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  1. I know one, but I don't want to spoil it.
  2. If you want to broaden your horizons, you should try some Yuri VNs. The ones I will recommend are NOT sex-oriented, as I believe you won't enjoy those. SeaBed - One of the best narratives out there. It's a drama/psychological mystery full of twists and nice moments. One of my favorite VNs. Flowers (series) - Romance-focused, the four games share a central mystery, but the romance is more proeminent. ___ Now, other non-LGBT+ games: Horror/Mystery - Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Great worldbuilding, characters, plot twists and intriguing plot. However, it doesn't have the routes/heroines structure, although there is a lot of romance. Mystery - Mamiya [buy the full version on steam] - Great mystery game with many plot twists. Can't talk too much about it without spoiling it.
  3. Try contacting Nekonyan through their discord channel
  4. Since you bought it, I'd suggest asking in the Sekai Project discord. There they can help you.
  5. So I've been playing it since its release and am currently playing the curry part, which is chapter 5 of 15. I still can't feel it... If you guys finished it, how well [or bad] is the story from this point on? Is it worth continuing if I'm not enjoying it? I only ask because I was already proven wrong by myself reading a VN [seabed] I disliked for a second time just to become one of my favorites, but I really don't want UsoNatsu to become a "second time read only" if there is potential later on. I think the worst part for me is that the animation work is just poor at best, with animations taking too long/lip sync failing to match voices/transitions with loading screens etc. which makes the VN seem longer than it is. But still, I want to like it so bad
  6. Link Well, I don't have anything to suggest other than Trianthology this time. Who knows if they'll actually pick it.
  7. Thanks, you two! I'll be waiting for the new version :3 Hope everything works well
  8. Well, if it is working, it should be fine. But if you really wants to solve the issue, you could try contacting Sekai Project through their Discord server.
  9. For reference, I mean this quiz, which shows many different suggestions according to your tastes: https://fuwanovel.net/quiz/ I know it is still functional, what I'm asking is if it is still being fed with games and if it is usable. I believe it is a great feature Fuwa has that probably few people know about, and with the tons of new translations, both official [thanks Shiravune] and FTL, it's hard to keep track of games that'd be good reads for me. If possible, I'd love to have it working with the latest releases :3
  10. I can't contribute a lot because most of my year was spent reading the notoriously long White Album 2, the best girl being Touma, of course. The biggest surprise for me is Mamiya. I already had some expectations for it being called a hidden gem, but I did not expect how much I'd enjoy it. One of the best VNs I've read overall. Best support character is Sunohara, from Clannad, which I read for the second time. Aside from WA2, my best girl was Olivia Berry, from Aojashin.
  11. for a minute I thought I was back to /visualnovels
  12. Are you sure your locale is set to Japanese and not the language? It's a common mistake. Also, try to match your system clock to Japan's. See if the TL group has a discord channel and ask them there, they may be more helpful!
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