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  1. Awesome, thanks everyone for the recommendations
  2. Can anyone recommend a VN with a protagonast who utterly excels at what he does? Examples of what I mean would be like Kirito from SAO, Sora from No Game No Life, or like the MC from Overlord. Basically someone who can't be beaten at his chosen field. Examples of VN's with protags like this that I can remember off the top of my head would be Grisaia and Ikikoi. I'm really really really sick of "normal" or "relatable" protagonists, I wanna look at him and be like daaaaam, that guys badass. I can read Japanese so I don't care whether or not it's been translated but the newer the game the better. Thanks in advance
  3. Awesome, thank you so much. Normally H scenes are trivial and boring to translate but that sentence was actually giving me trouble
  4. Hey, can someone help me with this line? context: to continue with the theme, she's giving the main character a blowjob 「れろれろ……テイストもなかなか……酸っぱしょっぱくて、野趣溢れる味わいは人を選ぶものの、好きな人には堪らない深い味わい……」
  5. Context: 【虎倉】 「つまりだな、ウチの学生の制服を見たいと思っても、そうそう簡単には見られない。世の中にはそうそう出回ってない、レアな制服ってことだ」 【透】 「そういうことです。その上さらに、セリアンスロープやエルフの子もいますからね」 [cut for relevance] This is the line I need help with: 【透】 「とにかく、そういう子の制服姿を撮ろうとしている人がいるそうです。生写真ともなると、金銭のやり取りもあるとか」 Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated
  6. Teacher is thinking to himself about what to do about the content of his class after the class does far better on the pretest than he was expecting: でも本当に、授業内容どうしようかな? ここまで基本ができてるとなると、教科書をなぞるような授業をしても意味がないだろうし……。 ちょっと考えた方がいいだろうな。 「基礎を押さえつつ、みんなが興味を持つような内容の授業か……」 学生たちが素直でやりやすい分、授業の難易度が上がってる気がする。 まあ、やりがいがあるという風に考えていこう。 How do I translate the line in red? what I have right now for the line is "It feels like the better behaved the class is, the harder the class gets" but I'm not sure how that fits in with the rest of it. Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated
  7. Can I get some help with this sentence? It's fairly easy but for whatever reason it's giving me trouble Situation: MC thinking to himself while talking to an otaku girl それはともかく……この子、ボクと感覚が違うところが多すぎるというか……。 Thanks in advance for any help you can provide
  8. Goodbye random thread. You will be missed. I've been here since page 2 and it's sad to see it go
  9. YAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! ... Yah pobably you should read it, I'm really enjoying it so far http://canonrap.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/fateapocrypha/ Everyone out there who hasn't had peanut butter is missing out on life... massively As an American who has lived here my entire life, I can vouch for this. Peanut butter does indeed go very well with jelly and I have had a pb&j many times
  10. This was like 6 billion years ago, but it needs to be said: excellent tsukkomi Fuck yes. Super-fucking-ultra yes That is good news but I don't know if I'll watch it. Heaven's feel route is hard for me to handle Hmm. Looks interesting. i can't help but notice that in the end we have what looks like saber, a servant we haven't seen before (as far as I know), and then we have Joan of Arc returning (maybe as ruler again?) Ouraibaa, are you reading Fate Apocrypha? That shit is sooo good.
  11. Let me just say that I completely and utterly do not understand why you guys like traps. A guy (which I assume all of you are) liking another guy is gay, by definition. What is the appeal in traps for all of you?
  12. See, that's not true. By professional, I don't mean someone like Mangagamer, I mean someone with a professional attitude. In other words, someone who will finish the things they start. If you want an example of what I'm talking about, take the Majikoi translation. The person who started it dropped it, and the wonderful team who spawned this thread eventually picked it up. It would have been picked up much faster had the original guy done what was reasonable and actually said he was dropping it, instead of simply vanishing and letting us figure out that he had dropped it
  13. Personally, I think that you shouldn't start translating a VN at all if you don't have the motivation to finish it. It's better to sit back and let a more professional, motivated team handle it
  14. As someone who's currently translating a visual novel, I'd say it's not that hard (well i suppose this actually depends on the novel. Some novels have pretty intense Japanese) but rather time-consuming. I've actually found that it's not that tedious since I'm reading the novel at the same time I'm translating it which means I get to experience the story while I work, which makes it a lot more bearable. But there's no denying that it sucks up a ton of your time
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