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    Winnipeg (home of the world's most bi-polar climate), Canada
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    Fire Emblem (SRPGs in general), Etrian Odyssey, "moderately" obsessed with Majikoi, ferrets, shounen, shoujo, and seinen manga, most works of fiction, poetry. Proud entry level OST collector, currently hunting down the FE:A and EOU OSTs, has the FE:SD OST, getting the EMD OST on release, and waiting on the FE:RD & FE:PoR OSTs that were purchased online
  1. FUAHAHAHA!!! greetings commoners and many thanks to the translation team for completing yet another Majikoi translation!
  2. the real question though, is how good is future with hermit crabs and its two branching routes ?
  3. FUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Commoners, I see that you have started upon another noble task, let me help you with the power of Kuki! In about a 1/2-2 months i'm gonna be free to do QC if you want any help with the QCing process. Just send me a message whenever you want to discuss details if you wish for my aid
  4. The patching will take some time, as to how much depends on the experience of the programmer handling it... by the look of things currently, it'll likely be a tedious process. But first the QC work should be finished before you even worry about patching
  5. I'm on almost daily (to be precise only recently has it become almost daily again, now that I've managed to sort out my school work, extra-curriculars and alternate stuff), but my active hours tend to differ from some of the more eccentric members, unless it's the weekend or some form of vacation for me
  6. ... I really am missing out on a lot with all of the fuwa skype groups... damn I try to be on, but nothing happens when i'm on... it feels almost as if it were all just some cruel joke
  7. AZUMI!!!? i'm glad you've found someone, however think of your position while choosing whether or not to perform such acts in public!
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