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  1. Is this a joke? There are not 17 HCG in the original PC release. There are 41, each of which has around 20 variations by the way, plus 5 CG with nudity. I counted 91 non-SD CG in total, so that’s half.
  2. Thanks for listening. I think that’s very rare these days. Bless you. Once you do this for the prologue, I can read through the whole thing and send you a PM with other mistakes I find.
  3. Not a bit harder, but it means you need to completely rewrite some scenes that often appear in moe games. Like aforementioned Haruka ni Aogi: 美綺: 「センセとアタシは友達なんだからさ、もっとさ親しい感じで呼んでよ」 司: 「吐き捨てるように呼び捨てか!?」 美綺: 「美綺でも、みさきちでも、みさきちゃんでも、みさみさでも、みさぴょんでも、好きなよーに」 美綺と呼ぶのはちょっとはばかられたし、かと言って美綺さんもかしこまりすぎてた。 司: 「呼び捨てとみさみさはちょっと……。みさぴょんもそういうあだ名のダチがいるんで」 美綺: 「うーん、しょうがないなぁ。じゃあみさきちかみさきちゃん、さぁどっちか選んで選んで」 Not to mention that Sensei is a huge fetish word in the context of the game. Second thing are the name, you’ve got scenes where character stop calling each other by their family names and start using given names instead. You can look at moenovel’s rewrite of such a scene here: https://imgur.com/a/16b6Oa8 You already have capitalization problems and a gross mischaracterization in the first few lines of the prologue - the girl on the phone says (電話を)切るわよ as in hang up, but it’s translated as “I’ll stab you.” I noticed that MC’s name is used very scarcely just like in fureraba. Yet Ayumi is forced to use it pretty often because every instance of “Onii-san” is translated to name. And she does still use Onii-san even during H-scenes - I checked. My point is that rewriting is a ridiculous thing to do. You’re changing the original intent because of stubbornness.
  4. Very eroi, hopefully not americanized.
  5. Really don’t understand the logic behind removing honorifics in moege when pretty much everyone wants them in.
  6. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    I hope you’re not suggesting that her using Nii-yan (capitalized, because it acts as a proper noun) is a unique and completely made up nickname.
  7. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    https://imgur.com/gallery/aQ0VroT How about no.
  8. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    I agree. Imagine if something like GochiUsa which is set in Europe had honorifics. Wait a minute...
  9. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    So make translations for weebs and everyone wins.
  10. Script Extraction Thread

    @marcus-beta No problem with 32bit. Even accented letters, wow! Amazing.
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    Hi. You're right. I looked a bit and didn't understand much. I put exe and dll here. But this tool is a bit like VNR correct? So only textbox can be changed. I would rather use english release as source then but I don't have the english release yet. I don't know if english and japanese release work the same. Thank you. @marcus-beta I uploaded the english exe and dll here. That is why I want to use your tool. I read chrono clock and it said it used your tool. Never crashed. Sad UI can't be translated but I can't find any other. But I really like the designs in this so I want to do it.
  12. Script Extraction Thread

    Hi. But the readme says it can be used for others too "To works is required a low level modification in the main game exe", only bit of change needed. How do I make this change?
  13. Script Extraction Thread

    Hi. How to use https://github.com/marcussacana/Specific-Games/blob/master/Chrono Clock.rar to extract script and translate hapymaher (same company) to another language?