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  1. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    Oh he's dead now. He starved to death. Most likely though, your plants had some kind of aphids. They're extremely small, very common & a ladybug's favorite snack.
  2. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    I normally don't participate in threads like this, but I feel like I might be on this site for awhile, so why not. For the record, I prefer naturally taken photos. So I got myself while scratch-practicing on my turntables. I'm no good so don't ask for vids.
  3. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    Goddammit! This is the only videogame that almost brought me to tears. I still have Starsailor's Way to Fall in my music...... did I make the right choice.
  4. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    Well I went to go kill the little guy. I spoke to him & explained why I was going to do it (as if he would understand me. Cuz I do what it do.) & before i squished him he disappeared. Couldn't find him afterwards & after a thorough search, I found him just chillin'. So I took that as a sign of a fighter/survivor. As a fighter/survivor myself, I would also pick slow death over assisted death. I get this. So I left him to the mechanics of the universe. Hopefully "him" & I can discuss such decisions upon my death. I'm not a hippie. Those just seemed like the best words to describe the end result.
  5. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    This makes a lot of sense. A lot what we westerners consider as "weird japanese shit" is a byproduct of post-western-influenced Japan. Like the seafood diet for example. Plus "incest" is only taboo in certain cultures. I can only imagine that it's an "Eye-of-the beholder" type scenario.
  6. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    He survived & managed to get married afterwards. This was when he lived with our Japanese Grandmother. Don't know if being japanese has anything to do with it, but I've noticed that all of my Japanese family have a "If it doesn't bite, it's harmless" attitude towards insects. I'm assuming this is a reference to a VN. Being extremely new to the medium, I don't get it.
  7. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    Would you except worthless Magic the Gathering cards as payment? I definitely get this. I am by no means attracted to my sister. But she's from my father's first marriage. I really don't know her at all. We've met once in person, the rest of our relationship has been online. So I can see how the sibling/instinctual-lust line could get crossed subconsciously. That being said, still not for me.
  8. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    This makes a lot of sense. I've seen a colony in my brother's home before & it was massive. Guess I gotta put the little guy down. Don't wanna, but it seems like the more logical route.
  9. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    DAMMIT! ...........I like that. Mind if I use that, FOREVER.
  10. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    I get that. I essentially look just like him as well. I'd never do the nasty with them. But if they made a clone of me.... I'd fuck myself. (can I say "fuck" here? I guess I'll find out.) ....Would that be considered homosexual or masturbation? Either way, I'm down with it. True but in order to get a grasp on cultural taboos & why they're in existence, pornography is a good looking glass.
  11. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    Noooooooo! I was hoping to avoid that. But I was thinking the same thing. I'll wait to see if google produces more optimistic (which strangely I'm not) results.
  12. lets talk about incest. :mare emote:

    I don't know if it's really a Japanese troupe. But in any general porn search (as Lesiak stated) it is a strong theme in pornography as a whole. Not that I watch porn EVER (looks around the room cautiously). I can't seem to look up adult films (for purely academic reasons) without stumbling across fifty-million videos labeled "brother/sister, mother/son, etc." Not my cup o' tea, but then again my sister just looks like my father with hips & tits, sooooooooooooooo........ nope.
  13. Ladybug Trouble (I'm serious)

    So this is gonna be a weird topic (most likely). I have this ladybug in my little studio apartment. It's been here since friday. Give or take. So herein lies the trouble. I feel bad for the little bastard & I don't know what to do. He's been here for days. I have no easy access water for him. I keep a clean house so there's no bugs for him to snack on. It's getting cold out so setting it free is a death sentence. I don't know. A bit of the ol' Catch 22 when it comes to deciding what to do for this guy. His life is short enough as I see it. Don't want it to be complete Hell for the guy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Edit: I put a few drops of water in front of it's face & it seemed to be pretty happy with that.
  14. Looks interesting. I'll check out the demo.