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Recommendations of Visual Novels to Read for Depression

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So, I read someone's thread and even responded to them about what to read since they were down. Now it got me thinking about how I may need some things to read. I'm planning soon to read Higurashi and/or Umeniko, but would like some more visual novels of what I should read. Basically I suffer from depression and certain visual novels are good for escape. I haven't read many, nor have finished many, and really only know certain ones, but I'm opening to anything with a good story, characters, and art. I'm fine if it's yaoi, yuri, otome, or BxG. I'm fine if they are light hearted visual novels or drama. Any genre is fine. Not really wanting 18 titles though, but if they are good I will give it a read. I'm a slow reader, so this list will take time. 

So yeah, I'm looking for a list of visual novels to read over the next two months or so. They don't have to be super happy and can even be sci fi and mystery. I just need something to help with my anxiety and depression for right now. Been a bad month or so for me.

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With such a broad scope for suggestions I could probably list any that I liked.

If you haven't read it yet, it's hard to go wrong with Grisaia no Kajitsu.  It was originally released as an 18+ title, but there is a censored version. https://vndb.org/v5154

If you'd be fine with some gameplay, zero escape is pretty good.  https://vndb.org/v3112

If you're ever looking for a short, standalone vn to read between the longer ones, Juniper's Knot is a good (and free) choice. https://vndb.org/v9986

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Since you ask for something with a good story, i will focus on that.

If you already have seen steins;gates anime, maybe you can enjoy is sequel, as steins;gate 0. They have anime too, but is really bad, anyway if you dont have seen the first one, you can enjoy the both titles.  https://vndb.org/v2002 https://vndb.org/v17102

They have a really good story, with drama, sci fi and mystery. Without +18 content and only focus in the story+drama.


In other way, this is one of the lasted VN i played, Rance VI Collapse of Zeth. I know, i know... Rance is bestial +18 title with h-scenes in every stage and full of rape. But if speak about the story... well, rance VI is one of the best story i eved played and i really enjoyed the time i played this title. https://vndb.org/v2047


To finish, but not for that, less important... i can present you... Utawarerumono saga! This is one of the best sagas i played in my life, really good, with a amaising story and drama/sci fi content. With a bit of adventure and rpg gameplay style. (like disgaea)

The saga has 3 games, the first one is for PC, but the others can be played in psvita or ps3/4.  (Only the first game have h scenes )

https://vndb.org/v3 https://vndb.org/v7721 https://vndb.org/v18717

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I'm sorry to hear ablut your depression here, so hopefully you'll be able to get through your problem. As for the recommendations, I guess Seinarukana and Aselia should be fine enough seeing that both of those are gameplay VN (I know Seinarukana have sex scenes, but it's only a minor part and you can skip through the so hopefully it wouldn't be a problem). If you want more, there's Galaxy Angel trilogy as well. I hope my recommendations here will be useful here.

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