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  1. The Megaman X series, Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology, Pokemon Crystal(my favorite Pokemon game ever), the Sonic games for Sega Genesis, I'm sure there's more but I don't remember right now. I play these more than new games. They have a "charm" that new games don't have for some reason.
  2. I'm actually surprised there wasn't a topic about villains. I'm sure we all have opinions on them. Sometimes we have to see things from their point of view too. We already see the point of view from the good guys from the games we play or the VNs we read. I think that some villains deserve our respect, there are some that can be just as awesome as the heroes. A couple of my examples would be Sigma from the Megaman X series, and Demon Lord Azi Dahaka from the Mondaiji-tachi Light Novels. Sigma is quite the interesting character. He was the leader of the Maverick Hunters before he got infected with the Maverick Virus. The virus started to mutate and adapt into Sigma's own programming wich as a result created the Sigma Virus, that can control and manipulate Reploids. He started to feel that humanity were keeping the Reploids potential down and decided to start a rebellion against Humans. For more info on this watch "The Day of Sigma" OVA that's in Megaman Maverick Hunter X. It's a prequel to the whole series. Warning: the voice acting is horrible. Demon Lord Azi Dahaka. I found out about him less than a month ago. But in my opinion he's the villain of villains. I've never seen/read/watched a guy like him. Azi Dahaka is a three-head Dragon, one of the gods of the Zoroartrianism a "Last Embryo"(Last Trial of Humanity) and a third-digit in Little Garden. He's the incarnation of Evil, and carries the Flag of 恶 [Aksara] (still means Evil) on his back. He crushes and destroys everything that's in front of him equally. The meaning of his life is to show what Evil is. His death will pave the path of Good. Here's one of his quotes: “Rise………Over my dead body is where Justice lies……..!!!!” He appeared in Vol. 7 Epilogue, and dies in Vol. 11 Well, the explanation for these villains is quite long. This is more or less the objective. What do you think of villains in general? Can they be more awesome that the good guys? Is there any villain that has earned your respect? Was any villain memorable to you? This is not and Appreciation for Villains. Why would appreciate them? They do bad things.
  3. Such a thing can't be possible, you know why? Because to do something like that you would have to be an active person, and I'm lazy as hell.
  4. I live in Argentina. If you wanna conquer it you're gonna have to go through my dead body.
  5. Just a bit of randomness from my part. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0plpUs_ycI Has anybody fell unconscious from all the party? We're not gonna need designated drivers right?
  6. I want to say thanks to all the mods who work hard for this site. Enjoy your day to the fullest!!!!
  7. Standing up even trembling in fear. That is Courage

  8. Standing up even trembling in fear. That is Courage

    1. 魔王黒 (Retired. Now 傍観者)

      魔王黒 (Retired. Now 傍観者)

      Courage or foolishness. Depends on the point of view.

    2. Ivan A.

      Ivan A.

      Well there's a very thin line between those two.

  9. I have a question. Can any of the team members look at the Google Sheet?
  10. Inspiration is still inspiration, regardless from where it came from.
  11. This should be made a book!!! Now seriously, this was really fun to read. Great job batman, 10/10.
  12. And if you get caught, you're done. How's that worthy?
  13. 9/10 Great cast of characters Understandable, no hard feelings.*thumb up*
  14. 6/10 Looks good, not great. Nothing else to say.
  15. The day will come when all the consoles listed will be played through emulators on PC. That's one of the reasons it stands high above the others.
  16. Read the Team/Match announcement(go up) My question is characters from where, Manga, Anime, VN?Just One? All of them? Females Only?
  17. Points halved for the Tsundere Guild? Sounds a bit unfair. Can't it be 60 or 70% of our points count? A disadvantage is a disadvantage. But we have the superiority in numbers. Let's show everyone not to mess with the Tsundere Guild!!! Yes, I'm super hyped about this!!! It can be helped, I'm competitive. It got worse since I started speedrunning in Sonic Generations. Like I care about your opinions on me. I swear upon the Name and Flag of the Guild of Tsunderes(Mondaiji-tachi reference), that I will fight with everything I got and by whatever mean necessary to win.
  18. I think I posted here like... 5 times? So I thought "why not make a grand goodbye?". A spur of the moment thing. I was taking a break from speedruning and find out the thread is being close. Basically, you don't need to take it seriously.
  19. (Music to fit the environment, in my opinion) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz9BP6NcIUw Today is the last day of the Majikoi Miyako Route Translation - AKA random talk I'm sure many were fond of this, after all, everybody needs a place were you can be random. I didn't post to much here, but I came from time to time and see what happened. This thread was indeed interesting, you never knew what you may find next. In the end we all had fun, we suffered, we got angry and whatever emotion you guys felt while being here. I'm sure nobody will forget this place and the time we had here. This was nothing more and nothing else that my honest opinion. You want to hate me for it?, bring it on. So I say to you Random Talk thread, Goodbye!!!! You'll never be forgotten.
  20. Great. As if Sonic Adventure 2 couldn´t be more messed up(the only enjoyment I got out of it was when I played with Sonic and Shadow), this kind of thing happens.
  21. Izayoi converged the light that he had suppressed with both his hands up till then into a pillar and shot it through the huge Dragon’s heart.

  22. If it´s not too much trouble, can you explain this a little bit more? Also since I don´t exactly know much about TeamSpeak, is it any different from Skype??
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