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The Chikaf*g and Chika - Complete - Released


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My project was released on May 1st this year, it's a remake of two novels I made online into vn format along with a new 3rd "arc" made specifically for the vn. The story is basically a comedy romance featuring Love Live Sunshine characters with very few choices and a forced true ending path. The vn is targeted towards fans of Love Live and 2D idols.

Well, really I just made it for myself but I'd consider that the target audience anyway.

If ya ever had/have a waifu or struggle with the concept, then I'm sure there's something for ya to enjoy here. The vn was written, tested, sprite edits etc. by myself alone, only stuff i didn't make are the obvious stuff like the engine, which is Visual Novel Maker. Obviously because of the nature of the vn being basically a fan game, the art and music is ripped from various sources and so the game is free for legal reasons, not that I planned on chargin for it anyway.

Download links and preview material is available here


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1 minute ago, Chikaf☆g said:

That's just a joke, those are my computers specs.

Any decent pc should do fine.

You must understand that there are developers these days who pump up the filesize and specification requirements of their games to ridiculous degrees―I assume they're either lazy or want to make their product seem more advanced than it is (based off of the filesize), or some mix of the two. Poe's law is apt here. :sleep:

Congratulations on the release!

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