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  1. Hmm, after reading all I've said, you still don't get what I mean, huh? Okay, I'll say it in easier words to understand: The term "could fit" which I used is based on each planet's respective volume only (regardless of their 3D geometry). That's why I used containers as an imagery comparison. To entertain some people who are curious , I'll show you these numbers which are used to determine how big a planet is compared to the others: Planet Biggest Diameter Surface Area
  2. Ok, dowolf-san. I'll take your suggestion for the first sentence. For the second sentence, how about this? "Go and refuse it immediately!" "I refuse!" "So YOU are the one who refuse?"
  3. Coming from an environment of mine, there's no way I could ever prefer those VNs with H-scene (even if I wanted to). Moreover, since I'm a first child and have many sisters, I have a dignity to keep and a duty to protect them. Therefore, my favourite VNs are mostly all-ages version (Clannad, Little Busters!, Steins;Gate) or Vn with a few h-scenes (Tears to Tiara, Grisaia no Kajitsu).
  4. Good luck guys! It's only natural for one person's opinions and preferences to differ with the others. I haven't ever played majikoi yet, but as far as I can see, it seems not to be a bad VN. Talking about H scene, I remember that I ever played Sharin - Yuukyuu in a public computer booth. I think it's safe to play on public because I will only "preview" it, in other words see only the beginning scenes. But damn that Natsumi part, I was truly shocked that right at the beginning the h-scene popped out. Thankfully, no one seems to care (but I'm sure deep inside some of them thought I'm a big
  5. Today's trivia: Did you know that hydrogen gas is the least dense substance in the world?
  6. it still wont fit, in a 3d size the volume would not fit every planet. you looking at it as numeric number, not the actual size from the 360 degree. In real life if we did have the power to mess around with it, most likely the gas planets will mix together to make a new and bigger planet that can fit all physical planets plus the moons as well as asteroids. as it stands it cannot fit every planet, number wize it can. You're missing my point. What you mean by 360 degree actual size is their geometry, I know that much. That's why I said "I mean it volume-wise, but my wording "could fit
  7. I see, that's certainly true. I'll use the blog instead then.
  8. Hmmm, I see, it's rather difficult and complicated to translate language with a fixed degree of formality to another which has no fixed one. All the more difficult because I'm not a native speaker. Also, those slangs like gotta, wanna, 'cause or 'cuz are originated from AmE, right? It's troubling because mainly I use BE (or something BE-ish, but still keeping the Japanese atmosphere as much as I can). About the translation, does this sound formal? 分かっちゃったんですか? => You're able to understand that? あなたが断るんですかっ!? => So you're the one who turns it down? For the second sentence, it's rathe
  9. Hmm, maybe I said it the wrong way. I mean it volume-wise, but my wording "could fit" did imply that the geometry should also be regarded, which would mean that trivia is wrong. However, say, you have containers with the same volume of each one of the planets in our solar system. Then you fill them with anything you want, for example, water. All the water contained in all other containers other than the biggest one could fit inside the biggest container, that has the same volume as Jupiter.
  10. Oh, you mean, there is such an ancient greek poem? Then I'm sorry for being narrow-minded, so that's true, eh? Then it's ok. Maybe the way I said it is biased but I did say that you may reply with anything concerning the trivia, so your line of thinking's not wrong. Although the reply don't have to be a trivia too, it could be a comment, a question, or other replies.
  11. Oh my, XReaper-san, I intended this thread to be a collection of "true" or "right" trivia but well, you may add any trivia you like, even if it's a joke.
  12. Yup, that's it, Hakuoro-san, thank you. I have only watched the first episode but I think it's quite good, save for its absurdity. But hey, talking about absurdity, Naruto is also absurd, but for some reasons I don't know, it's unbelievably popular. I guess all anime included in Fantasy genre will certainly have some absurdities. If I have to give this anime a score, out of ten, I'll give it 7.5.
  13. Then what about these, dowolf-san? 分かっちゃったんですか? あなたが断るんですかっ!? How should I translate them "formally"? Thanks in advance.
  14. As the title said, I'll regularly post trivia in this thread, one trivia each time I login. So you may reply with anything concerning the trivia. Then let's start with the first trivia: Did you know that all the other planets in our solar system could fit inside Jupiter?
  15. Before I start, let me ask, may I make a diary-like thread? Basically routinely posting my activities since the last time I logged in. If it's permitted, is "Members' Lounge" the right place for posting it?
  16. In a nutshell, I've seen this only once, but if I remember it correctly, it's quite interesting. The only things I remember are that the main protagonist was a student (who has to repeat his grade) for some reason, he got caught in a battle between humans and umm, zombies, I think he met with some girls (who are likely in some sort of organization) inside an umm, airplane I think. If I'm not mistaken he had a sword as his weapon and there's a girl working with him holding a weapon something like bazooka of some sort. the only memorable scene is when a zombie snuck from behind him to attack bu
  17. Aren't you two afraid that I'm invisibly stalking you?
  18. So you mean you have the you that don't believe in us? If that's true, are you Zetsu's twin or something? [/obligatoryshitreply]
  19. Welcome, welcome, welcome AKB4ty7-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. How nice of you to explain the meaning of your username.
  20. Welcome, welcome, welcome Darkfeather21-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us.
  21. Welcome, welcome, welcome Puppycat-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. Can you explain why is the cat "Puppy", not "Kitty"?
  22. Welcome, welcome, welcome dullian-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us.
  23. Welcome, welcome, welcome Sheonori-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. You can see my VN preference on VNDB. Hope that it'll help you. About your english, don't worry, I won't hit you unless you irritate me for some reason. Regarding VNs, they're games and also novels, so you can either "play" them or "read" them.
  24. Welcome, welcome, welcome Baldur-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. I laconic people.
  25. Welcome, welcome, welcome canicheslayer-san to our lair. Enjoy your time and relax here. Feel free to ask/discuss/share anything with us. Your VN preference seems to match mine.
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