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  1. Never left Argentina and I don't think I'll leave soon. I would like to go to US someday for a GDQ event, hopefully as a runner (I'll seriously have to git gud for that tho) A man can dream
  2. Born and raised in Argentina. I'm curious tho, is there any other (argentinian) here on Fuwa??
  3. Out of the hundreds of hobbies that exist, I chose speedrunning. I regret it and don't regret it at the same time -_-

  4. SGDQ 2015 HYPE!!! \('W')/

  5. Well, To Heart 2 is a romance VN, has nice art, but is from 2005 :/
  6. Did a Re;Birth 1 speedrun, for the hell of it:

  7. Everybody needs a Nagi route m8 'w' Anyway, good luck with the TL.
  8. I never thought I'd see the day this was finished. Thanks ittaku for all your hard work. I'll try it after dinner
  9. I saw this on Twitter. So I guess RIP Huniepop speedrunners .-.
  10. To Heart 2 Xrated (https://vndb.org/v20) Game Description Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takaaki Kouno, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood frien Tamaki Kosaka, as well as well as many accquaintaces. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures. Ending Guide This walkthrough covers the PC version of the game, that has a total of 9 routes (not including bad ending). There's a total of 9. 6 from the start, 2 unlockables after 1 route completed and 1 unlockable after 2 routes completed. The game has a map system that shows you where the girls (and Yuuji) are. If you want to enter a route you'll need to (basically) stalk the girl you're after. Individual Route Guide The names for places are in JAP so I had to figure out how to name them. Help with this is appreciated. Sentences in " signs are choices. Yuzuhara Konomi Kosaka Tamaki Komaki Manaka Tonami Yuma Sasamori Karin Kusakabe Yuki Lucy Maria Misora Himeyuri Sango/Himeyuri Ruri Kusugawa Sasara Bad End - Kosaka Yuuji Last Words Huge thanks to ittaku for translating this almost 100k lines beast and for the Lucy section. The rest was done by me, through trial-save-error-load from save-repeat proccess ( ) Edit August 29: It was discovered that you need to clear 1 route to unlock Lucy and the Twins. Thanks to ittaku for the help in ensuring this. Enjoy
  11. I wouldn't call it the worst. But compared to the other routes is quite plain and boring.
  12. Yeah, walkthrough is gonna take time because I need to double (and triple) check some things (rusty memory). I can cover the easy routes in like an hour but I'm really tired right now. So I'll do as much as I can and continue when I wake up.
  13. Give me around an hour to do it. I'm tryng to learn the strats for speedrunning RE4 UHD and then I'll make it. In 30 minutes I'm finishing the game and I'll start searching for images.
  14. I could make one, I played this game like 100 times already so I already know the choices (for the TLed routes) Oh and also good luck on the project. I've been stalking it since gemot and prayed many times to not be dead. Enjoying Sasara's route a lot so far \('w')/
  15. Not entirely true. Mochizuki's route is TLed, until her H-scene. And Shirasaki's route is TLed so far I've played (I'm testing my luck tho). And also, the chart was when the game was 37% TLed and 32% Edit. And by the time he released the scripts it was 43%TL/37%Edit by the 14/2 Update. So there's more translated than the chart shows (Still no Kodachi tho D^:< )
  16. I've actually started to enjoy gaming more since I started speedrunning 2 years ago. I learned a ton of stuff from games I've always played casually (like Sonic and Megaman games), the competition can be fierce and fun, and some people of the community are really interesting. I also enjoy some of the challenges outside of speedgaming. For example God of War 2's Titan difficulty No Upgrade Run, and now I'm trying Megaman X 1 and 2 - 2 games/1 controller challenge. So my experience in general with games changed a lot in the last few years. Though I still enjoy older games. New games feel kinda short or lacking in something...
  17. I've been hyped since I saw the release date. Played the demo and I laughed a lot so I know I'm gonna enjoy it.
  18. Give it your all, O’Hero born after the wait of hundreds of years!

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