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  1. Oh, we have plenty of new announcement planned, fear not! "Frontwing TV Live" is a reference to our periodic "Frontwing TV" live streams, specifically the fact that the panel will essentially be like a live version of that.
  2. I'm looking into this currently, but I will say that our company Steam account is this one, so anything from any other account isn't something we've done ourselves. Also, keep in mind that this was posted during Golden Week, when pretty much the entire country of Japan was not at work.
  3. The source is this Reddit AMA answer; as you can gather from reading it, it is planned to happen eventually, but not for a good while. 2018 would be optimistic.
  4. I'll just mention here as well that I may have spoken too soon on the DRM issue, I'm currently looking into it.
  5. For what it's worth, we sent out press releases about the campaign to a large number of site, as we always do, and only 2-3 smaller sites picked up the story at all. It seems a Kickstarter campaign for a visual novel series just isn't "news" anymore in 2017.
  6. I think I've clarified this elsewhere before, but the situation was that Corona Blossom was selling less than expected, not that it wasn't selling at all (and, to be blunt, the expectations that the higher-ups had were just a little bit overly optimistic).
  7. Crap, sorry about that and thanks for the heads-up! Got it fixed now.
  8. You can now purchase this directly from J-List: https://jlist.com/pcg0799
  9. While we don't have any extra stretch goals planned, I'm sure the team will come up with something nice to do with the extra funds raised.
  10. Just a little reminder that we're doing an AMA on /r/visualnovels about 45 minutes from now!
  11. It may take a little longer yes, I don't know anything more specific than that at this point, but I doubt it would be more than a couple weeks, maybe a month at absolute worst.
  12. No catch, there was a slight possibility we might have had to restrict it somehow but we we able to confirm that there's no caveats for the standalone 18+. It'll be a simple matter of choosing which you want on BackerKit and then receiving your key(s).
  13. It's clearly stated in Kickstarter's TOS that pornographic material is not allowed to be sold. Yes, some companies have gotten away with it by being coy with their wording, but the last thing we want is someone reporting the campaign and getting it shut down. And that's not to mention the other reasons we listed, which would still be applicable even if adult items were allowed on Kickstarter. We have gotten the a-okay for a standalone 18+ digital version though, and we'll be updating the Tumblr post with that information soon (when I get a free moment from all this launch hullabaloo).
  14. I can't say for 100% certain, as it isn't in development yet, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be! (And I'll make personally sure that the need for Vita TV compatibility is properly communicated to the developer handling the port.)
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