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  1. I got the texts working this time (NSFW) https://imgur.com/a/eW6Bjuq
  2. Thanks for the clarification! Will try omitting the furigana
  3. @Joshiben by now I think its the text formatting, you mention some command line in the script extracting forum: For the record: most game scripts I had available don't use any text formatting, yet quite a few commands are supported: (e) puts text on the next row (y=・) furigana (f=1) set font size to 1 for example, can be 0-9 for gothic and 10-19 for mincho, the mapping number<->fontsize varies between games (c=r,g,b) text color; rgb values between 0-255 (s=r,g,b) text outline; rgb values between 0-255 (r) reset text formatting <> escapes brackets, for example
  4. While translating I came across this line "湧き上がる衝動を抑えきれず、ミシェルの早熟な身体を(y=ピ)競(y=ス)技(y=ト)台の上に押し倒した。" If I translate this line into English, the game would just show half of the English text and crashes, I think it has something to do with the bracketed phonetics. I'm looking for other methods to edit this line. If I skip this line and translate the next line, the game behaves normal after I repack it This also happens without the brackets but translated text ends up longer (NSFW) https://i.imgur.com/2OSgB22.png text appearing on screen also appears when translated the aforementioned line
  5. Since I'm playing around with this game right now, and remembered this boob growth mechanics, according to VNDB there's an upper limit however there's one character's max size is still unknown (Megumino Sakon). I've found a few pics on a Chinese forum and they have publish some data on it, the maximum they get is to add 65.15mm to the bust size ,is there any cheat tools to bypass the tedious effort of playing with RNG? If not what strategy? Cheat engine manage to edit the "cum points" in game image link: https://imgur.com/a/aWbkDzX
  6. I managed to change the text in the dialogues, thanks for your tool https://imgur.com/a/MFYl0kZ
  7. Oh nice, it works, now on the tedious part of dumping everything to DeepL
  8. How do I use this tool? I have Python 3.10.5 running in my PC and the scripts .idx and .pak files are in the same folder as gm2bmt
  9. Many thanks! I also uploaded it to MEGA for anyone who wants to try it! ps: I'm not outsourcing it lol
  10. Hello, first post here I want to try translating a visual novel Honoo no Haramase Oppai Nyuu Doukyuusei ~Oppai mo Haramase! New Class Zen'in Harama-sensation!~ as a hobby project, I'm currently stuck at the point where I need to grab the scene text, I did manage to locate them with Garbro. What tools do I need to extract, edit/translate and export them into the game? I've seen a few post here but the tools and tutorial links are dead, or I didn't look closely enough? Thanks!
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