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    Narcissu (1st and 2nd one) translation eng > pt br - completed!
    Lucy ~ The Eternity She Wished for ~ translation eng > pt br - completed!
    Little Busters! translation eng > pt br - [mission] completed!
    Nekopara vol. 3 translation eng > pt br - in progress
    The Lion's Song eng > pt br - in progress
    Otaku's Adventure eng > pt br - in progress

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  1. Birthday thread

    Hey there, a late thanks! haha


    1. Leonor


      OH YEAH! :wafuu: I thought I did but it seems I forgot haha

    2. Fiddle
  3. What are you playing?

    I've been reading Danganronpa V3 (in English) and Axanael (in Japanese, of course lol)... Danganronpa: I'm only in chapter 2 so far but, but! D: I'm a sad gal,, I totally didn't see that culprit coming, and I'm honestly surprised by that, since escaping dangan spoilers is almost impossible argh Axanael: Well, since this is my first visual novel in Japanese and I'm using it to git gud, I would say it's been hell to advance the story... not really. The writing is easy to follow but I feel I chose one option I shouldn't, right in the beginning (even before I actually play)... but since it was all in hard kanji and I couldn't hook it because it was an image, I just chose one random and... well, I don't know if my first point of view/character should be Ena? I'm confused, but I do like her catchphrase
  4. New Year Resolutions?

    wise words
  5. New Year Resolutions?

    Yes, that too lol
  6. Hmm... I guess reading more visual novels and actually studying Japanese! It's hard to study a language when you have to study other languages you don't like tho *cough* french *cough
  7. New Year Resolutions?

    (This is my first post of 2020 and my first post ever here, I think) I don't really celebrate the New Year and I don't have the habit of creating new resolutions, but I decided to create one yesterday: to actually read more visual novels. I know this sounds obvious, but I've been a VN reader for 4 years now and I haven't read as much as I would like to, mostly because I procrastinate (a lot). Last year I struggled with my personal and inner stigma that "visual novels aren't books and shouldn't count as a way of reading" which is dumb, yes, but that made me realize that I usually prioritize traditional books over visual novels, even though right now, I really want to read more VNs. So yeah, my resolutions are: to read more visual novels and to actually read visual novels in Japanese What are YOUR visual novel-ish resolutions for this year?
  8. More Santa Hats for your Avatars

    Thank you!! <3 I hope you have a great Christmas
  9. More Santa Hats for your Avatars

    Hat! Hat! HAT!!! Just give me one, I don't care! >w<
  10. Any Audio Tracks You HAD to Mute?

    This is going to sound weird, but I just can't bear the h-scene voice lines from Kuroinu ajsbdjasbd like, I'm not a huge fan of nukige but everyone was talking about how dark and heavy it was... I HAD to check it. So I did. Let me tell you, I'm loving the dark fantasy aspect and the h-scenes are beautiful, but those moans,,, way too much, man... way too much.
  11. Need help to remember a title

    I can only think of Doremi lol is this the one?
  12. Good! I hope you have fun with the new recommendations
  13. > about some art academy I can only think of Design Hero, but that's a pretty recent one and I don't think it focus on romance?? So yeah, I don't think it's that one haha Maybe you can use this tag to help?
  14. Looking for something somewhat specific

    I would recommend Little Busters, but I'd also warn you that you are better off playing the original all-ages version haha I had the pleasure of working on the translation project of it to Brazilian Portuguese and it was the best two years I had translating! it's available on steam (I would wait for a sale tho) Besides that, let's see... I'm not that into romance, but I'd also recommend Mystic Messenger if you are into otome stuff (it's all-ages, but it's very good plot-wise)! It's an android exclusive but it's pretty much free and it has a cool kind of mechanic. That's it, I won't recommend vns I haven't played yet but I hope other peeps help GOOD LUCK!
  15. What are you playing?

    pfft yeah haha I only realized after posting it! xd