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  1. any VN about world war?

    already played kohime, Kyonyuu, utawarerumono and dies irae. But really thanks for the mention of Baldr Sky, its likely what i wanted for.
  2. any VN about world war?

    thats pretty good plot, thanks! rose guns seems good too, i will check, thanks!
  3. any VN about world war?

    Is there any english VN with themes like world war, civil war or invasions of other countries? as example, themes like rance VI, muv luv (for the spoilers)...
  4. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    No, we dont have nothing like that.
  5. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    Yeah, i cant enter. So they block EU as i can see, since if i use VPN, it let me in.
  6. https://gyazo.com/f5ada095b42fd1f62ce6242cacc83842 Maybe "groups" instead of "packs" Packs is more like... containers? Just my opinion. Anyway, thx for the translations and for your work. The quality is really good as well, gg!! Edit: @UnHolyFiretruck is that so? i never seen that way to use packs. im not saying that this is a problem, just my pov. Anyway thx for the info, new things to learn!
  7. Alice Soft 30th Anniversary

    Evenicle and Rance is a good option to try
  8. wtf oh shit here we go again... YEEEEEEEEEEEEES
  9. Seems like arunaru stop working on mangagamer since they dont pay correctly the translations... really sad to hear.
  10. Thanks for your work and congrantz for the translation!! Hope u find the image editor!
  11. So you have almost all the game translated? that really nice wow! Thx for your work! ^^
  12. Hi from Spain

    Si no lo usas no pasa nada, dime por donde te puedo contactar mejor y vamos viendo. No se mucho sobre el tema, pero he ayudado alguna vez a otros equipos, a lo mejor puedo echarte un cable.
  13. Hi from Spain

    Ey! agregame a discord y a ver si te puedo ayudar. Cardinal #4492
  14. Nintendo Switch VN

    utawarerumono should be a real gg
  15. Come for Eroge, Stay for Gameplay

    rance VI prety good dungeon crawler with really good plot.