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  1. A Combined Tribute to my Space-Cadet Childhood; having typically-1980's parents with visions of their kid becoming an Astronaut someday, my mom got me numerous NASA-themed toys such as the 1985 CABBAGE PATCH KIDS "YOUNG ASTRONAUTS" Doll, and my plastic-modeller dad building numerous NASA and Sci-Fi model kits to decorate my room up with, all through my early-childhood of about 1985 through around 1991/1992; had this Barbie Spacesuit costume lying about from back around 2017 or so, so figured i'd try out something Cute with Sakura here; this all fairly goes all the way back to my early-childhood in the mid/late-1980's, complete with typically-80's "My Kid's gonna be an Astronaut when they Grow Up" -type Parents, and the COLECO CABBAGE PATCH KIDS doll they had gotten me;
  2. -12-21-2019- https://to-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Konomi_Yuzuhara she finally arrived, after about a full month of waiting. a little disappointing, as i was expecting her to be based upon an OBITSU 24, much as her companion Lucy Maria Misora was, but alas, she's based around the very same archaic OBITSU 21 design as the one that i had gotten a couple of years back for my VOLKS UFS To Heart 1 HMX-12 Multi. naturally, her head, being rather perfectly scaled for the 21, looks rather awkward when mated to an OBITSU 24, old or new design. perhaps someday OBITSU will roll out a new 21cm. design, and that will be poor Konomi-chan's salvation... - 12-5-2022 - Konomi-chan has indeed been given a brand-new lease on life, all thanks to the new OBITSU 26cm. She is Perfect!!!
  3. got hold of an ex-library copy in superb shape for next to nothing a few years back;
  4. 26cm. or about 10 inches, after the OBITSU upgrade, of course...
  5. TBH, i found that "Squiddie" 's rather cartoonishly "flat" Faceup somehow bothered me, particularly when contrasted beside my other girls, and their generally Anime-stylized, yet semi-realistically-nuanced facial appearances. that in mind, i bit the bullet and attempted to suggest some "depth" to her face;
  6. AZONE Pure Neemo character doll of the main character from the late-2000's Manga, and early-2010's Anime, "Shinryaku! Ika Musume"/"The Squid Girl" a most unusually charming Anime series, and a must-see!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_Girl i've ported her over to the OBITSU 26 (MEDIUM Bust, NATURAL Skintone) which is not only far more aesthetically pleasing overall, -YMMV- but a far and away better proportional match to her rather bulbous head. my old 1999 VOLKS UFS Ah! My Goddess "Skuld" models the original AZONE Pure Neemo body for contrast. i'm working on attempting to alter her original outfit to better fit the much larger OBITSU body. we'll see what i can manage to work out from that...
  7. store your stuff on one or more external HDs?!? much safer that way, as you wont be risking losing anything in the event your primary PC goes tits-up for whatever reason, providing you shift things off of your internal drive/back them up habitually. in any case, a very good policy to follow...
  8. if you could do your magic on my little puppy girl here, i'd appreciate it;
  9. she came with a pre-finished facial plate, -the one you see above- plus two more with alternate expressions, left up to the builder to finish in the old-fashioned way, with Waterslide-type Decals. just finished my favorite of the two, and probably the one i'll be sticking with;
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