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  1. Well, I know which VN I'll be reading next then. Thank you. =)
  2. If SP managed to keep their PR at this level, I think that would help a lot. Completely unrelated, but I've been meaning to ask for a while where you took your sig from.
  3. https://vndb.org/p301 -> https://vndb.org/p96 -> https://vndb.org/p3276 Yeah, me too. In all seriousness tho, SukiSuki published by MG sounds great.
  4. The story is good, yes. Whether you can enjoy it depends on whether you can stomach the guro parts.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digitalmanga/kodomo-no-jikan-a-childs-time It's live now.
  6. Well, now that they're partnered with Waffle, and given that KF is probably going to sell pretty well, I think we can expect them to license more titles from them in the future. Hopefully, that's going to include that one. Might take a year or three, though.
  7. Maggot Baits? Fraternite? They're not going to invite her to promote EroManga / EroGoods, are they?
  8. I'm gonna keep hoping for Maggot Baits. An Alicesoft announcement at some point this year seems very likely. I recall them saying BBH performed slightly worse than expected, but considering it's been showing up in the weekly rankings pretty frequently, it seems the long tail is pretty good, so that's probably more than made up for the weak start by now.
  9. At least some magazines are also sold in normal stores (e.g. next to magazines with scantily clad 3D girls). You can't get away with as much there as you can when you're selling in a store that focuses on this type of stuff only. Plus, if there's more censorship in the magazine version, that's additional incentive to buy the tankoubon.
  10. https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2013/04/25/cops-raid-comic-megastore-force-cancellation/ (Yes, I'm linking Sankaku) Most likely explanation is that she's taking the same "better safe than sorry" approach a lot of doujin artists have been taking. You've probably seen a fair number that feature lightsaber censorship (whole genital area covered with white) - that's done to make sure they don't get fucked. Most of them started doing that after the above event and iirc some related stuff. Same reason a lot of magazines that used to employ a few black bars now use mosaics. On the other hand, you
  11. The only good thing about the TPP are the exceptions, no surprise there. What Abe said has been the official position on the matter for some time now, but it's still nice to hear it affirmed like this. Rooke: If parody works died, that would mean the death of things like Touhou fandom. I don't think your personal distastes make for a particularly compelling argument. Nor does your assumption that things would work out just fine without parody works, particularly in light of the fact that the West, which you're using for comparison, doesn't, for example, have anything even remotely approac
  12. I think you only forgot to mention one thing in your list of mechanics, that being advertising to exchange money for more fans. I'm not sure whether it's not mentioned in the tutorial or whether I just missed it, but your high score at the end is based on the number of fans you have, rather than the amount of money you made. It doesn't make that big of a difference in how you approach things since you need fans to get more money and money for pretty much everything, anyway, except for the last few days, where you'll want to focus on photo shoots rather than cam shows. All in all, pre
  13. Audrey is love. She'd fit right into a gender-reversed version of Four Leaf Lover.
  14. I think they'll have less restrictions on what they can and can't show with a movie than with a TV series, so from that perspective it makes sense, seeing as UBW is a lot lighter than HF.
  15. If it's 3x3 hours, it might be barely long enough to cover the story without butchering it. The changes in the Realta Nua version don't sound too great, but I guess they're not too bad. Certainly not bad enough to give a shit now that we're finally getting a movie version.
  16. Since we're on the topic of younger lolis, google "free style aji bitches" and view pages 30/31 to put things into perspective. But yeah, I guess there is a certain cut-off point somewhere between loli and really young loli that does make a difference in how people will react. On a entirely unrelated note, there's a Greenlight page for Schwarzesmarken up now. And seems SP is somehow involved with Degica now?
  17. Yeah, you said 2D Market is too small and unknown to matter, so I picked a few loli chapters Fakku has published and linked them along with a Forbes article to show Fakku does get into mainstream press sometimes. Point being, releasing something on a similar level as Maitetsu in the West is not without precedent, it's something other publishers have already done. True, but on the other hand, google the name of the game off of Steam, see a link to a CG rip of the Japanese version and I'd say boom, mainstream controversy. I mean, I realize the chances of SP actually releasing an 18+ ve
  18. Ok then. http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurenorsini/2015/07/16/how-one-website-is-convincing-people-to-pay-for-cartoon-porn/ https://www.fakku.net/manga/ruri-ageha-english https://www.fakku.net/manga/hina-chan-the-walking-atm-english https://www.fakku.net/manga/summer-play-english Does that count? Plus, I'm not too sure the potential outrage is really reduced that much by not selling the 18+ version in English. There's still "this game is on Steam, the original version has loli fucking". If you want to write an article about how morally depraved SP is for releasing the game, you've still go
  19. It's not completely impossible for an 18+ version to happen, btw. As far as western releases of hentai in general go, there's this, which I'd say is unequivocally worse by pretty much any standard.
  20. Well, the alternative is throwing my computer against a wall, so I'll just keep assuming they'll release it uncut for the time being...
  21. I'm not sure how much sense releasing a butchered version of Maitetsu would make. Would enough people actually buy that to turn a profit?
  22. I'd still bet on Maggot Baits. Not sure what the sci-fi title and the newly added third one are.
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