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Games for SNES/GBA/NDS/PS1/PC-Engine/Sega with female protagonists

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Hi i'm looking for games for some platforms that focus on nice looking female protagonists, mainly games for:

-PC Engine
-Sega Genesis (including ones that needed accessories like X32 or sega cd)


Ninja Warriors on SNES:

Hyper Iria:

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia:

Even something like Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire works:

Note: Its okay even if in japanese unless its a JRPG, then i probably need a translation :p.
Note 2: You can go for obvious recommendations as well, you never know what i might have missed :p.

PS: something with a very large female cast like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga endless frontier also works.

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Tenchu and Tenchu 2 for the PS1.

Edit: I dunno if you have a Saturn, but Dragon Force and Rayearth both have female protagonists (two of the eight in Dragon Force, all three in Rayearth). 

I believe there was a Phantasy Star Collection for either the GBA or the DS containing the original Phantasy Star, which had a female protagonist.

Final Fantasy 3 (or VI, in Japan) for SNES has Terra, who is female.

There is a fantranslation (not a patch) lying around for the original Growlanser for PS1 and the remake for the psp... and while the protagonist isn't female, most of the cast of the party is.

Valkyrie Profile for the PS1 is probably my biggest recommendation, though the Lenneth edition for the PSP is the definitive one. 

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I second Valkyrie Profile and Final Fantasy 6. And damn, Order of Ecclesia was nice!

For PS1 I also recommend the classic Tomb Raider and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment (although this one have a prequel that only the PSP port was localized and said prequel have a male MC. But I strongly recommend both, they are very good!). I also liked Koudelka a lot, but it's a damn hard to find game.

For GBA there's also Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones.


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Recommend Castelvania Rondo of Blood (Dracula X Version) since you can unlock a female protagonist (Maria) and she is damn Op. (Same for Symphony)

For GBA/SNES Super Metroid, Zero Missions, Fusion & AM2R (PC). Are obvious recommendations.

I Second the Tomb Raider recommendations 'cause of childhood bias. :makina:

I also recommend Sonic Advance series which you can play as female characters (Cream is Op) though I wouldn't call them "attractive" unless you're into antros.

Clock Tower (ps1 remake si best) & Resident Evil for good measure.

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Of course Metroid should be the most obvious choice. Other than Metroid, both of Dino Crisis and Parasite Eve series should be good recommendations. You can also try Resident Evil 3 when Jill fought alone, and as the bonus her costume was pretty iconic (And sexy lol). For RPG, I think you can try Magical Starsign (You can chose your character gender as female) and Luminous Arc for DS RPG. I guess that's what I can remember for now.

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Alissia Dragoon is a beat'em up arcade for the Genesis, though I never managed to finish it, the game is pretty difficult. The eponymous protagonist is a girl bent on vengeance.

Better get this as an ISO, since I sold the cartridge not long ago and it sells for considerable sums.

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