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  1. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday @Kynbound.
  2. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday @Kynbound / @Iseeyou , I miss you my dear.
  3. FuwApocalypse is Over

    Wha.. I missed a FuwApocalypse?! Curse you normal life! Cuuuurrsse Yoooouuu!! *Rioting*
  4. 3DS FrankenFirm (11.0.0-4U)

    Do you have a registered account? Try that and see if you can solve the issue, but if you can't, I can take a look at it.
  5. @Tay You could still fix the chat, you know... While you're at it.
  6. >All users are equal, but some are now more equal than others. Pffft!
  7. Hello all :)

    Welcome to this lovely community of ours! Like always, I will recommend Euphoria, it's one of my favourite VN's of late.
  8. Nice, I'll have to get that one. Could replace that one with the horrible Anime version.
  9. Someone do something.

    Mods and admins, please do something about the user omanbabaji01, he has made 31 threads, so far, that is only spam. Please ban him, he's annoying.
  10. If you need to reach me and I'm not available in the Fuwa chat, I made a discord thing.


  11. Hey, now it's not just me having issues in the chat. And I believe it's the textbox that is bigger now. See image to see how it looks. EDIT: As K450 said, take away the padding. I tested it on 5px and it looked fine there.
  12. Yes. But when I asked about it in chat it seemed like I was the only one having the issue.
  13. I have no idea if this is because of the Fuwapocalypse, but in the chat it doesn't scroll down long enough to see the most recent messages. And I can't do it manually either. I have to post something and then wait for three messages to be posted until I can see the message I posted. Is it on my end, or the chat?
  14. @Tay , that Fuwapocalypse was over too quickly! Never had the chance to riot dangit.
  15. You done did it now, you put your dick in the beehive!

  16. Hello :3

  17. Updated my profile with music from my VN I am working on.

  18. Hello world

    Welcome. Have a nice stay~
  19. Hey everyone!

    Welcome, and so forth.
  20. Quack!

    Hello there! *pats the duck* Welcome to the forum, I hope you have a wonderful time here.
  21. Just updated my profile to have some of my music in it.

    If you like those, please visit my Soundcloud for even more.

  22. Birthday thread

    Didn't see anyone saying it here. Happy Birthday @Nashetania Hope you'll have a good birthday.

    Interesting. Might have to back this and become "The Best Neko Master".
  24. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday, @greenshadow622. Are you a wizard yet?