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  1. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    thx!!! the RPG ones seems really cool! and the strategy ones, i will try them with VNR, sad for me they have not translation
  2. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    Yeah i know about it, gonna try when launch thx The first one is really cool, ill test it with VNR and see if i can enjoy the experience. About the others 2, seems really cool too, ill try all of them thx!! So now i have some really good choices to play, thx guys i love u ^^
  3. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    wow thanks!! as i can see is perfect for me ^^
  4. Im looking for a VNs where the protagonist control his country or invade/conquest other zones/countrys. Like a war or conquest. (already played Eiyuu Senki and rance) Country or world. Or control groups/company/corp who attack others. Like code geass in terms of control/war. Scenes like this (code geass spoilers) Apreciatte H-content if possible. Also if you can recommend other VN with a RPG content like evenicle or alchemy meister ill appreciatte it. Thanks ^^
  5. H-code for Evenicle 2?

    I have this problem photo
  6. i dont know nothing of this. it will be like super dramatic story?