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  1. Hello, sorry i must have skipped over the post, but the arc engine stopped working is common with ellushally <--(prolly spell that wrong) games apparently. Someone posted a solution in the previous pages of this thread that worked for me.
  2. I wonder, if its possible to release the partial patch with just all the text fully translated until a image editor joins the team? or would that not work?
  3. I think we get it by now. Basically in your opinion the story or game is lacking. You dont have to release multiple comments in the thread to dampen the spirits of anyone who might be looking forward to the finished work? In my opinion i think the story (of what i played so far) was awesome and very nicely put together. I just hope your nit-picking comments haven't swayed anyone who might have been interested otherwise. But in the grand scheme of things it's really no hope for someone who's that easily influenced by two random opinions (mines and yours) from two random internet forum users.
  4. isnt that something you gotta find out/know for yourself? imagine going to a random person and asking "is the color blue better than the color yellow" They tell you, and you be like "okay thanks" but yeah, i think it is so far, but it's most likely due to the fact it's been a while since i played a (eushully <--prolly murdered that) type game. hope this doesnt influence your personal choice though.
  5. Thank you for the update! 80% That seems pretty close to me, but i never translated a game before. Im very much looking forward to your continued progress!
  6. thank you so much for the hard work! if it's that close then i'll just keep waiting till you guys are done with it all before i keep going. i played a while back and stopped when i got to a part...i think it was chapter 2? but when i got back to the "city, after a near death experience" i entered a dialog for the first time with the animal lady and it was in full Japanese text. i kinda like her the most so i didnt want to skip over it. i didnt find anything other than that but it's not like i was looking for text errors while i was playing. i forgot to mention it last time XD Tried not to spoil it for others with the " " in that part. hope u can still find it XD
  7. Hi! i created an account here just to tell you how much i appreciate the work here. I've been looking at this VN for a while now (Along with Fuukan no G) and couldn't play it, i dont know Japanese So I can only play vn's i can understand in English sub text. Thank you so much. And very nice job on what you've got done so far! Im checking back here everyday to see the progress.