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  1. Finally got my copy in today. I got the limited edition because it was only $10 more or something. The box is enormous. Larger than the Mayoho box. Unfortunately my joycons died a few minutes in so I'm waiting for those to charge back up before I can really start reading it. Just tested it and it works with no hassle at all on Switch. Just straight up plug and play. It even let me download an update for it even though the Switch account I used to run the game is not associated with a Japanese Nintendo account.
  2. I find a lot of EVN romance goes 0 to 60 in 3.5. Like, they'll have a few normal, mundane conversations and then suddenly *BAM* they're soulmates. I realize the EVN scene is relatively young and as such tends towards shorter script lengths, and so the real estate available to develop a romance is limited. Even so, I think it's very doable to have a short but well-paced romance arc. But there's gotta actually be an arc, not this spike in the graph thing.
  3. Agreed, except in this specific situation it's a Cero Z game so I think you need a Japanese credit card to buy a download edition. I guess that qualifies as age verification or something.
  4. Both Switch and PS4 are region free though. I got the Switch version and I guess this will be my first time running a foreign region game on it, but I don’t anticipate any issues.
  5. 13-ish years after it was announced, the Tsukihime remake has finally released. Has anyone gotten a chance to try it yet? What are your impressions? I just got my shipment notification from Play Asia this morning so I probably won't be able to try it out for another 2 weeks or something. It's only been out for like half a day at this point and people have already seen fit to rate it very highly or very poorly on VNDB. Seems a little premature to me given that it's been out for about 16 hours or something, but oh well.
  6. I'm curious about something. This time around your stated goal is to have a character that looks like you that you can self-insert with. Why ask for black protagonist instead of a "dark-skinned Asian from SEA" whose skin tone is /exactly/ like yours? iirc in your previous threads you had asked for black representation in a way that made it sound like a charity project you were running on behalf of black people. Was that always a ploy to get a character that looks at least tangentially like you and not actually a way to increase black representation in VNs? As in, maybe you thought a black prot
  7. I've definitely seen map movement and events tied to a time of day before in Ren'py. E.g Lucky Paradox (NSFW link btw). The scripts in that game are pretty easy to get to with Garbro if you want to try to dissect them. Implementing the system is probably just a big series of variables compared against if statements though. If day == 1 AND timeOfDay == afternoon AND characterRouteProgress == 3 THEN doSomething()
  8. Was it ever a separate release? It looks like all of the after stories are included in the 11eyes -Resona Forma- fandisk: https://vndb.org/v4429/releases (see notes on the Chinese translation)
  9. I miss the days when everyone was super hyped about this new company Sekai Project and how they were gonna bring all the biggest VNs to the west.
  10. For me, yeah I'd prefer stylized. Something hand-drawn and semi realistic could be fine too. It's just those soulless looking 3D things that bother me.
  11. It's your project so you can do whatever you want. What do you mean by semi realistic? In the last 5 or so years there have been dozens and dozens of OELVNs that use 3D models that are more or less realistic looking as far as body proportions and colors are concerned. I personally find that style uncanny to the point of being repulsive, but a lot of VNs using that style are raking in cash on Patreon so there is clearly a market for it.
  12. I've been messing around in Unity lately trying to learn it with the end goal of eventually making a VN. For me personally, I'm not interested in using a framework. Creating everything from the ground up is half the appeal to me. That said, examples are always nice. I was going to try and use Godot at one point, and someone had already created a free VN template that you can download. I was still going to write everything from the ground up, but that template was very informative as a study resource. Godot ended up not having a few key features that I wanted though, so I went back to Unity.
  13. Do you still have your old grids so we can see the changes?
  14. Sounds like Windows Defender is forcing the game to nosedive actually. Try telling Windows Defender to ignore the game folder.
  15. The 80s always sound like a really cool time to be alive for pop culture whenever I hear the experiences of someone who lived through that time. Especially stuff like real arcades and video game magazines and catching late night anime broadcasts. Or if you lived in Hawaii you could apparently sometimes catch real Japanese TV broadcasts. Maybe still can idk. Even BBS and IRC chat n stuff which are all horribly clunky compared to today’s internet sound like really cozy experiences to me. I think Macross on VHS from the library was one of my first anime too, before I had a name for th
  16. @Dreamysyu are you now drafted into the eternal war that is The Game?
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_(mind_game)
  18. I feel like I've seen far more posts from Ange and Pik_Lesiak that would inform me about them than I have from Clephas, and yet I scored far better on Clephas than the other two. It's possible that the difficulty of questions was way different per quiz too. Like, I literally have no idea how you're supposed to know what Ange's favorite food is because I've never seen that topic come up here. Unless maybe that's a Discord thing idk.
  19. Yeah I only made it through chapter 0 when I decided I had to switch. The English voice acting was super forced somehow, Kind of surprising too because I thought the English voice acting for Drakengard 1 was really good. I still would have liked to play that with Japanese voices if given the choice, but I was pretty impressed with the English voices. Charging $4.99 for a voice pack that most games include free is kinda lame, but oh well.
  20. Bought the Japanese voice pack for Drakengard 3. It’s 10 GB holy cow.
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