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  1. Thanks! — Jamie Hewlett is one of my favorite artists. Yes, it IS a Multiple Route mystery game. You can deposit your soul at the nearest Soul Deposit station, which can be summoned by contacting your local demon overlord. — LockedOn.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, sometimes the limited angles work against the game. Even with the map, sometimes my playtesters were getting lost. However, they aren't very large environments, so that helps, I think. Good to know, though. The art style has been a bit divisive I've found — some people really like it, some people don't like it at all. But I'd rather that than have it be stuck somewhere in the "bland zone". Your project looks interesting — I will follow your progress on the blog you linked to. And thanks for the shout-out. — LockedOn.
  3. Thanks! I used Cheetah3D for modeling and rendering. — LockedOn.
  4. Cool! Let me know how it goes. — LockedOn.
  5. Thanks. I love Ace Attorney, so it was pretty difficult not to copy certain gameplay ideas, especially "Pressing" for more information. I can see how the "mood choice" screen might resemble the "Mood Matrix" from Ace Attorney. I swear I didn't know about that when I designed it! However, it serves a completely different function, so I think I'm in the clear. I would say the main influences of the game are Danganronpa, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, 999, and Denpa Teki na Kanojo, but some Phoenix Wright-ish jokes might've snuck in there. — LockedOn.
  6. Summary: Broken Minds is a murder-mystery visual novel set in 90s Japan. When lonely 20-something Noa Karada finds herself being stalked by a mysterious killer in a rabbit mask known as The Orphan, she contacts the Yamagata Private Detective Agency for help. However, as her case grows more complex, the detectives grow more distant and eccentric. Perhaps Noa would’ve been better off never letting them into her life at all… Features: • Explorable environments • Inventive mystery-solving gameplay • Many choices & hidden secrets throughout • Six different endings • Over an hour of original music • That indie game sense of humor you've come to know and love • Intense rabbit-related imagery Available to Buy Now, or Play the Demo! https://lockedon.itch.io/broken-minds Screenshots: Trailer: ~ A Brief Note From The Esteemed Creator ~ Hello everybody! It's my first time on this forum, and on this site in general. I too want visual novels to spread in the West, and am excited by the possibilities of what Western-created VNs can be. I'm especially interested in visual novels that avoid common anime tropes and clichés, and break new ground with a unique tone, look, feel, and perspective. That's what I hoped to do when I created Broken Minds. It's been two years since I started working on it — I'm the sole developer, so progress was a bit slow. I'd really appreciate it if you told me what you think. Thanks! — LockedOn.