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  1. Granted, but you bought so much stuff that you´re crush to death by the weight of it. I wish that an hour of sleep was enough to feel like you slept for 12 hours
  2. Then what about Izayoi??(the guy on my profile picture)
  3. Good luck on this project!!! I saw this game a while back and looked interesting.
  4. Another Sakamaki Izayoi Quote!!! (to be precise it´s his introduction). "I have to thank you for that wonderfully antagonistic introduction of yours. As you can see, I´m dangerous, unrefined, and the name´s Sakamaki Izayoi. I´m also crude, vicious and hedonistic. I´m the worst type of person there is, so I recommen reading all the warning labels before taking that attitude when dealing with me, Ojou-sama."
  5. False, I´m not (I can already fell the stares) Next person won Super Mario Bros. on the NES in one go.
  6. That´s true, I agree with that. But it´s not a law of the world for men to understand women. I don´t understand women, and I´m sure I never will. But still, I don´t care. As I said the first time, I believe it´s all about respect. Respect those that respect you.
  7. Well, you´re not entirely leaving so it´s okay. If you think it´s for the best, it´s your opinion. No one can change that. I´m sure you worked hard and carried a huge weight on your back, but now you don´t so might as well enjoy that. And also, welcome to the easy peasant life. Thumbs up to you Steve.
  8. Is that a way to say he´s selfish or something??
  9. False, I stopped watching becuase it got boring. Next person is a Ghostbuster
  10. False, I value food, water and oxygen more because I can´t live without them. You can live without friends, I´m telling because I have knowledge in that area (crap, I may have opened an old injury) Next person believes he/she can breathe in outer space
  11. Well Steve, thank you for answering what I think it was a simple yes/no question. Funnerific is right about you being too passionate about it, by the way. As with my opinion on Mare, she was OK. Bum, period, nothing else. I´m more on the side of Yume. Unlike Mare, she made me cry in her route. It was the first time I cried in a VN. Also, I haven´t played Iroseka because I don´t know japanese so I can´t say anything about it. Anyway, thank you for your opinion. Ps: You (the MC of Hoshimemo) and Yume´s love was stronger. That´s what I think at least.
  12. I don´t care if I end up being hated by the entire community but, is Mare the only reason you(the community) want the fandisc? Nobody likes the other heroines?
  13. False, I don´t want to know. Next person will cast aside his friends, family, possesions, world and go to Little Garden
  14. False, I´m a normal human(or as normal as you can get) Next person believes magic is real, and tries to make others believe the same.
  15. Granted, but it doesn´t have wings so it´s pretty much useless. I wish for non-corrupt politicians(boy do we have that here)
  16. That´s not an answer to my question.
  17. I wouldn´t. Here, trains and buses come late, they are full of people, you get a seat if you´re lucky enough. I hate waiting and dealing with crowds.
  18. Ok, now picture this situation, you waited for the bus/train for 30 minutes to 1 hour, you´re in a bad mood because of that, the bus/train is full, you get a seat. In this situation, you give up your seat??
  19. One thing is doing if it´s required, nothing to do with my question. I asked if you LIKE giving up you´re seat??
  20. I have a question, and I want to hear everyones sincere opinion. Do you like giving up your seat on a bus or a train??
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