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  1. @Diamon Hey there! I´m reading Lucid9 since yesterday and just got introduced to Shigure. I really LOOOOVE the Sarcastic humor. the MC is right up my alley i just enjoy sarcasm. And I really like the deduction parts. Oh and good work on the Soundtrack too. I never read VNs without Japanese voice acting actually so this is my first time and I really enjoy it! The soundtrack is damn awesome. from silly tracks like "Consequences of a Fool" to engaging tracks like "Gover Mecher" it´s done very well. I´ll probably make a post again when I have completed it but I just wanted to share my thoughts abo
  2. It´s a shame there are next to none Yuri VNs in English who go longer than 2-10 hours. but FLOWERS from Innocent Grey looks very promising! PS: Apparently a new release. http://store.steampowered.com/app/485040/
  3. Guess I'm the only German person here Huh? Though I prefer Englisch over German. I live in Germany in North-Rhine Westphalia.
  4. Well Junko Enoshima is the best of course duh. SHE IS SO LOVELY.
  5. Greetings fellow Fuwas, I love hearing Tohou electro music and I was wondering if someone of your hears japanese Electro/House/Trance/Dubstep/Glitchstep music which you can recommend to me. Greetings Lady Bernkastel
  6. Good day to you, Do you mind telling me your system specs? Also, what did you try already to solve it?
  7. I'm not from France but My deepest condolences to you, and it's not meant like these damn politicians crap. I have some friends in France I'm just happy that they are save.
  8. Saya


    Nice to meet you, I hope that you enjoy your stay. You should play Danganronpa by the way.
  9. Well recently I played Undertale it´s actually pretty underrated and not so well known even if there are many videos and memes. I really loved the games 4th wall breaking.
  10. I also would prioritize G Senjou no Maou first and second Kara no SHoujo if you are a mystery lover, and then maybe Clannad?
  11. Don´t worry about that I hear japanese too and I mostly hear stuff like the Tohou remixes reason is mostly because I just LOOOOVE the female voices. I feel the emotion behind it more in japanese than in english.
  12. Thank you IF-san I looked at it it sounds really interesting, does it have something to do with the Full Alchemist series? It kinda sounds like it. It´s good Would you advise me to buy it or to play it on an emulator? Cause I think I won´t enjoy it on my 2DS cause I don´t have good earphones for it. It´s actually already on the way to germany :3 I ordered it from PlayAsia last week i think.
  13. Thank you. I already heard it from a friend, I´ll definitely play the Zero escape series soon. Especially because the OST is really great from VLR
  14. Oh I definitely will thank you. PS: Mitcher Kara no Shoujo is already planned after Remember 11 I´ll look up Cartagra then I don´t know it unfortunately
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