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  1. This one works, I'm almost done with 2 routes already
  2. please help, bought IMHHW on steam but i always get the same sprite bug. Can you send me the link please.....


    Thank you. 

  3. Today over 10 people were online on server, was nice and did 2 streams on Twitch. Will do daily streams also when server is updated if anyone wants to see what is going on.
  4. Also a thread that is always used for patches can be found here for anyone that is planning on joining the server Server News : http://psu-clementine.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27 Mission Progress: http://psu-clementine.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=511
  5. Ahh yea I had a few friends that played from the ps2 console, I played from the lvl cap when it was around 20 at release, way before the AOTI expansion. Then It was around lvl 50 and after all the events and Max attack they boosted us to 120 then to 180 before the servers got shutdown. My in game names were "Boltz" & "Omaru" btw. I did enjoy those events, especially using the new SUV's and doing G.A.S. missions with my wife I met on the game.
  6. At the moment it shutdown like 2 minutes ago due to maintenance u can read the facebook page and forum about how many people play on the server.
  7. I have been a huge fan of SEGA games to this day as well as the Phantasy Star games. When PSU was created it opened and brought me into loving MMO's and the genre of RPG. This game particular I don't know why but It made me into an addict of this type of genre that I love the game to this day. The style of the game and all the massive content after the expansion released was so nice to see every year. I used to play on the pc servers mon the game release date & then started on the Xbox360 server after I met my wife. Sadly the servers on Pc and consoles ended on 9/7/2012 and was very sad to
  8. Ahh nice progress, still have my japanese copy of the vn & Keep up the great work
  9. Yea both psp vita games are in english no need for psp translations for the game at all.
  10. Been following this thread for awhile now, Site doesn't seem to be up anymore and really hope this one gets finished. I even have the official vn from japan since I do enjoy a lot of the ones made by the company
  11. Just a guess but might be around next year maybe Feb. or around summer 2016 site doesn't have a date. I remember when the first game was posted from Mangagamer and it came out not many months after so most likely it won't be long till its done. http://mangagamer.org/whappiness/
  12. I still love my Wii u and 3ds wouldn't bother using emulation since a lot of them don't work properly.
  13. Wow nice work guys, haven't been here for awhile and now to see its past 90%. Keep up the great work as always
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