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  1. some great codes: KARAKARA: 22G74I-2HJ7V-JWH58 NEKOPARA Vol. 0: 286YE-XBWIL-YQG3Z NEKOPARA Vol. 1 : 22NLL-NY9JT-MK0L2 NEKOPARA Vol. 2: 2080L-3RHB8-9IKLX Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1: 255X0-IMPZB-EL690 Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 2: 28XWJ-VPM63-TVWGV Sound of Drop - fall into poison: 25RRB-XKEF5-WQ0H7 Highway Blossoms: 263J5-I65G2-97GYF Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-: 2EMTB-DDFBA-MVVG4 Memory's Dogma CODE:01: 0XGDX-KLJ7B-DG9RM Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition: 26J0H-LVBTW-T6N6D please don't let others know if you picked one! Adds suspense. ( Please do tell me if there's an error with any of the codes though.) Also have the Narcissu 10th anniversary thing but as that comes with a season pass I can't really post the codes here as the season pass is useless without the game. So if anyone wants that I gueEDIT:The code is officially claimed.
  2. This thread sure has been something. But it got me thinking a bit, (suprisingly) I feel like the question isn't really "what is art?" but rather "what isn't art?". I agree with what Soulless Watcher says in that the word "art" is pretty pointless, because after thinking about stuff that isn't art I realized that literally anything can be considered art by someone. So in that case does art not refer to everything that exist? It might even refer to things that doesn't exist, as things that we say/think can be considered art. Does asking the question "what isn't art?" prove that everything can be art?
  3. Anytime. Always willing to help best girl. Profile picture that is of course. Don't know if you're a girl or not. Not that that really matters as guys can also be best girl in some situations.
  4. Yes I realize I kinda messed up the placement of the hat. But removing the purple thing was just to much fun,
  5. Think it looks alright. (By my standards at least.)
  6. なに! I always thought giant santa beards were the new thing. What a shame really.
  7. Oh no! Yours is far superior to mine! I need more training. I'm sorry for letting you down!
  8. Honestly would have to choose Fate for this one. Worst heroine: Between Sakura and Saber. They are both really good but Sakura is a bit better, so Saber the winner. Pros: Really cute, really powerful, and everything else really. Cons: None really, maybe that she's not "human" per se, but hey!
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