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    Gotta ask for it first =^.^=
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    Chillin' with Hades xD
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    DRAMAtical Murder, anime, reading, writing, playing games. I also paint and sing, I have a youtube channel where i post lyric videos and whatnot.

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  1. How hard could it be to write one smut scene, you ask?  Too damn hard, if you know what I mean xD

  2. Wow, haven't been on here in forever...oops

  3. Two whole months to write one chapter?  Wow, what a treat xD

  4. Currently no inspiration to make anything...

  5. Hey, guys. So I'm pretty new to the VN game and I've only currently started reading...one. And that would be DRAMAtical Murder. So since everyone here at the forums seems to know much more than I do, I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to VNs that were similar to DMMd or were BL VN's that were good(Boy's Love for those who don't know). I prefer the BL ones just because they seem more interesting to me. So if you have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks so much everyone!!!
  6. Currently decided to write a slight horror story, anyone wanna cowrite it?? Really need some help ^.^

    1. XionsProphecy


      I can help you if you'd like.

    2. allissialinney


      Alrighty haha and its not really all that horror like. Its just got a very dark theme and theres blood and gore and evil and stuff. I'll send you the synopsis haha

  7. Hakanai omoi zutto donna toki demo negau yo anata ni todoku you ni to...

  8. Camping trip....blech >.<

  9. So many videos to make, so little motivation to make them >.<

  10. Well...I guess things really don't go the way I plan...

  11. Its great to finally have friends =^.^=

  12. It was more I was having issuees loading in the game because I just upgraded to Windows 10 and it doesnt like VNs. But I got everything figured out
  13. Thanks for all the greetings ^.^ and my favorite color is purple, for the person who asked haha
  14. I just made an account today, mostly because I was looking for some help on a certain thingy thing, but oh well xD anyway, I'm fairly new to VNs, and the only one I've currently downloaded was DMMd. I first heard about VNs through a really good friend, who used to talk about them ALL THE TIME. Anyway, after learning more about them, I got pretty interested and downloaded one and I love it, but I'm having issues with it, but nevermind that. I'm here to introduce myself. I would love some new suggestions on VNs since I am soooo new to them...I'm a pretty easy person to talk to, and I love talking about jut about anything, so don't be strangers. I draw fan art, write fanfictions, all that jazz....I really am bad at introductions xD I also do nightcore videos and stuff, so you can check out my youtube if you want...you'll have to ask me for it tho because I am way to lazy to go find the link again haha well, I guess that's it....soooo bye bye!!
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