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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichigeki_Sacchu!!_HoiHoi-san Mouth/Lip detail and underskirt petticoats painted in;
  2. my grandma used to hand out CAPRI-SUN to the kids she babysat back in the late-80's, including myself, around 7/8 years old at the time. never had a chance to touch it again for over two decades or so, right up until just a few years back, when they were giving it out at an event i attended. wasn't expecting much, but... it was actually quite good!! not good enough to want to begin buying it or anything, but hardly the unpalatable children's soft drink i was expecting it to be...
  3. stylized Japanese Miko (Shrine Maiden) costume, generally inspired by;
  4. as much of a vendetta as i tend to have against TOYNAMI and their proudly-abysmal quality-standards, i suppose i do have them to thank for getting me into Anime character dolls back in 2001, via their short-lived 11in. "Tenchi Muyo!" doll line. indeed, i generally feel i've more or less come a fairly long way over the full twenty years since... -2001- -2021-
  5. they're SO Cute and Pretty♥ wish i could afford them all;
  6. from the basis of this; and this; and this; and this; comes this;
  7. LEGO VOCALOID Miku Hatsune, (kinda-sorta) "Sweet Mayhem" actually, a "Minidoll" character from 2019's "THE LEGO MOVIE 2" that i fell instantly for upon first sight; https://thelegomovie.fandom.com/wiki/General_Sweet_Mayhem
  8. Oh, i get it now. what can i say, Konomi-chan is my kind of Girl♥
  9. Consumer Electronics during the age of Reagan; i personally wouldn't have them any other way;
  10. Same 1/6 scale Bed, -made from scratch- in 2007-ish; - and in 2021;
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