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  1. Hello, currently i am having Chinese version of Kajiri Kamui Kagura, i want to extract the script but so far no method has been working for me such as Enigma or Garbro. Can someone help me on this? I am suspecting that the exe file might be the same with Fortissimo Chinese. Here's the game in case someone need: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aXiUB6JjHEJrdkNWzH4zYhHuH2kQWxgK/view
  2. Okay so this is what happen when i changed the code to 936 or 950
  3. So i tried to change code in Textractor to 936 and 950, sadly none of them works, much appreciated if anyone can help
  4. Hi, i have tried both H-code, but the result is still gibberish Japanese texts. VNR also didn't help much, changed the locale into Chinese in setting but still didn't work.
  5. Hi, currently i'm trying to extract the texts from Fortissimo FA Chinese version (Not by Sakura Game though). When i used ITH and Textractor it only gave me gibberish Japanese texts. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Much appreciated VNDB link: https://vndb.org/r57124 Download link for the game in case someone need: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ovCCgWLNpyUmrT3AyzpZUCd91KFQs5SZ
  6. Unfortunately it's Houkou, not Hishou. Hishou AFAIK haven't got any version for win 10 yet.
  7. Hey guys, so currently a friend of mine is playing a game called Kishin Hishou Demonbane, this game is pretty old (came from 2006), hence latest windows version can't compatible with it. My friend is using Windows 10, which he can't play the game properly. Much appreciated if anyone can help him with this. There are two major issues with the game:First is the game will crash whenever a Demonbane's Free Fight is initiated, he already tried a few things, such as running Kishin Hishou with compability mode (for Win7 and WinXP) but it didn't fixed.Second, any other Free Fights occurs lag with
  8. Hello, currently i wants to extract resources from the game Kishin Hishou Demonbane, however i have tried all the tools but none of them worked. The files are all in .pak, much appreciated if anyone can help me with this
  9. Thanks, we will try. Oh and just asking, do you know how to extract pak files? This is from the game Kishin Hishou Demonbane. My friend used quickbms to extract, he got a 400 MB data file but the images can't load, it just like this. Hope you can help too.
  10. Hi, just want to ask here, is there anyone knows how to extract CG from the game Kishin Houkou Demonbane? It is the ported PC version from the PS2, which came out last year. Because it used NPK engine so i don't know how to extract it, even my friend so far tried all methods but none of them work either. Much appreciated if anyone can help. https://vndb.org/r61822
  11. The 2nd one looks like only guide for one chara only, sadly i couldnt found any guide the rest of the characters so far
  12. https://vndb.org/v5931 Is there anyone knows how to play this game or at least knows about route guide of it? I tried to search everywhere but couldn't find it even in Japanese. Would be appreciated if someone can asnwer, thanks
  13. It's been almost 3 years and no announcement have been made yet, probably this project is dead. Damn, quite sad for this good VN.
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