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    Tammybob reacted to Stormwolf in Baldr Sky (Out now!)   
    Meaning they probably made a half arsed attempt and got silenced. Like a good old team of boot lickers or wimps they probably didn't dare taking it any further in fear of repercussions. 
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    Tammybob reacted to Seraphim in Baldr Sky (Out now!)   
    Let's put "GIEF TIDDIES" in a translation engine and then mail bomb Giga with the resullt. That should show 'em!
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    Tammybob reacted to Ren'ai Arrow in If you’re a fan translator, thank you.   
    Greetings, this is Sekai Project.
    We love fan translators too! They really help to reduce our workload so that we can release our licensed visual novels in a timely manner like with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu-Riot. If you're ever thinking of going official we also treat our translators really well and pay them on time, just ask Arudoc. Don't forget to support our upcoming Kickstarter!
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    Tammybob reacted to Pabloc in KonoSora / IMHHW ReTranslation patch   
    EDIT: Due to Fuwa anti-piracy rules this thread's usefulness was quite limited, since we couldn't ask for any files that we needed for further compatibility testing and the like. I'd say even posting direct links to our patch here was questionable to begin with, since it's not that different from the abovementioned files that we were asking for.
    So in the end we decided to remove all links from here and move our main release thread to Reddit: LINK
    That's where all further updates will be posted, so make sure to follow us there. I'll ask mods to lock this thread, since MeruP won't be checking it anyway, so all feedback should be posted on Reddit instead (we also have a dedicated thread for reporting bugs and other issues).
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    Tammybob reacted to Benji Price in Is A Clockwork ley-line: a borderline to dusk worth to buy   
    I'd recommend you to wait until the 2nd and 3rd part are released, so that you can enjoy the complete story. I'd wish someone had avised me this before 
    Also when the trilogy is complete there's a chance of a discount buying all 3 parts together.
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    Tammybob reacted to ittaku in Would you still continue reading VNs if, starting from today, all H-scenes were banned?   
    No, and I'd be pissed off that I bothered learning Japanese too.
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    Tammybob reacted to izzeybee in Mahoyo/Mahoutsukai no Yoru/Witch on the Holy Night Translation [Chapter 1 & 1.5 COMPLETE!]   
    Mahoutsukai no Yoru / Witch on the Holy Night

    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    CPU: Pentinum4 over 1GHz (recommended some CPU around 2.66GHz)
    RAM: More than 1GB
    HDD: 5GB
    Resolution: 1024×576 pixels or higher screen
    Optical drive: DVD-ROM drive that supports dual-layer
    DirectX 9.0
    First, I'd like to apologize for the long wait, and your patience was rewarded, with perhaps a much steadier stream of updating from now on [hopefullly!].
    Chapters 1 to 6 - translation complete
    Chapters 1 to 1.5 - patched and ready to go
    Remember to change System Locale in the Region settings to Japanese.
    PATCH INSTALLATION: MAHOYO patch + Aolight font download

    Aolight is a modified version of Aozora Mincho Regular. I tweaked it so that the text could be properly displayed in the game, because the space for each letter in-game is displayed inside an invisible rectangle that cuts off the letters when they're italicized and need more spacing in their letter display. Make sure you have it selected at the game's Change Font menu. The wordwrap is tailored specifically to this font and anything else besides this will not work.
    In all of these fan attempts, one fan patch, and Commie's silence on their entire Mahoyo project........here's my attempt, with the objective being: to finish it!
    A modern-day teen witch becomes friends with an old-fashioned teen witch, and meets a boy hailing from the incredibly rural mountainside. And with that, the magic begins.

