hydrangea ga Saiteiru

Stereopony - Over the Border

Stereopony - More! More!! More!!!

Suara - musouka

Supercell - Today is a Beautiful Date

Supercell - Zigaexperientia

Sweet Arms - Date A Live

Sweet Arms - Blade of Hope

Mariya Takeuchi - Variety

Saichi Tainaka - きらめく涙は星に

Tears of Tragedy - Statice

Thousand Eyes - Bloody Empire

Thousand Eyes - Endless Nightmare

Thousand Eyes - Day of Salvation

Thousand Leaves - Gods

Thousand Leaves - LED

Thousand Leaves - Blind Night Sorrow

Thousand Leaves - Genesis

Thousand Leaves - Liquidarization

Thousand Leaves - Gods Forsaken

Thousand Leaves - Lunatic Dawn

Thousand Leaves - Early Years of Sorrow

Thousand Leaves - Black Cloak Skeleton

Thousand Leaves - Blood and Tears

Thousand Leaves - Twilight Symphony 



Undead Corporation - 暴君

Unlucky Morpheus - Affected

Unlucky Morpheus - Vampir

Unlucky Morpheus - Wings

Unlucky Morpheus - Black Pentagram

Unlucky Morpheus - Cadaver / Revadac

World End Man - Blackest End

World End Man - Nobody Wins

X Japan - Blue Blood

Yanaginagi - tokohana

yoshiki*lisa - Destin Histoire

Yuria - Best Of 

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I'm back home, which means that I can show you the relics of the era when I still read manga. Yay! :D



Allie's photographic ineptitude at it again... Sorry. Here's all of my Polish manga + one Italian volume of Devilman, which I've bought as a souvenir and still can't read :') It has some cool monsters in it, tho.



And here's my one and only artbook, which I bought more to show Polish publishers that there's money in releasing artbooks than for the series it's from (I actually don't like Loveless very much, eugh). Still, I like it a lot :3


Wow, that sure brings back memories... :sachi:

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been into Anime/Manga myself since my early/mid-teens back in the mid-90's.  when the 21st century brought the modern Internet at large,

as well as the Great U.S. Anime Boom, my collection extant rather exploded right along with it;




















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