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  1. The specific words are how you express the meaning. You just got examples of two words where the meaning was clearly NOT kept. Cultures are different, and readers understand that. Or do you also freak out about indirect kisses, and how unrealistic they are in our glorious western society? Would you have riceballs change to jelly doughnuts given the chance? References to famous Japanese weapons or historical figures to European legends? Perhaps translators should start acting like actual professionals and start attaching a glossary or preface if they have doubts about the intellect of their audience. I will say this again: Translations exist for the people reading it. Not for the translator, not for the people who can speak the source language. If someone complains about a translation not being accurate - not allowing the reader to experience the same feeling a Japanese reader would - you present him with two options, either suck it up or hit the books. No self-reflection whatsoever.
  2. The opposite, actually. I want the information and cuteness which was in Japanese kept, rather than completely ignored (oniikiss) or rewritten to something completely else (sanoba witch - conversation about this trait changed to keeping plushies, of all things. Then, it was ignored when it popped up during the most cute scenes in her route). If someone wants characters in a visual novel speak talk like rednecks or chavs, perhaps you should read the high quality EVNs like KFC instead of ruining Japanese media.
  3. The opposite actually, based on the localization polls ran on fuwanovel and other places. For example the biggest, r/vn/, who is way more "weeby". Why, simply look at the people who disagree in this thread. Either from the translator clique or people who hang around them constantly on discord and whatnot. Make a poll, for customers only, if you are so confident. But why would you ever ask the people you are actually trying to sell to rather than re-confirm your zealous beliefs with your colleagues? Many Japanese games have a link in the main menu to a survey about the game. Go ahead and change the link to a survey about the translation. If you are not afraid of knowing the answer, that is. Which they are not, based on the interview with their CEO.
  4. That is how customer feedback works in any industry. Let's say you got 1000 customers. 100 of those come to you and tell you that the starters served there suck ass. Then you get positive feedback about the same starters from around 20 people, who however hang around the restaurant all the time and are friends with your chef. Of course, the chef and his buddies like it as well. You either need to act based on the feedback you got or gather more feedback. Customer complaints in general come from a very small percentage of overall customers, but normal companies usually do their utmost to do something about it. Now, this is even more pronounced in a niche industry such as eroge localization, where you get only several thousand regulars. But we both know you will ignore this and revel in the likes you received from the aforementioned echo chamber.
  5. That is hubris enforced by the echo chamber you live in. Translations are done FOR someone. If the target audience repeatedly tells you they don't like something, and you keep doing it, you deserve to fail financially. Which most companies do, so good.
  6. Is this a joke? There are not 17 HCG in the original PC release. There are 41, each of which has around 20 variations by the way, plus 5 CG with nudity. I counted 91 non-SD CG in total, so that’s half.
  7. Thanks for listening. I think that’s very rare these days. Bless you. Once you do this for the prologue, I can read through the whole thing and send you a PM with other mistakes I find.
  8. Not a bit harder, but it means you need to completely rewrite some scenes that often appear in moe games. Like aforementioned Haruka ni Aogi: 美綺: 「センセとアタシは友達なんだからさ、もっとさ親しい感じで呼んでよ」 司: 「吐き捨てるように呼び捨てか!?」 美綺: 「美綺でも、みさきちでも、みさきちゃんでも、みさみさでも、みさぴょんでも、好きなよーに」 美綺と呼ぶのはちょっとはばかられたし、かと言って美綺さんもかしこまりすぎてた。 司: 「呼び捨てとみさみさはちょっと……。みさぴょんもそういうあだ名のダチがいるんで」 美綺: 「うーん、しょうがないなぁ。じゃあみさきちかみさきちゃん、さぁどっちか選んで選んで」 Not to mention that Sensei is a huge fetish word in the context of the game. Second thing are the name, you’ve got scenes where character stop calling each other by their family names and start using given names instead. You can look at moenovel’s rewrite of such a scene here: https://imgur.com/a/16b6Oa8 You already have capitalization problems and a gross mischaracterization in the first few lines of the prologue - the girl on the phone says (電話を)切るわよ as in hang up, but it’s translated as “I’ll stab you.” I noticed that MC’s name is used very scarcely just like in fureraba. Yet Ayumi is forced to use it pretty often because every instance of “Onii-san” is translated to name. And she does still use Onii-san even during H-scenes - I checked. My point is that rewriting is a ridiculous thing to do. You’re changing the original intent because of stubbornness.
  9. Very eroi, hopefully not americanized.
  10. Really don’t understand the logic behind removing honorifics in moege when pretty much everyone wants them in.
  11. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    I hope you’re not suggesting that her using Nii-yan (capitalized, because it acts as a proper noun) is a unique and completely made up nickname.
  12. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    https://imgur.com/gallery/aQ0VroT How about no.
  13. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    I agree. Imagine if something like GochiUsa which is set in Europe had honorifics. Wait a minute...
  14. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    So make translations for weebs and everyone wins.
  15. Script Extraction Thread

    @marcus-beta No problem with 32bit. Even accented letters, wow! Amazing.