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  1. If you mean the west... then, rip because of piracy and really long wait time for every launch. If you mean japan, then, we are secure, since japan is weird and our lovely japanese fap guys will buy everything (?)
  2. Himegari Dungeon Meister

    Lets see what we can do. I added you on discord. edit: done! https://gyazo.com/2f2c9d3001d6a694f141ad6b21591743 thx for the tools to asmodean, marcussacana and the guys from zapinterlations.
  3. (i know that you are speaking about the profile but dont see any thread to say this so here i go) As some people already said, if you want more people around here, maybe you can promote the forum. (dont know if you already did something about this so i just will say) Twitter, facebook, reddit, ask for help from some content creater like youtubers, big twitter account etc... The forum style is really cool so you dont need to change nothing of this. In my pov, i only entered here because i wrote in google about one VN that i was playing and google send me to one theme in this forum, i dont even knew that some forum like this exist, so why not more promotion?
  4. Ey! Im thinking about start the saga of Kyonyuu Fantasy, Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden and Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2. I dont know nothing of the saga but it seems like the type of medieval plot with high h-content. am i right? I want to know if this saga have a good plot story or is just h-content for skip. Anyway, if you have any recommendation of VN with really good plot and scenes of war/medieval/conquest type, i will be really grateful. (already played bunny black, eiyuu senki, rance and kamidori) thx!!
  5. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    Wow, seems pretty cool.... (really) Even with the rpg gameplay... thanks! I love plots with wars, invasions, conquest etc...
  6. Mein Waifu is the Führer

    So... can we invade europe with our waifu? If the story changes and you win the ww2 with your waifu, then gg (or maybe we can save hitler by going to the true ending and send her to the art school)
  7. Why Visual Novels?

    1º More plot than the anime (same as light novels?) 2º Censured...? no thanks, i want all of them, gore, h-scenes and everything. 3º First person, the epic moments, the fantastic plot with the music... even the anime cant do that. 4º Jesus, i want more to read, i want more plot, i dont want to see cutted scenes because they must cut them for the cost of the production.
  8. Do you think this is good enough for a VN?

    The plot is better than the art. At least for me.
  9. An error has occurred Data is corrupted. Please reinstall. Do you want to continue the program? Yes: Continue the program as it is. (It may not work properly) No: Quit the program!
  10. good look with the project suerte con el proyecto chicos ^^
  11. Wow, good news! As some people already said, thanks yor very much for your work! Iill be waiting for the complete patch to enjoy all the experience with your fully work as well, thanks ^^ good luck!
  12. Since you ask for something with a good story, i will focus on that. If you already have seen steins;gates anime, maybe you can enjoy is sequel, as steins;gate 0. They have anime too, but is really bad, anyway if you dont have seen the first one, you can enjoy the both titles. https://vndb.org/v2002 https://vndb.org/v17102 They have a really good story, with drama, sci fi and mystery. Without +18 content and only focus in the story+drama. In other way, this is one of the lasted VN i played, Rance VI Collapse of Zeth. I know, i know... Rance is bestial +18 title with h-scenes in every stage and full of rape. But if speak about the story... well, rance VI is one of the best story i eved played and i really enjoyed the time i played this title. https://vndb.org/v2047 To finish, but not for that, less important... i can present you... Utawarerumono saga! This is one of the best sagas i played in my life, really good, with a amaising story and drama/sci fi content. With a bit of adventure and rpg gameplay style. (like disgaea) The saga has 3 games, the first one is for PC, but the others can be played in psvita or ps3/4. (Only the first game have h scenes ) https://vndb.org/v3 https://vndb.org/v7721 https://vndb.org/v18717
  13. Something like Evenicle

    Tears to Tiara (english) Bunny Black ( 1 & 2 in english) Kami no Rhapsody (japanese, with english patch and full release in progress click -> here) Also, try rance VI the collapse of zeth, is one of the best story i ever played in my life, i know, rance have a lot of rape, but this one, VI, have the best story of rance and the best plot. (Really epic) Anyway, if we are speaking about evenicle, rance is his brother. You can check other games from alicesoft too.
  14. Possibly taked by a bot. Thats why every time i give keys or something, ask about pm me for the key. Anyway, thanks
  15. Thanks for your work, ill be waiting for this ^^ Good luck!
  16. The first one, well, the anime is ok, but the novel is better. The second one... steins gate 0... the VN is years better than that anime.... that anime make me sick. not only "some" things, about steins gate, they cut some explanations about the machine and other things that make the story special. But in general, the anime was a good if you compare with the VN. But if we talk about steins gate 0... jesus, no. that thing should be in the hell. They cut the story, cut explanation, destroy the context of the best scenes from the VN and make them like "oh, so that is was happen? nice!" "oh look that"... To be clear, i played the VN, both of them. Steins gate is good, you can play the game or take the anime, both choices is ok, but if you want more context and explanation, go for the game. Steins gate 0 is a masterpiece (better than steins gate in my opinion) and im really sure when im saying that the anime is a big shit. Cut story, cut the context, cut scenes, take the routes of the game and put them like a lineal puzzle without context and destroy the best scenes of the game, scenes that make you say "oh jesus WTF" "epic moment" if you see them in the game, but in the anime is like... "oh ok" (Speaking about one of that scenes, and trying to avoid spoilers, that scene is called "re-awake" and is divided in 2 parts in the game. Well, they only animated one part of that scene and even when they do that, they change the characters in the scene and destroy the epic moment. And the other part of the scene... well, they just delete that part, who in my opinion, is the best part of the game)
  17. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    thx!!! the RPG ones seems really cool! and the strategy ones, i will try them with VNR, sad for me they have not translation
  18. Im looking for a VNs where the protagonist control his country or invade/conquest other zones/countrys. Like a war or conquest. (already played Eiyuu Senki and rance) Country or world. Or control groups/company/corp who attack others. Like code geass in terms of control/war. Scenes like this (code geass spoilers) Apreciatte H-content if possible. Also if you can recommend other VN with a RPG content like evenicle or alchemy meister ill appreciatte it. Thanks ^^
  19. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    Yeah i know about it, gonna try when launch thx The first one is really cool, ill test it with VNR and see if i can enjoy the experience. About the others 2, seems really cool too, ill try all of them thx!! So now i have some really good choices to play, thx guys i love u ^^
  20. VNs with war/conquest world or country control

    wow thanks!! as i can see is perfect for me ^^
  21. H-code for Evenicle 2?

    I have this problem photo
  22. i dont know nothing of this. it will be like super dramatic story?