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    Visual Novels (of course XD), books, RPG_maker <3 and cosplay :3
  1. Basics of VN translation

    I wanna translate Sakura Beach or Nekopara (I haven't finished Nekopara yet, but I think I am near to the end). Thanks for the advices
  2. Basics of VN translation

    Thanks a lot! ^^ Well, since I don't know people who can work with this kind of stuff I'll try to ask to the 'team' ^^
  3. Hi guys! :3 This is my first time here ^^ I was wondering long time ago how to do a fan translation of a VN from english to other language (because I don't understand nothing of Japanese XD) and I searched, and searched... AND I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING! D: Well, at least I found this blog where you can help me, right? RIGHT??? (-ok stop-) So this is everything I wanna say! ^^ Hope you all help me out! See ya ~ P.S: If there are any errors it's because I am Portuguese, sorry :P