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[Complete] Facebook Cover Art Contest


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Hello everyone. In case you have forgotten, Fuwanovel has a Facebook page! You can check it out over at facebook.com/fuwanovel if your heart so desires. I am currently working on making it more personable and helpful to the users as opposed to merely a blog auto poster. We get plenty of good leads for news there from our users, so I aim to be more active on the page. As part of a renovation process, I am opening up the opportunity for forum users to submit a cover image that displays at the top of the Facebook page! There are just a couple rules to follow though.

  • Dimensions must be 851x315
  • You must use the Fuwanovel logo provided in this post. 
  • The cover photo must be VN related. 
  • Avoid placing the logo in the bottom left corner. The profile image is located there and will block it. 
  • Any meme entries will be considered for the April Fools Cover Photo and not eligible to win a prize this go round. 

That is all. The winner will be provided with any Steam game(s) up to $25 (If you do not have Steam, we can work something out maybe through a DRM free distributor like GOG) . This contest will be open for one week. You can get the Fuwanovel logo here --> T6313RI.png

Thank you for reading, and good luck to all of those who decide to take part! When you finish your image, be sure to post them in this thread. 

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