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  1. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    Umineko no Kaku Koro ni
  2. School VN with Deredere Heroine

    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
  3. Trinoline Release

    hey people, one question on VNDB this game has the multiple ends tag, but there is no walkthrough anywhere on the internet. How do I reach the other routes/what choices should I take?
  4. someone may have already noticed it, but rub a dub thanks for the grub is in image posted twice here, showing the different styles each company uses.
  5. What are "Classic" VNs?

  6. Friendship routes

    Just for the sake of my curiosity, I was wondering if there are games with multiple routes where instead of romancing the boy/girl of each route the game presents a friendship-only relationship. I don't mean joke endings such as in Clannad, nor between people of the same gender. What I mean is a route based solely around friendship between the MC and the boy/girl
  7. Hello from Portugal!

    yup, you. For some reason, my memory failed me
  8. Hello from Portugal!

    Olár. Acho que tem mais um membro de Portugal aqui, mas não lembro quem. No caso, sou br \o/ Welcome to Fuwa
  9. Rose Guns Days features an alternative Japan after loosing the WW2
  10. nah, not that long, but yeah, it takes some time to finish, but it's totally worth it. I'll be soon reading it for the third time
  11. Great to see the When They Cry series grow. I think it is the best move for MG. What I also hope is they translate Trianthology
  12. Trinoline Release

    which game?
  13. pick one for me

    Thanks people for voting. I've started Hello, Goodbye, but plan to read Daitoshokan later. Still uncertain about Steam Prison, but I still have a lot of time to think about it.