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  1. Otome * Domain Traslation Project (Updated)

    This is great, i will be aware of the translation.
  2. .pac and .dat extraction

    I have the necessary tools for "Corona Blossom" Send me a message in private.
  3. Muv-Luv Altered Fable Translation

    I already have the texts and the tool, only the translator is missing ...
  4. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    Incredible, thanks to you I am translating into Spanish.
  5. Data extraction thread

    name novel visual?
  6. Data extraction thread

    CLANNAD Side Stories is built on RealLive engine's version, and I think the scenario files could be extracted. However, RLDev gives this error when I try disassembling the SEEN file: Or when I do it this way: kprl -x -o seens -e utf8 seen.txt Command in cmd do this: And when I open with notepad ++: I see the first line of the game to translate from English to Spanish: English:>This morning, I become a third year student< Spanish:>Esta mañana, me hago estudiante de tercer año< Can someone help me To compile the texts? File link: https://mega.nz/#!28RnCKaY!V7eql_VWQcOyS257I5fzNPoNRJcCAczawnBBT-_6UfQ
  7. Sunrider series Spanish translation

    Espera que? pero si ya terminaron de traducir sunrider academy en español :v te dejo el link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905524705
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce a project, Which I have been developing for 2 weeks, Is Danganronpa if. From light novel to visual novel. And release chapter 1. but it's in Spanish. The language of my country In any case I need help. Add English language I use the renpy engine Yes, I know, I need to correct mistakes. And if possible others add other languages. thanks for your attention.
  9. jajaja thanks, buena traducción.
  10. Data extraction thread

    Name? of the vn
  11. Data extraction thread

    your speak in spanish?
  12. Data extraction thread

    and as i belive a patch of the game? and the application will not let me extract the text .
  13. Data extraction thread

    help me please!!! I well need tools?, Traslated This novel spanish. Name Visual novel: Muv Luv of steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/449830/ http://imgur.com/a/VYhV1
  14. Data extraction thread

    No working Afhook121.exe