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  1. Hi Getsuya-san. Hmm, create one myself, huh? I'll think about it.
  2. Hello there Life-san and Kiririri-san. I hope we can share good times here. And one thing, even if it's a JOKE, I dislike and discourage RACISM and such (that is different treatment because of someone's race, body, religion, belief, country/region). Please refrain from such actions. I believe INTERNET is there to UNITE all people around the world despite their differences.
  3. Hello Akeryu-san, you seem to like talking a lot. Well, it's not a bad trait though. Welcome and enjoy your stay. I don't know before that VN games have such a great coverage around the world. Well, that's internet for you.
  4. HI, scooter-san, welcome and enjoy your stay.
  5. Ah, if it was intentional, please don't joke around about links, Kiririri-san. I won't be able to tell the difference between the troll the real one.
  6. Well, I'm still playing Grisaia no Kajitsu and really engrossed in it. A really nice VN. So I've been thinking of getting my hands to similar VNs. Can you guys recommend me some? If possible with a short review.
  7. Hmm, thanks for the suggestion Satsuki, i'll try them if I get the chance. Soccer is one of the most played sports in Japan, besides baseball, but no VN about it? Hmm, edwd2, is FIFA15 even a VN? Yeah, maybe I'll just play video games then. Kiririri-san, I'm sorry but the the link you gave me brought me to a not found page error. What VN are you trying to recommend?
  8. Hi guys, can anyone tell me good sport VNs espescially about soccer/football, if possible mixed with action and/or comedy. I'll breakthrough the plot and make a goal.
  9. Thanks for the greetings, Eclipsed, SoulJustIn-san, HMN, Deep BlueBlue, and monkeysrumble. Hope we can be great friends.
  10. Oh God in the heavens, let Your Wrath and and Judgement pulverize those sinners and self-true people to mere quarks. I hope I still can enjoy VNs despite this devasating fact. Oh by the way, if there are some help needed in translation, where and how can I contribute? I think I'm quite fluent for everyday Japanese (although I can't read kanjis, why Japanese even need them, they have their own hiragana and katakana for God's sake).
  11. Hmmm, I see, thanks for the reply Tay, does that mean that I can't get the VNs from Fuwa anymore by any means? I actually have played some VNs becauso of you guys, so it will be sad if I can't seed/leech form Fuwa anymore. Hi there too, Thomas.
  12. Hi guys, I'm a new member here, glad to be your aquintances. Well, actually I've been browsing this site so many times but somehow have just recently joined. I like reading a lot so maybe that's where my liking to VNs come from. I have been playing VNs for more than seven years but only know about the genre itself these past 2 years, so I don't even remember what my first, second, third, .... VNs. About the VNs I've played, there are so many that I'm afraid I can only remember about one third of them. Although my favorites so far includes Little Busters!, Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Nig
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