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  1. OELVNs: Their Past, Present and Future

    People keep bringing it up probably because of subjective experience, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the numbers don't lie, sorry about saying something that was wrong. Just to be clear, this wasn't me trying to reach for the simplest answer like you said, just a subjective observation that happens to be false. Sorry bout that.
  2. OELVNs: Their Past, Present and Future

    What's your favourite OELVN? - Analogue: A Hate Story Will OELVNs ever be as good as Japanese VNs? - As a medium, No. There's too many structural limitations for western VNs to be better than the Japanese industry as a whole. The nature of VNs are inherently more Japanese in nature: Show Vs Tell (West prefers show, Japanese prefer tell) The west isn't all that keen on reading The west has established mediums to tell longform stories like radio shows/podcasts, TVs, actual books, etc. VNs are essentially a YA medium in Japan that's highly linked to weeb culture, Doubt the west could tackle that. Even if OELVNs got popular in the west it would probably be classified as adventure like the Telltale games mentioned in the podcast. Outside of the nature of VNs, I think that it would be very hard for the west to create a comparable industry of VNs to Japan. Japan can make VNs targeting the Japanese market and there will be a market in the west for it. The west doesn't have that advantage, and Due to the fact that the market is so predominately Japanese focused and has Japanese tendencies, I have a hard time believing it could pull away and thrive without the Japanese market like we have in games. There's also the fact that we have many established development studios in japan able to pour large budgets into the games, while it would take a lot for the western market to catch up, which I just don't see happening. Individual titles? Hell yeah. Just because one's from a specific country doesn't make them inherently superior at making a work of art that's better than others. While sparse, there's already great OELVNs that are as good as Japan like Katawa Shoujo and Analogue. Why are OELVNs generally considered worse than Japanese VNs? - They're almost all indie, low budget affairs which inherently leads to lower quality. There's also the fact that while not all of them, quite a lot of them try to emulate the Japanese style with Japanese tropes, an approach that usually fails. There's also the fact that we're weebs and some weebs are elitist scum. What are the attributes that make OELVNs stand out (in a positive way) from their Japanese counterparts? - Uh, idk. The only real difference should be who makes them. There's no inherent reason why OELVNs should have an atribute better than Japanese VNs or vice versa. Though, from what i've played, I'd have to say that they tend to tackle social issues that are more relevant to a western reader, and that they seem to have more stylistic liberties. Recommend a random (relatively unknown) OELVN - Even though I've mentioned it a fair amount of times in this post, gotta give more love to Analogue: A Hate Story or anything by Christine Love for that matter. (See what I did there? See it? You weren't impressed by my bad pun? aww...)
  3. Wow, lots of negativity on this thread. While a good majority of VNs aren't ever going to come to the states, it's looking good for them at this point with more localizations now than I can recall in regards to VNs. It's not because the west won't except their stories like Black Isle says, JRPGs and Anime do pretty solid and people in other cultures don't necessarily just ignore stories because it's from a different cultures. Japanese VN makers haven't delved out of Japan because of previous failures in the industry, the cost of bringing it to the west, and the risk of it, so many don't bother. If there's one thing that's changing with the community however, it's this perspective about being close minded, something we've seen a lot of lately.
  4. Your first VN experience

    999, a friend recommended it to me and I tried it out on a whim- IT WAS FUCKING AMAZINGGG!!!!! It slowly got me into the rabbit hole that was VNs and I fell in love.
  5. Gotta agree with Zalor here, PhantomZwei is really the first VN reviewer and he got me into reviews. Good stuff, just wish he'd do more reviews. Babi nailed all the YT reviewers I know, check his comment. (Also, some of my videos have editing errors, sorry in advance :/) For capturing, I use and would recommend Bandicam, unlike other apps, it records over footage even if it's not called a game because it records the window itself. It also gives small files, I really like it. For audio, I'd recommend audacity, pretty much anyone uses it. For editing, use any video editing program. Ash uses adobe which has more effects, I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum (Vegas Pro for consumers bc I don't want to pirate it) which is more simple. try some out and see what works for you. Also, VN reviews don't get a lot of views in general and are a lot of work, be prepared for frustration. it can be really hard but ultimately it's worth it
  6. I'm really sad to see this go as I was hoping that this would have incentivized reviewing VNs, but if things don't work out, they don't work out.
  7. Windows 10 Visual Novel Compatiblity

    Well, for demanding games, DX12 will be great in the future. Also, Win 10 is making pretty big steps to be more of a desktop OS.
  8. 502 Error on Mobile

    well, it seems it's stopped right after I made this thread even though it's been happening for a little while... @_@ yeah, I was using the .net domain, it was on android and here's a screenshot: http://imgur.com/I1HGaqe
  9. Every time I try to load up fuwa on my phone, I get a 502 error. Any way to fix this?
  10. the day that commiesubs finishes the mahoutsukai no yoru translation, or WA2 finishes translation I'd say that being able to experience great things like VNs and being with awesome people keeps me motivated.
  11. Fuwa Skype Group

    Haven't been on the FSG for a long time, but man this group is nonstop action... so much chatting XD
  12. I'm kinda bummed by this. It was so nice to be able to get games from fuwa, but what needs to be done needs to be done. I buy VNs as much as I possibly can, but there was something nice about being easily able to get games that weren't ever going to be easily obtainable. I personally would love it if fuwa offered a service where you can easily buy a japanese download copy or physical, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen any time soon. About the forum move, I have a question: How long will the redirecting from fuwa.org to Fuwa.net last? Let's say that I linked to one of the forum posts: How long would that link still work, when would that link just be a dead link?