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  1. Happy Birthday! Hopefully you find your way back to Fuwanovel eventually!

  2. Cool, Ty all, I got a good amount here to play now!
  3. Im Downloading them as we speak, if you guys have any other suggestions, you know where to leave em
  4. so basically im looking for something new to play, i realise this is a tall order but im looking for a romance VN which has nice art, so lets say post 2006, H-scenes is also a must have... anyone help me, a list of what ive already played is below TY G senjou no maou Hoshizora no memoria Princess Evangile Majikoi/ S School days comyu kuroi ryuu to yasashii oukoku Grisaia no Kajitsu Sharin no kuni + its fandisk Yume Miru Kusuri A profile All of the Da capo series (and its various expansions) all of the Shuffle series Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru Kono no ozora ni tsubasa wo hirogete (if my heart had wings) Osananajimi wa Daitouryou Neko Para Sunrider series Katawa Shoujo so off the top of my head that all i think, I thank anyone in advance
  5. No pain no gain!! but seriously anticipating this one, so all i can do right now is wait XD and maybe prepare for exams and stuff but mostly the other thing!
  6. Well i guess ill just have to hold my breath for now and wait till the end of the year, hope for a Christmas miracle and if there is non (which by the sound is likely going to be the case) ill touch base then, see what's happening. Ty all!
  7. Let me start of with saying, AMAZING!!! this series is amazing and one of my absolute favs and im super exited to be able to continue it and massive thanks to the team, almost lost hope for the game... and also the impossible question, when is a ROUGH guestimate to when i can get my hands on a complete patch, or at least a patch that covers the original 5 girls continuation? Cheers!!!
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