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  1. the OBITSU BODY 26, -W (Pale) skin, M (Medium) bust- really is as ideal a body for the Liccarize Sakura (and Tomoyo) as it gets, at least IMO...
  2. so i finally broke down and bit the bullet on this series for $130 shipped, coming to the acute realization that i just wasn't going to find it for any cheaper, at least not at this degree of Audio/Video quality. eight episodes in, and, indeed, already worth the wait and the price, it is so good-natured and Adorable, the animation is great (for a T.V. series) and it's humor is incredibly witty and tasteful. Sakura-chan, in the form of the old 2000 TRENDMASTERS U.S. edition of the late-90's BANDAI wire-bendy-body doll, was among my first gateway girls into the Anime doll collecting/customizing scene; in 2017, when TAKARA/TOMY all-too-briefly reissued their "Liccarize" series doll, i jumped on her, eventually getting a new OBITSU BODY 26 for her as well, far and away superior to the standard TAKARA "Licca" fashion doll body she came with;
  3. https://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/9401/Nendoroid+Doll+Hatsune+Miku.html
  4. Tasuke


    WOW, i swallow my own words, it works just fine!! Thanks!!!
  5. Tasuke


    here's mine. i suppose 12 or 14 might work best? - though i'm honestly not at all sure how any of them might be made to fit at all -
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Heart https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Tutu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi_(To_Heart) my long quest to find fabric Ballet slippers in a 1/6 that would fit the more realistically-proportioned feet of my OBITSU BODY 26cm. based girls ended thanks to finally finding what i was looking for in the old 2008 ReMENT "Petit Mode Collection" Ballerina costume set; these adorable little shoes fit the OBITSU 26 as perfectly as i could ask for, and so i bought another, -the last one the EBAY seller had- as 1/6 slippers like these don't come along every day. in the end, they inspired me to resurrect an old concept i had for a Ballerina Tutu i had, -very loosely based on the one that the main character "Ahiru" in the Anime "Princess Tutu" wears- and blend it with an existing outfit i was dissatisfied with, to make this "Fairy Ballerina" costume for my To Heart HMX-12 "Multi" Android girl;
  7. this is one half the very short-lived two-release 2009-ish Megahouse/ALTER collaboration ToHeart 2 character doll series in 1/6 scale. Konomi here came with a small, OBITSU 22cm. body, and clothing scaled to match. the other doll in the series, Lucy Maria Misora, came with the OBITSU 24cm. Ver.1 body, with the same ToHeart 2-standard Sailor Suit as Konomi's, scaled up some, of course, for Lucy's larger body. both girls just recently got a body upgrade, to the new high-watermark in 1/6 doll body design, the 2018 OBITSU 26cm. now Lucy's Sailor Suit fits Konomi perfectly, and a wide range of scale doll clothing is opened up to either girl. that said, i do make my own scratch-made doll clothing, such as Konomi's undies there. Stockings, Panties and Bra, all hand made, and the overall fit and finish on their included clothing has been improved by me as well...
  8. so, here after i thought i had my Anime Doll Harem finally all locked in, i was able to afford a couple more of the new OBITSU 26cm. Aftermarket doll bodies this month, one for my Liccarize Sakura Kinomoto, the other as a spare, or an experimental piece. well, things didn't quite turn out quite like all that, they ended up MUCH BETTER. i long resigned that the two 1/6 Megahouse/ALTER To Heart 2 girls i have, Konomi Yuzuhara and Ruuko, (Lucy Maria Misora) the most recent additions to my little Anime family, were consigned to the new OBITSU 24, as their heads appeared too small to scale with anything else. as it turned out, i was gloriously mistaken there. a little modification of the new OBITSU 26'es neck post, along with removal of just a fraction of the neck vinyl itself, and... WOW!!! the Anime Schoolgirl of my very Dreams. She... she's PERFECT, the most perfect doll i've ever owned to date!!! Oh God, how i've desperately desired a doll such as her, indeed for practically my entire life as an Anime doll enthusiast... indeed, this really is the sort of Anime Schoolgirl dreamed of finding since my late-teens/early-twenties back around the turn of the millennium. those were very much the days when Western Anime Fan Beggars could indeed hardly afford to be Choosers. today, we're all spoiled for near-boundless choice, usually limited only by one's personal tenacity, and how much they happen to be willing/able to pay. in any case, speaking of Retro, Konomi does seem to have a fondness for an innocent, old-fashioned sense of modesty with her preferred choice in Undies; straight out-of-box, originally sold fitted to a Ver.1 OBITSU 22cm. body;
  9. released in the U.S.. in 2000, it is now just about a full 20 years old. one of the earliest examples of the RPG/Dating Sim mashup genre, and the very first of it's kind to see U.S. localization. indeed, it was a solid gold rarity to those of us early in on the Anime/Manga train, back in those pre-boom/early formative days of mainstream U.S. Anime fandom. Heady, heady days, those...
  10. Mikuru Asahina, of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" fame. i've even a 1/6 doll of her;
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