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Update: Chika's route at 100%!   I'm still going to give it a once-over before handing it over to Ouraibaa, which might take a couple of days, but in the meantime:   http://strawpoll.me/2547512

update: Chika route done, handed off for QC-ing. Which means voting is now closed.   ...And, in what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, Mayo wins.

Maan, you all write an awful lot. I have to spend my little free time everyday to keep up with the thread haha, and I think it's going faster and faster these days. Also the translation is still

Guest Draconos

My name is about as finnish as it gets but it's not too common. I would be truly shocked if some of you would guess even part of it right.

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Would be nice if that was my name but last i cheched that wasnt a very common name :P



Pepe? lol hahaha joudan,michael joudan.

ws watching nike ads n just throwing one of fav players.....

@Salmonsushi pick John Doe cuz....u know lol

My name is one wtih my aneki n oni-sama. 3 of us share a pieces of each other yet we are one.

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Guest JackK

Anyone know if the translators might pick up Majikoi S after they finish Majikoi?  The other group doesnt seem to be doing it anymore, at least i havnt seen an update since december...

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