    ...Polishing it to a nice sheen with respects to its own gem of just your typical slice of life shoujo with a heaping whopper of magic thrown in so dazzling we have to stop and admire the assembly of a spectacular lightshow presented in visual novel format. Thanks Kirikiri! *heaves, out of breath*
    In all seriousness: I have always loved this linear yet beautiful visual novel, so happened to be published by the company that released Tsukihime and the more renowned Fate/stay Night. It was a surprise to see that for once, this was for all ages. Not only is it pretty in visual terms (and I mean the art has improved), but the music is just fluid and breath-taking when accompanying the story. Props to Hideki Fukasawa, it's like the VN was made for his music. Or is it the other way around??
    Let it not be said that creator and co-founder of Type Moon, Kinoko Nasu, doesn't drop a few ero jokes regarding Mahoyo. Maybe at some point, I'll share his comments going through the script files, cause it can get laugh out loud funny what he inserts for every semicolon.
    The only person on this ship is its captain, and the captain sure likes to do all of the ff:
    1) Translation
    2) Accuracy check
    3) Proofread
    4) Edit
    5) Code
    Credits for presenting a workaround on the wordwrapping/page count problem and pointing out where the game titles are goes to frc_ Thanks much, man!
  8. Haha
    Tammybob reacted to NowItsAngeTime in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration [DROPPED]   
    pls the real reason Pulltop VNs have such long H scenes is because they present challenges to continuous 2D fappers
    With such great art, really horny girls, and lots of monologue and dialouge to get you into the details of anime sex they really want to indirectly award people who can make it all the way through the final cumming
    It can be quite difficult for me to reach the end of some of these Pulltop H scenes...
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    Tammybob reacted to Infernoplex in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration [DROPPED]   
    No, it doesn't have a lot of H... Well, compared to the overall VN that is xD... 17 H-scenes isn't a lot by any stretch of imagination. But Pulltop H-scenes aren't that simple. They have tons of lines and do have a meaning in the story, it's one of those slice of life VNs where without H scenes, it's not the same experience. The reason why the VN has so many script files is because it's very long (well, there are longer VNs out there, but it's still a long VN, with some 46k of lines... this might sound a lot, but there are VNs with 3 or 4 times the size of this one)
    "a lot of translators" - Err, no, you saw Codes He currently isn't TLing at the moment and he acts as a moral support for the project. Also, no need to worry, we already got a potential QCer who is willing to help us if any bugs arise.
    Nice, very very nice. I have all of these in PDFs, I myself need to go through these books at some point. I want to learn JP as well, but it's god damn hard xD ...
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    Tammybob reacted to Infernoplex in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration [DROPPED]   
    I do plan to make updates regarding progress, at least on a monthly basis. Regarding current progress, there's not much to report, as Dergonu already said earlier. Be warned that there's tons of lines to go through so it won't be done in a while. This is the progress I snapshoted 10 days ago. This is how it will look like when I update the progress status (regarding H-scene translations). Currently, only one TLer is active at the moment (Dergonu) and he has his own stuff to do besides this so it's definitely gonna take some time but it will get done since we are fairly motivated to see this through. Maybe one more TLer joins soon, but we'll see about that soon.
    Also, it would be helpful if an editor pops out in a couple of months or more.
    Regarding porting progress, so far it's only some 30 scripts done out of 200+ something.
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    Tammybob reacted to Dergonu in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration [DROPPED]   
    For now, I have only translated a single script, as I am balancing this with two other projects, and uni work
    Not much to report at the moment. We will post some more progress as it gets done. 
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    Tammybob reacted to Pabloc in Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project   
    Common route: 14 030
    Kotori: 9 728
    Ageha: 8 919
    Amane: 8 209
    Twins: 9 991 (common part: 3 018, Asa: 2 773, Yoru: 4 200)
    Total: 50 877
    At least according to the random scrap of paper where I wrote down line counts for each script, that's still lying on my desk.
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    Tammybob reacted to Pabloc in Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project   
    Something for today:

  14. Haha
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    Tammybob reacted to Jazid-Kun in What are you looking forward to be released in 2018? Officially, Fan released or just Personally hope to see this year?   
    It's that so ? Hmm... I was too amateur about that thing .. Sorry ~
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