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  1. 26cm. or about 10 inches, after the OBITSU upgrade, of course...
  2. TBH, i found that "Squiddie" 's rather cartoonishly "flat" Faceup somehow bothered me, particularly when contrasted beside my other girls, and their generally Anime-stylized, yet semi-realistically-nuanced facial appearances. that in mind, i bit the bullet and attempted to suggest some "depth" to her face;
  3. AZONE Pure Neemo character doll of the main character from the late-2000's Manga, and early-2010's Anime, "Shinryaku! Ika Musume"/"The Squid Girl" a most unusually charming Anime series, and a must-see!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_Girl i've ported her over to the OBITSU 26 (MEDIUM Bust, NATURAL Skintone) which is not only far more aesthetically pleasing overall, -YMMV- but a far and away better proportional match to her rather bulbous head. my old 1999 VOLKS UFS Ah! My Goddess "Skuld" models the original AZONE Pure Neemo body for contrast. i'm working on attempting to a
  4. store your stuff on one or more external HDs?!? much safer that way, as you wont be risking losing anything in the event your primary PC goes tits-up for whatever reason, providing you shift things off of your internal drive/back them up habitually. in any case, a very good policy to follow...
  5. if you could do your magic on my little puppy girl here, i'd appreciate it;
  6. she came with a pre-finished facial plate, -the one you see above- plus two more with alternate expressions, left up to the builder to finish in the old-fashioned way, with Waterslide-type Decals. just finished my favorite of the two, and probably the one i'll be sticking with;
  7. STAR OCEAN III; Till the End of Time (SONY PS2)
  8. frankly, i feel it would have been swell had they worked Multi (from TH1) into TH2. i understand that TH2 takes place many years after TH1, but since Multi is an Android, it would have been very much feasible for her to still be at the same school, -perhaps aged-up to her middle-teens or so in some previous upgrade even- still up to her usual school housekeeping, and befriending TH2's main cast along the way. Personally, i feel it would have been a profoundly warm and intimate way of tying the two entries tightly together, but... i suppose that's just me. oh well, i ca
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichigeki_Sacchu!!_HoiHoi-san Mouth/Lip detail and underskirt petticoats painted in;
  10. my grandma used to hand out CAPRI-SUN to the kids she babysat back in the late-80's, including myself, around 7/8 years old at the time. never had a chance to touch it again for over two decades or so, right up until just a few years back, when they were giving it out at an event i attended. wasn't expecting much, but... it was actually quite good!! not good enough to want to begin buying it or anything, but hardly the unpalatable children's soft drink i was expecting it to be...
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